Biased BBQ

Biased BBQ with SUF 2017 Finalists

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Let's talk BBQ. If you had to pick one last BBQ meal ever, would you choose Carolina style (pulled pork,) Texas style (brisket and sausage,) or Kansas City style (ribs and sweet sauce)?

Hai: I grew up enjoying Kansas City style in Florida, grew to love Carolina barbecue as I lived in the state and got to enjoy Whole Hog versions of barbecue (HUGE difference in flavor), and every time I’ve visited Texas in the past five years, I can’t get enough of brisket and burnt ends. Can’t I just have a mixed platter?! If push comes to shove, you would see me devouring a slab of ribs.

Eric: Carolina style, though as a native Southerner we don’t pigeon hole ourselves into one state! It needs to be pork and it needs to be smoked. And yes, I do love Brisket.

Jill: Carolina BBQ all the way.