Master of Wine Elizabeth Gabay

4/17 Master of Wine Elizabeth Gabay

Elizabeth Gabay

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Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Hi everyone - delighted to be with you on #sommchat from sunny Languedoc

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KeeperColl @keepercoll: Let's start talking #wines and #rose with Elizabeth Gabay MW on @ LizGabayMW #WineWednesday #SommChat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm@LizGabayMW How did you start off in the #wine world, but most importantly how did you learn about it as a novice?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: The awful this is I don't really remember - it sort of happened! I liked wine, I travelled.... and before I knew it I was doing wine courses #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #SommChat@LizGabayMW How did you decide to become and MW instead of MS and Can you explain the process you went through to become a Master of #wine?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: When I started my studies in the late 1980s I wasn't aware of the MS programme, although I remember liking the performance of restaurant service. I was selling wine so MW was more obvious... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: So I started teh MW in 1993 and past the theory in 1994 (a month before my wedding!) The practical was slower - juggling a young family - and I passed in 1998 This year I join the 21 club #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: the MW programme is quite formal at first. You learn the regions and methods and then you are pushed in the deep end and have to think and question everything #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: @LizGabayMW You are the president of the Jury for the International Rosé Championship and have judged at @Decanter annual World #Wine Awards, what do you look for in the #wines when judging??#SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: What do I look for???? Steven Spurrier always says - what more can a wine do to get the next level higher. Always a good question to remember. There is no such thing as a perfect wine. So I look for a wine which has complexity, excitement, balance... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: But also I look for typicity. If a wine is fantastic - does it lose marks because atypical? No - but also important to think that some varieties or traditions are completely different to our preconcieved ideas of classic beauty #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @LizGabayMW to what do you contribute the increasing interest in #rose #wines with both consumers and #Sommeliers ?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Most common response is that the wine is simple, no questions asked, just drink.... I yawn - not what I want and not what a sommelier wants. There is a rise in new exciting styles and I think the potential is very energising #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: @LizGabayMW Please share abt your #rose book written for @cwl_wine and how that process went!? Why Rose? Any plans to write another book in the future? #SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: This was off to a bad start. I was asked to do a book on rosé because I live in Provence. My husband said - you don't like rosé. I am now addicted to discovering more about this wine ... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: now working on a second edition and also plans on more detailed wine regions just rosé #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm what regions of the world do you think are currently making the most thoughtful Rose #wines and what are some up and coming areas to watch for Rose @LizGabayMW ?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Difficult to answer because so many wine regions are now making so much exciting rosé it is impossible to catch up. Some regions have potential but need confidence. I love some of the local grapes around the Mediterranean Negroamaro, Bobal, Xinomavro... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW:But I also like some of the off dry Loire rosés with their great fruit and acidity,. Sadly US rosés other than white zin don't really make their way over here. But I think Italy for me is one of the hot spots #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: @LizGabayMW how long did it take you to write the @cwl_wine Rose #Wine Book and if you get writers block what is your go-to to “unblock”! #SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: I was given 6 months to write the book - I honestly did not think it would take me longer - I extended to 8 months. No time for writers block. Biggest problem was getting people to believe I was serious about writing a wine book not a coffee table book ...#sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Even now there is surprise that an MW!!! bothered to write about rosé #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @LizGabayMW How do you see Rose #wines developing in the future of the #wineworld?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Texture. I think rosé will never be a big blockbuster but it excels at texture - adding in some grapes with longer maceration/orange wine, cement, amphora, subtle oak. It is all about playing with delicacy and texture. #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm

#Italy for Rose #wines- thanks, interesting. Can you share some that we should try from Italy @LizGabayMW

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Sparkling pink - Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Noir is delicious. Piedmont - lots of variety - every cariety is used. Just starting to work with the rosés of Maremma in Tuscany - love saline edge to the wines from coastal vineyards... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Some very interesting high altitude, volcanic soil wines from Etna - not all but some arevery intriguing. Negroamaro (again - can you tell I love this grape) from Salento in Puglia #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @LizGabayMW are most #Rose #wines made in the same process in the cellars OR have you seen some processes that you think are most successful as you have studied these wines?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Vast majority of roses are still following a formula. Early harvest, minimum skin contact, temperature controlled fermentation in tank and presto - standard rosé...#sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: But what is interesting to me - ambient yeast - very few around but there are some very interesting wines - researching this now. Roses made at a slightly warmer temperature - over 18C. Large barrels - neutral oak like Stockinger or old. ...#sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: acacia barrels are lovely - give a charm , fruit and weight without any hardness. Cherry is also being looked into. A few are using amphora - which is having interesting results #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr aspiring #Somm thinking about #wine writing - @LizGabayMW what advice would U give to some1 thinking abt going into writing & when not writing the book do you write other wine related items? #SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: set up your own website which will give you freedom about the subjects that interest you. To be honest it is hard to think of a new angle & many publications do not want anything different...#sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: but your own site will allow you to explore how you might develop a subject, which ideas might work as a pitch to an editor,. Join some of the many on line writer groups to discuss ideas #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm in the #US people think of Rose #wines as summertime warm weather #wines - have you seen that this similar to other areas of the world? What can a Somm do to sell to customer year round @LizGabayMW

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Yes - rosé has been very much a summer only wine - & these are often the more simple fresh styles. But roses with greater weight, oak, longer maceration or age such as Tavel can be great for autumn/winter... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: also - the dreaded phrase climate change with hotter summers which makes a big impact on cvolume of rosé consumed #sommchat

Sommbuddy @Sommbuddy1: It’s simply drab outside, why not have a fresh, crisp Rose that can transport you to feeling bright and sunny?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Have just finished tasting 80 Languedoc rosés on a sunny day. Some were great for a hot day. But one of my favourite rosés is a rosé retsina - real Greek atmosphere #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: DID you know that Over 90 rosés won medals this year in the @texsomiwa Competition go to their website to see the winner and more #SommChat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: @LizGabayMW When you’re not drinking Rose #wine, what are you drinking ? #SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Good question. I also do a lot of work in Hungary and Slovakia - so drink a lot of white wines such Olaszrizling from Hungary, Skeksárdi bikaver - Kadarka reds... anything really - not much choice in shops in rural France though #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: @LizGabayMW What is something that you would like to see happen in the #wine world? #SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Would like us to move on from rigid definition of red white rosé and focus on the quality of the wine. I think we get too hung up on fashion. and sometimes forget to relax and just enjoy the wine. Sometimes it can be too competitive #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll:Q fr #SommChat #Somm what should ppl look for when they are considering buying Rose #wines @LizGabayMW

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Clear glass can lead to light strike - so make sure the bottle is not being displayed to show colour - can kill the wine. Personally the fancy bottles put me off. I am buying the wine not a new flower vase #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: .@LizGabayMW What is a day in your life working look like? #SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: I travel a lot. Almost every other week - so Hungary, Slovakia, Spai, Italy around France... so I have suitcase always around. But I also live in a beautiful alpine village and when at home I take time to go out, walk, have a coffee ... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: I try to taste as much as possible - - largely rosé to keep up to date #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm did you include Sparkling Roses in your book or only still and if not why not @LizGabayMW ? Would your book be a good resource for a MS or MW candidate or more for consumer?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW:Yes there is one chapter on sparkling - not enough but and needs more - but look at the different champagne methods, and other key regions. Definitely aimed this book to be for MW and MS market #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #Somm @LizGabayMW do you see any new trends in #rose #wines developing in the next few years and if so what #SommChat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: I would like to say yes but this is where I have rosé so exciting - everyone around the world is beginning to explore and experiment - almost impossible to define one trend. #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @LizGabayMW what regions did you include this time in the Sparkling #rose category?

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Limoux, Franciacorte, Bugey, pet nat, cava penedes and English sparkling and champagne. Tried to focus on what each style contributed differently - varieties, profile etc. #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm did you get any stats while writing your book on Rose #wine production in the world and what regions are seeing the most growth in Rose sales @LizGabayMW

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: I looked at stats but... the book was written in 2017 with stats already a year old 2016 - so out of date. The other problem is stats look at grape colour planted - so mixed with red ... #sommchat

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: so while rosé sales are apparently growing, it is sometimes difficult to be precise ofer where and how. Australia and New Zealand growning, US, Central europe growing. Italy declinging #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm is Rose #wine production very old historically or is it more a new production ie any quick history you can share @LizGabayMW

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: The oldest style. Historically a mix of grapes were planted to cope with vintage variation so some years more red or more white. The fashion for big reds in 19th century killed the lighter rosés #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm how will your new #rose book differ from your current one @cwl_wine @LizGabayMW

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: I think there will be more techincal viticulture and vinification detail. There is so much we still need to know and understand on what makes rosé good and different #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW #WineWednesday #SommChat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: It was great to have Elizabeth @LizGabayMW join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

Elizabeth Gabay MW @LizGabayMW: Thank you so much! Fantastic questions and delighted to see interest beyond the swimming pool! #sommchat

KeeperColl @keepercoll: Please join us in thanking Elizabeth Gabay MW on @ LizGabayMW for her time #SommChat