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Sinking Our Teeth into the Big Apple

Beginning Sunday March 21, three Keeper Collection Couples are taking a Spring Break together…but separate. For one week, we’ll be splitting up to take the New York restaurant scene by storm. Seven days + 6 people + 3 meals a day (at least!). While some may think it’s crazy to leave Austin during SxSW, we feel confident that we can make it worth-while. You may call it a “Restaurant Crawl” (with certainly a few Pubs in the mix), an Austinite’s NxNE Food Fest, or even the foodie version of the Amazing Race, but whatever you call it, it simply boils down to a lot of good food!

Since our tight knit group tends to live vicariously through each other anyways, we’ve done our best to ration the restaurants to attempt the seemingly impossible task of conquering the epicurean wonders of New York. Kinda like “I’ll give you Tuesday lunch at Babbo if you let me have Monday dinner at Sushi Yasuda"…“Deal!”

We’ll be hitting well known favorites like Le Bernadin and Momofuku, new hot spots in town like Nate Appleman’s Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria, and some highly recommended new experiences for us like Marea and Locanda Verde. Please don’t be offended if we miss your favorite NYC cuisine – there just aren’t enough hours in the week – but on that note, if you have a “must try” suggestion, send it our way because we still have a few meal slots open!

Throughout the week, we'll be tweeting (#whereiskeeper) and Facebooking about all of our stops and taking as many pictures as possible, so be sure to follow us for the highlights. As time allows, we’ll be posting “reflections” on many of the restaurants here on the blog (I’m careful not to say “reviews” because we’re no experts – just some Texans who get an absurd amount of pleasure out of a great dining experience). We’ll share where we go, what we order, what we like/don’t like, what we drink, and anything else that seems fitting – plus some photos (where permitted). So Stay Tuned!