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What would we wake up to after our unforgettable 10 hour wildlife extravaganza in @yellowstonenps ? Well, not what we imagined, as our plans were to #travel to @visitredlodge #montana via #beartoothpass. But an unexpected “winter wonderland” in June was our wake up call and what a beauty it was. From the picture gallery you can see that the green forests were now all white and the house rooftops had snow. What did this mean for our plans to experience all of the #beartooth? Well #mothernature changed our #travelplans and we took a detour down the Cheif Joseph Highway because the 10000 ft beartooth pass was closed due to snow. Our detour allowed us to see other views descending into clear skies and no snow ❄️ in the lower area with the temps quickly rising from 32 degrees F when we left #Yellowstone around 10 am to 53 degrees F within less than 1 hour of driving. And most dramatically the rocks formations in these mountainous areas were different in shape and location and the rock colors evolved to bright red!!! We were no longer in the snow and cold but back to the mild cool crisp weather system. Our first stop in #redlodge was a #wine and specialty #food shop recommended to us by @lylerailsback . Thanks Lyle as @babcockandmiles was everything we had hoped for and more. More on our adventures to come soon. @ Montana

Day 4 of road #travels through #Montana brought us to the town of #virginiacitymontana formerly a thriving #mining town that remains as it looked in the 1800s (just like in the movies 🎥) then to #ennismontana which they say is the #flyfishing capital of #Montana where we did a #spirits tasting @williesdistillery then to our first stay in a #Montana cabin where the #fir trees were stately. Our bedroom view was creek side with a view of an old water wheel with a meadow beyond. #tranquility is abundant in our #travels

For all of #chef/ #cooking enthusiasts: we found an old kitchen gadget while touring the Headwaters Heritage Museum In #threeforksmontana. It is interesting to imagine frying the lard and then pressing to get the liquid. Have any of you ever used or seen a lard press like this one? What current day kitchen tool do you use for this process? #travellover to see our past and enjoy the present.

Day 2 of #Montana 8 day car #traveldiary takes us from #bozeman through the #beartrapcanyon and #harrisonriver closer to the #snow-capped mountains. The terrain is absolutely stunning filled with lovely green valleys, multitudes of forests and rock formations and mountains 🏔on every side. It is peaceful, the sun is shining, and the air is crisp and clean, pushing us to ride with our windows down to feel the breeze on our face, and #music on the radio. It is like going back in time, picturing #lewisandclark and their adventures through this area. We are posting more pics and videos in our stories so keep checking in to the stories as well. #travelforlife

Thanks @lylerailsback for recommending #blackbirdkitchen in #Bozeman to us. It was just as you said: good #food fun #wine list #terrebrune and #Germain (@Kermit lynchwine selections) paired great with the dishes. Nice inviting atmosphere with great service. For our Keeper community, we recommend this if you are in #bozemanmontana -just make sure to get a reservation. #sommchat

Stay tuned! First #montana 8 day road trip focusing on #travels to small towns around @yellowstonenps! Starting off with #snow covered #mountains 🏔on either side of valleys as we travel through the #yellowstonerivervalley from #billingsmontana to #bozemanmontana #moretocome on our #travelnow #adventures

Oh THEY (who are they?) say, drink white wine with #fish and certainly that works but with the right red grape made by a great #burgundy #winemaker like @drink_beaune David Croix red can be wonderful with fish as well. So best way to enjoy some good #japanese #Kurodai (prepared @lebernardinny @ericripert style lightly coated with flour and pan sautéed) is to share a bottle of white and red! And when cooking while #traveling it is fun to bring along our @elevenmadisonpark blue tin filled with specialty salt. #sommchat

Even when #traveling we concentrate on using top ingredients for our #food to pair with great #wine -here we chose #organic #zucchini for our appetizer topped with grated #Parmesan then we brought homemade tomato sauce filled with @daidue #Italian #sausage that will be for our bronze die extruded #pasta paired with @silviaaltare79 #dolcettadalba 2015 #sommchat #lifeisgood in #billingsmontana

So excited to feature Master #Sommelier Sabato Sagaria and President of Bartaco - What a great story Sabato has to share from graduating Cornell University to achieving MS Court of Master Sommeliers and working The Little Nell The Inn at Little Washington The Greenbrier and Union Square Hospitality Group Join in today on #sommchat on #twitter to ask your questions

Hit the picture below to see the pictures and video mentioned in the post. DREAMS COME TRUE! January 2017 marked the 1st time that the US Team won the @bocusedor competition and the chef representing USA & creating the winning dishes was @mathewdpeters - a dream come true for Mathew and the US team. 29 months later on this Past Friday, we had a dream come true, (thanks to Tamara Sorrell Ketterman & Matthew Ketterman) to experience an intimate dinner prepared by Chef Mathew D Peters, with some of the creations of the actual dishes that won the gold medal. We have had the pleasure of eating at many highly acclaimed restaurants around the world while traveling. Chef Peters dinner is tops on our list. Using great ingredients, including some from the The French Laundry, his dishes were thoughtful, exquisite, aromatic, as well as tantalizing on the palate. And an added bonus is that all of the dishes complemented the wines of the dinner. BRAVO BRAVO! The Kettermans thought of every detail to make the evening exceptional, including engaging the services of Sommelier Molly Austad to assist in wine preparation and service of some beautiful selections from 750 ml and Magnums. Molly did a great job of sharing her knowledge of each of the wineries as she served the wines for the guests. Another added touch was music on the Steinway Piano that made the night magical. Our fav things were all touched - great food wine music with old and new friends. In the picture gallery you can see some glimpses into the night, pics of dishes menu, wines and music. if you have any questions about how the wines for drinking, just pop a question in the comments. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByiLw3kHTbb/

Since we can’t be in #Japan with @theleftoverchefs and must work through #lunch we did the best thing we could and got takeout from @urokoaustin thanks to @masazzzmi776 Have you had #Temaki? Here is what we learned from #Uroko - “手巻き” means handroll – similar to regular sushi rolls with the same ingredients and sushi rice inside, but instead of cylinder-shaped which is cut into pieces, temaki are cone-shaped. We tried 2 of the specials today and 2 from the menu and we #HighlyRecommend you try this in #austintx 🎇🎇🎇

To drink the #wines of a #winery with the #winemakers and eat #food prepared by the #chefs for the #wine is so lovely and tonight with @gdangerville & @rajatparr provided us with added knowledge not to mention just pure pleasure thanks to all who made this happen in #austintexas #sommchat

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To drink the #wines of a #winery with the #winemakers and eat #food prepared by the #chefs for the #wine is so lovely and tonight with @gdangerville & @rajatparr provided us with added knowledge not to mention just pure pleasure thanks to all who made this happen in #austintexas #sommchat

Love when we #travel and find a bar that makes their #cocktails with @taittingerusa #champagne if you find yourself in #Frankfurt #germany🇩🇪 check out John F Kennedy Bar @villakennedy1901 and ask for the JFK 🍾#cocktail #sommchat

Thanks to @vomboden for another chance to learn about #German #wine and this time we had the pleasure to learn about @julian.haart #wines. Nadine Haart is a wealth of knowledge and shared much about the intensity with which she and Julian approach their #winemaking and attention to every detail in the vineyards and in the cellar. This is a small estate of 5 HA so keep your eyes searching to find these #wines if possible. #sommchat

When you drive after an early dinner towards your room on the #Mosel river in #bernkastelkues #travels to #germany🇩🇪 #wine region become magical. You feel as if time has stopped and you are floating in total peace over the water and through the mountains 🏔.

What a delightful afternoon for some #wine education @j._b._becker in the #Rheingau thanks to @vomboden we got to see #vineyard management, a cellar visit, and of course taste the wines. We can’t wait to try the #trocken #wines with #japanese dishes as was recommended. #Sommchat

For all those #Sommeliers that are studying and those #wine enthusiasts that just love trivia - here we go with a clue from #heidelberg #germany🇩🇪 : Q. Where is the largest wooden wine Barrel ever to be made, when was it built, and what is its capacity? A. In the cellar of @heidelberg_castle , there stands a large wooden barrel with a capacity of 220,000 liters (58,000 gallons) which was built in 1751. This was built by the King and put in the kitchen of the castle to entertain and impress his guests. The only problem: It leaked! Well at least it shows the presence of the wine culture in the area in that time period. #sommchat #travelforwine

Important lesson learned in southern #Corsica while at lunch @hotelgoeland in #portovecchio: don’t worry if the sky is overcast and it is raining like in the pic in the upper left hand corner because in Southern Corsica 5 minutes later your view will change and the sun ☀️ will shine and the #mediterraneansea water will be clear and blue again like in the other 3 pictures #travelislife

In Old Town #bonifacio #corsica you can find a family restaurant called Stella D’Oro “Chez Jules” established in 1965. Upper left hand pic is a local dish called Aubergines Bonifacienne by some. It is a very traditional dish and this one has now become our ‘best ever’ Eggplant Parmesan which paired beautifully with Canerelli Rose. The bottom left is a fresh local area John Dory fish with olive oil, lemon butter parsley sauce along with sides of potatoes tomatoes and onions. What a lovely lunch in the old town. #sommchat

What is the first thing you should do after #flying into the #Ajaccio airport in #Corsica??? Find the closest seaside restaurant (la table du marche at hotel les Mouettes was a good choice) with the table closest to the water and order a bottle of Clos Canarelli Blanc - #lifeisgood❤️ thanks @ianmccaff @rootstockwinesatx and @lylerailsback @kermitlynchwine for introducing us to this #winery. Stay tuned to learn more about these #wines when we visit and taste their this coming week. #sommchat

What a lovely surprise to have some #burgundy tastings with @yannickbenjamin and @heiditurzyn and then to share a magnum of @domaine_michel_lafarge Rose 2017 in #Bouilland with the @beckywasserman.co team. From the first tasting together @benjaminlerouxwines to dinner last night each moment was a treat. Also a shout out to @elizabeth.gabaymw on the rose for her book! #Sommchat

Always great to see @nico_rossignol while in #burgundy to hear about all he is doing in the vineyard and cellar to make his #burgundy #wines. #Sommchat #domainenicolasrossignol

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