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1/15 Sommchat with Sake Expert Timothy Sullivan

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake

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Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Let's start talking #wine with #Sake Expert Timothy Sullivan @urbansake! #WineWednesday #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Wonderful to be here talking #Sake with @KeeperColl on #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @urbansake Have you developed any #Sake #cocktails and if so, how does the process differ from making traditional spirit cocktails?

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: The flavor of #sake does not usually come through in a sake #cocktail. I like to add sake as an #Umami ingredient & I recommend trying a cocktail with and without sake to notice the difference. You can experiment with adding it to the traditional cocktail. #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: premium #sake can be an expensive #cocktail ingredient to add, so be careful what you choose to add as it can affect the cost per ounce of your #Cocktail #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @urbansake How do you approach tasting #sake for determining quality?

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: the steps to assessing the quality of #sake are not much different that assessing #wine. You want to 1st experience the aroma and I often use a wine glass to do that, and then when tasting sake, be aware that it has much less acidity than wine #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Please look for #umami, lactic acid, rice flavor, or tropical fruit notes. You can find all of these and more in #Sake. Finish can be clean and crisp to longer and lingering. Quality sakes have a very smooth and balanced texture - look for that when assessing quality. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @urbansake we were introduced to @HakkaisanSake by @ToshioUeno and @genjisake – what amazing #sake. Can you tell us more about the process of making Hakkaisan Yukimuro Snow Aged Junmai Ginjo Genshu? #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: The process for making this @hakkaisansake #sake starts off just like many any other premium sake. The sake is brewed to be sweeter in flavor before aging as those flavors will get concentrated.

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: When the @HakkaisanSake is finished it is stored in stainless steel in the Yukimuro - this is a snow storage cellar. The temp inside is 3 degrees C, just above freezing & ages at that temp for 3 years! The low temp is provided by snow ALONE, no electricity is used #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: The low temp alone with the aging time keeps the @hakkaisansake #sake from changing color - it remains clear as a fresh sake even after 3 years. And the sake flavors become concentrated, balancing out the initial sweetness. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @urbansake What are some of the best sources to study #Sake for someone that does not speak #Japanese?

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Of course, I want to recommend my website @urbansake I have a #Sake 101 section that is great for professional and consumer beginners. It has a glossary, sake production flow chart, and a sake classification chart as well. Please check it out #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Another good #sake learning resource would be to take a class with us at the #Sake School of America @SakeofAmerica. Classes are held throughout the #US and range from beginner to advanced levels. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @urbansake What are some good techniques to use with customers to introduce them to #sake? And with staff in non-Japanese restaurants?

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: One key point about introducing #Sake to customers is highlighting what makes sake unique. For example, sake has 7-10 times the amino acid profile of #wine or #beer. That gives us much more pronounced #Umami flavors in Sake #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Of course, sake pairs well with soy sauce and dashi broth, but umami can be found in the cuisines of the world such as #parmesan cheese or mushrooms. So please use Sake as a bridge to connect with Umami flavors. Your #chefs will love you for this

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: In addition, please remember that #sake is low acidity, vegan, gluten free, and some brands are even Kosher! These are all good talking points with your customers #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: For your staff, if possible, give them the chance to taste the #sakes - they are on the front line with the customers and that tasting experience gives them authenticity when interacting with your customer. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @urbansake what is the difference between a Certified Sake Advisor and as SSI International Sake Sommelier?

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: You can consider a #sake advisor to be a level 1 and the Sake #Somm class to be a level 2. The advisor class requires no previous knowledge of sake and in addition the #sommelier class requires blind tasting to pass the exam. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @urbansake What is the greatest challenge that you see in #sake in #US today?

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Biggest challenge in my opinion is cost of premium #sake. #Sakes cost double the price of retail in #Japan & even more for restaurant sales. This prices some sakes out of reach for some customers. However, once consumers have a chance to taste premium sake they are often not as price averse. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @urbansake There is some talk that the process for making Junmai Daiginjo is changing to accommodate the palates of the #US. Is there any truth to this and if so, how is it changing?

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Yes, this is definitely a trend. Some super premium #sakes are brewed in a style that is more “winelike” to accommodate the US palate-richer bodies, fruity aromas and long lingering finishes. This is a style you see more and more being exported to #US. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @urbansake How long can #Sake keep if it has not been opened and how should it be stored? How long will #Sake keep after you have opened it? #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Regarding unopened #Sake, in most cases, we recommend to drink sake as young and fresh as possible. But as a rule of thumb, try to consume within 1 year of purchase. Ideally store in fridge or #wine cellar and store upright and not on its side #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: After #Sake has been opened, again we recommend drinking as quickly as possible, but you can store sake in the refrigerator anywhere from 1-3 weeks after opening. The more intense aromatic sakes will change their profile more quickly. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @urbansake Tell us about your work as @Hakkaisansake Ambassador and what makes this #sake special? #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: I had the unique opportunity to live for 1 year in #Japan and work as a brewer @HakkaisanSake. Since that experience in 2016 I have been traveling the #US and the world introducing people to this brand #Hakkaisansake #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: I focus on #sake education, marketing, and brand awareness. I do this through restaurant staff training, pairing dinners, and tasting events as @HakkaisanSake Global Brand Ambassador. A lot of people tell me I have their dream job. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @urbansake What advice do you have for people that would like to visit #Japan and learn more about #Sake? #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: Visiting breweries in #Japan can be a challenge. Most are not open to the public and require an invitation to visit. However, some larger breweries have tasting room and visits open to the public, even though these are limited in number #SommChat

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: In Japan, you will be able to experience a wide variety of exceptional sakes if you visit any #sake bars or sake-focused restaurant. The cost of sake in #Japan is much lower so take advantage and taste as much as you can. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with #Sake Expert Timothy Sullivan@urbansake #WineWednesday #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: It was great to have #Sake Expert Timothy Sullivan @urbansake join us today for #SommChat.

Timothy Sullivan @urbansake: It has been wonderful to chat with you about all things #sake. If anyone needs any more information, feel free to contact me at I think 2020 & beyond is going to be a great period of growth for the world of sake - let’s enjoy it together. #SommChat