Keeper Collection - L2O Restaurant in Chicago

Chicago -- L2O Restaurant

Our Chicago adventure to "scout out" where Uchi Chef Ben Schwartz, winner of 2014 Citywide 86d would stage continued at L20 Restaurant. We could't wait to see what Ben would experience in the culinary creations from this Michelin Star Restaurant, after the glories we were fed at Grace Restaurant (see our Grace Blog here). And the Food and Wine Ride began!

Keeper Collection - Table & Amuse-Bouche at L2O Restaurant

Our beautiful Marble table with 1st amuse-bouche

Keeper Collection - Amuse-Bouche at L2O Restaurant

Amuse-Bouche - Pomme Soufflée, Salt Cod, Coffee, Bergamot

Keeper Collection - Amuse-Bouche at Grace Restaurant

Amuse-Bouche - Mussel Tart, Lemon, Parsley

Keeper Collection - Coromandel Oyster Dish at L2O Restaurant

Coromandel Oyster, Green Apple, Noilly Prat, Celery

Keeper Collection - Ocean Trout Dish at L2O Restaurant

Ocean Trout, Fines Herbes, Citrus Confit, Chartreuse

Keeper Collection - Geoduck Dish at L2O Restaurant

Geoduck, Foie Gras, Mango Vinegar

Keeper Collection - Periwinkle Dish at L2O Restaurant

Periwinkle, Jamón Iberico, Pumpernickel, Watercress

  • Keeper Collection - Broth for Lobster Minestrone at L2O Restauarant
  • Keeper Collection - Lobster Minestrone at L2O Restaurant

Lobster Minestrone, Basil (click the arrows to see more).

Keeper Collection Alabone, Bone Marrow, Black Truffle at L2O

Abalone, Bone Marrow, Black Truffle

Keeper Collection - Apricot Dish at L2O Restaurant

Apricot, Génépi, Marshmallow, Black Lime

Keeper Collection - Cream Puff at L2O Restaurant

Cream Puff, Chartreuse

Keeper Collection - Melon, Yogurt, Tapioca, Apricot Dish at L2O Restaurant

Melon, Yogurt, Tapioca, Apricot

Keeper Collection - Chocolate & Brioche Dish at L2O Restaurant

Chocolate, Lemon, Brioche, Olive Oil

  • Keeper Collection - Surprise Dessert Box at L2O Restaurant
  • Keeper Collection - Surprise Dessert Box at L2O Restaurant
  • Keeper Collection - Surprise Dessert Box at L2O Restaurant
  • Keeper Collection - Surprise Dessert Box at L2O Restaurant
  • Keeper Collection - Maccaroons in Dessert Box at L2O Restaurant

Just as we thought we had finished our desserts, we were presented with a box filled with sweet finishing touches, pleasing to the eyes and the palate. Each box unveiled another heavenly creation!

Keeper Collection - Wine at L2O Restaurant

The Wine list offered many selections, but we spotted two that we thought would be perfect for the seafood focused menu. We were excited to see a White Burgundy from Winemaker Benjamin LeRoux on the list and selected the 2007 1er Cru Puligny-Montrachet Les Embazees. It did not let us down, pairing well with the various flavors throughout the meal.

Keeper Collection - 2009 Riesling at Grace Restaurant

German Reisling is always a favorite of ours with a seafood-focused meal. When we saw Donnhoff, one of our beloved German producers, we did not hesitate to add this to the evenings pleasures. The Donnhoff 2009 Niederhäusen - Hermannshöhle Riesling lived up to our high expectations, pairing well with the many tastes during the dinner.

Keeper Collection - Kitchen at L2O Restaurant in Chicago

Thanks to Chef Philly Speer of Uchi Restaurant Group, we had a private tour of the kitchen so that we could see where Chef Ben Schwartz would be learning while at L2O. The kitchen was active and energetic, attending to the many tasks required to execute the delicious dishes of the night.

L2O Restaurant, 2300 N. Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614 773.868.0002