#KoolKeeperSummer 2017 Kickoff!

Austin and food: my two absolute favorite things. Follow along with me as I take a bite out of the city's thriving and diverse food scene during my very own #KoolKeeperSummer!

Austin is known for many things: live music, eclectic personalities and a whole lot of Texas pride. But what seems to be drawing in crowds more and more these days is the city’s undoubtedly booming food scene. Austin has been dubbed the “next great food town” by Travel and Leisure and tops the list at No. 6 in the Thrillist’s list of the 40 biggest US cities, ranked by their food.

Though I’m not a Texan by birth, I grew up spending tons of time with my family and friends in Austin. To say I’m in love with every aspect of this city would be an understatement. This, in addition to the fact that I am a foodie through and through, makes a recipe for a successful summer. Austin has always held a special place in my heart, and I can’t believe that I finally have the opportunity to explore the city on a more intimate level.

With so much hype surrounding Austin’s flourishing food scene and after acquiring many lists of suggestions from my friends and family in town, I’m curious to see for myself just which restaurants will end up as my new favorites this summer. And what better opportunity to do so than as an intern at the Keeper Collection, a place where food and wine are discovered and admired?

Follow along with me every Friday on Keeper Collection’s Life Tasting™ Blog, as I dive headfirst into what Austin has to offer. Between having the chance to spend time in my favorite city and checking out Austin’s delicious options, it truly is destined to be a #KoolKeeperSummer!