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Piedmont Winemaker Elisa Scavino on 1964 Paolo Scavino Barolo

In today's world, there are an increasing number of ways to communicate and learn. We noticed our Keeper friend (and alum #SommChat guest), Piedmont Winemaker, Elisa Scavino had posted tasting a 50 year old Scavino Barolo on the Delectable App. Intrigued, we asked Elisa to describe her recent tasting of the 1964 Paolo Scavino Barolo (picture above), so we could learn and share with you, our Keeper Life Tastings community. Made from Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo, Italy, the wine is one of many beautiful wines produced by Elisa's family's winery, Paolo Scavino.

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Elisa Scavino Tasting Notes on the 1964 Paolo Scavino Barolo

"It took a moment for me to address myself to the glass and empty my mind. It’s probably the oldest Barolo I had in my life and it’s a totally different experience than drinking younger Barolo. I love that through a wine we can go back in the years…

The wine was mature and steady. The colour was very clear and transparent, orange with much yellow. It almost seemed viscous.

The perfumes reminded me of dry flowers, forest, honey, licorice, cloves, goudron.

The structure was super delicate but the flavours persistent. The main ones were licorice and red cherries."

Thank you, Elisa, for sharing this amazing Life Tasting with all of us.

So, Life Tasting Community, please share in our comment section how you would describe "Goudron", which was in Elisa's tasting notes! Another way to share so all can learn.