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4/19 Wine Writer Bianca Bosker


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KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Let’s start talking 2 #Wine #writer Bianca Bosker @bbosker about #Wine on #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: Let’s! Tag your questions #sommchat. I'm not budging for the next hour...

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Did you know that our #SommChat @bbosker #Book #CorkDork debuted on @nytimes Best seller list? Get your questions in now!

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: @bbosker When did you first realize you liked to write? #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: growing up as an only child meant I had a looott of time alone.Launched a neighborhood newspaper in elementary skl. Lasted maybe one issue?

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @keepercoll - Getting ready to flood the zone with @bbosker with Qs on #SommChat - so many things I could ask you!

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: @demilove flood the #SommChat Zone with questions for sure!

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Q fr shy #SommChat peep: who would you say is the best audience/reader for your #book - wine newbie, intermediate or ? @bbosker

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: All of the above!My friends who didnt know wine wasnt made w raspberries have loved it +oenophile friends have discovered tons too #sommchat

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm did you do research before writing your book and if so what type did you do @bbosker

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: TONS. Think CORK DORK speaks for itself in that regard-but my research involved everything from quitting my job to start over as.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: a cellar rat to apprenticing in Michelin ⭐️restos to delving into research labs to getting my brain scanned by neuroscientists.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: to trekking thru wine regions to reading countless books on everythng frm history of the nose to winespeak #sommchat So much informed my POV

Courtney Quinn @Path2Wine: Ok #wine geeks, it's time to chat with @bbosker author of #CorkDork on #sommchat right now!

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: .@Path2Wine so glad to see you on #SommChat with @bbosker look fwd to your questions abt #CorkDork

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: @bbosker When did you get interested in wine and when did you start writing about #wine? #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: the journey that became #CORKDORK started nearly 3 yrs ago. More about my wine epiphany & 'origin' here:… #sommchat

Max Rodriguez @MaxERodriguez: Since I discovered it in Paris I've been obsessed with irouleguy, but it's rare in the US. Any recs of similar things? @bbosker #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: I can see how ud be obsessed! (more for others who r curious about Irouleguy:…) u like the whites or reds? #sommchat

Max Rodriguez @MaxERodriguez: Reds were the only ones I saw/tried.

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: saw this wine fr @KermitLynchWine but have not tried it - always lots to learn about #wine - thx 4 sharing #SommChat

Max Rodriguez @MaxERodriguez: Didn’t know there were whites! When I go white I stick to non malolactics + steel barrel now that I know they exist

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @keepercoll - did you read any other wine books before starting yours (I ask cause you found a niche that wasn't covered before) #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: Yes before+during. W CORK DORK,I set out to shed light on parts of the wine world that are rarely glimpsed+take a new approach.. #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: Wine world is replete w poetry,romance.But I find the reality is way messier, more complex+more fascinating.Tried to capture that! #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: so many wine books I read+found inspiration in: @JayMcInerney's. @pasanellaandson's UNCORKED. THE ACCIDENTAL CONNOISSEUR... #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..@jetjocko’s PROOF (not just wine). @PaulLukacs INVENTING WINE. + Many many academic books+papers. My apt is basically all books #sommchat

Courtney Quinn @Path2Wine: Qs. @bbosker What were you drinking before #CorkDork and now that it's a NY Times bestseller? #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: pre-#CORKDORK: this cheapo Chardonnay that tastes like liquefied Cool Whip in a glass. Loved it. Now.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..toasted #CORKDORK hitting NYT bestseller list w. Vega Sicilia.Id been dying to try since some1 told me it was 'better than sex' #sommchat

Courtney Quinn @Path2Wine: Did @Tvegasicilia meet your expectations? And I'm guessing no Cool Whip was involved? #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: HA! No🍦. Wouldnt say Vega Sicilia was 'better than sex,' as Id been promised (see Ch6 'The Orgy' in #CORKDORK for more on that).. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..but it wasn't so far off either 😜 Ill be thinking about that bottle for a looooong time #sommchat

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @bbosker what inspired U 2 write “Cork Dork” and how did U pick UR publisher @penguinrandom #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: I became obsessed w somms'+wine lovers' obsession-how they turn lives upside⬇️ 4 flavor, suffer pain in pursuit of liquid pleasure #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: life of screens+tech was opposite extreme. I got hooked on figuring out:Why wine?What was I missing? Could I train my senses? #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..more on my inspiration for #CORKDORK here:… (+ sneak peek at intro here…) #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: @penguinrandom had so much enthusiasm and support for #CORKDORK. I'm thankful to have found such a great partner to tell my story #sommchat

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Q fr #SommChat peep: @bbosker how has becoming a @nytimes bestseller #Author changed your life - good and bad???

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: It’s a thrill and a dream! I keep pinching myself. No groupies yet tho 😜 #sommchat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: One in Chicago (mwa)! Seriously, this is the wine book I wished someone would write for years. It's not always a pretty pic - #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: That means a lot to me--thank you. Im very touched to hear that.

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @keepercoll - Did you do any waitressing or retail work growing up? Any exper like that helps your skill set - #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: My service skills,as my wine mentors can attest,were beastly when I started.Almost killed myself svrl times tryng 2 proprly open #sommchat

Wine Wars Podcast @winewarspodcast: Where is the balance between #corkdork and 'civilian'? Are #Somms the right people to bring wine to the masses? #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: Good Q! Time for the R rated stuff. - #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: Really interesting Q. For sure somms can help (+ are) to create more wine lovers. Along w servers,retailers,winemakers,writers..#sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..but I think there is room to reconsider how we as industry are going about bringing newbies into wine.. #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker:..IMO,wine industry too often tells people what to taste, instead of teaching them how to taste.Hope #CORKDORK can help shift that #sommchat

artisanswiss @artisanswiss: And Industrial producers really help with that. Not! They merely confuse the issue by producing fake wine.

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @keepercoll - Has your work as a journalist/editor made it easier to break down a wine (it's just another kind of outline, right?) #Sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: great question! I think my work as a somm has made me a better writer.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..Blind tasting offers a discipline we can use 2 filter out noise,stay true 2 our own felt experience+make more honest judgment.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..and that's a lesson that has served me well way beyond a glass of wine #sommchat

Courtney Quinn @Path2Wine: Q. Now that you @bbosker have finished #corkdork what wine region(s) do you want to visit? #winetourism #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: Tons! Slovenia holds a special draw for me-Ive been but havent explored wineries there to my satisfaction.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..My grandparents were Slovene.I buried them in Slovenia.And on both recent visits there,drank wine that touched me v deeply.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..Yes the larger experience flavored those Slovene wines.Still,they planted my curiosity to understand the story to those flavors #sommchat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @keepercoll - How do you analyze an evening dining out now that you have worked in the trenches? - #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: I pick up TONS I never did before-the hidden language,etiquette,slipups. And it's definitely made me a better restaurant citizen #Sommchat

Charles Comm PR @CharlesComm: Q @bbosker what ignited the deeper interest in #wine that led you to writing #CorkDork? #SommChat #KeeperCollection

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: here was an earlier answer to this

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: And more here!… #sommchat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @keepercoll - Have you talked to Annie since the book came out? Would love to know how she is doing. - #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: I have! She's doing well. Im actually in Alexandria VA tonight+was messaging w her trying to plot a trip back to VA Beach..🙏 #sommchat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: She’s my favorite character in the book (several are tied for least favorite . . .)

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Even though Time to wrap up talking w/ #Corkdork #Author Bianca Bosker @bbosker on #SommChat she will answer all current qs in queue :)

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @keepercoll - Hope you come to chicago for a book signing (I'll treat you to a glass or two!) - #SommChat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: Im trying to make it happen in May!! Fingers crossed. Will let you know!

Wine Wars Podcast @winewarspodcast: And Madison, WI! @SquareWineCo would seem a natural pairing for you. 🍷🍷🍷

Courtney Quinn @Path2Wine: I’m glad @bbosker could join #sommchat today! Congrats on your success with #corkdork and seriously upgrading the wines in life.

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: Thank you for your great questions and kind words!! Appreciate you joining!

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Gr8 2 have @bbosker join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did fr this @nytimes bestselling #Author! #WW

Charlie Herman @charlieherman: Hey you! Has the price of the ave. bottle of wine you buy gone up, dropped, same? What was ave $ before and now, now that you know more!

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: 👋!! Ave price has def gone⬆️.Be4 I considered spending the price of a hardcover on wine extravagant since I cldnt taste the diff.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker:..knowing more I think I have a much better nose for value wines, so I can drink well without breaking the bank.. #sommchat

Bianca Bosker @bbosker: ..but Ive also developed a taste for better💰wines,so my splurge bottles are more splurgey.Liability of knowing more but worth it #sommchat

Sandy Wasserman CS @SandyWasserman: Sorry I missed it, had good questions to ask. #sommchat

KeeperCollection @keepercoll: Hey #Houston #Austin #SommChat peeps! Read here about @bbosker #CorkDork book signing!