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Basking in Beaune -- The Beaune Farmers Market

In honor of our French intern, Eleonore, Keeper is dedicating this blog to her – a quick look at a weekly staple of her life and a must-do when we visit Burgundy, the Beaune Farmers Market. In general, one of the first things that we do before we take a trip is do some research on the local Farmers’ Markets. If you find yourself in Burgundy, a Saturday visit to the Beaune Farmers Market is a must. We thought that we are loyal patrons to this market as we have visited it for the last 6 years on our annual Burgundy trips, but it turns out that we are only blip on their radar screen as research says that this market has been around for 864 years! Now that’s a tradition – can you tell us about any Farmers Markets that are older than this?

The Beaune Farmers Market is supported by locals and visitors alike. The locals have their favorite purveyors that they support every week, whether they are buying meats, cheeses, fruits, pates, breads, desserts, pastas, or just fresh flowers. If you’re not in the mood to cook, want to have a picnic, or don’t have a kitchen to use while in the area, the Beaune Market offers many options.


La Boucherie; Butcher Shop


Les Caneles; Mini Pastries


Les Fromages; Cheese


Les Fruits; Fruit


Les Olives; Olives


Les Pates; Pasta


Les Legumes; Vegetables


Les Legumes; Vegetables

Most people love to bask in the sun on the beach on their vacations; we prefer to bask in colors, smells, flavors, textures, and combinations from the culinary world. While most fill their totes with sunscreen and a towel, we’re filling our bags with the finest produce France has to offer. We highly recommend visiting this long running tradition if you ever find yourself in the area. It is truly something to be experienced.