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Advanced Sommelier Brandon Kerne

Brandon Ford is one of six hundred Advanced Sommeliers in the world. He’s run many award winning beverage programs including multiple Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence winning wine programs. He has extensive experience in both teaching and training consumers as well as hospitality professionals. He believes classics are classics for a reason and doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel; the devil’s in the details and the details are what matters. He has an innate ability to take a complex topic and break it down with such an infectious enthusiasm that even his four-year-old son can understand it. After visiting many wine regions including Burgundy, Napa, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Sonoma, Hacienda Patron, Bourbon County, and others, he realizes that its people that make the beverage world go ‘round and wants to share his love and knowledge for this amazing industry.