Keeper Collection #SommChat Guest #Winemaker Christopher Vial

10/19 Evening Land Winemaker Christoper Vial


@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome to #SommChat everyone! Tell your friends to join us to learn about #wine from a Burgundy Winemaker!

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): We’d like to introduce you to Burgundy Winemaker Christophe Vial (tweeting from @elvwines). #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Christophe is leading the winemaking for the Cote D’Or @elvwines #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): We’re about ready to dive in w/ questions, so shout out to @elvwines to say hi & so Christophe knows you’re here! #SommChat

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): As we ask @elvwines our Qs, you can ask Christophe ur Qs as well! He’ll do his best to answer all Qs in the order they come #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Let’s start talking #wine with @elvwines! #SommChat

@wolfeswines (Jeffrey Wolfe): @keepercoll #SommChat @elvwines Biggest Burgundy Baller in!

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Hey @wolfeswines! This is your type of #SommChat! Cheers! #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@keepercoll bonjour from #Burgundy…so happy to be with all of you! #SommChat

@AtoZinfandel (Kay Zink): Bonsoir Christophe! #SommChat #wine

@elvwines (Evening Land): @AtoZinfandel @keepercoll….bonsoir #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @keepercoll @elvwines Welcome to SommChat and thanks for answering our questions What got you into wine making? #SommChat #ww

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @keepercoll..I started in 91 when I met Dom Lafon at a party…I loved wines and he asked me and it was my passion #SommChat

@AtoZinfandel (Kay Zink): Where in the Cote d’Or is your winery? #SommChat #wine

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@AtoZinfandel.@keepercoll. Our winery is in Meursault, we just moved from Beaune this summer….come see us! #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines @keepercoll What has been your favorite vintage to work with since you’ve been making #wine? #SommChat #WW

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @keepercoll 2005 because the fruit was beautiful, elegant, and easy vintage #SommChat

@wolfeswines (Jeffrey Wolfe): @keepercoll #SommChat who are some growers in OR and Burgundy not on our radar but yours….

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@wolfeswines @keepercoll here I like the classics also, I love Fiche, Mikulski, Croix, Leroux, N. Rossignol, N. Potel #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines @keepercoll Who are some of the winemakers that you look up to? #SommChat #ww

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @keepercoll in the cote de beaune it is Lafon, in the cote de nuits it is Roumier #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines How did you get started at Evening land? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@keepercoll In 07, was looking 4 new challenge. Dom Lafon who I had worked w/ in the past was starting 2 consult in OR #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@keepercoll I worked 4 ELV OREGON for 3 mos, met Mark Tarlov who was ready 2 start making #wine N #burgundy-rest is history #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines What is the most valuable #wine knowledge you’ve gained from working with Dominique Lafon? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@keepercoll 90% of my #wine knowledge comes from Dominique Lafon, it is all important to me #WineWednesday #SommChat

@SylvieGervais (Sylvie Gervais DWS): @WineTheory @keepercoll @elvwines @wolfeswines Hello! I am late! J’aime la Bourgogne! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome @SylvieGervais! Not late… “fashionably late” Feel free to jump in! #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@SylvieGervais @keepercoll welcome! We are happy to have you! #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines @keepercoll How about new world winemakers? Do you have any friends that emulate your style of winemaking #SommChat #WW

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @keepercoll I am interested in all new world wines, I drink Adelsheim in OR and I love the wines of Jim C in CA #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @keepercoll Jim C from Au Bon Climat #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines Love Adelsheim, I’m also a huge fan of Paul Hobbs. #SommChat #WW

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines oh yes, very familiar. I carry both Adelsheim and ABC on my #wine list. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines We know you work in Burgundy for ELV- What do you like most about making #wine there? #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@keepercoll In #Burgundy we have to consider #terroir, it is harder than in CA- We have such great terroir & great #winemakers! #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@keepercoll I was just in CA I go several times a year to consult for #ELV CA….will be back in Feb #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines Your 2010 wines are showing beautifully. Tell us what you believe makes these wine so lovely.. #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@KeeperColl Thx! 2010 is a classic #vintage for me, good ripeness, beautiful tannins, great acid- my style of #wine in #Burgundy #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@KeeperColl for 2010 Bourg R &B I think they are great for the next 4 to 5 years #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @elvwines had the pleasure of drinking the 2010 Bourgonge Blanc last night – it is drinking beautifully #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines @keepercoll Is there a grape that you don’t work with that you wish you could? #SommChat #ww #GrapeChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @keepercoll I love pinot and chard, I am very lucky to work with my fav grapes…maybe gamay #SommChat

@grape_nutz (Riley Gerber): @elvwines @keepercoll I love gamay! Underappreciated in USA and good value #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Good morning @grape_nutz! #SommChat

@grape_nutz (Riley Gerber): Finally made it. @keepercoll #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @keepercoll and @elvwines – Can you recommend a Burgundy region that will work well at Thanksgiving meal w/family? #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Good morning @demilove! Love the forward thinking to Thanksgiving Always good to be prepared in the wine department #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@demilove @keepercoll I think Chambolle is great with everything…I also love lesser areas such as cote des nuits villages #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @keepercoll – is there a comparable holiday in france? – #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@demilove.@keepercoll we have a lot of great holidays with fam and friends…but not one like Thanksgiving #SommChat

@robbin_g (Vineyard Adventures): Just discovering #SommChat. Not even sure how it works. Hello!

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome @robbin_g! Chatting wine w/ Burgundy winemaker Christophe Vial @elvwines. Direct Qs to @elvwines w/ #SommChat & he’ll answer!

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): “@elvwines: .@KeeperColl for 2010 Bourg R &B I think they are great for the next 4 to 5 years #SommChat” Why only 4-5 years?

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory.@KeeperColl not only n 4 – 5 yrs it is a great vintage& will be good for 7/10 yrs I will drink all mine n the nxt 4 #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines @keepercoll Do you practice biody or Organic? And how do feel about a stronger movement in winemaking going in that dir #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory.@keepercoll we like to work with sound growers, I would like to work with bio growers. #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory.@KeeperColl I think bio is the direction to follow for everyone #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines How important do you think experience is in terms of becoming a great #winemaker? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@KeeperColl Experience is important. Feeling the #grapes & the #vintage are most important in #winemaking-some of it is natural #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines Do you practice double sorting when the grapes come in from harvest and/or why do you think that’s important? #SommChat #ww

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @KeeperColl no, we try and tri in the vines, and then on the sorting table, but each time u touch the grapes u damage #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines What’s your best piece of advice for an aspiring #winemaker? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): @KeeperColl Look, listen and taste all while keeping your mind open! #WineWednesday #SommChat

@SylvieGervais (Sylvie Gervais DWS): Great answer! “@elvwines: @KeeperColl Look, listen and taste all while keeping your mind open! #WineWednesday #SommChat”

@grape_nutz (Riley Gerber): Do have worries about so many warm years and too much ripeness? Only getting worse globally #ELV #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@grape_nutz @KeeperColl not yet, 2003 is the only early and super ripe vintage I have seen even this year we had a nice balance #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Good to know RT @elvwines @grape_nutz not yet, 03 is the only early & super ripe vintage Ive seen Even this yr we had nice balance #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): .@elvwines how important is book learnin in an acclaimed university program vs. learning on the job in becoming a great winemaker? #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@MattMcGinnis @KeeperColl what we learn in school is important, but it is a feeling and experience that is impt #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @elvwines Where do you see the most promise in American wine regions? #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@MDSmitty2488 @keepercoll even though I work in CA I think for Pinot and Chard it is OR #SommChat

@angrysomm (rob renteria): @keepercoll @elvwines does ELV have any plans to expand into other regions/countries that produce PN & CH? #SommChat #WW

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@angrysomm @keepercoll right now it is quality and not quantity….I hope not, but you never know! #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): “@MDSmitty2488: Where do you see the most promise in American wine regions? #SommChat” Bed Sty, Brooklyn. @John_B_Dawson @meetatNigel

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@KeeperColl Today #Chardonnays are very elegant & well balanced, Pinots have good red fruits, soft tannins, & simpler than 2010 #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines Do you have anything that you are planning to different for your wines in 2012 and if so what and why? #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@KeeperColl No plans for 2012 yet, making #wines is all about what #grapes come in at harvest-No recipe, each year is different #SommChat

@SylvieGervais (Sylvie Gervais DWS): @elvwines @winetheory @keepercoll Minimal handling, good winemaking philosophy! #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@SylvieGervais . @KeeperColl.I think that the vintage expresses better w/less manipulation if not it becomes a yr of the winemker #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines We know you have LOTS of #wine experiences- how many “domaines” have you worked in? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): @KeeperColl Comte Lafon for 15 years, Domaine DeMontille for about 5 years, and some time with Bertagna. #WineWednesday #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@KeeperColl I have been lucky enough to work for harvest at ELV OREGON and now consult in #California! #WW #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines @keepercoll Who have you consulted for in CA. I know you may not be able to say due to confidentiality but just curious #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@WineTheory @keepercoll I have had the honor of consulting for ELV CA #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): #SommChat is the best thing on twitter. #WineFriendsAreTheBest #ww @keepercoll @JancisRobinson @AmyUllman @MattReiser @alicefeiring

@elipo68 (elizabeth): @WineTheory #SommChat was certainly interesting today.

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Thanks @WineTheory – truly appreciate your support and enjoy chatting with you each week! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. How many diff wines do you make in Cote D’or for @elvwines? #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): @keepercoll Bour R, B, Pouilly F, Cote de Nuits, St Romaine, Auxey, Meursault, Vosne, Chambolle, Clos V this yr Charmes Chamb #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @elvwines When you are not making wine, what are some wines you enjoy drinking? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@keepercoll Ha l! When I am not making #wine I am drinking #beer because I am on #vacation… #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @elvwines What is the most valuable thing someone could learn about #wine from wine-making? #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@MDSmitty2488 @keepercoll I think from making wine u really understand a year from when the grapes come n til the last tasting #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hr of #wine expertise from @elvwines Christophe Vial live from Burgundy! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): It was great to have Christophe join us today for #SommChat. Please join me in thanking @elvwines for his time!

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): If any1 missed some of the chat today, remember we’ll post an archive soon to for you to review later #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Join us next Wed 10/26 11 AM CST for #SommChat with @CanterburyWine, Christy Canterbury, MW! #SommChat

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@AtoZinfandel (Kay Zink): Merci Christophe – salut! #SommChat

@elvwines (Evening Land): .@AtoZinfandel @keepercoll Thank you! Merci beaucoup! #SommChat

@SylvieGervais (Sylvie Gervais DWS): @keepercoll @elvwines Very nice #SommChat Christophe. Hope 2 meet u in Burgundy 1 day. Agrée w/ u 4 OR. Much more similarity w/ Burg. Santé!