Keeper Collection #SommChat Guest President of Archaval-Ferrer Santiago Archaval

3/16 Santiago Archaval, President & Founding Partner of Archaval-Ferrer


KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl 2day’s #SommChat Santiago Achaval Founding Partner & Pres. @AchavalFerrerUS 12N ET @primlanikitchen @lorakappen @protocolwine @CharlesComm

Rashmi Primlani ‏@PrimlaniKitchen We love Achaval Ferrer Wines! @KeeperColl @AchavalFerrerUS @LoraKappen @ProtocolWine @CharlesComm #SommChat #wine

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl .@PrimlaniKitchen we are excited to have Santiago @AchavalFerrerUS can't wait to hear your Questions today on #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS Excited for #SommChat on #WineWednesday with @KeeperColl about Finca Altamira 2013 (15th anniversary bottling!) & all things Achaval-Ferrer

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear abt #wines Founding Partner & President of @AchavalFerrerUS Santiago Achaval

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl We’d like 2 introduce you to Founding Partner & President of @AchavalFerrerUS Santiago Achaval who will talk about #wine on #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Abt ready 2 dive in w/ ?s, so S/O 2 Santiago Achaval @AchavalFerrerUS 2 say hello & so he knows UR here! #SommChat

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KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl As we ask Santiago Achaval @AchavalFerrerUS our Qs, you can ask him Ur Qs as well! He’ll do his best 2 answer all Qs in order #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl #SommChat Very happy to be here. Harvest is the best time to live the wines and talk to you all about the wines!

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl W/so many participants gr8 Q's R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @AchavalFerrerUS 2 let us know u R here! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Let's start talking #Wine with Founding Partner & President of @AchavalFerrerUS Santiago Achaval #SommChat

WineCompass ‏@winecompass Hello from very Spring like Northern Virginia @KeeperColl & @AchavalFerrerUS #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @AchavalFerrerUS Happy 15th bottling anniversary Finca Altamira! What does the Finca tier of wines represent to you? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl The Finca tier represents our amazement at the ability of some very special places in Mendoza to express a personality #SommChat

Chris McFall ‏@C_McFall @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl hello from Chicago!!! Love the wines! #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl Thank you so much! Hope to see you in Chicago soon. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q Fr @mkmaroney: @AchavalFerrerUS what R most important aspects 4 consumers 2 lk 4 when ordering #Malbec off resto #wine list? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney (1/3) 1st, vintages: we’re lucky that in Argentina vintage variations are relative to Burgundy or Bordeaux #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney (2/3) Having said that, our best years were 13, 11 and 06. Quality producers: nothing replaces homework.#SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney (3/3)You need to know if that producer with high ratings makes a wine that you personally like. Experiment! #SommChat

Marcus K Maroney @mkmaroney @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl Thank you for the feedback! Love to experiment and experience new wines from all over! Great forum! #SommChat

Chris McFall @C_McFall @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl With the average vineyard elevation in Argentina being +/- 900m, what is the biggest challenge in vineyards?

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @C_mcfall Again it's a balancing act: we play the deck of cards Nature gives us every year, Some years we play Poker #SommChat

Chris McFall ‏@C_McFall @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl indeed! TY! The wines maintain a freshness, elegance and balance, what measures do you utilize in the cellar?

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl The less the better. We raise great grapes that need little intervention. Good viticulture allows early harvest...#SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl ...with no risk of green flavors. Early harvest results in good acid structure. Low yields result in complexity. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl From @LFThomas10: @AchavalFerrerUS What viticultural challenges to you find at such high altitude? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @LFThomas10 The usual but accentuated: hail, frost. Less fungal pressure, almost no pest pressure.Keep skin integrity #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @LFThomas10 Keep the hydration of the plant without either falling into stress or over-watering. Balance the growth #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @LFThomas10 Lastly, Bring the plant into a cycle in which it stops growing and lignifies the shoots before veraison.#SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Fr @Racheldelrocco: @AchavalFerrerUS reason 4 distinction of single vineyard wines - terroir and altitude? Or production methods? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @racheldelrocco It’s only the vineyards. Actually the production methods are identical (to be true to the purpose) #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @KeeperColl - Hello #SommChat - glad to join you this morning!

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl .@demilove great to see you on #SommChat look forward to your questions @AchavalFerrerUS

WineCompass ‏@winecompass @AchavalFerrerUS Do you try to retain a consistant flavor profile with the Quimera or does it change each vintage? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: @ArchavalFerrerUS Who/What inspired you to enter a career in the #wine industry?

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @SantiagoAchaval #SommChat caught the wine bug while taking an MBA close the Napa & Sonoma.You know, drinking on the weekends..

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @SantiagoAchaval And found that I loved the vineyards more than the tasting room! #SommChat

Luke Boland ‏@Luke_Boland @KeeperColl @AchavalFerrerUS Bout to crack this Finca Altamira and see what its all about! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl .@Luke_Boland so excited to hear what you taste in this special @AchavalFerrerUS #wine #SommChat

Luke Boland ‏@Luke_Boland @KeeperColl @AchavalFerrerUS Finca Altamira showing great. Incredible fruit density, freshness and lift. Lots of floral/spice too! #SommChat

Luke Boland ‏@Luke_Boland @AchavalFerrerUS Has the elegant/powerful nose of St. Joseph, but a spicy drive on the palate distinctly Malbec. Awesome wine! #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @Luke_Boland Thank you for this feedback & glad you are enjoying Fince Altamira 2013 #SommChat

Linda Adams ‏@lwa235 @KeeperColl I'm here for just a bit @AchavalFerrerUS #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @lwa235 - Hi Linda! Great to see you! - #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl .@lwa235 so great to see you here with @AchavalFerrerUS on #SommChat

Linda Adams ‏@lwa235 @KeeperColl @AchavalFerrerUS I'm so thankful for #SommChat even tho I don't get to chime in often

Luke Boland ‏@Luke_Boland @KeeperColl @AchavalFerrerUS How was the 13 harvest in general in Mendoza? #SommChat

June Rodil @JuneRodil @Luke_Boland @KeeperColl @AchavalFerrerUS Late to show but curious as well re vintage. Have noticed really great consistency in AR #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @JuneRodil @Luke_Boland Finca Altamira thanks you! Not our merit alone, though love & dedication drives our side of the equation. #SommChat

Judia Black @enjoielife @KeeperColl @AchavalFerrerUS @MerrillBon @NebbioLover @vinogger so sorry I can't attend #SommChat today. Will check archives! @VinoCaPisco

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove For me, Malbec is a kinda new thing (I just turned 21 five minutes ago <smile>) - who are some of its pioneers? - #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines Gotta say the Catena family... I wish I was in BA & Mendoza now, such beautiful places #SommChat @ParkPlaceWines

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @demilove Raul de la Mota, Jorge Richitelli, Pepe Galante, and of course Roberto Cipresso! #SommChat

Courtney Cochran ‏@HipTastesMaven @AchavalFerrerUS Santiago - If you weren't running a bodega in Argentina, where would you most like to make #wine? #SommChat cc @KeeperColl

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @HipTastesMaven @KeeperColl Paso Robles, but here you find me in Argentina today! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. What is the “personality” of Finca Altamira overall and of this new 2013 vintage, @AchavalFerrerUS? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl Personality overall: Altamira is expressive, showoff, even “sexy”. Fresh, vibrant, overt, mineral, floral... #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl ...But also in the best years like 13, it has a density of texture that almost seams creamy in the palate. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl From @mkmaroney @AchavalFerrerUS What pairing advice can you offer and how do we distinguish quality producers and/or vintages? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney Let’s forget the obvious of red (rare) meats and (rare) lamb. Go for alternatives: salmon (rare)... #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney ...or scallops in a creamy sauce! (Spring Restaurant, Chicago, 2003) #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney ...anything with a little fat and even some spiciness. The fat balances the tannin structure... #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney ...and the fruit balances the spice. #SommChat

Chris McFall ‏@C_McFall @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @mkmaroney What's your favorite non-obvious pairing set food w/ your wines? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. Tell us the story of how you found the Altamira vineyard #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl Driving around Mendoza looking for more land. We drove past a dilapidated, abandoned vineyard; I laughed at it. #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl ...Roberto came back 2 days later to taste the “best grapes he’d tasted in Argentina.” I ate humble pie & bought it. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl From @Renny_Griffin: @AchavalFerrerUS What is your favorite dish to pair with the Finca Altamira? #SommChat

June Rodil ‏@JuneRodil @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl Read you found inspiration during late 80s in Napa and Sonoma - what wineries struck your interest? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @JuneRodil @KeeperColl More than a specific winery, it was the vineyard scene and rhythm #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl The initial grapes you found were skin and seeds. What were the hints of the vineyard’s potential @AchavalFerrerUS #SommChat @KeeperColl

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl (1/3) Well, skins and seed reflects that the amount of juice was far less than normal for a Malbec. #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl (2/3) Far less than a Cab! Hints of the potential came from the intensity of flavors, quality of the tannin structure #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl (3/3) the length of sensation in mouth even a couple of minutes after munching on the grapes. The fragrance! #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @KeeperColl - Does Argentina have good charcuterie? I would think of that pairing well with Argent. Malbec or CS - #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. Fr @Whiskyplz: @AchavalFerrerUS what R next projects coming from achaval? What is the difference between the single vineyards? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @Whiskyplz (1/2) Getting to know our vineyards even better than we do now. Find the terroir for a fourth Finca! #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @Whiskyplz (2/2) Fine tuning the 1000 details that make a great wine. Personality differs between vineyards... #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @Whiskyplz ...I say "personality" because at certain level, it conveys no information to talk about fruit descriptors #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. @AchavalFerrerUS what is the aging process for Finca Altamira? Do you recommend this wine for collectors? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl (1/2) We sell it with a full year of bottle aging.Recommend waiting at least two to three years if you like’em young...#SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl (2/2) ...and 6 (for a total of 8) if you like them more nuanced. #SommChat

Chris McFall @C_McFall @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl Of the wines you have made, what vintage stands out as your favorite to drink right now #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @C_McFall @KeeperColl 2006 and 2002, which are impossible to find now. Well, I have some in MY cellar, come visit! #SommChat

Chris McFall ‏@C_McFall Mar 16 @AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl thank you! I'll book my flight!

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Let's make it a joint trip @C_McFall #SommChat

June Rodil ‏@JuneRodil #SommChat break w @AchavalFerrerUS scenes fr my desk: Finca Altamira, @NapaVintners map, @ChateauPalmer postcard

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS We like the way you multitask, @JuneRodil #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q fr @FelipeRiccio: @AchavalFerrerUS Besides temp, what is most impt influence of altitude on UR vines? #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @FelipeRiccio Two things: 1. Day-night temperature swings, which are important beyond the relative temperature... #SommChat

Achaval-Ferrer USA ‏@AchavalFerrerUS @KeeperColl @FelipeRiccio 2. Quality of sunlight: less “air filter”. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl WOW Achaval-Ferrer Finca Altamira was 1st Decanter Five Star Award in Argentina #knowyourwine @AchavalFerrerUS #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed talking #Wine w/ Founding Partner & President of @AchavalFerrerUS Santiago Achaval on #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl #FACT Achaval-Ferrer Finca Altamira was the first 96 point Wine Spectator wine from all of South America @AchavalFerrerUS #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Q. It’s harvest time in Argentina—how is this year’s harvest of the Altamira vineyard? @AchavalFerrerUS #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Great to have Santiago Achaval @AchavalFerrerUS join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@KeeperColl Please join us in thanking Founding Partner & President of @AchavalFerrerUS Santiago Achaval for his time on #SommChat