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12/18 Il Palazzone


@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 visit with @ilpalazzone Co-Mgrs, Marco Sassetti and Laura Gray! #Montalcino

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): We’d like to introduce you to @ilpalazzone Co-Mgrs, Marco Sassetti and Laura Gray #SommChat #WW #Montalcino

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@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): As we ask @ilpalazzone Co-Mgrs, Marco Sassetti and Laura Gray our Qs, U can ask Ur Qs as well! #SommChat #WW

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): W/so many participants lots of gr8 Q’s R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @ilpalazzone 2 let us know u R here! #SommChat #WW

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Let’s start talking #wine with @ilpalazzone Co-Mgrs, Marco Sassetti and Laura Gray #WW #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Marco and I are so happy to be here. Thank you @KeeperColl for having us. Bring on the tweets wine friends! #SommChat

  • @KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone What got each of you interested in the #Wine business & when did you first get interested? #SommChat
  • @ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Marco is from S.Angelo in Colle, near Montalcino. He grew up surrounded by vineyards #SommChat
  • @ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl After 5 years in Florence he came home to open an enoteca. He’s an authoctonous foraging hunting outdoors man #SommChat
  • @ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl I met him on holiday and moved to Montalcino to split up with him in 1995. We’re now married and have 3 kids #SommChat
  • @ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl My wine interest was a consequence of where we live #SommChat
  • @ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Sometimes I wonder if Marco had been from Bologna whether I’d be passionate about pork products #SommChat
  • @ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl I worked for Poggio Antico for 7 years and ran our restaurant (1999-2004). I became an AIS sommelier in 2004 #SommChat

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @ilpalazzone @ilpalazzoneny @KeeperColl do you try wines from other producers out of Montalcino or wines from other countries? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Hey @m_arcon whenever we can! Until recently t hard to find wines from Montepulciano (an hours drive away) in Montalcino! #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Over to you @ilpalazzoneny! RT @SandyWasserman Q.@ilpalazzone Where in U.S. are your wines available? #SommChat @KeeperColl

@Foundationspr (Monika Elling): Are you targeting Italian restaurants as a priority or no? @ilpalazzone #SommChat @KeeperColl

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): We are very small so our goals are commensurate to our numbers. We’d like to be in great restaurants @Foundationspr #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): And be available to people who have been on site and fallen in love with the wine wherever in US @Foundationspr @KeeperColl #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): @ilpalazzone Q from shy #SommChat follower: what is an AIS Sommelier?

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): AIS is Associazione Italiana Sommelier – there are several “schools” for somms in Italy, and that was mine @KeeperColl #SommChat

@Foundationspr (Monika Elling): As a boutique producer, what are your goals for the U.S. market? @ilpalazzone #SommChat #wine @KeeperColl

@SandyWasserman (Sandy Wasserman CS): @ilpalazzone @ilpalazzoneNY Nice, room to grow #SommChat

@SandyWasserman (Sandy Wasserman CS): Q. @ilpalazzone Where in U.S. are your wines available? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Hey @SandyWasserman the big hub cities. Our numbers are tiny; less than 5.000 bottles of 2008 vintage made #SommChat @ilpalazzoneNY

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): Good morning all from sunny (and snowy, but it’s melting), Chicago! – #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): @demilove good morning to you – we have the sun but no snow – look forward to hearing you chat on #SommChat

@SandyWasserman (Sandy Wasserman CS): Q. @ilpalazzone What’s new and exciting where you are? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): For us it’s our brand new cellar, starting fermentation in wood and using natural yeasts @SandyWasserman @KeeperColl #SommChat

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl would you agree with me when I say that the most important thing in wine is balance? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Balance is all! So a resounding YES! @m_arcon @KeeperColl #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @m_arcon I look for balance in wines.The ABV thing matters if you’re driving but otherwise it’s like buying a book for its barcode #SommChat

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl do you also see a trend that producers go the wrong way, making their Brunello to high in alcohol? #SommChat

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl your Brunello is lovely low in alcohol. Do you look for that in your wines? #SommChat

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @ilpalazzone @ilpalazzoneny @KeeperColl do you try wines from other producers out of Montalcino or wines from other countries? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Hey @m_arcon whenever we can! Until recently t hard to find wines from Montepulciano (an hours drive away) in Montalcino! #SommChat

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @KeeperColl @ilpalazzone how would you describe your own wine? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Ah @m_arcon @KeeperColl elegant, ethereal, complex, traditional, austere classic Brunello #wine #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Do you have any special wines you like to bring out at Christmas time? – #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): It’s always Palmucci and Salvioni time at our house at Christmas @demilove @KeeperColl #SommChat and we go bananas with sgroppini & passiti

@VendemmiaWines (Vendemmia Wines): @ilpalazzone @PatriciusTokaj @KeeperColl @mondoimports thx for the mention. We have loyal fans (& keeps growing) in western CDA!

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @PatriciusTokaj @KeeperColl we’re doing fab in Australia @mondoimports and BC. @vendemmiawines and just this year China #SommChat (US too!)

@PatriciusTokaj (PatriciusWine Tokaj): Where do you see the biggest following for your wines? Aside from in-house @KeeperColl @ilpalazzone #SommChat

@knowvino (Carl Corsi): Are you @ilpalazzone for or against blending other grapes besides Sangiovese in Rosso di Montalcino? #SommChat @KeeperColl

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @knowvino @KeeperColl totally against! Voted publically for 100% Sangiovese back in the 2011 Rosso referendum #SommChat #Brunello

@knowvino (Carl Corsi): @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl I’m with you. However, in some vintages is it not a BIG challenge to use only Sangiovese in the Rosso?

@ilpalazzoneNY (Jenny Cuddihy): @ilpalazzone @Foundationspr @KeeperColl-not entirely, we have great relationships with many “NewAmerican” concepts as well #SommChat

@ormiga (ormiga): is #montalcino like #montepulcino? grape soil air water differences? #SommChat @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Montalcino has varied geology plus 400 m.altitude diff on all sides changin ventilation, exposition, hrs of sunlight @ormiga #SommChat

@ormiga (ormiga): thnx @ilpalazzone so #montealcino much diff than #montepulciano (which i chugged much=found cheap or..? #SommChat @KeeperColl

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @winemanboy @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl you think Pontallier & Margaux are over oaked?

@winemanboy (Wine Boy): @ilpalazzone @m_arcon @KeeperColl If you taste oak in a wine, the winemaker has NOT properly done his job. P Pontallier Ch. Margaux

@winemanboy (Wine Boy): @m_arcon @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl Oak, if u taste it…meaning oak shud not used as a flavouring agent-Margaux (Pontallier) duz not overoak

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): @ilpalazzone wine is clearly your passion … h/e the photos you posted are stunning! Every consider doing a luscious photo book? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Wow @EllaDogSays, grazie! So far have limited myself to postcards I hand out to on-site visitors I particularly like. #SommChat @KeeperColl

@insideiwm (Janice at IWM): #SommChat @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl What do you drink when you’re not drinking your own Brunello or your friends’ Brunellos?

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Dear @insideiwm we have catholic tastes as you know.. even Tuscan artisanal beers grace our table. Wine is currency in Montalcino #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): #SommChat RT @ilpalazzone: @demilove Montecucco is a great app. Orcia DOC (try Martin del Nero). Castello di Potentino (Sacromonte & Piropo)

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @insideiwm @KeeperColl also we used to have a restaurant with 600 wines. We’re still getting through the last of the stock! #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – What wines of yours or your nrighbors do you rec for those of us who find Brunello a bit of a splurge? – #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @demilove @KeeperColl or Grangiovese from Castello di Argiano (Sesti) or our own Rosso del Palazzone … #SommChat

@m_arcon (Marc Dröfke): @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl what do you think about farming the vineyards organically, and do you do this in your own yards? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @m_arcon @KeeperColl we practice “agricoltura responsabile” but are not certified organic. Also v. concerned about sustainability #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone How long have you been co-managing the winery and what do each of you do? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl We have been working for the estate for 10 years and living on site since 2007 #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Marco oversees the vineyard &cellar. I do people and paper; visits, social media, admin & DOCG compliance #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Separate roles: I don’t know where the keys to the tractor are and he doesn’t have an email. It seems to work #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Is it more difficult to keep your wines in balance after a particularly hot or wet harvest? – #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): .@demilove we have vineyards in 3 diff areas of Montalcino so we can find balance whatever the vintage throws at us #SommChat @KeeperColl

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): #SommChat MT @knowvino: @ilpalazzone I’m with you. However, in some vintages is it not a BIG challenge to use only Sangiovese in the Rosso?

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone Of the 3 diff. vineyards, is their a specific vineyard that you look to for producing your Riserva wine? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Always blend. Riserva only in superlative vintages; diff. blend of the vineyards,aged in wood for an extra year #SommChat

@knowvino (Carl Corsi): .@ilpalazzone If you’re able to use all your grapes for Brunello every vintage – Salute. I look forward to tasting your wine. #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): It would be nice if every day were a Brunello day but as @demilove mentioned, sadly it isn’t! @insideiwm @knowvino #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): .@fabienlaine we bought them in 2011 so it’s early days. Hoping for at least 20 harvests but we’ll see #SommChat @KeeperColl

@fabienlaine (Fabien Lainé): @ilpalazzone The 5.000 litre wood fermentation tanks you keep them how many years ? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): .@knowvino not the best person since we don’t produce Rosso di Montalcino DOC. Sometimes it IS a challenge but that’s winemaking #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone What do each of you like to do with your personal time? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Personal time? We live on site&work together. Any work/life boundaries went out the window when we moved here #SommChat

@insideiwm (Janice at IWM): @ilpalazzone Oh, you know you enjoy eating bonbons, reclining in the chaise lounge whilst reading Jackie Collins, you big prevaricator.

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone? You make a small production of olive oil? Does it get sold outside of #Italy and if so, where? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl a membership club for our trees: tree-owners have their name on a plaque on the tree and get 3 bottles #SommChat #evoo

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl And a certificate of ownership with GPS, visiting rites, harvest report etc. #SommChat #evoo

@fabienlaine (Fabien Lainé): @ilpalazzone What would you say is the character, the uniqueness of your #Brunello #wine compared to others ? #winelover #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): All Brunellos are different @fabienlaine – that’s the joy of Montalcino @KeeperColl #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): .@fabienlaine It’s a paradox.A restrictive prescriptive DOCG and yet over 200 producers making measurably different wines #SommChat

@knowvino (Carl Corsi): @ilpalazzone will you be @VinitalyTasting in April?

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): .@ilpalazzone Hope @ilpalazzoneny will put us on the list of private ppl:) #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @noblewines @KeeperColl in S.Angelo in Colle, in what is now @gianfry1960 Il Leccio. It’s Marco’s home town,home to @brunellomaker #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): In diff. years what we don’t use for Brunello is set aside for our blended vintage Rosso @knowvino thank you so much ! #SommChat @KeeperColl

@i_on_food_drink (Irene L): Ciao Laura @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl I will look forward to hearing about the next family of them ????????????and their honey

@i_on_food_drink (Irene L): & honey? MT @KeeperColl: Q. @ilpalazzone? You make a small production of olive oil? Does it get sold outside of #Italy #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone? You make a small production of olive oil? Does it get sold outside of #Italy and if so, where? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl My US counterpart @ilpalazzoneny can also ship to private people in US #SommChat #evoo 1000 bottles of 2013 made!

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Ciao Irene @i_on_food_drink @KeeperColl honey is not happening yet. Our first family of bees died in the freeze of 2011 #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone What are some foods that you think pair well with your #wines? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Aged pecorino (Cugusi), scottiglia di cinghiale (wild boar stew), rare Fiorentina steak #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Per te @ilpalazzoneny RT @TalesoftheCork So do you have a broker in the U.S. for consumers to purchase your wine? #SommChat

@ilpalazzoneNY (Jenny Cuddihy): @ilpalazzone @TalesoftheCork-we don’t broker exactly but happy to steer you in the right direction.#SommChat@KeeperColl

@ilpalazzoneNY (Jenny Cuddihy): @TalesoftheCork @ilpalazzone@KeeperColl Where are you located?#SommChat

@TalesoftheCork (Greg Stobbe):@ilpalazzoneNY @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl In Fresno, California #SommChat Is there an outlet out here?

@ilpalazzoneNY (Jenny Cuddihy): @TalesoftheCork @ilpalazzone @KeeperColl I will do some homework and get back to you!#SommChat

@TalesoftheCork (Greg Stobbe): @ilpalazzoneNY @ilpalazzone Great! Love to know how to try one of your wines….

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Q. @ilpalazzone Do you like to travel to other #wine regions and if so where are some you enjoy most? #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl Love Sagrantino DOCG , Piedmont & Sicily. We long to do a Bordeaux crawl and go to Salento for Negroamaro #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): A. @KeeperColl We don’t travel much; the winery never sleeps and neither do our young kids! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): #SommChat RT @EllaDogSays: @ilpalazzoneNY @ilpalazzone @SandyWasserman @KeeperColl hopefully … NYC? … where?

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour with @ilpalazzone Co-Mgrs, Marco Sassetti and Laura Gray #WineWednesday #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): It was great to have @ilpalazzone Co-Mgrs, Marco Sassetti and Laura Gray join us 2day 4 #SommChat. #WW

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): Please join us in thanking @ilpalazzone Co-Mgrs, Marco Sassetti and Laura Gray #SommChat #WW #Winelover

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Have a wonderful holiday everyone, thank you to our guests today! – #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): @Sassodoro awwww thanks for the #SommChat love

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro):@KeeperColl @ilpalazzone Thanks for a great #SommChat! It went by so quickly and I don’t want it to end!

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): @fabienlaine same to you #SommChat

@fabienlaine (Fabien Lainé): @Sassodoro @KeeperColl @ilpalazzone Thanks a lot for great talk and wishing you all a great Xmas and holidays ! #SommChat Cheers #winelover

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Thanks to everyone! I so enjoyed this though I’m ready for a glass of wine. @KeeperColl you’re the best! #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Thank you amici @Sassodoro @insideiwm @knowvino @demilove @fabienlaine @talesofthecork @i_on_food_drink @noblewines @foundationspr #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Grazie – thanks for much for the questions @m_arcon @Sandywasserman @ormiga @patriciustokaj @elladogsays #SommChat

@KeeperColl (KeeperCollection): @ilpalazzoneNY appreciate it #SommChat