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1/25 Winemaker Randall Grahm


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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): As we ask @RandallGrahm our Qs, you can ask Randall your Qs as well! He’ll do his best to answer all Qs in the order they come #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Let’s start talking #wine with @RandallGrahm #WineWednesday #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @keepercoll and @randallGrahm – nice to join you at #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm When did your passion for #wine begin- how did you start out in the industry? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): A. @keepercoll Wandered into a wine shop in 1975, accidentally slipped into paradise. Great wines were my intro to this universe. #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @keepercoll – Did you read “An Ideal Wine”? Do you think the book is pretty accurate? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): A .@demilove It’s painful for me to read about myself, so haven’t looked at book closely. Didn’t spend as much $ on Zinanni event #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Big fan of changes made to reign Bonny Doon in a few years ago. 1 Question- why keep the same name? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): A. @ENOontheMagMile Good question. As a terroirst it is a disconnect not to make BDV wines in BD. Hoping to return soon. #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @RandallGrahm Bonjour! @keepercoll Bonjour! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm In your opinion, what is the key(s) to making great #wine? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll A. Vineyard, vineyard vineyard. That is to say a great terroir farmed mindfully #lifeinthesoil #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): @keepercoll A. Also learning how to step out of the way. #hubris #chutzpah #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@RandallGrahm I’m enthralled by winemakers. Is there a wine blend that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? #SommChat cc @keepercoll

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@VinoCaPisco A: Honestly I can barely keep up w/ all the blends I’m working on. Really just about doing something original #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @RandallGrahm Why/How did you decide to focus on Rhone varieties? #SommChat @keepercoll

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@enjoielife Survival mechanism. My plans for the Great American Pinot went terribly awry. Wanted to make a wine that made sense #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Q-Knowing your tastes run to Old World & your love of PN- are there any New World PN you turn to? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ENOontheMagMile Alas, I don’t understand New World Pinot. It really seems to make more sense to try something else chez nous #SommChat

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn Doty): #SommChat Q Why biodynamics and not simply organic? What makes the difference for you? @RandallGrahm

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@raelinn_wine Biodynamics a deeper practice than mere organics. But Bio-D on its own won’t create great wine. Still need grt site #SommChat

@drooln (Nathan Yap): @RandallGrahm how did you go about start making wine, did you select a site and determine varietal or vice versa?#SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@drooln You can begin w/ variety or the site, but beginning w/ site makes more sense to me these days. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@drooln First efforts a bit naive and embarrassing. Tried pinot because I loved pinot. Need more than that to succeed. #SommChat

@RickBakas (Rick Bakas): @RandallGrahm what was the name of that drought-resistant vine indigenous to TX? When will we see it in CA vineyards? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@RickBakas Was a roostock, V. berlandieri, said to be most drought resistant American species. Also growing from seed= geotropism #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@RickBakas All berlandieri burned up last yr. in TX. Better luck this year? #SommChat

@adriennebyard (Adrienne Byard): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Seeing as that you’re an intellectual perambulator, you must know some good wine quotes. Your favorite? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm):.@adriennebyard How about: #bebeenfantjesuenculottesdevelours (descriptor of pinot) #SommChat

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn Doty): @RandallGrahm So do I understand that for you it is about the preparations/philosophy AND the specific site/terroir of the site? #SommChat

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn Doty): @RandallGrahm Do you let the site determine the grape varieties you grow then? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@raelinn_wine Yup. C’est comme ça. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@raelinn_wine Yes, but easier said than doon. #deepquestions #SommChat

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): Read w/great interest about “Eden” endeavor. Will those wandering outside the garden gates have a chance for a sip of paradise? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@EllaDogSays C’mon doon. #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): Winemaker @RandallGrahm on #SommChat right now. Hurry, don’t miss it!! #wine

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Q- I know you are doing Contra in kegs now. Is kegged wine a greener way to bring wine to masses? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ENOontheMagMile Kegged wine greener, but alas not necessarily less expensive (for now). #SommChat

@Vinum_Wine (Vinum_Wine): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Q: Do you think that the biodynamic wine movement is here to stay? Can you help dispel the skepticism? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@Vinum_Wine Alas, can’t dispel skepticism. Has to be in the evidence of the wine itself. #morewinelesstalk #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): Can highly recommend #SommChat everyone! Learning from Winemaker @RandallGrahm today @tirebouchon lo sapevi?

@tirebouchon (Vittorio Rusinà): @ilpalazzone si ho letto qualcosa, tu sai per me @RandallGrahm è una grande guida e cerco di seguirlo sempre #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @RandallGrahm Australia makes wine from Rhone varieties. Any favorites? #SommChat #WineWednesday

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@enjoielife Like Henschke Hill of Grace (who doesn’t?) #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @RandallGrahm: Henschke Hill of Grace is hard not to like. What is most appealing characteristic? #SommChat #winewednesday

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@enjoielife Depth of flavor #oldvines #SommChat

@RickBakas (Rick Bakas): @RandallGrahm This week is #ZinFest. Cardinal Zin went away yrs ago, right? Any Zin in your lineup now or in the future? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@RickBakas Have a Zin in cellar now, but will be incorporated into Contra #SommChat

@TheModernGent (TheModernGent): @RandallGrahm U championed #minerality long b4 it was a hashtag. Can u say sumthin about ur experiments w adding rocks to wine? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@TheModernGent A little embarrassing in retrospect. Adding rocks is silly, but minerality is not. Derives from soil health #SommChat

@donajilira (Donaji Lira): @randallgrahm, @keepercoll: What is the most important thing u learned last year? How will effect 2012? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@donajilira Tough world out there. Stay true to deepest values. Work toward making most distinctive product you can. #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Q-What are your thoughts on Washington Rhones compared to CA? Have you ever looked for vnyd there? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ENOontheMagMile Very impressed w/ Dom. Cayeuse. Big time mineral wine. A bit too ripe for my taste, mais quand meme. #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @RandallGrahm Grab any Bindi you can! Pinot is outstanding and breaks any preconceptions people have. Just not enough made, sadly. #SommChat

@VinoMike (VinoMike): .@RandallGrahm Do you take a diff approach in winemaking based on your perception of agibility of the wine? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@VinoMike Complicated question. Need to think about redox pt. of wine B4 bottling, don’t wish to create off-flavors. #lifeforce #SommChat

@Vinum_Wine (Vinum_Wine): @RandallGrahm is on #SommChat now! Don’t miss it especially if you’re going to see him in Portland and Seattle next week! @keepercoll

@awanderingwino (Shawn Burgert): What do you think about alternative packaging? Growler,box,can,etc #SommChat @RandallGrahm

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@awanderingwino Honestly, q. of packaging not foremost in my mind these days. #SommChat

@ecovinowines (ecoVINO Wines): @awanderingwino @RandallGrahm alternative packaging is another term for new packaging. It’s inevitable and positive. #Smartwine #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ecovinowines Obviously interested in lower carbon footprint packaging, but primary interest is in wines w/ life-force. #SommChat

@tirebouchon (Vittorio Rusinà): great @RandallGrahm :…my primary interest is in wines w/ life-force. #SommChat

@blackiguananews (BLACK iGUANA): @tirebouchon Contains “life-force”. That should be on every label. @keepercoll #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@blackiguananews TTB/ATF will send out a SWAT team. @tirebouchon @keepercoll #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm Have you had a favorite vintage you’ve produced @bonnydoonvineyards over the past 10 years? What sets it apart? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll Pretty crazy about recent vintages of Cigare, beginning w/ ’01. More work w/ lees, more savory and complete #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm Do you feel personally connected to or represented by a particular vintage or label? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll Slow curveball. Cigare Volant, bien sur. Though loved the old Sophiste label of years ago. #tophat #SommChat

@VinoMike (VinoMike): .@RandallGrahm Which wine region(s) are you most excited about recently? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@VinoMike San Juan Bautista. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm Your wines often feature unique and artistic labels. How important is the #wine label to you? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll In honesty, loved producing funky great labels, but less important these days than what is inside #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): What keeps you up at night? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@WineInkByTia Inability to sleep. #SommChat

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn Doty): I’m a member. RT @keepercoll: can totally relate – #SleeplessWIneGroup RT @RandallGrahm: .@WineInkByTia Inability to sleep. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@raelinn_wine But doing better. #brava @keepercoll @WineInkByTia #SommChat

@drooln (Nathan Yap): @RandallGrahm How has the inclusion of screwcaps affected your wines’ life over the years? Do they age well? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@drooln Screwcaps greatly enhance ability of wine to age. #counterintuitivebuttrue #SommChat @enjoielife

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @randallgrahm What has been the #wine industry’s greatest achievement in the last 10 years? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@WineInkByTia Great question. Answer is not 15% New World Cabs. Happy to see restoration/rescue of some indigenous old varieties #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @KeeperColl via @blackiguananews: @RandallGrahm On a scary, black, ominous, stormy day, like now, what wine do u recommend? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll @blackiguananews Cahors. Or alternatively, red Burg for courage #SommChat

@blackiguananews (BLACK iGUANA): @randallgrahm THNX I’d run out right now for some, but there’s a tornado lurkin’ around. I’ll stock up on ‘em for the next scare. #SommChat

@blackiguananews (BLACK iGUANA): Tornado Preparedness List: Chors, red Burg for courage. Learned that @ #SommChat via @RandallGrahm [BTW It's Galoshes, not Goulashes]

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm We love your wine & literature pairings concept – any plans for another book? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @RandallGrahm Why do you make #wine? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@WineInkByTia Seemed like a good way to meet women. (It hasn’t worked out.) #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm How would you recommend pairing #wines with other literature that is perhaps not wine-related? #SommChat #WW

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll Esoteric question. But I’m all for anything that can create opportunity for synesthesia #nabokov #SommChat

@ilpalazzone (Il Palazzone): @RandallGrahm intrigued by yr screwcaps greatly increase ability of wine to age comment. What span do you intend? And how do they? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ilpalazzone Effective life of a screwcap maybe 30 yrs, but that’s better than cork. Someday maybe use ampoule? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ilpalazzone We’ve been using screwcaps for 12 yrs. It’s working very very well. #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): Less oxygen = > longevity RT @RandallGrahm: @ilpalazzone Effective life of a screwcap maybe 30 yrs, but that’s better than cork. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@Rosewoodwine Good on ‘ya. Don’t need to use as much SO2 #SommChat @ilpalazzone

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Q- Have you made a wine yet & thought “this will last long enough for my child to enjoy in 20 years”? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ENOontheMagMile Have indeed made wine for my daughter (who’s now We shall see. Some older Cigares, Syrahs still alive. #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @randallgrahm Is there one #wine you have never been able to forget and why? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@WineInkByTia ’49 de Vogué Musigny (en magnum) pretty unforgettable. #hauntingoverusedbutapplicable #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@RandallGrahm you have a plethora titles/roles. What role do you feel defines you the most? #SommChat cc @keepercoll

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@VinoCaPisco President-for-Life, or alternatively El Presidente @keepercoll #SommChat #maybenotcourtjesterthesedays

@awanderingwino (Shawn Burgert): @RandallGrahm any difference in the serin-tin or serin-x (sp?) #screwcap #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@awanderingwino Serintin (sp?) better seal that Serin-x, thus allowing wine to live longer. #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @randallgrahm There are so many #wines . Do you believe more brands should be retired? Do we have too many? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@WineInkByTia Wa-ay way too many. Wine shouldn’t be a “brand.” It should be a wine. #SommChat

@ecovinowines (ecoVINO Wines): Working on #carbon #footprint reduction study. Every full semi truck we send out, we save an average of 8 tons in shipping weight. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ecovinowines Cool. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@Loca_Linda Must however make a distinction between “brands” and wines that come from a place One irreplaceable. #SommChat

@scottota (Scott Ota): @RandallGrahm, Great to hear you talk sustainability. Why do you think so few US wineries practice sustainability and biodynamics? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@scottota Virtually every decision about everything these days is driven by $$ (and its perceived scarcity). #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Q-Has Twitter provided outlet for the famous Grahm stream of thought? Will it help promote/connect wine? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ENOontheMagMile Million dollar question. Twitter can be a great way to link or an endless distraction #youchoose #SommChat

@ericawinetrips (Erica Landin): Who coined the “court jester” title anyways? @RandallGrahm @VinoCaPisco @keepercoll #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ericawinetrips Don’t know, but it seems to have stuck #chagrin #who’slaughingnow #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm What do you think is the impact of #biodynamic practices on the future wine/winemaking industry? #SommChat #WW

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll Biodynamic practice makes you a better grape grower and winemaker. But, again, it’s not enough in and of itself #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @randallgrahm What kind of music is playing in your cellar? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@WineInkByTia Funky music from south of the border. Can’t say it’s really to my taste. #changeisgonnacome #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@redvinman I’ve taken inspiration from the great, humble European masters – Chave, Jayer, etc. A great wine does inspire. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@vtwinemedia I want to love orange wine. Also want to understand orange wine. Some I love, some I don’t. Not in immed. future #SommChat

@awanderingwino (Shawn Burgert): @RandallGrahm Why do you think there are so many BD skeptics? #SommChat #biodynamic

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@awanderingwino It is curious why Bio-D provokes such a strong reaction. See @EricAsimov’s article today. #bigquesetion #SommChat

@ericawinetrips (Erica Landin): Q. @RandallGrahm when do you expect to get the first harvest from your Bautista “from seed” project? When the first wine? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ericawinetrips Alas, it will be a while (8-9 years?) #staydooned #SommChat

@ericawinetrips (Erica Landin): If anyone at #SommChat wants to read @RandallGrahm’s Been Doon so Long and can’t find it, it’s coming in paperback on the 28th. #winebooks

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew): @RandallGrahm What’s your favorite food pairing w Cigare Volant? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@StephanieMiskew Venison, also game birds #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm You’ve made many interesting #wines over the years- looking back, can you name your top 3 today? #SommChat #WW

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll Le Sophiste, Estate Syrahs and early vintages of Cigare #beginnersluck #SommChat

@drooln (Nathan Yap): @RandallGrahm what did you think was the most outlandish bio-dynamic method that worked for you?I heard one recently about gophers #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@drooln Tried the bit w/ gophers – didn’t work so well for us. Hard to know if any 1 action has effect. Think of unitary pract. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @randallgrahm What are your #wine goals/plans for the future? What’s next for @BonnyDoonVineyards? #WW #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll Hoping to make wines that really make a difference, enrich the world #highhopes #SommChat

@awanderingwino (Shawn Burgert): @RandallGrahm what is it about BD 502 that helps photosynthesis? #SommChat #biodynamic

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@awanderingwino Silica maybe gets chloroplasts excited? #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Q- Do you have a particular white grape that is catching your interest at the moment? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@ENOontheMagMile Always distracted by a new attractive grape. Love them all. #whiplash #SommChat

@redvinman (Simon Jackson): @RandallGrahm Have you ever considered making wine, outside of California? #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@redvinman Think of it all the time, just not so much lately. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine chat with Randall Grahm, @RandallGrahm #WineWednesday #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @keepercoll @RandallGrahm Lovely chat. Thanks so much for your time! #wine #WineWednesday #SommChat

@bibracamontes (Brent Bracamontes): @RandallGrahm / I’m sure you do what you love, but is there a different profession you could see yourself enjoying as much? #SommChat #WW

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@bibracamontes Maybe psychoanalysis. #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@stevenvanharen Standing by. @SkurnikWines #SommChat

@stevenvanharen (Steven Van Haren): Thanks for the tweets @RandallGrahm! Interesting #SommChat. My man @GabrielClary found those bottles @SkurnikWines

@vtwinemedia (Todd Trzaskos): @RandallGrahm #SommChat Twitter feed going by so fast, I thought I read gopher was the suggested paring for Cigar volant

@vtwinemedia (Todd Trzaskos): @RandallGrahm #SommChat Gopher is a game meat after all. Old #Vt ers says they are great in the spring after the grass has grown.

@vtwinemedia (Todd Trzaskos): @keepercoll TX for #SommChat Have folowed but never participated until today.

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): It was great to have Randall join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Please join us in thanking Randall for his time #SommChat

@ericawinetrips (Erica Landin): Thank you @RandallGrahm and @keepercoll #SommChat

@RandallGrahm (Randall Grahm): .@keepercoll It has been my great pleasure. #SommChat

@awanderingwino (Shawn Burget): @RandallGrahm thanks so very much! I really appreciate learning from you! Have a great day! #SommChat

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn Doty): Huge thanks to @RandallGrahm for taking time to do #SommChat Loved it! Cheers! And thanks @keepercoll for hosting!

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@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @RandallGrahm thanks for being in #SommChat!

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): @RandallGrahm @keepercoll Many thanks for a great #SommChat! I’m still trying to catch up with the feed!

@donajilira (Donaji Lira): @RandallGrahm; it was so great to have you, thank you! #SommChat

@drooln (Nathan Yap): @Randall Grahm you made this a #SommChat to remember…thank you!

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