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1/09 Author Richard Burton

Richard Burton

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Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: We’d like to introduce you to Richard Burton @cwl_wine. We are excited to announce that we will have a #SommChat 2019 educational series in collaboration with the Classic Wine Library.

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Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Let's start talking #wine with Richard Burton of the Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine #WineWednesday #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Great to be here on #SommChat - looking forward to all of the questions today from everyone on the Chat!

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cwl_wine Were you always in publishing or were you involved with #wine first? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: I have not been in the #wine industry at all, although I am an enthusiastic consumer. I have been a publisher for most of my career. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine What is the history of the Classic Wine Library? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: CWL started with Julian Jeffs’ #Sherry, first published in 1961 and now in its 6th edition. Julian was the Series Editor of the Faber series, which was a staple for people interested in #wine in the 1970s and 1980s. When Faber sold it the series was mostly shelved. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cwl_wine How do you determine which #authors to work with for the Classic Wine Library?

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: #Authors w/ experience who bring their passion for #wine to their writing. All our authors feel that they have something new to say. Some authors find generic support for their titles, either in help with their research or in a few cases with guaranteed advance sales. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine Why did Infinite Ideas revive the series? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: We revived the Infinite Ideas because there was a clear gap in the market for books on covering a specific country or region written by an acknowledged expert on the subject. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine What’s the Classic #wine Library series philosophy?

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: We want to both enlighten and entertain those serious about #wine. Our books provide plenty of information for students of wine, #sommeliers and others who work in the wine industry, but are accessible enough to be enjoyed by anybody with an enthusiasm for wine.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cwl_wine How was the Classic Wine Library originally established and what was the inspiration behind it?

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: The original series was started in the 60s by another publisher, Faber & Faber. I am not qualified to say their inspiration for the original series but I imagine that they like us saw a gap in the market for serious #wine Books. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine How was the editorial board formed and how do you decide which #books are going to be written and who is going to write them? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: We suggest potential titles and #authors to each other. If we all agree, we follow this up. Now that CWL is thriving again we frequently receive proposals from potential authors. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cwl_wine What is something that you want to see from the #wine world? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: I would like to see a bit more openness to new #wines from all over the world in all regions. And that goes to publishing, consuming and the wine industry. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm do you have any plans to publish a book on #wines in #Asia that are being established and growing in the writing scenes @cwl_wine

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: One of the problem with some Asian #wines is determining where the #wine really comes from. We would definitely do books on Asian wines if we could be sure that the wines are truly Asian. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm do you feel your books are valuable for ppl studying for the MS and MW programs and if so why @cwl_wine ?

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Yes many of our customers are students of various #wine programs and I think they are successful for students bc they give a thorough overview of the regions they cover. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine Who is on the editorial board now? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Richard Mason had worked w/ Sarah Jane Evans MW as Panel Chairs at the Decanter World Wine Awards, so she became a series editor. We also needed someone based in North America and were delighted to welcome Master Sommelier James Tidwell @winejames to the editorial board in 2018.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine Why did you name the series The Classic Wine Library? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: ‘Classic’ and ‘library’ don’t have much resonance in digital age, but there was some brand recognition in CWL & genuine warmth towards it. We decided that the values of the series – integrity, independence, real expertise - were reflected by the original series title. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine How many titles are in the CWL now? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: We’ve published around 20 titles so far. In 2019 we expect to publish about 10 new titles, including Anne Krebiehl’s important Wines of #Germany and Lisa Granik on Georgian wines. We expect the list to top out at around 50 titles. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine Where can interested #wine enthusiasts and sommeliers and industry find the titles/ #Books already published? #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: You can see them at or

visit our UK store at #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cwl_wine What is a day in your life working look like? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Well 1st thing I do is check Sales, then I spend a fair amount of time planning new promotions and reading manuscripts. A typical day is about 40% reading manuscripts and 60% marketing. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine Are the #authors restricted to a certain style and format? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Every #wine producing country or region works in a different way and our #authors are the experts. They are the ones who shape the book. Having said that the editors approve the format of the book at the outset and we issue our authors with guidelines. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine What do authors look for? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Our authors have to be selective about what to include. We don’t want a directory of producers and we’re not looking for tasting notes. Naturally some regions are changing much faster than others and we always like to see some of the regional culture expressed. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm how do ppl use the books when traveling in a region @cwl_wine?

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Some use as reference tools like contact information and addresses while some use it for inspiration about types of #wines they may encounter in a region. #SommChat

Courtney Quinn @Path2Wine: I’ve used @cwl_wine books to have a better understanding of subregions, history and producer’s styles of wine. Then, when with a producer a wine student can ask a more detailed question. Great resource. #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: That’s great to hear. It seems that the #books are doing the job needed and what intended for. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine What’s the publishing support like at Classic #Wine Library? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: All we want at the end is a good, well researched #book which showcases the #author’s knowledge and flair. Writing a book is time-consuming and we work with the #authors over schedules. Infinite Ideas production values are meticulous. #SommCHat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine What do you hope to publish in the future at the Classic #wine Library? #SommCHat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: We’re looking for books on the #wine regions of the #US and #Australia and some new books on #Italy and #France in particular. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine Are you planning any non-regional books for the Classic #wine Library? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Yes, we have already published books on #Rosé, #biodynamic wine and a social history of #wine. We’re looking at sweet #wines, wine tasting and low alcohol wines. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine What are you doing to market the books in the Classic #wine Library? #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Beyond review coverage we do a lot of price promotions with, for instance @WSETglobal , the @MasterSommUS, @guildsomm, the Wine Scholar Guild, Masters of #Wine and now today on #SommChat for all of you. Code in next tweet #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @cwl_wine OK so what we have all been waiting for!!!!! Is there a discount code for all of our #SommChat followers ?

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: Yes. Use the code SommChat30 at checkout to get a 30% discount until midnight on 23 January. Customers in US/Canada can buy books here: And everybody else can visit our UK store here: #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with Richard Burton of @cwl_wine #WineWednesday #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: It was great to have Richard Burton join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Please join us in thanking Richard Burton @cwl_wine for his time ! For 30% off use code SommChat30 until January 23rd at midnight. People in US and Canada can buy books here: and anyone else can visit UK store here: #SommChat

Classic Wine Library @cwl_wine: I have enjoyed every minute of #SommChat today and thx 2 everyone for UR great questions. I look fwd to our Classici #wine Library #authors being featured in 2019 on #SommChat for all of you to learn.