Keeper Collection - Starter at Akelare Restaurant

San Sebastian -- Akelare Restaurant

Pictured: Starter called Prawn's Sand w/ Sea Urchin Sponge and Goose arnacles tempura

As you enter a modern building, you are unaware of what you are about to experience at Akelare. The first sense stimulated was sight because of the amazing view. We chose lunch as we had heard of the beautiful views overlooking the water. Our table was adjacent to the window. We were rewarded with a beautiful luminous bright day, allowing us to see far and wide as we were high on a cliff overlooking blue, blue water.

We were offered the option of three different tasting menus. One was classic signature dishes, one was more experimental dishes, and one more seasonal dishes of the Chef. Our Keeper Team consisted of 2 couples, so the guys chose the more experimental menu and the girls chose the seasonal menu, so that each couple could share and have tastes of two menus. Knowing that we would have over 2 dozen different dishes to taste, we decided to pair with Champagne for the entire meal.

Keeper Collection - Ginger Water-Infused Towel at Akelare

This ginger water-infused towel was nice a touch to cleanse our hands at the start of the meal.

Keeper Collection - Xangurro Dish at Akelare

Xangurro, its Coral Blini & "Gurullos"

Keeper Collection - Prawns & French Beans at Akelare

Prawns & French Beans cooked in "orujo" Fireplace table side

Keeper Collection - 2002 Delamotte Champagne at Akelare

This 2002 Delamotte Champagne paired nicely with the Akelare food creations.

Keeper Collection - Cuttlefish Roller at Akelare

Cuttlefish Roller, Rice Krispies, Mustard Herbs

Keeper Collection - Green Broth Infusion, Red Prawn, & Smoked Monkfish at Akelare

Green Broth Infusion, Red Prawn, & Smoked Monkfish

Foie Gras.jpg

Sautéed fresh Foie Gras with "salt flakes & grain Pepper"

Keeper Collection - Pasta Carpaccio Dish at Akelare

Pasta Carpaccio, Piquillo & Iberic w/ Parmesan Shrooms

Keeper Collection - Hake & Its Kokotxa at Akelare

Hake & its Kokotxa w/ Oyster Leaf & "Mussel's Beans"

Keeper Collection - Turbot w/ its Fake Kokotxa at Akelare

Turbot w/ its fake Kokotxa

Keeper Collection - Desalted Cod Box w/ Shavings

Desalted Cod Box w/ Shavings paired w/ '02 Delamotte

Keeper Collection - Peeling Off Peaches Dessert at Akelare

Dessert: "Peeling Off Peaches"

The Chef's creations were as radiant as the ocean view. Both menus were innovative and delicious. We were glad we included this on our San Sebastian Life Tastings Adventure.