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11/25 Advanced Sommelier Jane Lopes - Uncorked Cast Member


KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear abt #wine & the TV show #Uncorked w/ #Somms @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl We'd to introduce you to #Sommeliers @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine who will talk abt #wine & the TV show #Uncorked #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Abt ready 2 dive in w/ ?s, so S/O 2 @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine 2 say hello & so they know UR here! #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin Happy to be here on #SommChat!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Don't forget that EVERY tweet during this chat should include the #SommChat hashtag in order 4 every1 2 C see it! #WineWednesday

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I am here and super excited #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl As we ask @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine our Qs, you can ask them Ur Qs as well! They'll do their best 2 answer all Qs in order #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl , @YannickBenjamin , & @janeymaxine 2 let us know u R here! #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine - Happy Thanksgiving! I watched #uncorked last night w/my parentals! - #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @demilove glad you can join in today on #SommChat look forward to your questions

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @demilove @KeeperColl @janeymaxine Hey great to hear from you! It has been to long! I am glad you the show! #SommChat

Douglas Trappasso @demilove @keepercoll @janeymaxine – Jane, congrats on perfect decant! I watched in slow motion and still can’t find the CGI (smile!) #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @demilove @KeeperColl Thanks, Douglas! Hope you are well! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Let's start talking #Wine & the TV show #Uncorked with #Sommeliers @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine on #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine What was it being on the @ESQTV show #Uncorked ? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine @ESQTV It was an amazing experience but there were moments where it was stressful but loved it overall #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin @ESQTV It was an interesting process! Stressful, exciting, and educational all at once. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine @KeeperColl @ESQTV I agreed with Jane! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: what keeps you motivated to study for the @MasterSommUS Test? @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @MasterSommUS @YannickBenjamin Many things, but loving the community that I've built around the test is foremost. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine @KeeperColl @MasterSommUS Agree!

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @MasterSommUS @janeymaxine I have a passion for my profession & I love being a Somm. Being part of it makes me better #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine – Hav eyou had the chance to guide/advice people looking to make a second career in wine #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @demilove @janeymaxine Not always so glamorous and requires a lot of work and physical labor #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine @demilove a lot of people in Finance seem to want to make the change and I do tell them about the wine industry #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @demilove @YannickBenjamin I've had a number of people reach out to me. I always recommend working at a wine shop. It helped me! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine Have you ever been on a TV show before and would you do one again? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I have never been on a show before but I think I would do one again! #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I have never been on a TV show. I was impressed with this one, and would consider doing one again. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: if you were to work as a #Somm outside of #NYC where would it be and why? @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I would work in Paris! The second place I would work is London. London and Paris are 2 dynamic cities #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I would go work in Spain! So many cool things happening there in the restaurant world. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine Did it add extra pressure to the Master #Sommelier process knowing you would be on national TV? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin Of course!! In a huge way. But at a point, you have to ignore that and keep doing what you're doing. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin @YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine There was pressure & I was worried on how I might be perceived with with wonderful world of editing #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Good morning Q. @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine Where did you get started in the wine biz & whom are your mentors? Thanks #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @SandyWasserman @YannickBenjamin I got started at @LushWine in Chicago as well as @VioletHourBar #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @SandyWasserman @YannickBenjamin My original mentors include @racheldriver and @fernandobeteta, now @gkruth @dwilson79 #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin @YannickBenjamin @SandyWasserman @janeymaxine Good morning! My mentor was William Sherher who is an MS and I worked with him 12 years ago! #SomChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl calling all #SommChat lovers - put @YannickBenjamin and @janeymaxine in the hot seat with your questions now!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine What was the selection process to be a competitor on #Uncorked ? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I am not sure what the process was but I am lucky to have been selected and I was honored #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine Such a great group of people and somms! #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin They reached out to me, did a screen test, and asked me to participate. It was pretty simple! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peeps: @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine tell us your process at tableside for helping consumer to select #wine

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine my process is the same as always and I keep it the same I would do in the restaurant I work at, #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I ask guests what they usually to drink. How they approach that question tells me everything. #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Q @janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin What did youNOT about being on Uncorked? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @SandyWasserman @YannickBenjamin Just the added stress of having someone follow me around during an already stressful process. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @SandyWasserman @janeymaxine There were certainly some challenging moments but overall the production crew was great! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @janeymaxine How did you decide to pursue a career in #wine instead of going to graduate school after college? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl I started working at a wine shop after college, just to take a year off. I loved it and never looked back. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @janeymaxine do you travel to #Wine regions often and any dream trips still on your list? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl I have been lucky to travel to many regions, but it's not easy to take time off work. List is Loire, Burgundy, and NZ #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin Tell us a bit about your organization @wheelingforward ? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @WheelingForward A non-profit where we help other people with disabilities get back to everyday life. My other passion #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @WheelingForward to find out about it or donate please go to #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine On average, how many hours a day did U study 4 Master #Sommelier exam while on #Uncorked ? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin On average, in the time between my Advanced and Masters exam, I studied 15-20 hours/week. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine For myself it depended on the flexibility of my job and how I was feeling but 2 hours a day #SommChat

Charles Comm PR _@CharlesComm .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine what do you see as emerging trends in wine consumption for 2016? varieties regions service? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @CharlesComm @YannickBenjamin Great question. I think you will see inventively laid out wine lists, @momofuku ko. #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @CharlesComm @YannickBenjamin I think we will see high end wines from Australia and NZ on American lists. #SommChat

Charles Comm PR _@CharlesComm @janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin Eager to see that, about time!

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @CharlesComm @janeymaxine Great question! I think Southern Italian Wines are going continue to hit the shelves! Great Value! #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Q @janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin What wines will you be drinking at your #Thanksgiving dinner? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @SandyWasserman @janeymaxine I will certainly be drinking some Vincent Paris Cornas! I love this guy! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl q fr Shy #SommChat peep: how many hrs did the tapings for #Uncorked take & over how many days? @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine the hours total would be about 10 hours for the month but it depended on the crew #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @SandyWasserman @YannickBenjamin I will be working on Thursday! If I weren't to be, I would have Alsace Riesling and Beaujolais #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine What was one thing that you learned from being on #Uncorked ? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I learned a lot about myself and how I respond to that kind of public exposure and pressure. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine For me it was being able to find the right balance of multitasking and taking control of your nerves #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I also learned a lot from watching myself and what I need to work on the become better #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: what #wines do you to drink when not working or studying? @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I dry Riesling, Burgundy, Italian reds, Bourbon, Calvados, and Rum! #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine Muscadet and Chablis are my go to wines. And for red a simple Crozes or Saint Joseph. Love Syrah #SommChat

Denise Clarke _@DeniseClarkeTX RT @yannickbenjamin: @KeeperColl @janeymaxine Muscadet and Chablis are my go to wines. (me too! And Sancerre) #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @DeniseClarkeTX gr8 to see you at #SommChat today - Happy T and #WW

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine How close is show #Uncorked to the actual process of going through the Master #Sommelier test @mastersommUS ? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl I think the show portrays the work and energy that surrounds the process accurately. #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Q @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine Have you ever made wine? If not, any desire to do so? What & where? Thanks #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @SandyWasserman @YannickBenjamin I have never made wine, and don't have any desire to do so at the moment. I'm a city girl! #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @SandyWasserman @janeymaxine I would love 2 make my own wine. Syrah from the Languedoc. So much great terroir. Around Aniane #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine Who do you think was the hardest @esqtv judge & why? @gkruth @dwilson79 @lauramaniec @sabato3 #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin @ESQTV @gkruth @dwilson79 @Sabato3 Watching the footage, I have to say @lauramaniec was the hardest. #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin @gkruth @dwilson79 @lauramaniec @Sabato3 But she wasn't wrong in her critiques! It only helps us. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine @ESQTV @gkruth @dwilson79 @lauramaniec @Sabato3 Great people & great professionals. They were fair #SommChat

laura maniec _@lauramaniec @janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin @gkruth @dwilson79 @Sabato3 haha

Douglas Trapasso _@demilove @demilove's @keepercoll – Do you ever feel spoiled cause (I’m assuming) you have access to such a diverse inventory and smart clientele #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine @demilove @KeeperColl In NYC you have access to pretty much any wine and any style. I am reminded how lucky I am #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @demilove @KeeperColl I absolutely feel lucky! I get to taste amazing wines and serve them to amazing people everyday. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: what is funniest situation at a table that you remember and your hardest situation? @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine The funniest situation is when I made the muffin top comment, everyone laughed but some Good editing! #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin Hardest, and maybe funniest too: Splitting a half bottle of Krug for an eight top. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine The hardest was all the time! Nerves were up and pressure was always there to do great! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine What are some of your favorite #food & #wine pairings? & do you work w/ Ur #Chefs on Menu ideas #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine When a new dish comes on the menu I always work on pairings with the chef. Super important! #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I always find exotic spices and a good amount of sweetness to be difficult. Indian food can be tough #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I do get to work on pairings at the restaurant, which is one of my favorite things. #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I using sherry, spirits, beer, and madeira to surprise people. #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin Best pairing I've ever had was not even wine! Walnut milk with caviar at Studio in Copenhagen. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: do you both have your own tasting groups and how often do you meet and for how long? @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine There are a couple of tasting groups that I am part of but I am taking a break #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I am also taking a break and focusing on work. #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Got to run, thanks for your time & Happy Thanksgiving @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @SandyWasserman same to you Sandy - have a great T and thanks for your support all year long #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl S/O to our Keeper friends @gkruth @dwilson79 @lauramaniec @sabato3 good job on the @ESQTV Show #Uncorked #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q to @janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin fr Shy #SommChat peep: what are your 5 and 10 yr goals in the #wine biz?

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine My goal is to own my business and make @WheelingForward national and have @wineonwheelsnyc all over! #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin I'd to move into a buying position in the next 5 years. I don't want to leave restaurants ever! #SommChat

Denise Clarke _@DeniseClarkeTX When not doing your wine thing, what do you do for fun? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @DeniseClarkeTX I do lots of marathons and I just finished the NYC Marathon my 6th and I lead Spin Classes 2 a week! #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @DeniseClarkeTX Also I love to go to museums here in NYC so much fun #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @DeniseClarkeTX Movies, books, theater, card games, board games, yoga...but when I'm studying there's not time for any of it! #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink #SommChat - With the show, impact/increase of getting general public interested in wine vs exising enthisasts & profressionals?

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @i_on_food_drink gr8 to see you here on #SommChat and thx for the good questions

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @i_on_food_drink Always a good thing to have people interested in wine! Hopefully this can make it accessible. #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine @i_on_food_drink I find the show very consumer oriented and easy to understand. It will make an impact indeed #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine @i_on_food_drink a lot of people have been coming up to me and love the maps and graphics of the show #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine have you had any interest in wines from Canada _ other than ice wine & travelling to the regions #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @i_on_food_drink @YannickBenjamin People ask me about Canadian wines all the time! I would love to travel there and taste . #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink @janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin I know some tastngs earlier this yr by trade commission; will let you know if i hear of others #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink @janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin Also James Beard house usually have some Canadian events with wine :D #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink @janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin and when not wine, a beer or spirit of choice? #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @i_on_food_drink @YannickBenjamin I love American Whiskey, Rum, and Calvados. #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink @janeymaxine The @kybourbontrail is on my dream list (and Scotland too of course!)

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @i_on_food_drink @janeymaxine I am simple guy I just want a crisp beer @Krounenbourg #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine how do you approach blind tasting and what R best things 4 ppl to know that R trying to learn? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I would say smell everything that you can and begin to build a vocabulary of descriptions in ur head #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin Describe it accurately and don't worry about the conclusion. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl #SommChat peeps want to know: @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine What R some of your favorite #wines that you have tasted recently?

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I would have to wines from Beaujolais have really impressed me so much. Look out 4 Julien Sunier #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin New discoveries: Guffens-Heynen in Macon and Stolpman Trousseau, just to name two. Always learning! #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine have you had any interest in wines from Canada _ other than ice wine & travelling to the regions #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: Have UR #wine tastes & what U drink chged since studying 4 @MasterSommUS & if so how? @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @MasterSommUS @janeymaxine Also from the South of France Domaine de Montcalmes #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @MasterSommUS @YannickBenjamin For sure, gaining appreciation for the classics than ever. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl .@janeymaxine @YannickBenjamin is holiday season fr Nov 2 Dec harder 4 resto #Somm than during rest of yr and if so why and how? #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine I find it to be busier but I love it and people are so happy. The atmosphere is so festive and positive! #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine @KeeperColl @YannickBenjamin If anything, it's fun! People are celebrating with friends and family, and want to drink wine. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed talking abt #Wines & the TV show #Uncorked w/ #Sommeliers @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine #SommChat

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink @KeeperColl Happy it finally fit in with the schedule :) Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving! I would happily indulge in another one #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Great to have @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Please join us in thanking #Sommeliers @YannickBenjamin & @janeymaxine for their time on #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso _@demilove @keepercoll @YannickBenjamin @janeymaxine thank you and have a tasty Thanksgiving! #SommChat

Yannick Benjamin _@YannickBenjamin @KeeperColl @janeymaxine Happy Holiday to you all! Please enjoy & thank you for the questions! What an honor! #SommChat

Jane Lopes _@janeymaxine Thanks for all the questions, and thanks for having us @KeeperColl! #SommChat @YannickBenjamin

Rashmi Primlani _@PrimlaniKitchen Raising a Glass to a Blessed & Delicious Thanksgiving #SommChat Friends @KeeperColl

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl thanks and same to you @PrimlaniKitchen #SommChat