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1/14 Master Sommelier Adam Pawlowski


Donaji Lira ‏@donajilira RT @KeeperColl: Today’s #SommChat features Master #Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier, Head Somm @NorthcoteUK CU there! 12 N-1 PM EST

TEXSOM ‏@TEXSOM RT @KeeperColl: Today’s #SommChat features Master #Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier, Head Somm @NorthcoteUK CU there! 12 N-1 PM EST

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine Today’s #SommChat features Master #Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier, Head Somm @NorthcoteUK CU there! 12 N-1 PM EST #winelover

Taste Northern Spain ‏@Taste_Spain RT fabienlaine: Today’s #SommChat features Master #Sommelier Adam Pawlowski Head Somm CU there! 12 N-1 PM EST #winelover

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier worming up before #SommChat with @KeeperColl kick off at 5pm, get involved!

Debbie Gioquindo,CSW ‏@hvwinegoddess @KeeperColl Will do my best to make it #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl hat would be lovely! RT @hvwinegoddess: @KeeperColl Will do my best to make it #SommChat

Adam Plotkin ‏@AdamPlotkin .@KeeperColl @bibracamontes @StevieStacionis @mcontrol @GUSTOTastings @WholeFoodsATX @Eno_DC Rare day at my desk, so I am in! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl YEAHHH!! RT @AdamPlotkin: .@KeeperColl Rare day at my desk, so I am in! #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier Getting set up for #SommChat with @KeeperColl kick off at 5pm

Gourmet Delights @exceptionalfood Every Wednesday at noon EST join us for #SommChat hosted by @KeeperColl … #wine #wiyg #foodies ‏@VinifyItaly RT exceptionalfood: Every Wednesday at noon EST join us for #SommChat hosted by keepercoll

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl We’d like to introduce you to Master #Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier Head Somm @NorthcoteUK #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Abt ready 2 dive in w/ ?s, so S/O 2 Master# Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier 2 say hello & so he knows UR here! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Don't forget that EVERY tweet during this chat should include the #SommChat hashtag in order 4 every1 2 C see it! #WineWednesday

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl JAs we ask Adam @Adam_Sommelier our Qs, you can ask him Ur Qs as well! He'll do his best 2 answer all Qs in order #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl W/so many participants gr8 Q's R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @Adam_Sommelier 2 let us know u R here! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Let's start talking #wine with Master #Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier Head Somm @NorthcoteUK #WW #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK many thanks for having me, fire away some questions #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Adam_Sommelier what got you interested in the #Wine business & when did you first get interested? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl got interested in wine when I moved from Poland to UK about 6yr ago,here wine is more accessible & affordable #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl started to work in a half decent restaurant as a waiter & barman & found myself exposed to wine even more #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl got hooked very quickly, bought first wine book & spent days online looking for some useful tips & knowledge #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl did wset level 2 & started to look for some wine related jobs,month later was @NorthcoteUK the rest is history #SommChat

Judia Black ‏@enjoielife @KeeperColl @StemGrip @donajilira @raelinn_wine @StephanieMiskew I can't make it to #SommChat today. Will check later. Happy #WineWednesday

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl @enjoielife you will be missed #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl RT @AndyOnFarmWine: @Adam_Sommelier your wine list you have some nice high end wine like leflaive do they sell by the glass #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK check it for yourself;) #SommChat

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro @KeeperColl @Adam_Sommelier Just joining #SommChat!

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl it looks like you have plenty of help does that allow you to be on the floor more #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl #SommChat RT @Adam_Sommelier: @AndyOnFarmWine there is 4 #somms @NorthcoteUK & we keep ourselves very busy, I am on the floor every day

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl good morning and keep warm:) RT @demilove: @KeeperColl - Good morning from COLLLLD Chicago! - #SommChat

Adam Plotkin ‏@AdamPlotkin Absolutely! 2day's session should trend off charts! :-) #SommChat RT @KeeperColl: @AdamPlotkin MS Guest today has a good first name, right?

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Adam_Sommelier What was the journey becoming the first & ONLY #Polish Master #Sommelier like for you? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl my road to becoming the 1st polish MS was pretty long, rocky & bumpy with no shortcuts taken #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl I took the Intro @MasterSommWW in 2010 & was lucky enough to pass the #CertifiedSommelier exam on the same day #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl RT @Adam_Sommelier: 6months later took #AdvancedCourse @MasterSommWW & flailed,that failure only motivated me to work even harder #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl 1.5yr later I passed my #Advanced & day after I knew that no matter what it takes I have to go all the way #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl I was shaky at my first attempt to #MSexam,the nerves got the best of me at times,it was great experience though #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl it was overall success though as I pass the theory part which give me some confidence for my next attempt #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl my second attempt was successful & I'm quite happy that I don't have to take the #MSexam again;) #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: How often does wine list change @northcoteUK and how is #wine selected for the list? Do you pick my committee?

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl sat down & analysed what went wrong,then cracked on with some hard core revision supported by #weeklyblindtastings #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier J@KeeperColl wine list @NorthcoteUK changes monthly,the wine team includes @craig_bancroft @winesandwhisky NickAdamsMW & my #somms #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @Adam_Sommelier do you have plans on bringing your MW Creds back to Poland at some point #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @Adam_Sommelier oops I mean MS #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @noblewines for example next month I'm in #Poland at conference, will be talking about how to improve service in restaurants #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @Adam_Sommelier @NorthcoteUK what is your number one selling wine and average cost per bottle sale? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK the best seller in terms of volume is #sauvignonblanc from #NewZealand #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl @alawine hope things are well with you and 2015 is starting off well #SommChat

Adam Plotkin ‏@AdamPlotkin Are there any specific wine regions u consider to be strengths of @NorthCoteUK list, @Adam_Sommelier? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl MT @demilove: @adam_sommelier Considering #Certified again in 2015- two time bridesmaid-any tips on getting through #Service part? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl @demilove try to get a part time job and get used to being on the floor, that will give you some skill and confidence #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @Adam_Sommelier @NorthcoteUK what do you see in regards to portugese table wines on the market and how do you sell it? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl in my view #Portuguese wines especially reds go extremely well with #british hearty cooking #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl we always have at least one #portugues wine on by the glass, that encourages people to try it #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @Adam_Sommelier think there is a chance you will spearhead a few Court of Cert courses back home? #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @Adam_Sommelier @NorthcoteUK what do you and the chef look for in pairing food and wine? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK it's all about balance,I think of wine as a sauce that brings all the flavours together #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK we often play on textures and flavours but the main goal is to find the balance #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Can’t wait 2C #cocktail challenge featuring renowned @TioPepeFino #sherry at #SommsUF 1/18 #ATX ! TIX: #SommChat

Mark Perlaki ‏@markperlaki Hi @Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl #SommChat the UK market is quite different outside London. How do you deal with a price sensitive market?

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @markperlaki @KeeperColl we offer quality wines at any price bracket & we do get that we have to provide good value for money #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @markperlaki @KeeperColl we tend to have lower margins on our top wines, some real bargains actually #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK thanks seems standard everywhere! I hear great things about uk bubbles, ur take on it #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK the quality is there,they are not cheap but some are stunning @gusbourne is my favourite #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl do you sell wine in the rooms at the hotel as well that makes a big job! #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl we often serve champagne in the rooms but we don't have a special or shortened wine lists for rooms #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Adam_Sommelier can you name a few #Wines you have been enjoying so far in 2015? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl I've been celebrating a lot recently;) & can recall some decent champagnes like #domperignon04 #ruinartbdb #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl RT @AdamPlotkin: .@Adam_Sommelier @NorthcoteUK @gusbourne Haven't tried #British #bubbles yet--need to rectify that in 2015! #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl along with #quintadocrasto #vinhamariateresa05 #pichonbaron97 & #vindeconstance05 #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @Adam_Sommelier @markperlaki @KeeperColl whats in the future for you? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @markperlaki @KeeperColl I'm taking it easy & not making any rushed decisions #SommChat

Andy Phillips ‏@AndyOnFarmWine @Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl thank you and have a flute of uk bubbles 4 me! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Adam_Sommelier what do you like to do with your personal time? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl to be fair that is the area of my life that I've been neglecting a lot;( #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl but my #NewYearsResolution is to join a gym,meet family & friends more often,read some not wine related books #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @Adam_Sommelier What changes do you think R on horizon in the #wine industry in next few yrs? #SommChat ‏@VinifyItaly RT keepercoll: Q. Adam_Sommelier What changes do you think R on horizon in the #wine industry in next few yrs? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl we'll go through a polarization of wine market when the big players will grow even bigger #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl & on the other hand there will be a huge demand for very individual,boutique wines made by artisan producers #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ Master Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier Head Somm @NorthcoteUK #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Great to have Master Sommelier Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

Mark Perlaki ‏@markperlaki @Adam_Sommelier @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl have generic tastings had their day? #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @markperlaki @AndyOnFarmWine @KeeperColl only if they are run by you;) #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl JPlease join us in thanking Adam Pawlowski @Adam_Sommelier Head Somm @NorthcoteUK for his time on #SommChat #WW #Winelover

Adam Plotkin ‏@AdamPlotkin @KeeperColl @Adam_Sommelier Thanks, Adam! Great name, by the way! :-) #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl RT @originwines: @Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl I hope so!! #SommChat

Adam Pawlowski MS ‏@Adam_Sommelier @KeeperColl @NorthcoteUK thanks for having me, was great to chat with you guys, it was fun to answer your questions #SommChat

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro @KeeperColl @Adam_Sommelier @NorthcoteUK Thanks for #SommChat!

Beth ‏@travelwinechick #WineWednesday thanks! #SommChat @KeeperColl @SanFranPicks @jennanorth @wolfeswines @wineandsake @sanfab44