Hoppin' on the Band "Trailer" -- Odd Duck Farm to Trailer & Gourdough's

If you’ve been even slightly following the Austin foodie scene lately, you’ve surely noticed the trend in food trailers popping up all over the city, but lately, one trailer in particular has been getting quite a bit of attention – Odd Duck Farm to Trailer. With our growing curiosity and endless strive to be “in-the-know Austinites," Odd Duck seemed like an obvious choice for something new. It soon proved to also be a fantastic choice! If you too are a self-proclaimed “in-the-know Austinite," swing by Odd Duck soon – and for you out-of-towners, add it to your list of “Reasons to Visit Austin” (you know you have one!).

Odd Duck’s owner, Chef Bryce Gilmore, although experienced across the nation, is no stranger to Austin. His experience at restaurants like Z Tejas, Moonshine, and Wink (a personal Keeper Collection favorite!), Chef Gilmore seems to have honed his skills for knowing what Austinites want. Using a wood burning grill and sous vide techniques, Chef Gilmore finds local sustainable ingredients to create a daily changing menu. Yesterday’s menu consisted of a Grilled Romaine and Goat Cheese Ricotta Salad, Feta Creamed Brocolli, Creamy Cauliflower Soup, Coffee Porter Braised Pork, Duck Quesadilla, and a Pork Sandwich….well at least it did earlier in the day. A word to the wise – don’t wait until an hour before closing to visit Odd Duck. By the time we ordered, there were only 2 items left on the menu! I guess it’s a small price to pay for the freshness of these ingredients.


Dwindling Menu

So Pork Sandwich and Grilled Romaine and Goat Ricotta Salad it was. We shared them both (keep reading and you’ll understand why such a light dinner) and they were both fantastic – a little slippery and messy to eat, but delicious if you don’t mind licking your fingers.


Grilled Romaine with Goat Cheese Ricotta Salad and Poached Farm Egg


Pork Loin Sandwich on Ciabatta Bread

After we kindly negotiated who got which remaining scraps on our plates and washed them down (oh yeah, don’t forget to BYOB), our next selection was the Funky Monkey – one of their “Big. Fat. Donuts.” topped with grilled bananas (yum), cream cheese icing (yum), and brown sugar (double yum).


Birthday Funky Monkey

With a menu this long and with not a single item qualifying as “not really our style," it’s gonna take a lot of hard work to make our way through the menu, but we think we'll manage! We also hear TLC is making a visit to Gordough’s next Thursday (1/28) for a filming of American Eats.

All in all, for a casual dinner on a budget, this little trailer stop proved to be a winner and will surely be revisited…Hopefully for lunch next time though with a full menu!