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SommTale™ Journey with Master Sommelier David Keck in New Zealand

Thanks to Master Sommelier David Keck, SommTale™ begins with an amazing journey for all of us to share on New Zealand wine.

This is @yrmom_safoodie beginning the #SommChat SommTale journey in #newzealand ! Just left Central Otago (see my personal feed for a couple posts), and just landing in Christchurch to see what #Canterburywine is all about- more to come! @nzwineusa @nzwinegrowers #nzwine #winetravel

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Earthquake(s) but in the meantime there are some amazing installations including this dance floor- punch $2NZ into a converted washing machine, plug in your phone, and lights come on and speakers blast your music onto the floor. This used to be a large shopping area, but until the bars and discos come back, you can still dance! See @hawk_wakawaka 's post for photographic evidence- this is your #SommChat #SommTale signing off before some serious Canterbury wine tasting tomorrow #nzwine #winestudy #freenight #discoball

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This is @yrmom_safoodie reporting from the field in #newzealand - brilliant Chardonnay retrospective hosted @pyramidvalleyvineyards - here are some of the gems from our host and a neighbor! Great examples of small production, thoughtfully made Chardonnay from an up and coming region (North Canterbury) #SommChat #SommTale #nzwine @nzwineusa @nzwinegrowers

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@yrmom_safoodie reporting today from Waiheke Island! First time visiting this unique wine region – beautiful wines from a small group of fantastic growers. Mostly Bordeaux varieties, although we tasted some really lovely Syrah and sparkling wine as well. Lots of potential and excited to see this stunning place develop and get more exposure! #SommTale #SommChat #syrahvolution #waihekeisland #nzwine #nofilter

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#sommit on #NZwine begins! Looking forward to a full day of tasting and discussion with @WineStephen and @camdouglasms #winestudy

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@yrmom_safoodie here as #SommTale on the #winetrail in #newzealand - this is why we travel- truly amazing group of wine pros sharing a glass around the fire 🔥 at dusk in #nelson #nzwine #aromaticsnz #nelsonshines.

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@yrmom_safoodie reporting here as your #SommTale Somm in the field in #NZ - Full house in #Wellington as we gear up for Day 2 of @pinotnoirnz - looking forward to a blind tasting of #pinotnoir - international examples exploring the idea of 'greatness' with the amazing panel of @jancisrobinson @kenichi_ohashi @mikebennie101 @giesenwines #pinotnoirnz #SommChat #turangawaewae

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Best way to get to know a vineyard? Get your nose in the dirt! Thanks to @hawk_wakawaka for this photo! #SommChat #SommTale @nzwinegrowers @nzwineusa so many thanks to @bilancianz for this amazing visit #Repost @hawk_wakawaka with @repostapp


Wine lover terroir prayer circle. This is what happens when a mess of Masters of Wine, Madter Sommelier and a wine dork (me) realize the dirt smells just like the wine (Provençal herbal while dusty) and they just can't get enough. #nzwine #hawkesbaywine @nzwinegrowers @nzwineusa @bilancianz @lacollinanz @winediviner @yrmom_safoodie

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@yrmom_safoodie winding down this #SommTale from #NZ ! Last full day in #marlborough and I was treated to some truly outstanding #Kiwi hospitality. @mrbglover went out of his way to come snatch me up in this awesome #zephyr and show me his family vineyards, then taste me through the whole lineup of Zephyr wine. Ben was the chair for @pinotnoirnz last week (which was amazing) and was kind enough to show me his Marlborough. It's people like Ben who remind me the importance of slowing down, taking time to sit in the sun and chat, and dedicate yourself to something you love #latergram #grateful #turangawaewae #nzwine #SommChat