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3/28 Winemaker Serge Hochar, Chateau Musar


Q. What grapes make up the Chateau Musar red?

A. Serge: Three grape varieties make up Chateau Musar: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Cinsault. I started making wine in 1959—found 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 ratio of each grape variety. It took me 18 years to come up with this unusual/unique formula. I came up with this formula based on the conditions of Lebanon. I found it to be best combination, because I believe wine to be like a man. What does this mean? Chateau Musar is a man with a skeleton – there is the body, the flesh and the skin. The Cabernet Sauvignon is the skeleton, the Carignan is the muscle/body, and Cinsault is the skin—all three working together to create the spirit of the wine.

Chateau Musar white wine grapes were born before humanity. This is a fascination—why wine in life creates the wine philosophy.

This wine reflects a country where you have something different to explain. The quality of vegetables and fruit is amazing. Lebanon is the land of milk and honey because of the quality of food. And wine is the tool to help you discover this.

Q. How do the 2000 and 2003 vintage reds make you feel?

A. Serge: These two years are interesting because they are not classic Musars. One has more Cabernet Sauvignon, while the other has higher alcohol and higher acidity. A problem for wine can be described by thinking about a young boy. If you meet a young 18 year old boy you can understand him, you can admire him but you can’t see where he will be in 10 more years. That is why wine is such a gamble. 2000 and 2003 are different, but not yet ready. 2000 is coming along. In 3 or 4 more years, the wine starts to age but in a different process. You will see this in the 1990-1993 red Musars. 1993 is almost 19 years and you will discover a great difference in those years. I understand wine like I would a young boy of 18 years. Describing wine is boring which is why I don’t. I describe the feeling and the imagination, the emotion in my body.

When you taste wine, minutes later the wine is different but you are different having tasted that wine. Wine can teach you that you are aging and changing by the minute. What wine teaches is that you are permanently evolving. The wine is just as dynamic as you are.

Q. What type of person would Cabernet Sauvignon be? What is the personality of the grape?

A. Serge: The Cabernet Sauvignon, for me, has the ability to be part of a wine and depending on where you plant the grape. Depending on elevation/location you have different varietals. Cabernet Sauvignon can express itself anywhere, but Lebanon is different because it has everything: different heights/climates/geography. This means Cabernet Sauvignon has a structure, especially the proportion and size of grapes. This makes Cabernet Sauvignon more condense, more tannic.

Q. If Cabernet was a person, what kind of person would it be?

A. Serge: With age, wine becomes more complex, like a man. The chemistry/aging process means you have new chemicals born with the combination of the older. Wines can talk to you, especially the older and bigger wines. The older the wine is, the more it can talk, the more info it can give you. A wine becomes a fascination when you can talk with the wine and read with the wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a great variety but to me, it needs something.

Q. Where did the Chateau Musar name come from?

A. Serge: Castle in Arabic means Mozar—my father changed it to a more French sounding word—Musar—because it sounded nicer.

Q. What is the mission of Chateau Musar?

A. Serge: Wine is a philosophy and if wine is a philosophy, you have to have wine. I have evolved a lot because I have been making wine a while. I don’t believe any human can be steady in his way of thinking, because I have evolved through the years. What I thought years ago is not the same as today. So today, wine is a message of humanity, because humanity is getting lost in technology. We can’t predict where we will be in 20 years. Think about a doctor. The progress in the past 20 years has been faster and greater than 20 years before that. We are moving fast. Wine is life; wine is a miracle of life. In two days, grapes can change, and this opened my eye to the miracle of life. The miracle of life, by itself, induces philosophy. This miracle has become a sign of God. I have come back to faith, have become a believer. Jesus, when making communion, dipped bread in wine to bring it to life, so wine is life. When I saw the miracle of fermentation, I saw there must be something behind it, a maker in God.

Q. @mattreiser (Matt Reiser): @chateaumusar What is your favorite vintage thus far/most memorable wine to date? #SommChat

A. Serge: There is never a right answer to which taste better. I have no preference. Each wine represents a story, a memory, it has a place in my heart which is there and has a place – they do not eliminate each other. Wine is tolerance. Often right now I have 2004 because it is a wine that touches your feelings, it says I am here. No more. 2001 makes you think. It has a complexity that that can tire you. I don’t always like for my wine to tire me.

Q. @junerodil (June Rodil) .@chateaumusar What Champagnes do you like?

A. Serge: 30 years ago we imported Bollinger ’85 and’79, so I became used to it/ addicted to it because you tend to stick with things you are used to. I have tasted so many champagnes; I like to drink the Billecart Salmon. I like champagne with character. I like wines with identity which say: ‘I am here, I have my Identity, you like me or you don’t, I don’t care.’

Q. You have 2 rose wine – can you tell us about those?

A. Serge: We have one, the Musar Rose made with Cinsault grape which is very popular, and we have another which is not a rose, but I produce because it involves champagne and I love champagne rose. 40 years ago I made champagne but everyone said I’m not in France, so I cannot make it. So I made for me a Chateau Musar Rose, which is a blend of Musar white grapes with 3% Cinsault, which we do not currently ship to the US. We produce about 600 cases. This Rose has the ability to live as long as the chateau white.

Q. @MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): .@chateaumusar What are the biggest markets for your wine world wide? Are there any challenges with exporting from Lebanon? #SommChat

A. Serge: In 1975: The war started and our market disappeared; in three years sales dropped 90% so we looked outside of Lebanon. Question was, where to export wines? We went everywhere. But the only place I met knowledgeable people and great importers of wine was in the UK, where the wine thinking was already open minded, because they were not a wine producing country, so they were open to anything. In 1979 I went to a wine affair, and the “find of the fair” was Chateau Musar! At this occasion, I was in Bristol and had a friend who was a wine buyer, came to my room and tasted the wine (he imported in 1971 before everyone) then someone passes by and it’s Michael Broadbent! Michael tasted the wines (1967, 61 then 59 vintages). Michael told me that he wanted me to join him for a tasting. We went to a tasting with Michael and another wine writer. I was written up in the December issue of Decanter magazine where Michael Broadbent said: I met Serge, and I tasted the ’79, ’59, then Michael called them great wines! So we started in the UK which became our first market. For the last couple of years I have been working with Broadbent Selections, and I think the US market will take over the UK in 20 years.

Q. Have you had any challenges with exporting wine from Lebanon?

A. Serge: I know of no problems and have been exporting for 40 years. For me personally, exporting is a challenge in itself but it was always about finding the right market, the right people, I of whom I could convince. And I managed to do so. The challenge is on you, not the people you want to work with. If I talk about the US 40 years ago, the US was drinking wine but was not a wine country. Now you have integrated the wine and the philosophy of wine. So now even you eat (since becoming interested in wine) better. I have been coming to the US more than 45 years ago. I went to San Francisco, and I could have a good wine, but the choices were limited. Now, California has so many interesting fascinating wines. The US has integrated the culture of wine very well. Today, we are the country that will be behind the wine in the future.

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Serge says “ ’00 & ’03 red are different & good, have more time, look at each at age 18-will have moved from boyhood to man” @Chateaumusar #SommChat

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar via @demilove What grape do you think #Lebanon’s terroir is most suited for & which one offers the most promise? #WW #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. (1/2) @demilove All grapes of the world b/c Lebanon is ideal terroir, geography, location for all the grapes to get best maturity. #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. (2/2) @demilove Lebanon is the ideal place for all fruits and vegatables you can think of. #SommChat

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar Can you give us a little bit of the history behind Chateau Musar- how it got started, etc? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll (1/3) After 1 year of studying medicine in France, my father came back to Lebanon & started the winery. Never knew why. #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll (2/3) He started making wine with the help of an uncle of mine who graduated from Monteplier and who was an agronomist #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll (3/3) I was forced by my father to make wine #SommChat

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@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @CaravelleChamp Serge: whites are 10 times bigger than reds -if you taste white first, you will not be able to understand @chateaumusar red #SommChat

@BistroSanMartin (Bistro San Martin): On #SommChat, Serge Hochar @ChateauMusar says white #wine 10X bigger & should be tasted AFTER red! Do you agree?

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@JuneRodil (June Rodil): @chateaumusar @CaravelleChamp @keepercoll Just tried red after white & entire structure of red changed: more linear less effusive #SommChat

@JuneRodil (June Rodil): @CaravelleChamp @chateaumusar @keepercoll Serge: The weight of the wine is so impressive and once you taste it becomes… memory #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): Guess I’ll have to just try them for myself @MDSmitty2488. I may never get the true answer to that question. #SommChat #WW

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @chateaumusar What makes Lebanon’s terroir so special? How do you retain such elegance in a hot climate? #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @MDSmitty2488 love that question about #lebanon’s terroir – look at my answer to @Demilove – thanks for asking #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar You have been described as a “non-interventionalist” #winemaker, tell us more about what that means #WW #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll This means that I let the grape make its work. I just watch it. #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @chateaumusar @CaravelleChamp I hear over and over again that Chateau Musar whites are a real conundrum! What grapes go into them? #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): They are! RT @enjoielife: I hear over and over again that Chateau Musar whites are a real conundrum! What grapes go into them? #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar How did u persevere in #winemaking despite the history of conflict/adversity in Lebanon? What is ur motivation? #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll My silly character #SommChat #WineWednesday

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar How would you describe the overall taste of Musar white #wine? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll Musar white is the best companion you could think of #SommChat #WineWednesday

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@chateaumusar @keepercoll why are there so few wines in the world like Musar? #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Thx to @Texsom for introducing us to @Chateaumusar #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): When was the last time u had @chateaumusar #wine? Serge wants to know! Tell him what you remember about the wine! #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll last time was 02 red half bottle from the table of @peterwasserman…too young was my thought. #SommChat

@racheldriver (Rachel Driver): @chateaumusar Last week tasted 11 wine vertical from ’90s forward. Before that, an 8 year tasting from ’79 to ’95. Love the ’81. #SommChat

@ahillsey (Andrea Hillsey): @keepercoll @chateaumusar the entry level red at @wolfeswines awesome value #SommChat

@racheldriver (Rachel Driver): @chateaumusar @keepercoll first experience with white was in half bottles, vintage ’04 I think. Obadieh and Merwah rock! #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): I was lucky enough to be with @racheldriver for that awesome night! 97 was my favorite of the bunch. #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @MDSmitty2488 can you describe why the ’97 was fav of the bunch? #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @chateaumusar Have to go back to notes for specifics. I liked the bright fruit mixed w/florals, great acid and integrated tannin #SommChat

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @enjoielife Here’s what I’ve been reading all week after the @chateaumusar vertical. #SommChat

@racheldriver (Rachel Driver): ’96! “@MDSmitty2488: I was lucky enough to be with @racheldriver for that awesome night! 97 was my favorite of the bunch. #SommChat”

@winejames (James Tidwell): .@keepercoll Last @chateaumusar wines tasted: 1995 and 1998 red. Both delicious, but different. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @winejames how were 1995 and 1998 different for you? #SommChat

@winejames (James Tidwell): .@keepercoll: @winejames how were 1995 and 1998 different for you?//’95 silky smooth & earthy; ’98 more herbs & spice. #SommChat

@Tokyo__Blues (Roberto Ainslie): @keepercoll I drink @chateaumusar Hochar as often as possible! It’s my favorite btg @CongressAustin. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): #GREAT to hear about your experiences with @chateaumusar #wine, keep the memories coming! PS. Serge is LOVING this! #SommChat

@mikehiller (Mike Hiller): I tasted the @chateaumusar wines a year ago (@texsomm) & loved their grace and complexity. Amazing lingering finish. #SommChat @winejames

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar What are the biggest challenges #facing Lebanese exports? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll My country is my biggest challenge #SommChat #WineWednesday

@WineFoodTX (Wine & Food Fndn TX): @RickBakas Twitter list ‘BAMF’ should now have a population of 2. #SergeHochar @chateuamusar #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): Happy birthday, #SommChat ! Thanks for all the great guests and convo every week.

@MDSmitty2488 (Davis Smith): @chateaumusar Which foods do you recommend pairing with your #wine? #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): Try foie gras & 2001/2004 blanc- each will enhance foie gras N diff way. @Chateaumusar has ability 2 chg way the food pleasures U #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @MDSmitty2488 foie gras & #caviar w/white ’89, another pairing is w/cheese ’59 white. U can have in beginning middle & end of meal #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @MDSmitty2488 oyster bake, flat bread, uni….. the complexity/dimension of the white lends itself to so many foods- #youmustry #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): @enjoielife @MDSmitty2488 I believe Musar White’s grapes are obaideh and merwah. @chateaumusar #SommChat #WW @keepercoll

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @CaravelleChamp (1 of 2) we have 2 roses-Jeune in US-made w/cinsault #SommChat #WW

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @CaravelleChamp (2 of 2) 2nd rose- Chateau Rose-blend @chateaumusar white w/3% cinsault – very small production & not yet N US #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp @CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): @chateaumusar Serge, does your Musar Rosé have the same aging potential as your white? #SommChat @keepercoll #WW Loving this!!!

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): @CaravelleChamp The Chateau Musar Rose, which is a blend of Musar white grapes with 3% Cinsault, which we do not currently ship to the US. This Rose has the ability to live as long as the chateau white.

@enjoielife (Judia Black): Thank you for sharing @CaravelleChamp! Will definitely try @ChateauMusar White soon as I can! @MDSmitty2488 @keepercoll #SommChat #WW

@richbltn (Richard Belton): @keepercoll @chateaumusar what got you first started into the wine business? #SommChat

@WineFoodTX (Wine & Food Fndn TX): @richbltn @keepercoll @chateaumusar Apparently ‘paternal slavery’ #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar Over 50 years making wine at Musar, what are the biggest changes you have seen in the wines of Musar? #WW #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll My age #SommChat #WineWednesday

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar What are some of the biggest challenges you see in the wine world today? #WW #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll (1/2) Lost identity. Today, all tech & progress into understanding what is wine, is in fact killing the soul of wine #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll (2/2) To make it simple. Technology is killing wine #SommChat #WineWednesday

@sethmlong (Seth M. Long): @chateaumusar @keepercoll “Technology is killing wine’

@jonathanseeds (Jonathan Seeds): Quote of the day: “@chateaumusar: Technology is killing wine #SommChat #WineWednesday”

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @keepercoll. – I (heart) #SommChat! I hope one day I can taste in person with all of you. Please Tweet me if you’re ever in Chicago!

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @demilove We will and hope we can #SommChat

@pazlevinson (paz levinson): @keepercoll @chateaumusar #wine #SommChat I’ve taste the ‘98 many years ago here in Arg. Was a very nice experience because I was studying it

@junerodil (june rodil): @keepercoll Trying to limit Serge Hochar to 140? Impossible. Watching him try to? Priceless. #sommchat

@DomaineSelect (DSWE): @JuneRodil Well said! Serge has way too much good stuff to say. Twitter only restricts him! #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): Agree @enjoielife. Cheers to the photog @JuneRodil #SommChat #WW

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): Same here! RT @MattMcGinnis: Agree @enjoielife. Cheers to the photog @JuneRodil #SommChat #WW

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar How does Lebanese #wine differ from any other wine in the world? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll Because of the location of Lebanon. The geography. The combination of Mediterranean, soil, mountains and sun. #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco(Countess Rose Perry): Serge Hochar @Chateaumusar = #wine #legend! Show him

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar Do you plan on passing the authority over Chateau Musar onto your son as your father did to you? #Wine Wednesday #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. (1/2) @keepercoll I hope my sons, Gaston and Marc and my nephew, Ralph will take over Musar. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @chateaumusar What words of advice do you have for people interested in getting into the #wine industry? #WW #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): A. @keepercoll Don’t come to wine as a way to make money. There is in philosophy a word called ‘acte gratuit’. Got it? #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @enjoielife @chateaumusar @keepercoll I believe “Acte gratuit” philosophy applies to many careers people pursue for pure passion. #SommChat

@PeterTroilo (Peter Troilo): @keepercoll “acte gratuit”! Isn’t that the truth?! #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO): So many questions, so little time! Amazing Q & A with @chateaumusar on #SommChat Had the 91 a few weeks ago. A classic wine!

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): A @chateaumusar toast to a fabulous #SommChat w Serge Hochar this #WineWednesday!

@afpritchard (Annie Pritchard): What a fun #SommChat today! Happy birthday SommChat! You haven’t aged a bit but you’ve certainly grown!! Cheers #WineWednesday

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): It was great to have @chateaumusar join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Please join us in thanking Serge Hochar, Winemaker @chateaumusar for his time #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): If any1 missed some of the chat today, remember we’ll post an archive soon to for you to review later #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Mark ur calendar! #SommChat Wed 4/4 11 AM CST @jasminehirsch of Hirsch Vineyards will be our featured guest 2 answer ur questions! #CantMiss

@delectable (Delectable): Thanks for a great #SommChat I learn so much from these. @keepercoll @willevered @chateaumusar @enjoielife @afpritchard #WW

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@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Thanks Serge!!RT @keepercoll Please join us in thanking Serge Hochar, Winemaker @chateaumusar for his time #SommChat

@scottota (Scott Ota): Thank you so much for your insight. Looking forward to seeing you later today and to tasting more history. Thank you @keepercoll! #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): Merci Serge! What an anniversary! RT @keepercoll: Please join us in thanking Serge Hochar, Winemaker @chateaumusar for his time #SommChat

@chateaumusar (Chateau Musar): “l like wines with identity that say I am here” – Serge @Chateaumusar #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): that’s why you’re so special! RT @chateaumusar: “l like wines with identity that say I am here” – Serge @Chateaumusar #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @StephanieMiskew @chateaumusar Cheers! I’ll toast to a fabulous #SommChat this #WineWednesday with Serge Hochar and @keepercoll as well!

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): @enjoielife Cheers! always a pleasure to enjoy @ChateauMusar cc @MDSmitty2488 @keepercoll #SommChat

@BistroSanMartin (Bistro San Martin): Thank you Serge Hochar, Winemaker @chateaumusar! We always enjoy the knowledge shared on #SommChat with @keepercoll on #WineWednesday

@StemGrip (StemGrip): Great #SommChat today! Amazing to hear @chateaumusar experienced perspective on the world of wine. #Interesting&Informative

@drloosenwines (Dr. Loosen Wines): Congrats! You’re doing an awesome job! RT @keepercoll: Today is extra special because #SommChat is officially 1 yr old today! #WW

@RileyNW (16h Riley Davis): Great day. Receiving the highest score on the Certified Sommelier Exam and thank you to everyone at @guildsomm for the scholarship #SommChat

@drloosenwines (Dr. Loosen Wines): If you missed our national sales director, Doug Krenik MS on #SommChat this month, here’s a transcript. #wine #ww