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3/30 Sommelier Matt Reiser


“Raise a glass – not your nose!”~ Matt Reiser, Sommelier

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q1. What does it mean to let a #wine “breath”? How do I know if it should? via @gustofreginald #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A1. If a wine is young & tight (not a lot of aromatics) give it air w/quick decant #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): @MattReiser, Do the Vinturi wine aerators work just as well, or should I use a decanter? #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): yes those aerators are great for young wines that are tight #sommchat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): Great question!!! @jennaweiberg #sommchat @MattReiser

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): the aerators are definitely better on higher alch. new world wines and young vintages #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q2. Does drinkability trump a “great” vintage & why? via @peterwasserman #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser) A2. @keepercoll @peterwasserman yes older delicate wines don’t need the extra air #SommChat like #pinotnoir

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A2. (cont.) Flavor is most important “best vintages” often most showy not always truest #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A2. (cont.) Great vintages are grand but unless you have time to cellar trust your fav. Producers #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A2. (even more) Trust your gut favorite producers make better than most in lesser vintages #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser I could not have said it better myself! In the wine world 3 golden rules! producer producer producer #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Can you give us an example of a current “drinkable” #wine vs. a “great vintage” wine? #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll sure say a young and fresh californian #Sauvingon Blanc–drink now #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll whereas an ’00 white Bordeaux (also has #Sauvignon Blanc) can cellar for many more years #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection) @MattReiser Q3. Whats the best yr (of last 5 yrs) for the following: #Champagne, #CabernetSauvignon, #Chardonnay? via @maddieleah #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A3. For Champagne I defer to growers who typically go back 4-5 yrs or less so haven’t committed infanticide w/ Champagnes #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A3. ’06 for #cabernet sauvignon, prefer new world Sonoma & Mt. Napa fruit – cool harvest great wines #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A3. For #chardonnay, ’07 #Burgundy Macon wines – screaming minerality & pretty fruit #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): @MattReiser, why are older vintages of #Barolo so expensive? Are they really that much better? #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @jennaweiberg @peterwasserman because the #nebbiolo grape needs time to develop making and law requires 5 yrs age-(rent) #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q4. Do you think ~27 descriptors without a verb constitute good #wine reviewing? via @peterwasserman #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A4. Good wine reviews leave out fancy trips & advertising dollars & concise tasting notes #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser What’s your most trusted resource for wine reviews? #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll #Burghound #SommelierJournal most trusted winemakers #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll @peterwasserman If there are flashy advertisements–beware–someone is paying for a review! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q5. What does it mean when your bottle of #wine is ‘corked’ and how can you tell? via @jennaweiberg #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A5. TCA or cork taint is no joke–up to 5% of wine can have some #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A5. If wine smells of wet basement or moldy, send it back- no one wants you to taste their corked wine #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser it used to be up to 7% on the industry standard but better practices have brought it back down. #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): @MattReiser, can you specify what TCA is? #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @jennaweiberg @peterwasserman trichloralanisol a compound detected on a PPM #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @jennaweiberg @peterwasserman so invasive that 1 part per million will spoil the whole lot #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): Thanks, just curious! @MattReiser #sommchat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser This is really good stuff thanks Matt!!! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q6. What does the word “terroir” really mean? via @peterwasserman #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A6. “Terroir” is a sense of place, the idea that 1 wine from 1 place will taste different #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A6. “Terroir” is the interconnectedness of grape to soil and the web of life–all influences #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser Beautiful way to put it! #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman thx could have been a 20 page answer #thankyoushorttweets! #sommchat

@GustofReginald (Kimberly Parker): @mattreiser @keepercoll mmm! All of this wine talk is making me want a BIG glass! I don’t think work would mind, do you? #SommChat

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@corkhoarder (Bryan Garcia): @MattReiser what is “natural wine?” cc: @jennaweiberg @peterwasserman #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @corkhoarder @peterwasserman @jennaweiberg natural wine is wine with minimal manipultion #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @corkhoarder @peterwasserman @jennaweiberg unfiltered and unfined, no use of preservatives (or very little) #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @corkhoarder @peterwasserman @jennaweiberg the wines are cloudy from unfiltering, but many believe it adds to the flavor #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): Great question, @corkhoarder! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q7. What is #GrowerChampagnes and what is so special about them? via @peterwasserman #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A7. #GrowerChampagnes are much smaller production, many delving back many vintages for house style #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A7. #GrowerChampagnes have the utmost care for the fruit which goes in the bottle–chances are they farmed it #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A7. best #Champagne is made from the best juice! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection):@MattReiser When shopping for #champagne, how do I know if I’m buying #GrowerChampagnes or “Negociant” Champagnes? #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll great question. The small letters NM in middle of label smallest font ever = negociant #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll RM=grower champagne to put it simply, but you should still know your producer #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser could you say that grower champagne is more terroir driven than negociant Champagne? #Sommchat

@theleftoverchef (Loren): @MattReiser is vintage Champagne better than non-vintage Champagne? #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @theleftoverchef @peterwasserman not always, many NV Champagnes are many different vintages making for consistent house style #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @theleftoverchef @peterwasserman Vintage Champagnes are more about the base wine (in best vintages) and age longer #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q8. What’s the real difference between DOCG and DOC #italian #wines? via @jhatt85 #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A8. #DOC wines may be from a little larger growing area and a little less strict on the grapes grown #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A8. #DOCG wines have the highest restrictions w/ alcohol, grapes used and aging requirements #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): Interesting! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser These next couple of Qs are from fellow #SommsUF Judge @peterwasserman (he’s a #Burgundy lover if you can’t tell!)… #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): We’ve claimed them as “Stump Questions” b/c their a little tougher than the rest – let’s see what ya got! #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll @peterwasserman ohhh NOOOO! #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @keepercoll YOU DIDN”T!!!!! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q9. Name 3 vineyards in #Burgundy which have 3 levels of classification, via @peterwasserman #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll @peterwasserman ekk this is a total guess!! #sommchat here goes….

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll @peterwasserman A9. 1) Chablis #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll @peterwasserman A9. 2) Clos de Vougeot… #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll @peterwasserman A9. 3) Charlemange…really stretching here… #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser you got two right, Chablis and Clos de Vougeot, except it’s the vineyard above, Combe D’orveaux #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser Combe D’Orveaux is village, 1er Cru and Grand Cru #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman) @MattReiser And the third is Clos de la Roche with the Mont Luisant Vineyard #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser Its Village above with Ponsot, 1er cru Morey on the slope and Grand Cru as you hit Clos de la Roche #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman great question – could have stumped the best of them #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser Corton on the red side not the white side! so you were close! #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman I’ll just have to spend more time in Burgundy studying them #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman I’m in the hot seat! #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser I’d say you’re cool under fire! ) #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman dying for the last question…. #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @MattReiser Q10. What village in #Burgundy has 9 Monopolies, via @peterwasserman #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser I’ll give you 1 clue: it’s a village that carries another name as its core appellation in the Cote de Nuits #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): A10. My heart says Vosne-Romanee, but could be trick question and Beaune it could be too…VR is my final answer #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser It’s a reallllllly tough question, super duper geeky like #burgundy trivial pursuit for MSs and MWs #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): @peterwasserman, is VR correct? #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman what is the answer? #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @jennaweiberg @MattReiser Its premeaux-prissey #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman @jennaweiberg now that is cork-dork maximus…WOW #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @peterwasserman good thing I am a couple years away from MW exam to say the least #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @MattReiser Not to worry that was really tricky had no idea they’d use that one! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): That’s all the Q’s WE have for @MattReiser – if any1 has any others, ask away! We’ll announce the #giveaway winner momentarily #SommChat

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Thanks to everyone for joining us for #SommChat! I hope you learned something about #wine and #sommelier @MattReiser #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @keepercoll CONGRATS TO @corkhoarder #SommChat #giveaway #winemaker

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): I hope everyone will join me in thanking @MattReiser for an awesome job sharing his #sommelier knowledge! #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): Thanks @MattReiser! Felt like I learned a lot from this! #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @jennaweiberg thanks to all lots of fun #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @keepercoll Thanks Matt that was fun! #sommelier #SommChat

@margaretarnot (margaret arnot): Thanks @MattReiser! It was great #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): Can’t wait for next week! Who’s going to be answering questions? #sommchat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @keepercoll @peterwasserman who is up on the block next week #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @jennaweiberg That would be me…. #sommchat

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@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): Follow my motto: Raise a glass–not your nose! And the rest will come naturally #SommChat