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Peter Wasserman shares his experience drinking a 1967 Carema

A wine three years shy of 50 years old, what can one expect? The lovely tasting notes shared with us by Piedmont Winemaker Elisa Scavino here on the 1964 Paolo Scavino Barolo inspired us to ask Wine Consultant Peter Wasserman of Becky Wasserman Selections his thoughts on the 1967 Carema. Let's see what Peter has to say!

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Peter Wasserman's Tasting Notes on 1967 Carema

"The 1967 Carema was enjoyed off the list at Maialino, an excellent Italian restaurant with a really fantastic list. It was replete of older vintages at really great prices.

It was presented tableside impeccably on its side in a pouring basket. Once decanted it was served at perfect temperature. The nose was immediately gorgeous, none of the reduction or high volatile one can find in older Piemontese wines from time to time. The mouth had fruit and minerality, but seemed to be very high strung, high acid, masking some of the fat that the nose had suggested. Being that we were all proponents of letting the wine breathe in the glass, we just sipped it.

About 20 min into the session the mid palate totally reappeared as it had needed just a little longer beauty rest. The last of the bottle was splendid and a true bargain for such an older Bottle. (Under $200)"

Thanks, Peter, for sharing a Life Tasting and for reminding us that giving the wine time to "wake up" can have its rewards.