asador extebarri

San Sebastian -- Asador Etxebarri Restaurant - A Keeper Spanish Fireworks Food Explosion!

Located in a tiny hamlet, outside an ordinary village, near a small town, in the general vicinity of San Sebastian, Asador Extebarri was not easy to find, but well worth the expedition. One of the beauties of this restaurant, in today's grandiose Restaurant/Chef world, is that it was on the outside, as pure and natural, as the food on the inside.

Simple, yet creative, each course highlighted a primary ingredient that was enhanced by other, (sometimes surprisingly) harmonious supporting flavors. Everything was grilled over a wood fire (see picture of grill later in this blog), but the technique was in no way monotonous, rather the flavor of the primary ingredient was truly brought to life.


Starter: salted anchovy w/ toasted bread


Starter: fresh porcini mushroom on cracker


Butter of goat's milk w/ black salt


White tuna & tomato

oyster with seaweed

Oyster w/ seaweed

prawns from palamos

Prawns from Palamos , almost sashimi, lightly grilled & extremely juicy


This Champagne paired beautifully w/ the food

squid with onions

Baby Squid w/ its ink & Caramelized Onions

mushrooms and eggplant

Mushrooms & Eggplant--juicy; no bitterness on eggplant

cod with pepper

Salt Cod & Brown Pepper


Grouper--this Chef is the Master of Grilling.

Galician Beef

Beef Chop--Galician Beef

fruit infused ice cream

Reduced Milk Ice Cream w/ Red Fruit Infusion

Meursault Tillets

Another great wine pairing

Asador Etxebarri Restaurant Kitchen

Amazing food created by the chef at Asador Etxebarri in this kitchen

At the end of the meal, we were invited to see the kitchen, which is always a highlight for the Keeper Team. We did not meet the Chef as he had his priorities in place - he was already foraging for the next day's ingredients.

Many of us like to grill, but what if we had a setup like this? Chef designed the grills and had them custom made for his cooking techniques. The kitchen grills at Asador Extebarri are raised or lowered in a precise manner by the Chef, depending on the ingredient being cooked and by the effect that the Chef wishes to achieve in that dish.


Box of veggies outside Asador Etxebarri kitchen--we wonder what chef will create with this!

What a treat to dine at Asador Extebarri. Our pleasure was amplified by sharing the experience with two special members of the Keeper Team who announced their engagement on the trip. Wonderful things can happen when we are sharing amazing wine and food!

We hope that that we will be able to have another Life Tasting at Asador Extebarri.