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11/16 Advanced Sommelier Mark Sayre


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@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): I’m here. Just uploading today’s video wine review #SommChat

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@grape_nutz (Riley Gerber): @keepercoll @MarkDevinSayre Greetings! Happy to be able to join today. #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @keepercoll @markdevinsayre How did you get involved with #wine? And thanks for doing #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@winetheory @keepercoll Started waiting tables at a country club when I moved to ATX 11 years ago w/an ignored wine program. #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@winetheory @keepercoll W/ a young interest asked if I could help, fumbled way thru learning how 2 buy & program #deerinheadlights #SommChat

@FSAustin (Four Seasons Austin): Ha, love Mark’s hashtag RT @TRIOAustin: Asked if I could help,fumbled way thru learning how 2 buy & program #deerinheadlights #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre How did you get started working as #Sommelier for @FSAustin? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll I left the country club in 07 to work for new restaurant in @FSAustin. #SommChat??

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll 2 weeks B4 opening @TRIOAustin, I won TX Best Somm @TEXSOM in the hotel! I was given the #Sommelier job the nxt wk #SommChat??

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @MarkDevinSayre @keepercoll what under the radar grapes and regions do you have on your list that are borderline “wine nerdy” #SommChat #WW

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@winetheory .@keepercoll Nerello Mascalese/Sicily, Aglianico/TEXAS high plains (really #SommChat)

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@winetheory .@keepercoll champagne from arcane varieties i.e. Aubry! #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @keepercoll @markdevinsayre @fsaustin as a wine buyer and not just the Somm what % wine cost do you try and maintain #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@winetheory .@keepercoll went to a more aggressive scheme–32% in @TRIOaustin. Selling more wine, guest experience=everything #SommChat

@Winochic (Andrea Beckham): @MarkDevinSayre #SommChat @keepercoll how do u convince big cab drinkers to give merlot a chance? I find my guests very resistant

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@winochic .@keepercoll assure them that flavor profiles are similar, only texture difference #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): .@markdevinsayre I love the great selection of local wine and spirits at @FSAustin. What local TX producers excite you most? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@mattmcginnis @keepercoll Inwood Estates, Duchman Family, Becker & Fall Creek #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): Mouth watering now RT @markdevinsayre: .@mattmcginnis @keepercoll Inwood Estates, Duchman Family, Becker & Fall Creek #SommChat

@DeniseFraser (Denise Fraser): Great #TXWine! RT @MarkDevinSayre: .@mattmcginnis @InwoodWines, @DuchmanWine, @BeckerVineyards & @FallCreekWines #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @MattMcGinnis @markdevinsayre @keepercoll had a wonderful visit to fall creek this summer, still need to try the others #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): @1337wine Love @FallCreekWines! Just published a story about it last week #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @MattMcGinnis cool. it’s loaded up to read after the chat. Ed and Susan were such great hosts. #SommChat

@LaurenFino (Lauren Finocchiaro): @MarkDevinSayre @Keepercoll What advice do u have for someone looking to begin their wine education? How should they start? #SommChat #wine

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@laurenfino @keepercoll attend local tastings, taste in groups w friends, buy @KevinZraly’s Windows on the World Wine Course #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @LaurenFino Read, taste, repeat. #SommChat

@LaurenFino (Lauren Finocchiaro): @markdevinsayre Thanks! Great advice. #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): “@markdevinsayre @LaurenFino attend local tastings, taste in groups, buy @KevinZraly’s Windows on the World Wine Course #SommChat” amen

@DeniseFraser (Denise Fraser): Love @MarkDevinSayre wine program and @TRIOAustin happy hour where you can taste fun, new wines. My favorite hangout. #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): Agree! RT @denisefraser: Love @MarkDevinSayre wine program & @TRIOAustin happy hour where you can taste fun, new wines. #SommChat

@DeniseFraser (Denise Fraser): Aren’t you @MarkDevinSayre taking the Master Somm exam soon? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@denisefraser @keepercoll yes ma’am. #frightened #SommChat

@DeniseFraser (Denise Fraser): We have faith. RT @MarkDevinSayre: .@denisefraser @keepercoll yes ma’am. #frightened #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @MarkDevinSayre be strong! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MarkDevinSayre via @goodtastereport: What is your average day like? Describe when you wake, work, study, sleep… #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@goodtastereport @keepercoll well, you guessed it. wake, study, work, sleep, repeat #allworknoplay #SommChat

@FSAustin (Four Seasons Austin): Well, we see him drinking wine down in TRIO constantly… RT @keepercoll: @MarkDevinSayre What is your average day like? #SommChat

@DeniseFraser (Denise Fraser): What are some of your favorite wines right now that we should go try? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@denisefraser @keepercoll Silvaner from Germany (Wirsching) and dry portuguese…so much mun! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre We know you hand-pick all 250+ #wines for the @FSAustin #winelist @TRIOAustin. How do you choose each #wine? #SommChat??

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll has to fit the perfect criteria of classic region, producer, typicity, and of course, TASTE. #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll I want #wine that is transportational to guests – takes them on a journey. #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): Q. Went to Bordeaux for my first major wine trip. thinking italy next year. suggestion on which area? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@1337wine @keepercoll Go straight to Piedmont, dont pass go, do not collect $200, don’t go to jail. DRINK NEBBIOLO! #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @MarkDevinSayre thanks! it’s definitely on the short list. #SommChat

@LaurenFino (Lauren Finocchiaro): adding to the to do list RT @markdevinsayre @1337wine Go straight to Piedmont, dont pass go, don’t collect $200. DRINK NEBBIOLO! #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @MarkDevinSayre I”ll definitely reach out to you if i decide on piedmont for suggested places to visit. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre via @goodtastereport: What’s your favorite part of the #wine & #food industry? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@goodtastereport @keepercoll the people, undoubtedly. #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@MarkDevinSayre You’re in Texas, if you were limited to drink/recommend only Texan wine, what would it be? Gmorning @keepercoll #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@vinocapisco @keepercoll drink italian and spanish varietals. best for the climate and soil #SommChat

@Winochic (Andrea Beckham): #SommChat @MarkDevinSayre @keepercoll we have a shortage of veuve cliq this year what should I recommended to my guests that will satisfy

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@winochic @keepercoll if you can get them into RM’s that are of equal or lesser price, do that! #SommChat

@FSAustin (Four Seasons Austin): @Winochic Curious, why the Veuve Cliq shortage this year? #SommChat

@Winochic (Andrea Beckham): @FSAustin #SommChat @keepercoll sold most to Asian market is what I was told allocated 7 k for OND!

@LeannePRCo (Leanne Drago): What type of wines do you collect for your personal cellars? Anything out of the ordinary? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@leanneprco @keepercoll can’t keep wine to save my life–especially while studying. IF i could, burg, champ, riesling, piedmont. #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @MarkDevinSayre How do you find that middle between wine geek and normal person when selling #wine on the floor? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@mdsmitty2488 @keepercoll being able to read people is an untold part of the job. just LISTEN… #SommChat

@ccollinsms (Craig Collins, MS): @markdevinsyare What is your favorite wine on your list right know? best value? #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): Great question RT @ccollinsms: @markdevinsyare What is your favorite wine on your list right know? best value? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@ccollinsms @keepercoll fav wine on list Meo Camuzet Murgers, best Value Produttori Barbaresco #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@MarkDevinSayre Keeping the cliched champagne out of the equation, what wine do you find the sexiest? cc @keepercoll #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@vinocapisco @keepercoll i’m glad that burgundy is not a cliche. Chambolle Musigny=Marilyn Monroe #isithotinhere #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre via @goodtastereport: Who have been some strong mentors, ppl you’re proudest to have been a part of & learn w/? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@goodtastereport @keepercoll in trenches w study group has been amazing experience. @devonwine @junerodil @ccollinsms @c_mcfall #SommChat

@ccollinsms (Craig Collins, MS): @MarkDevinSayre If you could be 1 grape, which would it be and why? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@ccollinsms @keepercoll SYRAH. dark, brooding, misunderstood, loved dearly by those who are close. #isdrphilintheroom? #SommChat

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): @keepercoll #Cheers ! Pondering the if I were a grape question … I would be a Pinot Noir grape headed for a bottle of champagne! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre What is your current favorite #food and #wine pairing @TRIOAustin @FSAustin? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll tough question. Cold smoked ribeye w any N Rhone. Courbis St. Jo ‘Les Royes’ is killer right now. #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll BTG, the Stolpman Estate Syrah is bangin. So many though… #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): .@markdevinsayre how have wine consumer preferences changed over the years and how do you modify your program accordingly? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@mattmcginnis @keepercoll in Austin, people have become more open to the world. studying helps to stay abreast. dont be afraid #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre via @goodtastereport: As ATX tries 2 mature as food/wine town, what do u think future of ATX wine mkt is? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@goodtastereport @keepercoll Austin is a growing market which is exciting. We r 1 major operator away from major legitimacy. #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @MarkDevinSayre @goodtastereport @keepercoll we need some that to filter down here to SA #SommChat

@tattoodsomm (Eric Hastings): @MarkDevinSayre @keepercoll does availability impact your purchasing decisions? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@tattoodsomm @keepercoll always. but it’s become better. portfolios want their wines in TX because strong market #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @MarkDevinSayre How often do you try to push unheralded varietals when you’re selling #wine? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@mdsmitty2488 @keepercoll if a table looks open to anything, it’s always the first place I go. Priorat instead of Cabernet. #SommChat

@mmWine (Matthew S Horbund): @MarkDevinSayre @keepercoll what is the list like in terms of aged vintages versus current release? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@mmwine @keepercoll this is where TX is limited, no auction purchases. 10%-15% aged vintages. And we sell wine fast! #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@mmwine @keepercoll menu is simple enough to keep everything year round, but we lean on seasonal specific wine when appropriate. #SommChat

@mmWine (Matthew S Horbund): @MarkDevinSayre @keepercoll You may have answered earlier but what % of list is TX wines #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@mmwine @keepercoll small %, but growing. I have a dedicated page for Texas–very successful. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre What is a favorite #food & #wine pairing that you would suggest for celebrating upcoming holidays? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll Drink as much #champagne as humanly possible #SommChat

@DeniseFraser (Denise Fraser): A good plan for the holidays! RT @MarkDevinSayre: A. @keepercoll Drink as much #champagne as humanly possible #SommChat

@JonSomm (Jon Hone): Yes! “@MarkDevinSayre: A. @keepercoll Drink as much #champagne as humanly possible #SommChat”

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll Use that month to make ur friends and fam fall in love w/ Alsace & Burgundy #SommChat #hidethecabernet #thisischardonnay?

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @keepercoll @elladogsays @MarkDevinSayre another awesome #SommChat #WW #WineFriendsAreTheBest

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre What is a go-to #food and #wine pairing when it is cold outside? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll my new “go to” has been Portugal #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll Blends based in Touriga Nacional are perfect for rich braises & curling up w/. #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll They are spicy fleshy & over-deliver for their price point #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): True Dat! RT @MarkDevinSayre: A. @keepercoll They are spicy fleshy & over-deliver for their price point #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre What is a favorite #food and #wine pairing for any time of the year? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll ah, the elusive “magical” pairing. Since “brew & ‘cue” doesn’t count… #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. I’ll say blanc de blanc #champagne & really good fries. There are other great pairings, but that’s universally undeniable. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre In your opinion, what is the key(s) to a great #wine? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll balance. All pieces, flavor and tangible, in harmony. #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll Even in wines we normally don’t prefer, I believe we all respect if in balance. Balance transcends #SommChat

@tattoodsomm (Eric Hastings): @MarkDevinSayre @keepercoll have you seen an increased interest in Australian wines in ATX? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre):.@tattoodsomm @keepercoll I haven’t seen consumer interest yet, but up to us to promote the regionality and great wines #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre via @goodtastereport: W/ all of the celeb chef & wine director hoopla, how do u battle the ego & stay grounded? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@goodtastereport @keepercoll It’s just wine and food. good times, good people. If that’s forgotten, what is there really? #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre What is your advice to aspiring #sommeliers out there? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll ALWAYS be humble and kind- the respect you gain that way will take you far. #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): A. @keepercoll Understand good business. Become rooted in the classics. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @MarkDevinSayre via @goodtastereport: Looking back @ Westwood Ctry Club, w/ what u know now, what would u have done diff there? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@goodtastereport @keepercoll For a private club, I would have focused the program more on what membership really wanted. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q @MarkDevinSayre via @goodtastereport: Wine “experts” are trained 2 prefer more expensive wines. Why is DRC better than Franzia? #SommChat

@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@goodtastereport @keepercoll does Franzia have a stone cross in their vineyard? #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hr of #wine talk with @MarkDevinSayre #sommelier Mark Sayre @FSAustin! #SommChat

@DeniseFraser (Denise Fraser): Thanks @MarkDevinSayre for fun hour. See you @TRIOAustin soon for great wine, great food, and great people. Clink! #SommChat #txwine

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@MarkDevinSayre (Mark Devin Sayre): .@keepercoll shout out to all the #SommChat peeps. So much fun & thank you. #needbubblesnow

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@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): HighFivePaw ! to @MarkDevinSayre and @KeeperColl for a wonderful #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): this was a great chat. makes me want to visit Austin more often than once a year. #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @enjoielife @keepercoll @champagnewhit @vinosociety @kelljokrause @winespymag @tonyv619 @atozinfandel It was a great #SommChat #WW