Keeper Collection #SommChat Guest South Africa #Winemaker Eben Sadie

11/26 South Africa Winemaker Eben Sadie

Eben Sadie via @BroadbentWines

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KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear frm #SouthAfrica Winemaker Eben Sadie via @Broadbentwines #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl We’d like to introduce you #SouthAfrica Winemaker Eben Sadie via @Broadbentwines #SommChat #WW

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KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl As we ask Winemaker Eben Sadie via @Broadbentwines our Qs, you can ask him Ur Qs as well! He'll do his best 2 answer Qs in order #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Let's start talking #wine with #SouthAfrica Winemaker Eben Sadie via @Broadbentwines #WW #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Honored to be here! Can't believe our internet is working. #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. Good morning Eden, who are your wine making mentors and where did you learn to make wine? @BroadbentWines #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @SandyWasserman I studied in SA, but I learned everything I know in old europe. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @SandyWasserman Many, but I learned stack from the #french as a country and the top end burgundians. Unbelievable what they do #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman @BroadbentWines Where in Europe? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @SandyWasserman #burgundy is important, the #Loire and #Rousillon #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. Eden any plans to make wine in #Burgundy #loire or #Rousillon or anywhere else? Or have you already? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @SandyWasserman I made wine in Europe for 18yrs. Now it is all about #SouthAfrica #SommChat

Melanie ‏@vinogger @BroadbentWines @SandyWasserman Just got back from SA & there's amazing wine hope they start bringing more of the good stuff to CA #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman @vinogger @BroadbentWines SA is definitely on my #Bucketlist #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @vinogger @SandyWasserman Sadie is available in CA! #SommChat

Melanie ‏@vinogger @BroadbentWines @SandyWasserman why doesn't SA export more wine to CA? The price to value should make it do well here! #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @vinogger @SandyWasserman There are bucketloads of #SouthAfrican wine imported in the USA. It's just takes a bit of searching #SommChat

Melanie ‏@vinogger @BroadbentWines @SandyWasserman sadly SA wine is imported mainly to the east coast & not CA #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, what got you interested in the #Wine business & when did you first get interested? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl First & foremost, the word “wine business” pretty much summarizes all the reasons I would not want to be part of it #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl #Wine is a cultural activity in the land and an extension of Agriculture. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl I was & still am draw to the cultural activity of the land/earth. #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery I love that you were a surfer before winemaker. How has your love for surfing transitioned into the wine world @BroadbentWines? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @cecchiwinery It's complex. Wine is a liquid, surfing is a liquid. It's about reading liquid #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Right on! “@BroadbentWines: @cecchiwinery It's complex. Wine is a liquid, surfing is a liquid. It's about reading liquid #SommChat”

Matt McGinnis ‏@MattMcGinnis Q. @BroadbentWines what wines are you excited to have on your Thanksgiving table? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @MattMcGinnis First of all, most important is BIG bottles. Jura needs to be in there. Burgundy is compulsory #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @MattMcGinnis You need a nebiollo, a riesling & a chenin in the mix #SommChat

Matt McGinnis ‏@MattMcGinnis Thanks @BroadbentWines, those are great recommendations. #SommChat

Drew Gourdie ‏@drewbie_g What are your preferred grape varieties grown in SA? Any hidden gems? @BroadbentWines @KeeperColl #SommChat #WineWednesday

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @drewbie_g @KeeperColl I don't care much for grape varieties. i am all about the soil. We currently grow 28 varieties #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @drewbie_g @KeeperColl We are planting another thirty varieties. The only hidden gem out there is the soil #SommChat

Wine & Food Fndn TX ‏@WineFoodTX Q. @BroadbentWines 28 grape varieties is ambitious. Do you plan to add or subtract any types? If so, why? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @WineFoodTX We are planting another thirty. Nothing ambitious about 28, the old world has 2,000 varieties. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @WineFoodTX The problem is the new world stagnating. We've planted 5 grapes in the 5 new world areas and we talk a terroir game. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @WineFoodTX It's impossible. #SommChat

WineCompass ‏@winecompass Q. @BroadbentWines I understand that you have unique vineyard pests in #southafrica? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @winecompass The tax man is the only one I know #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery What wine marketing tactics have pulled the best results @BroadbentWines? #SommChat @KeeperColl

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @cecchiwinery @KeeperColl We don't even have a website, go figure how much we care about marketing #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery I noticed that earlier today, any marketing tactics that you do do @BroadbentWines? @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @cecchiwinery @KeeperColl I have great importers #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Great point, amazing wine importers are essential @BroadbentWines @KeeperColl #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, tell us a bit about your #winemaking philosophy. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl The land we farm today we did not inherit but we are rather borrowing it from the next generation. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl #Wine should be legacy driven on no notion should ever address the immediate, but the future outcome. #SommChat

David Clarke ‏@davidwineclarke @BroadbentWines Eben, fast forward 10-15 years, what is different in the wine scene in RSA compared with now? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @davidwineclarke Regionality in the next ten years will be the big thing. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @davidwineclarke People will start working together in a regional format as opposed to their own little islands #SommChat

David Clarke ‏@davidwineclarke @BroadbentWines better late than never! Hope you're right. Pluralism is powerful. #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @BroadbentWines @KeeperColl - Are you continually making new discoveries about soils; what grapes work best with different ones? - #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @demilove @KeeperColl Twitter doesn't have enough lines for me to answer #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @demilove @KeeperColl That question is a thesis! You are welcome to visit me to hear more #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @KeeperColl Thanks a bit late for #SommChat starting to catch up on the previews Q/A of today #winelover

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, tell us a bit about the #Swartland Mountain Areas #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl They are well defined in the sense of terroir and have very distinctive separation in the wines they give birth to. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Paardeberg = Granite , Kasteelberg = Slate and the Piquetberg = Sandstone formations. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl The plains fill in other details of terroir, but the mountains are the kingdom. #SommChat

David Clarke ‏@davidwineclarke Cape Town, South Africa Follow #SommChat for live q and a with Eben Sadie now.

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: how does harvest differ in #SA than in the other areas?

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Our harvesting conditions are similar to the mediterranean part of France, but very different from the continent. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Like the human brain, the wine world has a left and a right brain. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Left brain is the continental, cool climates like central europe. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl The right brain is meditteranean europe, warm climate. #SA is the latter. #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @BroadbentWines What costs an hectare of vines in #SouthAfrica #SommChat @KeeperColl

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl You can't buy a hectare in #SouthAfrica because of complicated sub-division laws. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl You have to buy an entire property. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl Average costs don't apply, it comes down the each individual property. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: Do U have specific plans 4 growth in the next 5 years? if so what?

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl I have plans for the growth of my understanding of what I am doing, but no plans for growth in bottles #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @BroadbentWines How easy it is to practice #Biodynamic farming in #SA @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl Being #mediterranean and dry, it's easier #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Can you tell us about your collaboration with Terroir Al Límit in Spain and any future collabs @BroadbentWines? @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @cecchiwinery @KeeperColl I was involve dwith Terroir Al Limit for ten years, but my partner is now flying solo. It's all about #SA #SommChat

Charles Comm PR ‏@CharlesComm Q. Eben, how does your free spirit tie into your winemaking philosophy? @BroadbentWines #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @CharlesComm Our wines are free #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @BroadbentWines Do you know about how many properties are on #wine production in #SA ? @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl Around 850 #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, what was it like having your 2005 Columella named the first South African #wine to earn a classic rating? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl It was great for many reasons, but living in the future meant that when the 2005 was released,... #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl I was farming the grapes for 2008 in soul and mind and therefore it is almost like the accolades trail vision #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl When you run the 100 meters and win, then you get the prize there. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl In #wine the prize will always be the future, given that dream is alive. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. fr #SommChat peep: what is the biggest challenge you face in making #wine in #SouthAfrica ?

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl It's irrespective. The only challenge in wine is you yourself. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl You must become calm in your own spirit and the wine will be fine. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, why do you feel that it’s important to focus on farming? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Is that a question? I never knew that wine was anything else other than farming! #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @BroadbentWines How do you see the future of #SouthAfrica #wine ? #SommChat @KeeperColl

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl Greater complexity in the wine & maturity in the people #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @BroadbentWines Eben, is your weather consistent fr year to year or do you face climatic changes and how do you deal w/ those? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Weather is not consistent anywhere on the planet, but we make wines of vintage. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl We want to bottle the conditions of a year, we don't fight it. We embrace the change #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Wine is about capturing a specific vintage, otherwise why have vintages on labels? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl If a wine is every year the same, you know terroir is not involved. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, tell us a bit about the #terroir you work with. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl It is for most sound climate, low disease pressure, dry land farming (no-irrigation), old vines, and poor soils... #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl ...with restricting detail to the growth of the plants, old vines and low yields. For most good people. #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Did you learn anything from working with a Spanish vineyard, any EU differences you noticed @BroadbentWines? @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @cecchiwinery @KeeperColl You learn every time you step out of the door. Ten years in #spain had a big impact #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @cecchiwinery @KeeperColl The other eight vintages I did in six other countries has just as much #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @BroadbentWines What is for you the best #soil composition and terroir in #SA for both red & white #wine @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl I don't think of best. My brain doesn't do best, I see the vineyard for the vineyard #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl You can only be the best if you, for example, run 100M in front of 20million people and you win the race #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @BroadbentWines I really love #SouthAfrica wine but really hard to find in France - do you export much in France ? @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @fabienlaine @KeeperColl I have an importer #SommChat

Charles Comm PR ‏@CharlesComm Q: Still surfing Eben? @BroadbentWines #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @CharlesComm Hell yeah. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, what has been your biggest challenge in working to achieve vineyard health in South Africa? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl The humidity is something of the past. It is easier here. Our bigger issue is the heat of the sun. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections @BroadbentWines: Again, being in Mediterranean climate it is easier because most of our rainfall and humidity resides in winter #SommChat

Broadbent Selections @BroadbentWines In summer have dry warm winds, so even if it was 2 rain a day, w/in 24 hrs everything is perfectly dried off #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, what did you learn working in vineyards around the world? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl HISTORY, TRADITION, LEGACY & BEING QUIET. THE WINE IS ENOUGH. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. fr Shy #SommChat peep: Eben, how long have you been making #wine and how many people do U have working 4 you?

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl I have done 37 vintages around the globe in 20 years. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Nobody works for me, they work with me. We are a team of six in management and twelve in the vineyards. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Broadbentwines Eben, what #Wine regions have you not been to visit that you would like to visit? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl #Armenia, #Georgia, #Jura (will in 2 weeks), #Croatia, #Morocco and #Lebanon #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: do you meet with other #SA #winemakers and taste #wines/ walk #Vineyards etc to learn? if so how often?

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl All the time. Especially in the #Swartland. The structure in the #swartland is horizontal so you move very easy #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl My neighbor @AABadenhorst have a 5am bbq once every couple of weeks. . #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl If I have the biggest problem in the world, I go see Adi @AABadenhorst #SommChat

Devon Broglie, MS ‏@dbrogues Hi y'all! what did I miss? @KeeperColl @BroadbentWines #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl great Eben talk! RT @dbrogues: Hi y'all! what did I miss? @KeeperColl @BroadbentWines #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. Who are some other #SA #wines that #winelovers should look out for besides #SadieFamilyWines ? #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl There are so many. For whites, @ChrisAlheit @CPVineyards. For blends, @AABadenhorst , @MullineuxWines. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl I like Vriesenhof, Kanonkop & Porseleinberg #SommChat

Devon Broglie, MS ‏@dbrogues Just had a #Swartlandwine festival correct? Do you find camaraderie in SA better than other regions? @BroadbentWines @KeeperColl #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @dbrogues @KeeperColl You must go to the @SwartlandRev website to see. #SommChat

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @dbrogues @KeeperColl Commaradarie is great where there is like-mindedness. There is a great like mindedness in the #swartland #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ #SouthAfrica #Winemaker Eben Sadie #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Great to have #SouthAfrica #Winemaker Eben Sadie join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Please join us in thanking Eben Sadie #SadieFamilyWines via @Broadbentwines for his time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

Wine & Food Fndn TX ‏@WineFoodTX Thanks for an excellent #SommChat @BroadbentWines @KeeperColl

Devon Broglie, MS ‏@dbrogues Thanks Eben! @KeeperColl @Broadbentwines #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Mark UR calendar for #SommChat w/ Master of #Wine Natasha Hughes @LondonVino Wed 12/06/14 11 AM CST, 12 N EST!

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl It was wonderful and I learned a lot about the computer. #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @KeeperColl @BroadbentWines Thanks for a wonderful #SommChat :)

Broadbent Selections ‏@BroadbentWines @KeeperColl Thanks for having me #SommChat

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro @KeeperColl @Broadbentwines Thanks for a great #SommChat!

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @KeeperColl happy Thanksgiving, everyone! #SommChat

Marc Dröfke ‏@m_arcon @KeeperColl so sorry that I missed this great #SommChat with one of my favorite vintners out there. :( #edensadie

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl @m_arcon we missed you on #SommChat Eben was great!