Savoring Piedmont, Part VI

As we continue to savor the memories of our lovely trip to Piedmont, we realized we had not shared a few final days of our trip, so we must continue. Even though we were traveling in the winter, our next to last day started with a beautiful sunrise that was spectacular from every angle.


We decided to take advantage of the entire time left, starting with a jaunt to Monforte for breakfast. After breakfast we shopped and bought pasta, vinegar, wine, and confections. We had enough time to go to Barolo to find a shipping box for the lovely Barolo wines that we had selected to take home. As we finished our shopping, we imagined our upcoming visit with Roberto Conterno, the winemaker and owner of Giacomo Conterno. We were greeted by Roberto and his assistant, Erica, who would provide any needed translation.


View from Conterno

Our group of 5, including Russell Hone, Rusty Staub (of The Rusty Staub Foundation), and Peter Wasserman were seated in the wine tasting library, where Roberto shared some magnificent wines, 2007 Barbera and 2005 Barolo from the bottle.


Russell Hone and Rusty Staub get ready to enjoy the Conterno Tasting!


Rusty Staub and Roberto Conterno

Then we took a tour of the pristine wine cellar and had a cask tasting which included a 2002 Barolo that Roberto felt was one of the best ever for Conterno, despite the poor reputation of the vintage.


Wine Cellar Tour and Tasting

For lunch we traveled to Serralunga where we had a simple and pleasing meal from the varied menu. We were impressed with the knowledgeable owner and good wines.


Charcuterie Plate


Steak and Potatoes


Vitello Tonnato


Pasta with Broccoli


Sausage and Potatoes


Atichokes and Potatoes

After a tasty lunch Russell and Rusty went back to Villa Carita. The rest of the group , lead by Peter Wasserman went to Alba to continue shopping. We had a full car of lovey Italian products! After a long day we ended it by going to La Morra for our farewell dinner at the bistro. We had lots of laughs, great food, and good wines, holding on to great times in Piedmont.