San Sebastian -- Arzak Restaurant

We naturally had great excitement about our first visit to San Sebastian. We purposely chose Arzak for our initial culinary experience. It was within walking distance of our hotel, and we wanted to set the bar high with a strong first impression of the highly regarded culinary scene of San Sebastian. Our spirits were dampened by pouring rain during our walk to the restaurant. We arrived a little wet from the rain, but we were warmly welcomed, and what followed quickly elevated our mood. As you will see, the visual experience was colorful and bright. Trust us, the flavors and the aromas were equally artful.

The first of four starters: Scorpion Fish Pudding w/ Kataifi

Cod Fish marinated in Red Beet Juice

White Tuna w/ Marinated Strawberries

Pear and Ham wrapped together made the Cork for the drink called Bitter Raspberry

Chorizo w/ Tonic

Apple injected w/ beet root & creamy foie gras & potato "mother of pearl"

Grilled lobster w/ crispy star shaped crepe & fresh greens

Egg w/ semi-crunchy shell & baobab accompanied by lactic leaves & curds

Grilled squid flavored w/ kaffir lime leaves, served w/ potato confit in black oil & onion sauce

White tuna w/candied garlic petals of different colors & Strawberries

Lamb w/different flavors & textures w/ fried grape leaves & Longan

Roasted pigeon w/ eucalyptus & instantly infused citrus and pine sauce

This Bereche Rose Champagne paired beautifully with the dishes

Marbles of chocolate w/ Amaranth & Oregano Sauce

Caramelized fruit w/ black sesame bread, pepper & licorice ladybird filled w/ yogurt & Olive oil crystal

The Dessert Finale: chocolate keys, bolts, screws, & more

What a start to our San Sebastian Life Tastings! We didn't realize it then, but our first test of Bereche led to an infatuation with that Champagne that lives on and on - the glory of wine and food experiences!

We were honored and pleased to be visited by both Chefs (Father and Daughter) throughout our meal. They seemed sincerely interested in our enjoyment of the meal. The Daughter translated for the Father so that he could hear our thoughts first-hand.