Keeper Collection #SommChat Guest Co-Founder & CEO of Wine Ring Pam Dillon

10/28 Pam Dillon, Co-Founder & CEO of Wine Ring


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cathyhuyghe @cathyhuyghe Wow!! What a rock star lineup!! @KeeperColl @wine_ring

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Douglas Trapasso _@demilove @KeeperColl @PamCEO @wine_ring - That is quite an all star lineup - you should take some pics of all of them together! - #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@demilove thx - great group on #SommChat and can't wait to hear about @wine_ring and your questions about it !

J Simonetti-Bryan MW @JediWineMaster Students .@WSETglobal .@MastersofWine, have #wine #business questions? Attend Today's #SommChat! 12N ET .@KeeperColl

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Much to learn fr a wealth of knowledge today on #SommChat led by @JediWineMaster

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Debbie Gioquindo,CSW @hvwinegoddess @KeeperColl will try to make it if my meeting gets out in time.

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J Simonetti-Bryan MW _@JediWineMaster Happy #WineWednesday!! Live Chat w/ #Wine #Tech CEO & @Wine_Ring MWs & MSs? Enter the live #SommChat at noon EST today!

BellaGrace Vineyards _@BGVineyards Excited for #SommChat today! @KeeperColl

Monika Elling _@Foundationspr Will be there on #SommChat! @KeeperColl

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KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear abt the app @wine_ring fr Pam Dillon @PamCEO

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl We'd like to introduce you to Pam Dillon @PamCEO who will talk about the app @wine_ring on #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Abt ready 2 dive in w/ ?s, so S/O 2 Pam Dillon @PamCEO 2 say hello & so she knows UR here! #SommChat

Sassodoro _@Sassodoro @KeeperColl @PamCEO Ready for #SommChat!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Don't forget that EVERY tweet during this chat should include the #SommChat hashtag in order 4 every1 2 C see it! #WineWednesday

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl As we ask Pam Dillon @PamCEO our Qs, you can ask her Ur Qs as well! She'll do her best 2 answer all Qs in order #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl W/so many participants gr8 Q's R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @PamCEO 2 let us know u R here! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Let's start talking abt the app @wine_ring with CEO Pam Dillon @PamCEO #SommChat

Monika Elling _@Foundationspr Hi Pam, I see you have some of my wine friends among advisers; great group! @KeeperColl @wine_ring @PamCEO #SommChat

Pam Dillon @PamCEO @KeeperColl Hi! Gr8 2b here! SO EXCITED! Whatcha got for me! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl So glad to have @acloveswine on #SommChat

Fabien Lainé @fabienlaine @KeeperColl Seems like it is going to be busy with 10 guests ;) #winelover #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl should be fun for sure and a new app to learn about @fabienlaine on #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl Q. @PamCEO What is @wine_ring ? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO @Wine_Ring - #1 Consumer Preference Tech captures your preferences around #wine & provides #wine recs #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Our Killer Functionality is a button answering the question Will I Like it? B4 you buy! #SommChat @KeeperColl

Douglas Trapasso @demilove @KeeperColl - Good morning from Chicago! This is quite a lineup today! - #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @demilove should be good group for you to ask questions to on #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: how much does @wine_ring cost and how will you make money? @PamCEO

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Oh I so need to get up to speed on this new #wineapp... @KeeperColl @wine_ring @PamCEO #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @PamCEO Who is part of the @wine_ring team and how did the team get picked? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Co-Founder is Andrew Sussmann= tech first & consumer retail second. I am the reverse. #SommChat.

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO I went to grad school w/ Chief #Science Officer, Known him > most people have been alive. CRAZY SMART! #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO @JediWineMaster is my sister from another #wine mother, my first wine pick #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Then @ssmmw & @acloveswine make up senior wine team. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@acloveswine what will you do with @Wine_ring and what #wines are you drinking now? #SommChat

amy christine mw _@acloveswine @KeeperColl @wine_ring Champagne and Chablis as always! I have really been into like Italian wines like Freisa. #SommChat

amy christine mw _@acloveswine @KeeperColl @wine_ring LIGHT Italian red wines I meant! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@WayneBeldingMS great to have you on #SommChat with @wine_ring have you used the app and what is your fav part of the app #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@mbattenhouse are you using @wine_ring and who do you think would like to use it most? #SommChat

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe I'm curious about this too... @KeeperColl @mbattenhouse @wine_ring #SommChat

Mollie Battenhouse _@mbattenhouse @KeeperColl @wine_ring All my wine loving friends want to use it! They're already saying it will change their lives. #SommChat @wine_ring

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Wow! How will it change things...? @mbattenhouse @KeeperColl @wine_ring #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl bring on your questions to @PamCEO & @wine_ring as well as @mbattenhouse @acloveswine @SSMMW @JediWineMaster on #SommChat now!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @PamCEO How does a user get started with @wine_ring ? #SommChat

Pam Dillon @PamCEO Download app & rating wines. Any wine will do. FastTracks r best- to get quick read on your preferences. #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine @KeeperColl @wine_ring can you explain about @wine_ring app ? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO 2 answer @fabienlaine quest: Recs 4 users & groups, ALL based on individual preferences. 1st x ever done. #SommChat

Monika Elling _@Foundationspr Can wineries send you brand to add to your database? @PamCEO @JediWineMaster @KeeperColl #SommChat

Sheri Morano MW _@SSMMW . @Foundationspr @PamCEO @JediWineMaster @KeeperColl Absolutely! We'd love to hear from you #SommChat

Monika Elling _@Foundationspr Great, we will be in touch. We have a project that may be a great strategic play w/app @SSMMW @PamCEO @JediWineMaster @KeeperColl #SommChat

Sheri Morano MW _@SSMMW @Foundationspr contact on our website:

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Good morning from Scottsdale @pamceo How is @wine_ring different from other wine apps? Thanks #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Dif in 3 ways- (1) no prod matching (2) no quizzes (3) no crowd think. ONLY individual user's pref #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO All three patents granted rooted in individual pref Love, Like, So-So, & Dislike #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@ssmmw - how will your involvement in @wine_ring be different that @JediWineMaster @mbattenhouse @acloveswine or all the same #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @PamCEO How does @wine_ring make a recommendation? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO 1st You rate wines- Love, Like, So-So, Dislike, 2nd Profile is developed, 3rd recs based on profile. #SommChat

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Good question! Data? Metrics? User history? History of user friends...? @KeeperColl @PamCEO @wine_ring #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Recs are made by individual's preferences ONLY. Not critics, not quizzes, not friends, not group think..#SommChat

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Good to know. How are the preferences established? @PamCEO @KeeperColl @wine_ring #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Unique pref patterns of individual user is connected 2 wine characteristics. #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine .@PamCEO so give recs according to drinkers history, but it doesnt tell you when, where, how, why, with what & who they drunk it #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Not so. U can record everything in the comments section + FYI we make recs based on pref based recs 4 food #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO + location based recs w/ merchant partners. u can go into @jeangeorges 2day to get recs on his list #SommChat

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Love that @fabienlaine is asking all the questions that are on my mind too :-) #SommChat

Sassodoro _@Sassodoro @PamCEO Profiles are developed. So @wine_ring isn't (directly) recommending wines similar to wines known to be liked?Can say ? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Correct. Model pref patterns, identify which wine characteristics r driving pref in connection w/ others #SommChat

Sassodoro _@Sassodoro @PamCEO Wow! I know are proprietary, but can you say a little about the model? #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso _@demilove @KeeperColl - Have you heard about tasting groups using @wine_ring ? - #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO YES! FastTracks can be used for tasting groups. & You can connect w/ friends on @Wine_Ring for recs #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @PamCEO If a user likes Chards, will @wine_ring just rec other Chards? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO No way! Oak, age, fruit, acidity and terroir makes dif. Chard is the winemaker's & taster's blank canvas. #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO.@JediWineMaster dislikes Central Coast Chards so no recs for that, but gets recs for White Burgundy #SommChat

BellaGrace Vineyards _@BGVineyards @PamCEO #SommChat - what are your plans of integrating with wineries to provide better wine data to consumers?

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Great question! @BGVineyards @PamCEO @WineryPassport @ScottStanchak #SommChat

amy christine mw _@acloveswine @cathyhuyghe @BGVineyards @PamCEO @WineryPassport @ScottStanchak Late to answer, but data to consumers? Don't quite understnd the question?

amy christine mw _@acloveswine @BGVineyards @wine_ring It's great in our tstg room @blacksheepfinds since most ppl don't spit - it helps them remember the wines! #SommChat

BellaGrace Vineyards _@BGVineyards @acloveswine @wine_ring @BlackSheepFinds How are you using it, exactly?

amy christine mw _@acloveswine @BGVineyards @wine_ring @BlackSheepFinds We have a channel built in the app - you can see under Channels then scroll to wineries.

amy christine mw _@acloveswine @BGVineyards @wine_ring @BlackSheepFinds We can build a channel for any winery - consumers then do not forget what they loved!

Douglas Trapasso _@demilove @KeeperColl - Have you been able to clarify your -own- wine preferences by using @wine_ring ? - #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@acloveswine @ssmmw who do you think will use @wine_ring most - demographics you think will be most attracted? #SommChat

Sheri Morano MW _@SSMMW .@KeeperColl @acloveswine @wine_ring Our research says all ages/demos!Wine has mass appeal & all want 2 discover! #SommChat

amy christine mw @acloveswine @KeeperColl @SSMMW @wine_ring Anyone with a smartphone! Ppl luv 2 b on their phones & they love to drink wine, so perfect pairing! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: how long has #App @wine_ring been in dev and can ppl make recs for new features? Where is it based? @PamCEO

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO In development since 2011, company founded 2012. Yes please tell @PamCEO on any ideas for features. #SommChat (keeper)

BellaGrace Vineyards _@BGVineyards #SommChat just downloaded @wine_ring - has a cool set up.

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO is ! Bring it! We want to connect you w/ your consumer's preferences! I LIVE 4 this! #SommChat (bellagrace)

Douglas Trapasso _@demilove @KeeperColl - How long does it take to get started building a profile with your app? - #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Fastest way =FastTrack (6ish wines), but most times we get there w/ a dozen ratings of any wine. #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO This works like a person. Rate sparkling wines = sparkling recs. Get me? #SommChat

BellaGrace Vineyards _@BGVineyards @yelpsacramento thanks for the retweet - join us in #SommChat with CEO of @wine_ring

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine @PamCEO How long does @wine_ring take to identify labels ? #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine .@KeeperColl @wine_ring @PamCEO - how many wines labels do you have in your database already ? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO >1 sec if label in database. And we have as many labels as the TTB (the gov't). #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO I meant it takes <1 second to find labels! Correction! #SommChat @KeeperColl

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep - will @wine_ring work on computer as well? #SommChat @PamCEO

Sheri Morano MW _@SSMMW .@KeeperColl @wine_ring @PamCEO - yes, but latest technology is on iOS (and the Android version is being updated v soon)! #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove @KeeperColl - Have you been able to clarify your -own- wine preferences by using @wine_ring ? - #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Absolutely, the app works for the novice and even our Masters (MSs and MWs) Everyone can learn something #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine @PamCEO @wine_ring How do you plan to compete with vivino knowing that they get over 6M users #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO We R not competing w/ .@Vivino. Luv the interest in wine they created! #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine @PamCEO @wine_ring Will you develop the app in several languages to reach people ? France, Italy Spain... #SommChat

Sheri Morano MW _@SSMMW @fabienlaine @PamCEO @wine_ring @KeeperColl Right now English is the lingua franca of wine, but eventually we'd like to expand! #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine .@PamCEO What will be the + for pp using the @wine_ring app? Advices of places around them to find bottles or maybe online sale? #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO (1) Fast answer to find wines you will personally like (2) take a journey to find new wines. & Group Recs #SommChat

Sassodoro _@Sassodoro @cathyhuyghe @PamCEO @KeeperColl @wine_ring @fabienlaine Connected via linear model of prefs? #SommChat

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Connected, how...? @PamCEO @KeeperColl @wine_ring #SommChat @fabienlaine

Drew Gourdie _@drewbie_g Just off a call and late to the #SommChat party! *scrolls frantically thru Hashtag comments* _

Sheri Morano MW _@SSMMW .@drewbie_g @wine_ring @PamCEO @KeeperColl - Welcome to the #SommChat party!

WeddingOakWinery _@WeddingOakWine Q. @cathyhuyghe How large is the wine data base for @wine_ring and how to you select the #wine for the #App #SommChat

cathyhuyghe _@cathyhuyghe Good question! @WeddingOakWine @wine_ring #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO 100,000s+ wines. We started w/ merchants partners inventory. Now onto user wines, please send in yours. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @PamCEO Where do you see @wine_ring in the future? #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @PamCEO How do you monetize @wine_ring ? #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine @KeeperColl @PamCEO @wine_ring selling the drinking data from consumers I guess #SommChat

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO Aggregate data only. #SommChat.

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @JediWineMaster what will you drink after #SommChat today?

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed talking abt @wine_ring w/ CEO Pam Dillon @PamCEO on #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Great to have Pam Dillon @PamCEO join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Please join us in thanking CEO of @wine_ring Pam Dillon @PamCEO for her time on #SommChat

Fabien Lainé _@fabienlaine @KeeperColl @wine_ring @PamCEO Thanks a lot for another great #SommChat - have a great day #winelover ;)

Sassodoro _@Sassodoro @KeeperColl @PamCEO Thanks for a great #SommChat! I would love to learn !

Stephanie Miskew CSW _@StephanieMiskew @PamCEO Thanks for a fabulous #SommChat & look forward to trying @wine_ring! #WineWednesday @KeeperColl

Pam Dillon _@PamCEO @KeeperColl TYVM 4 inviting me! Would luv to come back! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Thx @SSMMW @mbattenhouse @acloveswine @JediWineMaster for helping to keep #SommChat going in fast pace today With @wine_ring @PamCEO #WW

Sheri Morano MW _@SSMMW @KeeperColl @mbattenhouse @acloveswine @JediWineMaster @wine_ring @PamCEO A pleasure!! Anytime! :) #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Mark UR calendar for #SommChat w/ Master #Sommelier Elyse Lambert @ElyseLambert to talk abt #wine Wed 11/4/15 11 AM CST, 12 N EST!

Stephanie Miskew CSW _@StephanieMiskew @PamCEO Thanks for a fabulous #SommChat & look forward to trying @wine_ring! #WineWednesday @KeeperColl

Douglas Trapasso _@demilove @StephanieMiskew - Hi Stephanie! Hope you're having a tasty day - #SommChat

Stephanie Miskew CSW _@StephanieMiskew @demilove You too, Douglas! Happy #WineWednesday :)

Lynne Bryant, CS _@winegalLynne @KeeperColl @SommChat Bummed to have missed a great #SommChat earlier! Hope to catch up soon #wine friends! =)

Drew Gourdie _@drewbie_g To wine, or not to wine... that is the question. SPOILER ALERT: Wine is always the correct answer. #WineWednesday #SommChat

Drew Gourdie @drewbie_g Diversity of presenters is important; an interesting discussion today. Happy #WineWednesday! #SommChat @SSMMW