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11/19 Winemaker Ed Thralls, Thralls Wine


Rick Bakas ‏@RickBakas This dude is on fire! -----> Join @EdThralls tomorrow for #SommChat he'll be talking about the early successes of @ThrallsWine

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl so agree MT @RickBakas: This dude is on fire! -----> Join @EdThralls tmw 4 #SommChat he'll B talking abt the early successes of @ThrallsWine

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine @RickBakas @EdThralls Thanks for the share Rick! #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine Ready for #SommChat tomorrow! Wed 11/19/14 9am PT/11 amET! #PinotNoir #Chardonnay #obeyyourpassion

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KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl U Cant:) MT @hvwinegoddess: How can I miss this RT @ThrallsWine: #SommChat tmw!

alawine ‏@alawine #WW, a great day to get to know rising star winemaker @EdThralls & his Pinots @ThrallsWine > 9am PT on #SommChat & 5pm PT on #SonomaChat

Christy CanterburyMW ‏@canterburywine Sorry 2 miss. Have fun! #SommChat

Vineyard Adventures ‏@robbin_g @KeeperColl What's on deck today? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl .@robbin_g Excited to feature #RRV #California Winemaker @EdThralls @ThrallsWine

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Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine @travelwinechick @EdThralls @KeeperColl Sorry to miss you Elizabeth! #SommChat

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KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear frm #California Winemaker Ed Thralls @EdThralls @ThrallsWine #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl We’d like to introduce you #California Winemaker @EdThralls @ThrallsWine #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Abt ready 2 dive in w/ ?s, so S/O 2 @EdThralls 2 say hello & so he knows UR here! #SommChat

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KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl As we ask Winemaker @EdThralls @ThrallsWine our Qs, you can ask him Ur Qs as well! He'll do his best 2 answer all Qs in order #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Let's start talking #wine with #California Winemaker @EdThralls @ThrallsWine #WW #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine @KeeperColl @EdThralls @ThrallsWine Hey there! Rainy here in Sonoma... but coffee is flowing #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine @edthralls Congratulations on your 92 points + Editor's Choice in Wine Enthusiast magazine! #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine @alawine @EdThralls Thanks Ken! You've been a great supporter #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl well deserved & Gr8 2 C u Ken MT @alawine: @edthralls Congrats on UR 92 points + Editor's Choice in @WineEnthusiast magazine! #SommChat

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess Double Congrats! RT @alawine: @edthralls Congratulations on your 92 points + Editor's Choice in Wine Enthusiast magazine! #SommChat

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls @hvwinegoddess @alawine Thanks Debbie! Very humbled! @ThrallsWine #SommChat

Rachel Voorhees ‏@RachelVoorhees @thrallswine Congratulations on 92 pts + Editor's Choice in @WineEnthusiast magazine! Proud of you babe! #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine @RachelVoorhees Thanks Sweetie! and you too ;) @Alawine #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. @edthralls Good morning. Whom are your wine making mentors and how did you get into the wine business? Thanks #SommChat

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls A. @SandyWasserman Ted Lemon of course, Jason Jardine of Hanzell are two huge favorites, followed by Jamie Kutch #SommChat

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls A. @SandyWasserman Getting into wine: a trip to Italy & Spain in 1994 where #wine is part of everyday life #SommChat

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess @ThrallsWine @EdThralls What was your Ah-Ha moment that made you go from blogger to winemaker? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine @hvwinegoddess Was a plan over a decade vs. a-ha moment. love being hands-on and studying wine - had to make it #SommChat #ObeyYourPassion

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @thrallswine tell us a bit about @EdThralls #winemaking philosophy. #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl Authenic. Natural. Native ferms. Minimal oak & intervention. Hands-on leading to restraint, elegance, nuance #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @EdThralls @ThrallsWine where is your winery and what do you specialize in? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @AndyOnFarmWine make my wines at @HoldredgeWine in Healdsburg... focus on #PinotNoir and #Chardonnay, but may expand #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine @ThrallsWine Ed, what other varieties are you considering? @AndyOnFarmWine @holdredgewine #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @alawine Added #Chardonnay in 2013, also enjoy #Rhone varieties (and made Syrah in 2008), so maybe that, Grenache, etc. #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine @ThrallsWine like where this is going, can't wait! #SommChat

WineCompass ‏@winecompass And are you open to the public? RT @AndyOnFarmWine: @EdThralls @ThrallsWine where is your winery and what do you specialize in? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @winecompass @AndyOnFarmWine unfortunately don't have public tasting space yet, best to call me when in town to "pop-up" taste #SommChat

WineCompass ‏@winecompass @ThrallsWine @AndyOnFarmWine I'll hold you to it :) #SommChat

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess Pop Up Tasting. What r u doing Sat night @ThrallsWine #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine .@hvwinegoddess @AndyOnFarmWine Let's get together and taste! #SommChat

The Drunken Cyclist ‏@masi3v I'm only coming to a pop-up tasting if it is on a bus and has a pole....@edthralls #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @masi3v The classy way to go! #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @EdThralls @ThrallsWine thanks and where does the fruit come from? #SommChat

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess What vineyards to you source your fruit from? #SommChat @ThrallsWine

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @AndyOnFarmWine @hvwinegoddess Pinot from RRV, Sonoma Coast and Anderson Vly, Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @ThrallsWine @hvwinegoddess nice fruit profile on the pinot are you striving for burgundian styled wine? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @AndyOnFarmWine Striving for what CA terroir gives us. But I do enjoy restraint & elegance in my wines, little oak, bright acid #SommChat

The Drunken Cyclist ‏@masi3v @StephanieMiskew @ThrallsWine @AndyOnFarmWine @hvwinegoddess how far are you willing to go to source your fruit? @edthralls #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @masi3v Right now maybe as far as Oregon or even Santa Barbara areas & anywhere in between. Some great CA #Pinot regions #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @ThrallsWine @hvwinegoddess do you use the natural yeast fermentation approach? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @AndyOnFarmWine yes, primary & secondary terms are 100% spontaneous/native #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep - was it hard getting funding 4 UR new #wine venture? What advice can U give 2 others thinking of #wine adventure?

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl funding was my own initially, saved up over years... may need to consider next tier as biz grows #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl Advice: Obey your passion, journey will be tough, but stay the course and work your butt off #SommChat

The Drunken Cyclist ‏@masi3v @edthralls Looking back, was it easier or harder than you thought it would be to get into the wine business? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl @masi3v good question #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @masi3v Entrepreneurship isn't easy & have been in industry so knew what I was getting into... still did it though... lol #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman @EdThralls Any plans to make #wine in Spain or Italy? what region(s)? #SommChat

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls A. @SandyWasserman No plans internationally, think CA great place to be for Pinot... may consider OR or Santa Barbara #SommChat

Bonfire Wines ‏@DrinkBonfire We're enjoying today's #SommChat with @EdThralls, where it's ok to #wine before Noon.

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl thx - glad U are Here RT @DrinkBonfire: We're enjoying today's #SommChat with @EdThralls, where it's ok to #wine before Noon.

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @thrallswine what does @EdThralls enjoy about producing #Wine on a smaller scale? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (1/2) being 100% hands-on making what I drink, pleasing those who “get it” vs. trying to please masses #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (2/2) being small also allows for experimenting #flexibility like #wholecluster & unique small lots for club #SommChat

Sip on This Juice ‏@amylieberfarb Small Lot Handcrafted Pinot is the best kind @ThrallsWine #SommChat @EdThralls @alawine @hvwinegoddess

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess @ThrallsWine What is your production? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @hvwinegoddess very small -- 500 cases total, but growing quickly #SommChat

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess Good 4 U! So proud of you! RT @ThrallsWine: A. @hvwinegoddess very small -- 500 cases total, but growing quickly #SommChat

Lori & Michael ‏@Dracaenawines @hvwinegoddess @ThrallsWine we have heard that 500 is a magic number for small wineries- balance of per bottle cost- true? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @Dracaenawines So many variables. Diff varieties cost more/less, etc. But for long-term sustainability 500 too small #SommChat

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess Q. from hubby - can we get your wine East or do I need to pick it up this weekend and pack it in my suitcase. #SommChat @ThrallsWine

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @hvwinegoddess I can direct ship to NY, but not NJ! #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @KeeperColl – Good morning from CHILLY Chicago! Anyone all done with their wine shopping for next week? - #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl @demilove cellar rooting in progress #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep - @thrallswine what did you learn fr harvest that U will do different in the future? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl Learn every harvest many things - this year found Roma's Vyd in Anderson Vly has potential for whole cluster #SommChat

Stephanie Miskew CSW ‏@StephanieMiskew @ThrallsWine What are your thoughts on the Santa Lucia Highlands for Pinot & Chard? #SommChat #wine #WW @AndyOnFarmWine @hvwinegoddess

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @StephanieMiskew don't have much knowledge there. Had a few while down there this summer. Unique location, good Pinot #SommChat

Sip on This Juice ‏@amylieberfarb Congrats @WineEnthusiast Editor's Choice! @ThrallsWine Q. Any Restaurants to look for a Thralls #Wine? #SommChat @KeeperColl

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @amylieberfarb Distribution just starting up, can find at Enoteca and Wine Annex in #Sonoma, InnerFog in San Francisco #SommChat

WineCompass ‏@winecompass Q. @ThrallsWine What are the state laws on distribution? Can you self-distribute? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @winecompass different by State thanks to TTB/ABC. I can self-dist in CA only because of my license, otherwise need middleman #SommChat

WineCompass ‏@winecompass @ThrallsWine In CA, is the license that allows for self-distribution based on size? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @winecompass No, based on what license: I have an "02" vs. a "17-20" as an example which comes with certain capabilities #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine .@KeeperColl To celebrate, we are offering 15% all purchases until Dec 31st use promo code: BUCHER92 #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine .@KeeperColl it's good to know Club members (6 & 12 btl) receive comp. ground shipping on orders as well #SommChat

The Drunken Cyclist ‏@masi3v @StephanieMiskew @ThrallsWine @AndyOnFarmWine @hvwinegoddess @EdThralls What % of your time is spent on selling the wine? #SommChat

The Drunken Cyclist ‏@masi3v @StephanieMiskew @AndyOnFarmWine @hvwinegoddess @EdThralls I hear that sales takes up an inordinate amount of time, true? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @masi3v with a day job, not as much as I like... looking for help in this regard since growing so fast #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @masi3v it's a necessity... definitely need to spend more time in this role vs. actually making the wine as an example #SommChat

The Drunken Cyclist ‏@masi3v @ThrallsWine I'll send you my resume! @edthralls #SommChat Wait, you have a day job too? #MustHaveMissedThat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @masi3v duh! #SommChat pay the bills!

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery How important do you think a wine club is in order to increase brand awareness and a relationship with customers @ThrallsWine? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @cecchiwinery Clubs create value, build loyalty, etc. not necessarily awareness IMO, but def helps build close relationships #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Relationships and good wine make the world go 'round @ThrallsWine :-) #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @KeeperColl – Keeping in mind the Paso expansion, do you think there are too many AVAs in CA now? Should system be streamlined? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @demilove a HUGE debate of course. Yes, prob too many, but there will be many more to focus on more distinct "neighborhoods" #SommChat

Rachel Voorhees ‏@RachelVoorhees For everyone in #SommChat I created an awesome #recipe to pair w/ @ThrallsWine Bucher #Pinot

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess @RachelVoorhees @ThrallsWine Will you share? #SommChat

Rachel Voorhees ‏@RachelVoorhees @hvwinegoddess Click on link in my tweet for #recipe #SommChat @ThrallsWine

Rachel Voorhees ‏@RachelVoorhees @hvwinegoddess @ThrallsWine Romas is my fave #pinot @EdThralls makes. Earthy, elegant w/ fab structure #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine @RachelVoorhees That sounds awesome Rachel! Call me when it's coming out off the grill ;) @ThrallsWine #SommChat

Rachel Voorhees ‏@RachelVoorhees @alawine Will do Ken! There are recipes on for all wines! #SommChat @ThrallsWine

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine .@RachelVoorhees Rachel is a Certified Sommelier who created all the food pairings for my wines! Thanks babe! #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine Check out recipes on Some good ones for #Thanksgiving by fab chef @RachelVoorhees Pair w/ @ThrallsWine #SommChat

Rachel Voorhees ‏@RachelVoorhees @ThrallsWine You know me, I love cooking! Can't wait to create more for the '13 & '14 vintages! #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine @EdThralls you now Im all about the Bucher. what is it about that vineyard that it produces such great juice? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @alawine primarily its location in RRV. Cool fog, yet warmer "Middle Reach" allowing for long seasons & optimal ripeness #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine FYI All: 2012 Bucher Vineyard Pinot Noir Editor's Choice, 92 Pts via @WineEnthusiast #SommChat

technology helps your winemaking skills @EdThralls? @ThrallsWine #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Ciao, how do you think your background in

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @cecchiwinery Scientific approach probably & problem solving skills. Also helps with marketing, digital media, etc. #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @ThrallsWine i bet you like the looks of the wine so far this year? Best yet for you as a whole?#SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @AndyOnFarmWine Yes! 2014 is going to beawesome. I am especially psyched about the Roma's Vineyard from Anderson Vly #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @ThrallsWine is that vineyard located towards the deep end? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @AndyOnFarmWine not that far... just north end of Boonville on Lone Tree Ridge @ 1850ft - 100% Pommard #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @ThrallsWine beauty in the high elevation! Sounds like you could make single vineyard? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @AndyOnFarmWine you are right! and we do: Roma's Vineyard #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. @EdThralls Do you grow or purchase grapes? If grow do you also sell? Thanks #SommChat

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls A. @SandyWasserman purchase currently... plan to have some vineyards one day. Quality starts in the vineyard #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @thrallswine what was one of the most valuable things @EdThralls learned while interning at @HoldredgeWine? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl Patience yet Diligence. Winemaking is MBE – Management by Exception. And necessity of local craft beer #SommChat

Andrea Robinson, MS @Andreawine: @thrallswine congrats on all your success. I look forward to trying your wine someday soon! #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @Andreawine Thanks Andrea! You've been a great colleague throughout my journey! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. .@ThrallsWine Tell us abt UR '12 Vineyard #PinotNoir (RRV) was featured in @WineEnthusiast … #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (1/3) John & Diane of @BucherVineyard are great people/farmers. Storied terroir in Middle Reach of RRV #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (2/3) 2012 Bucher: Dark cherry, black raspberry, dried cranberry, savory cured meat, crushed bay leaf, tea leaf #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (3/3) 2012 Bucher #PinotNoir has received many accolades since its release #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: @EdThralls what are UR 5 yr goals for @ThrallsWine

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl 5-7 year goals to go full time, 3500-5000 cases, have a tasting room & perhaps a small vineyard #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @EdThralls can you offer any tips for social media #marketing when it comes to the #Wine business? #SommChat

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls A. @KeeperColl Be Real. Truly Care. Educate. Share. Wine folks are passionate… be passionate with them #SommChat

Andrea Robinson, MS ‏@Andreawine Well said! RT @EdThralls: A. @KeeperColl Be Real. Truly Care. Educate. Share. Wine folks are passionate… be passionate with them #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @EdThralls tell us a bit about the #terroir you work with @ThrallsWine in #California #RRV . #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (1/4) I source #PinotNoir from RRV, Anderson Vly & Sonoma Coast. Pinot best expresses site with quality farming #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (2/4) Soils incl. Gold Ridge, sandstone, clay loam in RRV and Anderson Vly. #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (3/4) 1850ft elevation at Roma’s Vineyard in Anderson Vly & organic practices #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (4/4) Wilson formation (ancient seabed) for Antonio Mtn #Chardonnay & super cool climate near Tomales Bay #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Thrallswine what makes minimal intervention growing so important? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (1/1) Be in thrall of nature since #PinotNoir is delicate & most expressive of site vs. other varieties. #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (2/2) My belief is that minimal new to neutral oak, native ferms, limited movement, unfiltered wines = best wine #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Yeah to all of our #SommChat peeps and @thrallswine and @edthralls for trending today!!!!!

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess Fantastic! RT @KeeperColl: Yeah to all of our #SommChat peeps and @thrallswine and @edthralls for trending today!!!!!

Rachel Voorhees ‏@RachelVoorhees I think we should make some @ThrallsWine #pinot #bubbles! #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine .@RachelVoorhees Yes! Would love to make some #Bubbles! #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine @RachelVoorhees: I think we should make some @ThrallsWine #pinot #bubbles! #SommChat < Whoop! There it is!

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. Shy #SommChat peep: What is the biggest challenge you face in #california #winemaking?

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl Biggest challenges: moisture (chance of mildew) & warming seasons (acid drop vs. sugar rise) in many cases #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @EdThralls tell us a bit about the clones of #PinotNoir you produce @ThrallsWine #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (1/3) 2012’s are 4 wines from RRV, Sonoma Coast & Anderson Vly. All Dijon clones: Pommard,114,115,667,777 #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (2/3) would like to work with some heritage clones like Calera, Swan, etc. #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl (3/3) 2013 #Chardonnay Antonio Mountain is 100% Old Clone Wente Neutral Oak/Steel #unfined #unfiltered #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @EdThralls what do you like to do with your personal time when you are not making @ThrallsWine? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl #wine & #food fun w/ my GF @RachelVoorhees (also a #Somm), cycling, #GatorFootball & sharing @ThrallsWine #SommChat

The Drunken Cyclist ‏@masi3v @edthralls #SommChat Ed, gotta run--congrats on all the praise and keep up the good work! Coming to Philly b4 #WBC15 ?

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls A. @masi3v not sure yet! Thanks for everything and let's followup! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: What #wines do you like to drink when not working on @thrallswine ?

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl Lots & lots of bubbles! Big on Etna Rosso right now, Occhipinti (producer) #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @EdThralls what is your approach for pairing #food and #wine? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl What grows together goes together. I love the natural acidity in my wines making them friendly w/ many cuisines #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine .@KeeperColl check those recipe links provided by @RachelVoorhees too! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @EdThralls what #Wine regions have you not been to visit that you would like to visit? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl I hate to admit I’ve been all over Europe, but never France. #Burgundy is on the list! So is Rioja. #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Which Pinot Noir are you most proud of and why @EdThralls @ThrallsWine? #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @cecchiwinery like asking who's my fave child. lol! 2012 Bucher is really popular, and I am huge fan of the 2012 Roma's as well #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @KeeperColl - What wines will @EdThralls be pouring on Thanksgiving?- #SommChat- any Library bottles?

Ed Thralls ‏@EdThralls A. @demilove Bubbles (again!), Riesling & @ThrallsWine Pinot of course. Haven't actually planned which ones yet #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. fr #SommChat peep @edthralls How many vintages do you have under your belt @ThrallsWine ?

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @KeeperColl 8 vintages total, 4 at Thralls Family Cellars #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Gotta ask, which Italian region is your favorite @ThrallsWine? @KeeperColl #SommChat

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine A. @cecchiwinery Love many, really enjoying Etna Rosso in Sicily right now #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ #California @Winemaker @EdThralls @ThrallsWine #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Great to have #California Winemaker @EdThralls@ThrallsWine join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Please join us in thanking @EdThralls @ThrallsWine for his time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

alawine ‏@alawine @KeeperColl @ThrallsWine @RachelVoorhees @hvwinegoddess < Super fun #SommChat with @EdThralls @ThrallsWine < #grouphug ya'll

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Mark UR calendar for #SommChat w/ #SouthAfrica Winemaker Eben Sadie @SadieFamilyWine Wed 11/26/14 11 AM CST, 12 N EST!

Thralls Wine ‏@ThrallsWine .@KeeperColl Enjoyed the time today. Great questions from all! I really appreciate it. #SommChat

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess Great #SommChat today! Thanks @ThrallsWine @EdThralls @KeeperColl

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @KeeperColl - If I miss you all next week - have a great thanksgiving! I'll be in Boston and then Connecticut next week! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl @demilove happy Thanksgiving to you too and have a great vacation #SommChat

alawine ‏@alawine You know it's a great day when #ZinDay & #SommChat are trending on Twitter! ...& with #SonomaChat yet to come (5pm PT) #wine

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Until next week! @alawine @winecompass @AndyOnFarmWine @EdThralls @masi3v @ThrallsWine #SommChat