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12/18 Master Sommelier, Chris Tanghe

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe

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Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Let's start talking #wine with Chief Instructor of @GuildSomm, Master #Sommelier Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe ! #WineWednesday #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Happy to be here! Thanks for having me!

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @Cmtanghe What sparked your interest in joining the #wineworld and becoming a Master Sommelier? #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Cooking! I didn't grow up with wine and when I discovered it at CIA it blew my mind how wine could elevate food and vice versa. It started as a way to make me a better cook in considering what else was on the table and snowballed from there #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Interesting to hear how @CIACulinary education inspired Master #Sommelier @cmtanghe to pursue #wine #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cmtanghe with @guildsomm having such a wealth of information, how would you suggest one approach the site to get the best learning outcomes?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Make a list of what you want to accomplish and prioritize the content. The compendium is very up to date and handy in giving you a snapshot of the law and what the region is all about, while the articles, videos and podcasts are much more in depth to give you context #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Also, the forums are a great resource too that I think are underutilized. I think sometimes people are afraid to put themselves out there but our community is super outgoing and happy to learn together. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cmtanghe What made you decide to become an educator @guildsomm rather than another area in the #wine world like importer, distributor, or retail or restaurant?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: I took a class with the #ISG (RIP) and @ShaynBjornholm was newly minted @CMS_americas Master Sommelier and he made wine so FUN and inspiring. Plus, a cook's life is a hard one, better these days but still hard. I have the most respect for anyone that takes that path #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @cmtanghe you have participated in @TEXSOM for several years - what do you think makes this such a special conference for the volunteers? for the attendees? #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: For both groups an opportunity learn that you can't find anywhere else. The quality of people all around is just amazing - presenters and volunteers. I learn so much every year which is why I always make sure to block out my cal. We work in an insanely special community that is full of brilliant but also fascinating people. You just can't find that critical mass anywhere else at a given time. It's a must go! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cmtanghe How many @guildsomm classes do you teach a year, and how do you decide on the content/subject matters? Is there a way for a #Somm to request a subject for you to teach?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: I'm always looking for ways to become better at what I do and to be challenged. Teaching other people also teaches me - not only the content but also hospitality, public speaking, wine chemistry etc. Plus seeing people progress through their career is so rewarding as this position gives me the opportunity to mentor somms in my travels. I did work in restaurants for 20 years and distribution for 3. Both are awesome but I like mixing it up. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm What do you think are some of the best methods one can use to study Theory for certification tests @cmtanghe?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: For both groups an opportunity learn that you can't find anywhere else. The quality of people all around is just amazing - presenters and volunteers. I learn so much every year which is why I always make sure to block out my cal. We work in an insanely special community that is full of brilliant but also fascinating people. You just can't find that critical mass anywhere else at a given time. It's a must go! #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: We are always looking for ideas from our membership. @guildsomm is about its community and we want to make sure we are bringing you content you want so please let us know! Email or post on the forum #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @cmtanghe How did you approach "blind tasting" for testing in your studies? Did it change over time? I am struggling in this area. thanks for any insight!

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: We teach about 80-90 classes per year plus a few other events. While I teach the bulk of them, we always love to have guest instructors. Gems like @jamasoniii , @dave_yoshida , @yrmom_safoodie etc. Love you gents! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @Cmtanghe how long did it take to get through the process of becoming a Master #Sommelier? any things you would do differently now that you achieved the goal?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: This is really dependent on the person as we all learn differently. My advice is to experiment with different methods so see what sticks best. Check out my post on the forums "2 Cents on Studying by a MS" to see what methods I used. For me it was more visual and audio methods than writing. Most importantly you need to build CONTEXT! Meaning do the research on why a specific law or req. is there. Takes longer but provides an anchor and wholistic understanding for the info. Rote memorization only gets you so far #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @Cmtanghe Do you have any good advice for people who are unsure what #wines to taste if they are new to the #wine world? #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Talk to your local independent wine shop! Don't be timid and ask a lot of questions. Also try glasses of wines you've never heard of before while out at restaurants and be okay with not liking it, but I'll bet you discover a lot that you do! #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: 3 things really helped me. Taste with as many different people as possible. New perspectives are enlightening. 2nd is research the varieties and their viti/vini, this will help you connect the dots way faster if you know the context of what makes them taste the way they do. 3rd is write paradigms for each wine, meaning an "ultimate" tasting note that is personalized with all your own markers for that particular wine. Comparitives really help here #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: 7 years from Intro to MS, but I took it one step at a time. One thing to remember is that the study never ends which is a GOOD thing! That's what keeps this prof so interesting. Don't look at the MS as a golden ticket but simply a step along the way in your career #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @Cmtanghe What are some of the biggest trends you have seen in the #wine world in the last year? Any trends you see upcoming in 2020? #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Approachability overall. Wine has been becoming fun again over the last couple years and I hope that trend continues while still getting its due respect in terms of winemaker appreciation, wine economics etc. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm have you travelled much to #wine regions around the world and if so, what are some of the most memorable and why @cmtanghe ?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: I'm super lucky in that I get to travel a lot! To me there is no substitute for seeing the place and meeting the people so I make it a priority and also never teach on a place that I haven't been #SommChat

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Highlights recently are #NewZealand , #Alsace , #Scotland , #Chablis and I'll go to #Spain anytime. I want to retire in #SanSebastian - pintxos and surfing till I pass on to the great beyond! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm heard you had some good mentors @Cmtanghe What knowledge did you gain from Thomas Price @tpvino and James Lechner while doing weekly study groups for the Master #Sommelier test? How does one find mentors?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Accountability! They were there every week rain or shine to make sure I was on track and wrote well thought out questions and gave new perspectives to regions etc. To find a mentor all you have to do is ask, but be respectful of their time. Most of us are happy to help! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm I like to do training for my resto staff. Can you share some best practices you use in your instruction that would assist me @cmtanghe ? Have your methods changed over the years?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Mix up your lessons to keep things interesting. Ask them questions and keep them challenged. Practice your presentation skills and look for ways to improve them. Keep it fun but through at the same time. Lots of tasting too #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm you mentioned a highlight was #travel to #Scotland @cmtanghe Are they making #wine in this area and if so where would I find info to learn about this area?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Barley wine in a way 😂 Just whisky to my knowledge, but remember as sommeliers we need to know about ALL beverages! I'm making makgeolli in my kitchen right now 😃 #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm as you travel the #US teaching, do you see certain areas of the #US that have a need for trained #Sommeliers and if so which areas do you think express the greatest shortage @cmtanghe ?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Cities that are going through a revitalization like #Detroit and #stlouis are doing really cool things. Also others that are growing crazy fast like #Austin , #LA , etc. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm besides @guildsomm what other #wine resources do you use to keep up to date @cmtanghe ?

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: @keepercoll and @guildsomm @JancisRobinson, @Decanter, @WineandSpirits, @jamiegoode, @hawk_wakawaka, @SVB_Financial #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with Master #Sommelier Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe #WineWednesday #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: It was great to have Master #Sommelier Chris Tanghe

@cmtanghe join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

Chris Tanghe @cmtanghe: Thanks for having me and for all the great questions everybody! Drink something awesome this holiday!! #SommChat