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Unexpected 8 AM front door visitor‼️‼️‼️ #peacockfeathers #peacock #freerangepeacock what would you have done if this happened to you❓❓

What a beautiful #sunrise @elementbozeman @marriotthotels to start off our weekend in #bozeman #montana. Love weekend #travel getaways and thanks to @roostchickenandbiscuits for a great #friedchicken #dinner last night paired with @champagnejlassalle #sommchat

Wow - put @c_mcfall and @morgangray7 in the kitchen and you will have some goooood #food! They not only know their #wine but know how to prepare a feast, and using the torch can add some fun in the process. Follow the pics in the gallery as you see some of the #fish driven dishes they created and then you can see the #wines paired👏👏👏Thanks to @minamotofoods for top seafood products to have for the creations. Photo Gallery: Pic #1 Plated King Crab - topped with thyme floral and lemon zest for garnish and yuzu kosho in middle/center - this paired so nicely with Dauvissat Vaillons Pics #2 and 3 The torch came in handy for searing @ranchhousemeats #Montana Sous Vide Wagyu Ribeyes and #madai Pic #4 NZ Salmon Belly topped with Salmon Roe Chives and a side touch of Avocado Puree with a Cherry Tomato and some Yuzu Sauce at the base Pic #5 Shime Course (a #Japanese finishing course to ensure you are full) - Cured and torched King Crab Knuckle meat and trimmings mixed in mushroom dashi broth sushi rice and mixed with a butter fondue and egg yolk - WOWWOW Pic #6 Pan Seared ‘Skin on’ Hamachi Bites with Avocado puree - we smeared the avocado puree into the Curve of the Hamachi to create a finger bite - Such a great finishing dish. Pic #7 - Wine lineup - Post any questions on how these wines were drinking and tag @C_mcfall and @morgangray7 so they can give their insight as well about @domainedescomteslafon #volnay, and #mugnier, #digioiaroyer., and #dauvissat. We all agreed that the wines were all shining. One stand-out was the @domaine_jeannoel_gagnard 2009 Caillerets - caillerets is always one of our favs but on this night it drank as if it was #batardmontrachet. #sommchat

This has been a good day with some more time soaking in the beauty on the #pacificoceanview @terranearesort in #ranchopalosverdes which included a dolphin 🐬 sighting and then something we had always wanted to do -GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH A FALCON 👏👏👏👏 the feet and the beak were both a vibrant yellow. The #falconer explained that the falcon starts with the feet and beak,when young, as a blue hue and then as the bird ages the color turns to yellow. #lovelearning

What a way to start off some Keeper #chef dinners but with a trip to @originaltorrancefarmersmarket finding Fresh English Peas for a lovely #RISOTTO paired with 1999 Poggio di Sotto. We had the pleasure to tour and taste at the winery with the owner along with @moffettls and @hoytgsjr. This wine is in a great place- so fresh and pure but now silky and softer with age. Has so much life in the fruit and in a good drinking window. #sommchat

Thanks @terranearesort for providing a beautiful place to breathe in the #pacificocean ☀️ and #naturalbeauty of #ranchopalesverdes #travelfornature

Thanks @delta for the great #nature #traveling scenes on this early AM ✈️ from #billingsmontana to #saltlakecity waving to @artisantastes - next stop a first for Keeper Team #ranchopalesverdes #californiaadventure

How amazing to be able to experience great #wine and #food pairings. When a Keeper friend asked if we were interested in some Black Pepper King Crab we said YESSSS, and we screamed #RIESLING!!! To top it off that turned into a comparison of an older and younger #spätlese , 1990 vs 2017. The good news is both @germanwineusa were great and worked with the dish. The 1990 was ready to drink and very smooth while the @weingut.doennhoff 2017 had great minerality and so much life ahead. What a treat and hope you have a great #winewednesday #sommchat

Feeling a little like #French bistro food last night so Keeper chef worked on a new trial recipe - A French classic called Chicken Chasseur which translates to Hunters’s Chicken. This goes back to a time when gamebirds and mushrooms from the woods were a natural autumn combination -fast forward to today and we are doing it in the spring! Our chef went hunting for some chicken thighs and more @wholefoods. Instead of using canned crushed tomatoes from the store (drained) he used canned tomatoes in our storage from his last canning in Keeper kitchen. We had been saving a #wine that we were gifted so swipe right to see what we paired this dish with. If you have any #wines we should consider in the future please leave your thoughts in the comments. #sommchat

Thanks to our Keeper community for reaching out to us during the #texas winter storm. So many have asked what helped us during that difficult time, and we were so thankful for the warmth of our fireplace and the comfort of having @whidbeytea. Both helped us through that time. We are appreciative of and thankful for the ❤️ and support of our community.

What a fun #wine and #food Pairing🍷you know by now that we ❤️ the #wines of @domaine_michel_lafarge; so we thought we would see how it pairs with a more traditional #italian dish like Pasta Beef bolognese? This #lafarge 2011 CÔTE de #beaune villages was soooo good with it and vice versa. @clothilde_lafarge would you ask Frederic which vineyards he used in 2011 to make this wine and post in comments so we can learn more about this bottling? -it was delish #sommchat

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To drink the #wines of a #winery with the #winemakers and eat #food prepared by the #chefs for the #wine is so lovely and tonight with @gdangerville & @rajatparr provided us with added knowledge not to mention just pure pleasure thanks to all who made this happen in #austintexas #sommchat

Love when we #travel and find a bar that makes their #cocktails with @taittingerusa #champagne if you find yourself in #Frankfurt #germany🇩🇪 check out John F Kennedy Bar @villakennedy1901 and ask for the JFK 🍾#cocktail #sommchat

Thanks to @vomboden for another chance to learn about #German #wine and this time we had the pleasure to learn about @julian.haart #wines. Nadine Haart is a wealth of knowledge and shared much about the intensity with which she and Julian approach their #winemaking and attention to every detail in the vineyards and in the cellar. This is a small estate of 5 HA so keep your eyes searching to find these #wines if possible. #sommchat

When you drive after an early dinner towards your room on the #Mosel river in #bernkastelkues #travels to #germany🇩🇪 #wine region become magical. You feel as if time has stopped and you are floating in total peace over the water and through the mountains 🏔.

What a delightful afternoon for some #wine education @j._b._becker in the #Rheingau thanks to @vomboden we got to see #vineyard management, a cellar visit, and of course taste the wines. We can’t wait to try the #trocken #wines with #japanese dishes as was recommended. #Sommchat

For all those #Sommeliers that are studying and those #wine enthusiasts that just love trivia - here we go with a clue from #heidelberg #germany🇩🇪 : Q. Where is the largest wooden wine Barrel ever to be made, when was it built, and what is its capacity? A. In the cellar of @heidelberg_castle , there stands a large wooden barrel with a capacity of 220,000 liters (58,000 gallons) which was built in 1751. This was built by the King and put in the kitchen of the castle to entertain and impress his guests. The only problem: It leaked! Well at least it shows the presence of the wine culture in the area in that time period. #sommchat #travelforwine

Important lesson learned in southern #Corsica while at lunch @hotelgoeland in #portovecchio: don’t worry if the sky is overcast and it is raining like in the pic in the upper left hand corner because in Southern Corsica 5 minutes later your view will change and the sun ☀️ will shine and the #mediterraneansea water will be clear and blue again like in the other 3 pictures #travelislife

In Old Town #bonifacio #corsica you can find a family restaurant called Stella D’Oro “Chez Jules” established in 1965. Upper left hand pic is a local dish called Aubergines Bonifacienne by some. It is a very traditional dish and this one has now become our ‘best ever’ Eggplant Parmesan which paired beautifully with Canerelli Rose. The bottom left is a fresh local area John Dory fish with olive oil, lemon butter parsley sauce along with sides of potatoes tomatoes and onions. What a lovely lunch in the old town. #sommchat

What is the first thing you should do after #flying into the #Ajaccio airport in #Corsica??? Find the closest seaside restaurant (la table du marche at hotel les Mouettes was a good choice) with the table closest to the water and order a bottle of Clos Canarelli Blanc - #lifeisgood❤️ thanks @ianmccaff @rootstockwinesatx and @lylerailsback @kermitlynchwine for introducing us to this #winery. Stay tuned to learn more about these #wines when we visit and taste their this coming week. #sommchat

What a lovely surprise to have some #burgundy tastings with @yannickbenjamin and @heiditurzyn and then to share a magnum of @domaine_michel_lafarge Rose 2017 in #Bouilland with the @beckywasserman.co team. From the first tasting together @benjaminlerouxwines to dinner last night each moment was a treat. Also a shout out to @elizabeth.gabaymw on the rose for her book! #Sommchat

Always great to see @nico_rossignol while in #burgundy to hear about all he is doing in the vineyard and cellar to make his #burgundy #wines. #Sommchat #domainenicolasrossignol

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