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@texsom has a wealth of people with #wine knowledge, huge hearts, and hard work and dedication. Honored to see these friends and many more @ccollinsms @jessicandupuy @billelsey @triplewindsor @jrhisaw @donajilira @runningwineguy

Thanks @jwdesertridge #phoenix but time for @americanair to take us safely to @fsdallas to join the great #sommelier #conference @texsom in #DALLAS #HEREWECOME #TEXSOM FRIENDS AND FAMILY! #sommchat

Have you been out to eat lately in #Phoenix? Well, if you haven’t or if you were looking for a new place to try out head over to Binkley’s And the creations of @Chefbinkley. Next Up in our picture gallery are just some of what we experienced in our 3+ hour Extravaganza. There is only one seating per night with a maximum of 24 guests and we are so glad that we were able to snag our seats! #Chef Kevin Binkley and his team did an exceptional job or providing outstanding #food #wine and #hospitality. Phoenix is lucky to have such a talented chef and restaurant. @ Binkley's Restaurant

Our 1st stop on our travels today from #Billings #Montana to #Missoula is for lunch @whistlepigkorean in #Bozeman and glad we made the stop. The gallery shows you some of the #Korean dishes we tried. Compliments of the house were the pickled cucumbers and the Miso Soup and both were a treat. Next were our selections which included Veggie Bibim with Gochujang then Fried Pork Dumplings followed by Spicy Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi and Kimchi (there are 3 pictures of this showing from top, from side to show size perspective, and after mixed all together.). This was a great intermezzo before driving on to Missoula to see #universityofmontana and more. #staytunedformoreupdates of our #travels. @ Whistle Pig Korean

It’s time for more #travels in #Montana - our flight ✈️ on @delta unveiled July #snow patches that remain in the mountains 🏔. As your follow along with us over the next week we will be focusing on a different route than before which will ultimately take us to @glaciernps in @explorewhitefish. First stop today will be lunch in #bozemanmontana then onto #missoulamontana for the night. Thanks to @hertz we have @jeep grand Cherokee to carry our load!

Do you enjoy culinary adventures? Well then, you need to put @vixensweddingatx at #ATX @arrivehotels on the calendar for sure, whether you live in Austin or just thinking of #traveling to the city! This mix of Goan (Portuguese) cuisine is certainly unique to #Austin and with the talent of Chef @duplechananigans at the helm, each dish wanted us asking for more. We chose 4 savory dishes and a dessert. (We almost missed the bread and chutney but thanks to @forager512, she saved the day and made sure we did not miss these delights as well.) Follow along in the pic gallery for these dishes: Heirloom corn 🌽 and bean chaat - great spices and texture Shrimp 🍤 samosa green tomato cashew chutney green tomato and cashew chutney really added something special to this dish Quail cafreal This quail was amazing with its crisp grilled outside yet perfectly moist on inside with a prefect punch from the spices Curry Leaf Porchetta with shrimp balchao and matte rice - We had not thought of combining pork and shrimp on a plate in this way and it was a winner! And then we heard about the Rum-spiked Creme Brûlée dessert from Pastry Chef @sarahpea26 and we said YESSSSSS! Your dessert, breads and sides were all delish, Sarah:) Of course dinner would not be complete if we did not look at the #wine list and #Sommelier Lindsey Drew @drewlinds did not let us down with her selections. We paired a Riesling with the meal, and it worked with every dish along our food journey. All of the presentations were visually appealing and the portion sizes were generous. We love the space and decor, it has such a good feel and vibe. Thanks to the entire team at Vixen’s Wedding. We highly recommend you get your reservation now and go with some friends to share as many of the dishes that you can. It is great to have a new culinary adventure in Austin. You can also read more on this restaurant in the Jul 12th glowing article in @texasmonthly by #culinary critic Pat Sharpe. @ Vixen's Wedding

When the sign on road in #Wyoming on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway says “CAUTION watch out for CATTLE 🐂 ON ROAD - open free range”. They consider it their road NOT ours! Glad we listened during our #travels 🚗 @hertz is happy too as rental car is protected !

As we continue our #travels to #Montana from #austin sharing this @delta approach into @saltlakecity_utah captures some of the natural beauty of the #US love these views #takingitallin❤️

Hop over to @twitter with us on #SommChat today to ask your questions and learn from @foodandwine Magazine Executive Wine Editor and Wine & #Spirits Editor for @travelleisure Ray Isle @rayisle 12N ET OR you can ask you questions here and we will transport for you during the chat

Montrose restaurants tap serious culinary talents for 2 eagerly anticipated concepts


Goodnight Hospitality has just added a major dose of food and beverage talent. The emerging restaurant group has named the key staff members for its two August openings: Montrose Cheese & ...

Thanks CultureMap #Houston for giving us the lowdown on the new additions to Goodnight Hospitality Group talent led by our Keeper Friends and Master #Sommeliers June Rodil and David Keck. Can’t wait for them to announce the dates for the openings of Montrose Cheese & Wine and Rosie Cannonball so we can all mozy over to try it all out. What a powerhouse of culinary creativity - shoutouts to those we know Felipe Riccio & Shawn Gawle & Rachael Pino and those we will look forward to meeting soon! http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/07-08-19-goodnight-hospitality-rosie-canonnball-montrose-cheese-wine-leadership-team-adam-garcia-stuart-humphries-shannon-mccrac/

Bottom Line: IF YOU WANT AN OUTSTANDING JAPANESE OMAKASE in #AUSTINTEXAS go to @kyotensushiko and tell #Chef Sarah Cook your friends at Keeper Collection sent you! Last night was our 1st time to go to Kyoten Sushiko since Chef Sarah Cook returned from her time working with Chef Otto Phan in #Chicago at the award winning @kyotenchicago . There is much work done in advance procuring outstanding fish, sometimes aging the fish, or light sous vide with sometimes a brush of sauce or fresh #wasabi or horseradish (chef explains what goes into each dish and how it was prepared) on top of perfectly prepared sushi rice. Each piece is individually served to each guest and best eaten immediately when served. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea, but understand that the menu changes daily. There are only 2 seatings 5 nights a week (Wed-Sun) and sometimes the menu will be different at the 1st seating from the 2nd seating on the same night. But if last night was any example of what is possible, then no matter when you are fortunate to get your reserved seat, it will be an intimate engaging dining experience. Congrats to Chef Sarah and her team on creating a new and exciting restaurant environment in this #food genre! In between our #travel time away from #ATX, we can’t wait to find another time to come back to enjoy and bring friends. Can you identify any of the fish in the pictures other than the uni dish in the bottom right hand corner???

Keeper Collection takeover! #sommchat Somms Under Fire Winner Phil Laramore Landed in Paris and getting ready to venture south for a very special week with Becky Wasserman and Company on the fabled hill of Corton. Notre Dame still stands as it has through the ages and progress is already seen. #touristfortheday Thanks @keepercoll for this incredible opportunity to learn with boots on the earth!

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To drink the #wines of a #winery with the #winemakers and eat #food prepared by the #chefs for the #wine is so lovely and tonight with @gdangerville & @rajatparr provided us with added knowledge not to mention just pure pleasure thanks to all who made this happen in #austintexas #sommchat

Love when we #travel and find a bar that makes their #cocktails with @taittingerusa #champagne if you find yourself in #Frankfurt #germany🇩🇪 check out John F Kennedy Bar @villakennedy1901 and ask for the JFK 🍾#cocktail #sommchat

Thanks to @vomboden for another chance to learn about #German #wine and this time we had the pleasure to learn about @julian.haart #wines. Nadine Haart is a wealth of knowledge and shared much about the intensity with which she and Julian approach their #winemaking and attention to every detail in the vineyards and in the cellar. This is a small estate of 5 HA so keep your eyes searching to find these #wines if possible. #sommchat

When you drive after an early dinner towards your room on the #Mosel river in #bernkastelkues #travels to #germany🇩🇪 #wine region become magical. You feel as if time has stopped and you are floating in total peace over the water and through the mountains 🏔.

What a delightful afternoon for some #wine education @j._b._becker in the #Rheingau thanks to @vomboden we got to see #vineyard management, a cellar visit, and of course taste the wines. We can’t wait to try the #trocken #wines with #japanese dishes as was recommended. #Sommchat

For all those #Sommeliers that are studying and those #wine enthusiasts that just love trivia - here we go with a clue from #heidelberg #germany🇩🇪 : Q. Where is the largest wooden wine Barrel ever to be made, when was it built, and what is its capacity? A. In the cellar of @heidelberg_castle , there stands a large wooden barrel with a capacity of 220,000 liters (58,000 gallons) which was built in 1751. This was built by the King and put in the kitchen of the castle to entertain and impress his guests. The only problem: It leaked! Well at least it shows the presence of the wine culture in the area in that time period. #sommchat #travelforwine

Important lesson learned in southern #Corsica while at lunch @hotelgoeland in #portovecchio: don’t worry if the sky is overcast and it is raining like in the pic in the upper left hand corner because in Southern Corsica 5 minutes later your view will change and the sun ☀️ will shine and the #mediterraneansea water will be clear and blue again like in the other 3 pictures #travelislife

In Old Town #bonifacio #corsica you can find a family restaurant called Stella D’Oro “Chez Jules” established in 1965. Upper left hand pic is a local dish called Aubergines Bonifacienne by some. It is a very traditional dish and this one has now become our ‘best ever’ Eggplant Parmesan which paired beautifully with Canerelli Rose. The bottom left is a fresh local area John Dory fish with olive oil, lemon butter parsley sauce along with sides of potatoes tomatoes and onions. What a lovely lunch in the old town. #sommchat

What is the first thing you should do after #flying into the #Ajaccio airport in #Corsica??? Find the closest seaside restaurant (la table du marche at hotel les Mouettes was a good choice) with the table closest to the water and order a bottle of Clos Canarelli Blanc - #lifeisgood❤️ thanks @ianmccaff @rootstockwinesatx and @lylerailsback @kermitlynchwine for introducing us to this #winery. Stay tuned to learn more about these #wines when we visit and taste their this coming week. #sommchat

What a lovely surprise to have some #burgundy tastings with @yannickbenjamin and @heiditurzyn and then to share a magnum of @domaine_michel_lafarge Rose 2017 in #Bouilland with the @beckywasserman.co team. From the first tasting together @benjaminlerouxwines to dinner last night each moment was a treat. Also a shout out to @elizabeth.gabaymw on the rose for her book! #Sommchat

Always great to see @nico_rossignol while in #burgundy to hear about all he is doing in the vineyard and cellar to make his #burgundy #wines. #Sommchat #domainenicolasrossignol

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