Keeper Collection at Can Fabes Restaurant

El Racó de Can Fabes -- Barcelona Part III

The Keeper Team got the chance to visit Michelin-Starred Restaurant El Racó de Can Fabes in Barcelona before its closing, due to the death of Chef Santi Santamaria. Here we hope to pay homage to Chef Santamaria through this post by showing you some of his delicious and beautiful culinary creations.

First, we were offered a choice of Black Olive or Parmesan Breadsticks. The servers also presented a huge Bread Tray, as well as butter and olive oil. Then came an amuse of Focaccia with Tomato & Caramelized Onion. The focaccia was very dense because it was made with potato flour.

Keeper Collection - Can Fabes Bread Tray
Keeper Collection - Focaccia Bread at Can Fabes

Now it was time for the tasting menu to begin. The regular tasting menu began with a Foie Gras Cream with Sunflower Seeds. The cream had a texture that reminded us of a mousse and a flavor that was pleasant but not overly strong.

Keeper Collection - Foi Gras Cream at Can Fabes

Then came a tray of small bites, featuring a Soft Bread Cup with Mousse, Whipped Cream, & Caviar; a Filo Dough Cup with Marinated Tomato; a Crispy Fried Triangle with Mushroom Filling; and Beet & Mascarpone on a Cracker.

Keeper Collection - Tray of Small Bites at Can Fabes

Next was a cold mussel filled with crunchy veggies, such as shallot and parsley stems served over a parsley puree.

Keeper Collection - Mussel with Veggies at Can Fabes

Then came Steamed Baby Conch with Sea Bean, Black Olive, EVOO & Fish Sauce. The fish sauce added an interesting flavor that reminded us of South Louisiana crawfish.

Keeper Collection - Steamed Baby Conch at Can Fabes

The next dish was a unique Seafood Ravioli that consisted of a mushroom mixture stuffed inside a shell made of flattened shrimp rather than pasta.

Keeper Collection Seafood Ravioli at Can Fabes

After that we were served Pig Nape with Potato Quenelle & Caviar in Cream Foam…

Keeper Collection - Pig Nape at Can Fabes

Next we dined on Razor Clams with Croutons….

Keeper Collection - Razor Clams with Croutons at Can Fabes

Then we continued with a Poached Egg in Uni Sauce…

Keeper Collection - Poached Egg in Uni Sauce at Can Fabes

Next was a Foie Gras with Quince….

Keeper Collection - Foie Gras with Quince at Can Fabes

We then enjoyed Gambas & Langoustines in Tomato & Onion Confit….

Keeper Collection - Gambas & Langoustines at Can Fabes

With the dishes still coming, we then were served Rock Fish in Truffle Demi-Glace…

Keeper Collection - Rock Fish at Can Fabes

We were intrigued by the Coffee-Coated Baked and Seared Pheasant with Cippolini Onion & Drops of Chocolate/Nutmeg Sauce.

Keeper Collection - Pheasant at Can Fabes

Next we were served Steamed Celery in Cheese Sauce. The celery was the perfect texture--not crunchy but not mushy.

Keeper Collection - Steamed Celery in Cheese Sauce at Can Fabes

Then we dined on Mixed Baby Greens with Manchego Cheese Cubes…

Keeper Collection - Mixed Baby Greens with Manchego Cheese Cubes

The feast continued with Steamed Cabbage & Roasted Potato in Garlic Cream Sauce. Again, the vegetables were well cooked but not overcooked, and the sauce was fabulous.

Keeper Collection - Steamed Cabbage & Roasted Potatoes at Can Fabes

Keeping the dishes coming, we next had Wild Mushrooms in Cream Foam…

Keeper Collection - Wild Mushroooms at Can Fabes

Then we were served White Asparagus in Cream Sauce with Grated Parmesan. This dish was another favorite; the asparagus was very tender.

Keeper Collection - White Asparagus at Can Fabes

Next up was Saffron Rice with a Touch of Paprika. It was terrific and had a very intense flavor.

After a divine dish of Saffron Rice with a Touch of Paprika (not pictured), we enjoyed Cannelloni with Black Truffles, which was also terrific and had a very intense flavor.

Keeper Collection - Cannelloni w Black Truffles at Can Fabes

With a few more dishes to come, we had Lightly Toasted Cannellini Beans with Steamed Leeks & Black Truffle Shavings.

Keeper Collection - Toasted Cannellini Beans at Can Fabes

And the last of our entrees was Tomato & Onion Confit in Filo Dough on top of more Confit topped with cinnamon & powdered sugar….

Keeper Collection - Tomato & Onion Confit at Can Fabes

Finally moving on to Palette cleansers and desserts. First, we cleansed with a Sorbet Trio: White Cherry, Pear, & Blackberry.

Keeper Collection - Sorbet Trio at Can Fabes

Then, a Caramel Cream Parfait with Crunchy Caramel Pieces. This was our favorite dessert, which paired great with Pedro Ximenez.

Keeper Collection - Caramel Cream Parfait at Can Fabes
Keeper Collection - Pedro Ximenez at Can Fabes

We were then presented with a Tray of Desserts.

Tray of Desserts.png

Next was an Assortment of Tuilles

Next was an Assortment of Tulles (not pictured). Our last dish of this magnificent meal was Dark Chocolate Filled Beignets with Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (delicious) & Powdered Sugar…

Keeper Collection - Chocolate Beignets at Can Fabes

We were honored when the Chef came to our table at the conclusion of the meal. We felt his passion and love for cooking. We did not realize at the time how fortunate we were to have this Life Tasting. We are thankful to have had the pleasure of experiencing the Restaurant in its prime.