Mugaritz San Sebastian

San Sebastian -- Mugaritz Restaurant

As we drove up to Mugaritz, the first thing we saw was the view of the Restaurant's gardens. Our anticipations were heightened as we saw the many fresh ingredients that the Chef has right outside the front door.

Keeper Collection - Inside the Mugaritz Kitchen

After we were shown our table, we were immediately invited to the Mugaritz kitchen. This was a first for the Keeper Team as kitchen tours are more commonly offered after the meal. We thought this was a genius idea as they shared the kitchen/Chef's philosophy so that we could have this perspective as we had our dinner. Our first tasty bite was given right there in the kitchen! This was just the beginning of a memorable dining experience.

Keeper Collection - Edible Stones (Potatoes) at Mugaritz

We loved these Edilble Stones (Potatoes)

Keeper Collection - Smoked Toast, 100% Lobster at Mugaritz

Smoked Toast, 100% Lobster

Keeper Collection - Small Crustaceans in a Pocket at Mugaritz

Small Crustaceans in a Pocket

Keeper Collection - Pottery/Artwork at Mugaritz

Pottery as Artwork on the Tables- This piece reminded us of our Keeper Friend/Artisan, Keith Kreeger, whose designs we love.

Keeper Collection - Carrots & Their Smeared Flowers

Carrots & their Smeared Flowers from the Restaurant Garden

Keeper Collection - Grilled Toast of Bone Marrow

Grilled Toast of Bone Marrow w/ Herbs & Radish Ash

Keeper Collection - Tendon Dish at Mugaritz

#6 of 21 called "Tendon" derives from the Latin word tender, which means "to stretch." Honey, Mead, Yolks & Dipping ash

Keeper Collection - Bereche Extra Brut Reserve Champagne

Bereche Extra Brut Reserve Champagne paired beautifully w/ the Chef's creations

Keeper Collection - Hot Hand Towels at Mugaritz

Mugaritz offers hot hand towels between the 1st 6 dishes & the 2nd 6 dishes. We thought it was a nice touch.

Cold Peach & Razor Clam at Mugaritz

Cold Peach & Razor Clams

Keeper Collection - Tanned Lobster Flesh at Mugaritz

Tanned Lobster Flesh w/ Fermented Rice

Keeper Collection - Food Surprise Game at Mugaritz

They also offer fun & games -- the first person at the table has a chance to win a food surprise!

Keeper Collection - Caviar w/ Flan at Mugaritz

The game prize was this delicious caviar with flan.

Keeper Collection- Threads of Crab at Mugaritz

Threads of Crab w/ Vegetable Mucilage, Macadamias, & Pink Peppercorns

Keeper Collection - Loin of Hake at Mugaritz

Loin of Hake, Tiger Nut Sauce, & Concentrated Clam Juice


Sweetbread of Suckling Lamb w/ Mushrooms

Keeper Collection - Grilled Entrecula, Grilled Steak Emulsion, & Salt Crystals at Mugaritz

Grilled Entrecula, Grilled Steak Emulsion, & Salt Crystals

Keeper Collection - "Glass" Dessert at Mugaritz

Dessert called "Glass: Sugar and Cocoa as a Cookie"

Keeper Collection - Mocha Dessert at Mugaritz

Dessert: Mocha in its Lightest Version--Amazing!

Keeper Collection - Dessert Paper made of Edible Leaves & Flowers

Dessert: Edible Paper of Leaves & Flowers

Mugaritz made the dining experience both delicious and whimsical. The ingredients from the gardens were seen throughout the meal and certainly enhanced this Keeper Life Tasting.