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12/5 Author & Certified Sommelier Jessica Dupuy

Jessica Dupuy

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Welcome to #SommChat everyone! Tell your friends to join us to learn abt #wine #food and #writing fr Jessica Dupuy @JDewps

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: We’d like to introduce you Jessica Dupuy @JDewps #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: So glad to be here today! Such an honor to be a part of this program! Looking forward to some fun questions! #SommChat

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Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Let's start talking #wine #food and #writing with Jessica Dupuy @JDewps #WineWednesday #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @JDewps What first started your #wine #writing journey? #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: It was an assignment from @TexasMonthly editor Pat Sharpe to see if there was a story about #txwine... turns out there was quite a lot to tell! It's been 10 years and I'm still covering it! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm You have an outstanding career in #writing, and you have focused your writing towards the #wine and #food worlds. Can you tell us why those subjects?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: I started as a home cook. While working @TexasMonthly, Pat Sharpe asked me to begin recipe testing for her. From there it turned into restaurant reviewing, then freelancing for other pubs and that 1st #txwine assnmt evolved into wine writing. Writing on #txwine led me to study and earn wine certifications. It helps me put #txwine in context with the world of wine. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #TX #SommChat #Somm You recently wrote an article for @TexasMonthly about #resto #wine lists in #Texas. Really enjoyed reading - what similarities did you see and what differences when you were searching @JDewps?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: The common thread among all of these lists was noticing a desire among Bev Directors and Somms to lead guests to new wine discoveries without making them feel alienated. #Truehospitality #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm who decides the topics of your @TexasMonthly articles you or others or collaborative @JDewps ?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Most of my stories are pitched as ideas by myself, however, I do work with my editors to make sure we're covering things they think readers really want to hear. It also depends on the publication and the reading demographic. #SommChat

Katarina Andersson @ricasoli99: Hi #SommChat, checking in from Florence @keepercoll @SommChat @JDewps

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @ricasoli99 thanks for the S/O to #SommChat from #Florence wonder if @JDewps has been there? Weather looks beautiful! Happy #WineWednesday

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Indeed I have! I took my mother there last summer for her first trip to Italy. Was also recently in Vino Nobile di Montepulciano in August... #lovetuscany #vinonobiledimontepulciano #SommChat

Katarina Andersson @ricasoli99: Cool were you at the press trip or for holiday? @JDewps

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: I was in VNM for a press trip. It so enriching to discover the typicality of these wines. I also got to participate as a judge in the A Tavola Con Vino Nobile di Montepulciano food and wine competition. Really beautiful experience. #SommChat

Katarina Andersson @ricasoli99: I thought I had seen you in some photo from there #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm Was there a specific bottle of #wine that started your #wine journey? If so, what bottle? What do you remember about it? #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: There are two memories... 1) My college boyfriend was German. And he would get around ordering wine without an ID (not 21) by ordering expensive bottles of wine knowing server prolly wouldn't card. 1st #cdp was Chateau Beaucastel... yum! #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: 2nd) I lived in Strasbourg in college and I remember this constant presence of wine on the table at every dinner. It was usually cheap and in a porcelain carafe... but it impressed on me the communal aspect of wine. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @JDewps you have participated @TEXSOM for many years. What would you say makes that conference special for the wine industry? #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: #TEXSOM is such an important conference. I first attended about 9 years ago and it really opened my mind to the possibility of working in the wine world. The education, networking opportunity, and emphasis on hospitality is unmatched. #SommChat

James Tidwell @winejames: Thanks, @JDewps ! Correct on it only happening w/ contributions from many, many of the best. Looking forward to having you as a lead editor at the @TEXSOM #SommRetreat @texsomia again! #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Wouldn't miss it! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: You and @TexasMonthly have given much attention to the #TX #wine region. Can you share with #SommChat community about your feature each year on this topic and when it comes out and how they can find the info @JDewps

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Currently I put out 2 Top Texas Wine lists a year - Spring/Fall. Combined, I taste over 400 #txwine submissions... And usually narrow the list down to about 30 wines. This fall, I was elated to be able to spotlight 50! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Since you love #wine and #food and #write about both would you share some of your favorite #wine and #food pairings @JDewps? #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: I like unexpected things... Let's go w/ Texas... Rose & smoked brisket/ribs, Spicy Tex-Mex & German riesling... I have a heart for #Alsatianwine - tart flambé & Pinot Gris... finally, sushi from @UchiAustin and #brideofthefox sake. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: You have written and collaborated on several #books - can you tell us where ppl can find these #cookbooks if they would like to buy some @JDewps? #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Amazon is the best place. Otherwise, @UchiAustin, @jackallens , & @SaltLickBBQ have theirs on site. And United Tastes of Texas & United Tastes of the South w/ @Southern_Living is on Amazon. If in ATX and want a signed copy, DM me! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat admirer If you were not the amazing #wine and #food writer you are today, what career would you have chosen @JDewps?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Well, I thought I wanted to be an attorney. Glad I didn't pursue that. No offense to attorneys out there. Honestly, this meandering path has led me to exactly where I want to be. What's next? Winemaking? Viticulture? Who knows! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: @JDewps how have you seen #TX #wines progress in the @texsomiwa #wine competition? Again what do you think sets this wine competition apart from others ?

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Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Mother, Wife, Writer, and much more @JDewps. Tell us about a day in a life of Jessica Dupuy! #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Let's see-I dropped kids off at school at 7:45, drove back to #dstx to kick out some emails, finish editing a story, and update a wine consulting spreadsheet... then hopped on #SommChat. Next, calls & then take my little to dance. whew! hopefully lunch will happen, too! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm many ppl say it is hard to make a living in #journalism do you think someone can make a career in this and if so any insights to success @JDewps ?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: It's really NOT easy. I am fortunate to be in a dual-income family. You can do it, but you absolutely have to be quick, work efficiently, and have INTEGRITY! #SommChat

James Tidwell @winejames: Integrity is important topic of the times. How do you define integrity for a writer? #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: You have to follow through w/ an assignment & be ON TIME. U have to do that by being authentic to the journalism hat you're wearing. I don't believe in pay for play. I take press trips for instance, but I don't guarantee a story. You can do this job w/out being #bought #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm have you pursued any #wine studies and if so which ones? Do you think it is important for #wine #writing why or why not @JDewps?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: I'm a #CSW , #CSS , #CertifiedSommelier , #WSET3 certificate holder. I'm working on Diploma next. I only do this to stay fresh on things. It keeps me accountable to study for something. I don't work retail or in a restaurant, so it's my best way. #sommchat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl:Can you share some of your top @wine journeys and wish list trips not yet completed @JDewps? #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Top journeys... I recently went to #puglia w/ @SanMarzanoWines and found that experience very eye opening. My favorite spots have been Germany, #franciacorta and New Zealand, but for very different reasons. Not just for the wines... #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Oh! I also love the Rhone Valley! I've never been to Spain for wine... At least not since college. And while I've been to Portugal, it was primarily for Port. I'd also like to see Margaret River area of Australia. But I've got time. ; ) #sommchat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm How do you see the trend in the success of online journalism vs print - hard to write my question but hope you understand @JDewps

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: In truth, the journalism industry has evolved so quickly in the past 5-10 years. It's really hard to say where it will be in the next 5. My heart is w/ print, but it's a dying medium. Online is different and there are a lot of opportunities... #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: The issue is about compensation for good work. It's really hard to do good work & get paid fairly for it. On the flip side, it's hard to find media outlets who value integrity in the content they produce. Most things are sponsored/promoted these days. It's sad for me. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm if someone had an idea for an article for you what is best way? Besides writing #books and for @TexasMonthly where else can someone find your #writing published @JDewps?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps:Please email me. You can find my info at - You'll also find some of my previous work there. Word of warning, I'm a very busy one-woman-show, so I am not always up to date on recent works. ; ) #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm how many projects in #writing do you usually have at a time and how do you juggle between them? Have you ever had writers block and what do you do to get our of it @JDewps?

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: In 2018, I wrote 2 cookbooks and about 20 articles. I have no idea how I made it happen other than to say family support/understanding and diligence... #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: I get writers block all the time! I leave my desk and go exercise! I have my own spin bike and I love to swim laps when it's warm. Always fixes writer's block! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine #food and #writing with Jessica Dupuy @JDewps #WineWednesday #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: It was great to have Jessica Dupuy @JDewps join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: This has been so fun! I'm so grateful to @keepercoll and ALL of the work they do for the #sommcommunity ! They are at the foundation of understanding how to strengthen & generate community... #SommChat

Jessica Dupuy @JDewps: Be sure to get your tickets #SommsUF - on sale TODAY!!! #SommChat (Go to @keepercoll site) #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl: Please join us in thanking Jessica Dupuy @JDewps for her time #SommChat