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#KoolKeeperSummer Kickoff!

Calling all #KoolKeeper readers! Have questions about food and wine? Want a new perspective on the wine industry? If so, then #KoolKeeperSummer posts are for you!

At 21 years old, my journey to becoming an experienced and seasoned wine connoisseur and foodie is just beginning. Luckily for me, I grew up in a household that highly valued good food and wine- appreciation of a long meal with the perfect wine accompanying it was instilled in me early on. This appreciation grew immensely during my four months as a study abroad student in Rome this past year. Delicious wine and fresh dishes became staples in my daily life, and I grew very interested in the wine industry and the culture that has grown around it. As I’ve now begun to really focus on forming my own palette, my desire to learn about types of wine, each type’s relationship with food, and the incredible experiences that wine and food can create has greatly increased.

That being said, I couldn’t have a better opportunity to explore these interests than I do now as a Summer Intern at the Keeper Collection. It’s the perfect time for me to really sink my teeth into my questions about the wine industry and production. This summer I want to learn everything I can about food and wine and share all my learning experiences with you, Keeper readers. Every Wednesday I will be posting about a different aspect of wine or area of the wine industry. What do all the technical terms mean? How do I assess the quality of a wine in relation to its price? What goes into creating a perfect pairing? These topics and more will be covered during this #KoolKeeperSummer.

I want to know what you’re interested in learning about, Keeper readers. Comment below with topics you would like to see covered and questions you would like answered. Lets make this #KoolKeeperSummer the best one yet!