Burgundy Importer Becky Wasserman

3/27 Burgundy Importer Becky Wasserman

Becky Wasserman

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Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning in to #SommChat. Also - happy anniversary so SommChat.

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Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Hello Becky and sending love fr #Austin is @JuneRodil she asks: If you were to choose a region for the new world for your portfolio where would you be looking in the New World #SommChat

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat @JuneRodil I would chose Greece. Greece is perhaps the oldest world, but it is new to the wine community.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm How do you decide on #wines you will represent in your portfolio and do you make the decision or is it more than one person who decides @BeckyWasserman?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat It is entirely a team decision. We taste together, we are three generations, and we hope for a consensus.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: .@JuneRodil sends question #2 to @BeckyWasserman What is one piece of advice that you would give to #wine professionals today based upon your immense experience #SommChat

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat @JuneRodil Trust your own taste, do not follow fashion. Trends last about 10 years.

Fabian Laine @fabienlaine: very great advice. :) #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm can you explain @BeckyWasserman what is meant by the #wines “closing down” and how do you know with #Burgundy #wines when this will happen?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat Burgundians say that wine is a living entity. When a wine goes from one age to another - childhood, maturity, old age - it shuts down during the transition. We can't tell when this is going to happen.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm are you seeing any new trends in #Burgundy that are at the beginning of a 10 year trend, as you say @BeckyWasserman

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat For red burgundies - less maceration, whole cluster, very little sulfur. For whites - growers are less afraid of oxygen throughout vinification.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BeckyWasserman please share some ways you have seen the #wine world evolve since you began in this industry?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat A reliance on social media. Communication between winemakers from all countries. Women.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: One more question from @JuneRodil for @BeckyWasserman what is something that you learned in your career from a misstep that could help us today? & thanks for all you have done and do for all of us everyday #SommChat

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman:

#SommChat @JuneRodil Bad partnerships, they cause big damage and long recovery time. Miss you, June.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm can you share any younger #winemakers that you think should be on our radar screen @BeckyWasserman ?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat David Croix (he's still young), Amélie Berthaut, Nicolas Faure, Thomas Bouley, David Moreau, Emmanuel Ogereau, Mathieu Deiss, Jean Baptiste Souillard, Paul Zanetti (Clos des Epeneaux), Charles Lachaux, Sebastien Cathiard.

Fabian Laine @fabienlaine: Lovely selection :) #sommchat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @BeckyWasserman Congratulations on being awarded @Decanter Hall of Fame inductee 2019! What does this award mean to you and others that are forging after you? #SommChat

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat So honored that someone from the trading side of wine received such a prestigious award. What this represents is a recognition of our entire team.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: .@BeckyWasserman why do you think there has been such an interest suddenly in #Aligote among #Somms in the #US (glad we were on the bandwagon for more than a long time:)) #SommChat cc: @stevenpmcdonald

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat It is your song my friend. @stevenpmcdonald

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @BeckyWasserman What are your main markets that you distribute to and where would you like to expand? #SommChat

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat Our main market is the USA, and we are beginning to work in Scandinavia, Russia, the UK, Hong Kong, Chile, & Mexico. We do not work with volume so our possibilities for expansion are limited. We would like to work with more states in the USA as well.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BeckyWasserman What has been your inspiration throughout your journey and conquering the #wine #world?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat Survival for myself, my family, and the company. Glamour doesn't enter into it, and inspiration comes from the winemakers we represent.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BeckyWasserman you career is amazing to read about and imagine there is not enough time to tell it all! What is a day in your life working look like now?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: @stevenpmcdonald I've been banished from the office because my lack of computer skills. I work from the house, I answer my correspondance, and I receive customers at the house with the help of Russell.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm How hard has it been to handle the smaller #wine Productions experienced due to weather and thus small allocations for your long-term customers and customers that are new @BeckyWasserman

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat It's agriculture with a weather dependent crop, and we do our best. Allocations of certain domaines are evidently reduced. We honor our long term customers, each year is a new puzzle.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: @BeckyWasserman we were fortunate to learn from you many years ago about the beauty of #bourgogne (base) level #wines from gr8 producers - not trophy #wine drinking - can you share thoughts for #Somms on this?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat A glass of bourgogne from old vines is often tastier than a premier cru on its fourth leaf. The modest cuvées are a good indication as to the style of a winemaker. These wines often drink well when they are young.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm to enter the new markets you mentioned, do you increase your sales team internally or do you contract that out to ppl in the countries where you are expanding @BeckyWasserman

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat Peter & Paul Wasserman are our roadies until we wear them out, then the younger members of the home team will go on the road. We are very much a hands-on company.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SomMChat #Somm @BeckyWasserman You founded Becky Wasserman & Co. in 1979 and have been exporting #wines from #Burgundy and other regions! What criteria do you set for the wines you want to sell?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat The company motto is "We do not sell what we do not drink". France is rich in appellations, it's a treasure trove. The Loire, Languedoc, and Roussillon are examples. We look for something special, like a flash, quantity is secondary.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm who were your mentors when you began in the #wine Business @BeckyWasserman ?

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat Michel Lafarge, René Mugneret. They spent hours with me in the vines, in the cellars.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman on our 8 year #SommChat anniversary - it was an honor for us to have her share her knowledge.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: It was great to have Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did!

Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman: #SommChat Thank you for tuning in and for your questions, we appreciate all your continued support of the wine community.

Keeper Collection @keepercoll: Please join us in thanking Becky Wasserman @BeckyWasserman for her time and knowledge and for helping us celebrate our 8 year #SommChat anniversary