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4/20 Master Sommelier Drew Hendricks


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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): I’d like to introduce every1 to Master #Sommelier @DrewHendricksMS of Pappas Bros Restaurants, joining us to answer #wine Qs #SommChat

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@winesellersltd (Winesellers, Ltd): Hey! RT @keepercoll: Welcome!! Hi @texacaliali @winesellersltd @culitvatepr @peterwasserman @jennaweinberg @davidpsawyer #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): #SommChat with @drewhendricksms & @Keepcoll!! Great way to start Wine Wednesday! I’m sure I will be hungry again after this session! #WW

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): welcome @BlindedBite not to mention we will be wine hungry too #sommchat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): I’ve got a bottle of bubbly open! RT @keepercoll: welcome @BlindedBite not to mention we will be wine hungry too #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q1. @drewhendricksms What does it mean to become a Master #Sommelier & how did you get that title? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A1. @keepercoll MS Diploma & Title is awarded after a difficult exam. There are 3 levels to pass before Masters #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@drewhendricksms so what are the 3 levels before Master? #Sommelier #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll Introductory, Certified, and Advanced. Advanced is also very difficult Tasting, Service and Theory exams #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q2. @drewhendricksms As co-founder of @TexSom, how have you seen the conference & competition grow over the last 5 years? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A2. @keepercoll @TEXSOM has grown beyond our wildest dreams! From a tiny conference 7 years ago to over 300ppl last year. Amazing! #SommChat

@winesellersltd (Winesellers, Ltd): and even bigger this yr! RT @drewhendricksms: A2. @keepercoll @TEXSOM has grown beyond our wildest dreams! From a tiny conferenc.. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@drewhendricksms Where do you see the @TexSom heading in the next 5 years? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll We will continue 2 grow, would like 2 expand the idea round the country also a big part of @dallaswinecomp #expanding #SommChat

@tri_pops (Jesse): @drewhendricksms – cool, wine director for Pappas? any thoughts on your approach for putting together selections for PappaSito’s? #sommchat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll @tri_pops Pappasitos has a limited selection. Tried to do wines from Spain and also have a Sangria that I am proud of #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): Q: If You Owned a Winery …What would you do differently? via post from @WinesCom (Great question)!! #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll @BlindedBite @WinesCom I would try to make wines that are high acid and lower alc and food friendly… #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): Question: (1) Your best pairing? #SommChat #Wine #WW #wineandfoodpairings

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll @BlindedBite best pairing is Auslese rielsing and something from Lotus of Siam… #SommChat

@winesellersltd (Winesellers, Ltd): officially hungry, yum! RT @drewhendricksms: @BlindedBite best pairing Auslese rielsing and something from Lotus of Siam… #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Me 2 RT @winesellersltd: officially hungry, yum! @drewhendricksms: @BlindedBite best pairing Auslese Riesling & Lotus of Siam… #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): Adding to my list thanks! RT @drewhendricksms: @BlindedBite best pairing Auslese rielsing and something from Lotus of Siam… #SommChat #WW

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): What thrills you most about where wine ‘is’ in US today? Surprises? @drewhendricksms #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll @1queenofspoons I think it is exciting to see people loving wine in the US but I think we have a long way 2 go! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q3. @drewhendricksms Why do wine tasters smell wine? Can u really tell make or yr from smelling? Or just savor aroma? via @sanfab44 #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A3. @keepercoll the best clues in a blind tasting are structure, #tannin, acid, & #alcohol. Aromas usually only used to confirm wine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q4. @drewhendricksms As a featured #sommelier at @LaPaulee this year, can you tell us a highlight of the experience? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A4. @keepercoll @lapaulee is an amazing event! Highlight is seeing amazing wines 6Ls DRC Mont, 55 Gouges etc. After party was cool, too #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@drewhendricksms How did this year’s @LaPaulee compare to other years you’ve attended? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll @lapaulee was great this year. Good 2 see ppl sharing amazing wines. Auction market is up & collectors buying #wine #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): .@keepercoll it was the best i went to so far because people were way cool #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @drewhendricksms Q: Do you choose wines & then pair or menu 1st then wines & why? #SommChat #Wine #WW #wineandfoodpairings

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@BlindedBite A: Works both ways 4 wine dinners. We choose wines and have Chefs do food and then taste. Others choose wine after. #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @drewhendricksms Based on your answer do you have a preference on how to pair? #SommChat #Wine #WW #wineandfoodpairings

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@BlindedBite best way is to let the chef create a dish and then pair a wine. You always get the best food that way #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Great answer! RT @drewhendricksms: .@BlindedBite best way is to let chef create dish & then pair #wine. You get the best food that way #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@BlindedBite How’s that 11AM bottle of bubbly treating you?? We need join YOU for #SommChat next week! #SommChat

@winesellersltd (Winesellers, Ltd): Agreed! RT @keepercoll: .@BlindedBite How’s that 11AM bottle of bubbly treating you?? We need join YOU for #SommChat next week! #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @keepercoll – Bubbly is treating me well! Is it to early – Never when it comes to bubbly! Team is welcome to come to my casa! #SommChat #WW

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @drewhendricksms Q: favorite wine region? #SommChat #Wine #WW #wineandfoodpairings

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@peterwasserman @BlindedBite BURGUNDY of course! #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): YEAH!!! RT @drewhendricksms: .@peterwasserman @BlindedBite BURGUNDY of course! #SommChat #Wine #WW

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Don’t forget – today’s #giveaway for one #SommsUF ticket & 10 min personal Q&A with @drewhendricksms – gotta tweet to win! #wine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q5. @drewhendricksms Do you ever put a #wine on your list that is not ready to drink in your opinion but is highly sought after? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A5. @keepercoll of course we do. We sell them every day! #winebeforeitstime #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): @drewhendricksms, What is your opinion of South American #wines and the regions, in general? #sommchat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@jennaweiberg I admire the Argentinians and the way they have marketed themselves. I like some of the wines, many are homogenous. #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): @drewhendricksms, I will be in Argentina this summer. Any winery suggestions? #sommchat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@peterwasserman @jennaweiberg Catena, Luca, Balbo and Durigutti in Mendoza then go south to Patagonia very exciting! #SommChat

@winesellersltd (Winesellers, Ltd): I’ll be @ Familia Zuccardi in Aug! RT @jennaweiberg: @drewhendricksms, I will be in Argentina this summer. Any winery suggestions? #sommchat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): Thanks 4 suggestions @drewhendricksms! @winesellersltd, leaving Argentina at the end of July. I’d love to visit Zuccardi, though! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@winesellersltd Looking forward to Zuccardi at #SommsUF!! #SommChat

@winesellersltd (Winesellers, Ltd): Thanks, so are we!!! RT @keepercoll: .@winesellersltd Looking forward to Zuccardi at #SommsUF!! #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): Taking my #WSET Advanced next month, already passed tasting session, need to retake essays, any tips you can share? #Sommchat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@demilove #WSET is challenging. Having a breadth of knowledge is important and learning to communicate it directly is key. #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @drewhendricksms with bringing in Spanish wines to Pappas do you have a favorite & what’s your take on Spanish Wines? #SommChat #WW

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@BlindedBite Spanish wines are great! Lots of different styles old and new school and amazing people. Try some #portuguesewines 2 #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @drewhendricksms – Do you have a favorite Texas Wine? Do you think Texas Wine Ind. will blow up in a good way like California? #SommChat #WW

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): @BlindedBite Really like Sandstone, Inwood, La Cruz de Comal, McPherson and others. Not big as CA but we can make cool wine here #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): .@drewhendricksms what is your favorite Burgundy to pair with Steak and why? #SommChat #Burgundy

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@peterwasserman depends on Steak. Filet needs juicy Pommard, Strip is for Gevrey and Ribeye is for Chambolle. #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): .@drewhendricksms wow thanks that is the best answer I’ve had so far on this question!!! #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Thanks! RT @peterwasserman: .@drewhendricksms wow thanks that is the best answer Ive had so far on this question!!! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Impressive! RT @drewhendricksms .@peterwasserman depends on Steak Filet need Pommard Strip is for Gevrey & Ribeye is for Chambolle #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @drewhendricksms – Spent three weeks in Spain & Portugal (2007) and just loved the wines! Any recommendations? #SommChat #WW

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@BlindedBite Portugal= Mouchao, Luis Pato, Quinta do Crasto, Esporao, Jose Maria de Fonseca, Cartuxa, Ferreira, Quinta do Ameal #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q6. @drewhendricksms What’s the difference between a Master #Sommelier (MS) & a Master of #Wine (MW) #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A6. @keepercoll MW is a written exam and has a broad spectrum, MS is oral (like on the floor) and has a deep amount of material #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@drewhendricksms Is it common to achieve both certifications? Does 1 make the other easier or are they entirely different? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll No only 3ppl. I tried them both at same time and the thought process is different. Thinking of trying again 4 MW #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@drewhendricksms Wow – only 3 ppl! #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@keepercoll Yes @winedogboy, Gerard Basset and Ronn Wiegand the only 3. Eric Hemer is almost there only has dissertation for MW! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q7. @drewhendricksms Do u think the changing weather patterns around the world R having an effect on taste of traditional #wines? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A7.@keepercoll Yes but I think there r many other factors at work. Homogenous #winemaking. super yeasts are very much 2 blame also #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q8. @drewhendricksms Besides your own #wine list at Pappas Bros., do you have a favorite wine list you’ve seen? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A8. @keepercoll YES. Eleven Madison Park, @rn74, @canlis, @terroirNY, Frasca, @A16SF #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): How often and what time is this chat? I want to join in every week! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@demilove Great! We’d love to have you! Every Wednesday w/ diff #wine pro at 11 AM CST #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q9 @DrewHendricksMS Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is my fav! What is the best #WINE to have with #SEAFOOD? via @sanfab44 #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A9. @keepercoll White works best with seafood depending on prep method, sauce & spice recommendations could change #sommchat #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): @drewhendricksms Do you have a recommendation for a good wine to pair with grilled leg of lamb for Easter dinner? #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): @keepercoll gotta chime in: LOusto de Beaumaniere in Baux de Provence #wine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): That’s for you @MattMcGinnis! RT @peterwasserman: @keepercoll gotta chime in: LOusto de Beaumaniere in Baux de Provence #wine #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@mattmcginnis Something from the Southern Rhone? Chateauneuf du Pape perhaps or traditionally Bordeaux. #SommChat

@keepercoll (KeeperCollection): Q10. @drewhendricksms What do you think is the most versatile #wine variety when it comes to #food pairing? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): A10. @keepercoll Sparkling #wine…#Riesling…#PinotNoir always cop out pairings! #sommchat #SommChat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): Favorite hot weather wine for sipping? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): @1queenofspoons Rose without a doubt. #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): @drewhendricksms @1queenofspoons Definitely Rose. #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): .@drewhendricksms ROSE RULES!!!!! #SommChat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): Rose recs? #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): @1queenofspoons Bieler Pere et Fils, McPherson and anything @peterwasserman would drink! #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): .@drewhendricksms too kind Sir too kind #SommChat

@jennaweiberg (Jenna Weiberg): Only 7 minutes left! I don’t want it to end, thanks @drewhendricksms! #sommchat

@keepercoll (KeeperCollection): We’ll announce the #giveaway winner momentarily!! #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @drewhendricksms Q: Any White Bordeaux Wine recommendations? #SommChat #Wine #WW

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): .@BlindedBite Haut Brion Blanc! or Carbonnieux Blanc, Couhins Lurton Blanc or Domaine de Chevalier Blanc #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): Thanks! Excited to taste! RT @drewhendricksms: @BlindedBite Haut Brion! or Carbonnieux or Couhin Lurton or Domaine de Chevalier. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): And the winner of the #SommChat #giveaway for 1 ticket to #SommsUF AND 10 min personal Q&A w/ @drewhendricksms is @davidpsawyer! Congrats!

@DavidPSawyer (David P Sawyer): @keepercoll @drewhendricksms thanks! #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Thanks RT @DavidPSawyer: @keepercoll @drewhendricksms thanks! #SommChat

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): Congrat’s to @DavidPSawyer on his win for #SommChat! Looking forward to seeing you at Somm’s Under Fire! #SommChat #WW cc: @keepercoll

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: @drewhendricksms & @TexSom will donate complete FREE registration to @TexSom 2011 to #SommsUF Fan Fav Somm! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): I hope #sommelier contestants Scott, Chris @PaggiHouse, & June @CongressAustin are ready to wow the crowd for that @texsom prize! #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Thanks to everyone for joining us for #SommChat! I hope you learned something about #wine and @drewhendricksms

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): I hope everyone will join me in thanking @drewhendricksms for an awesome job sharing his #wine knowledge! #SommChat

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): .@keepercoll we did it again thanks for organizing this!!! #SommChat #wine

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Great Job! RT @peterwasserman: .@keepercoll we did it again thanks for organizing this!!! #SommChat #wine

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Join next Wed 4/27 @ #SommChat w/ #Sommelier David Vogels from @SommJ! Submit Qs on our FB wall Happy #WineWednesday!

@peterwasserman (Peter Wasserman): Thank you Drew! .@keepercoll .@drewhendricksms #wine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): We look forward to seeing you all at #SommsUF on May 1 at @WHotelATX @traceatx! #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): @keepercoll @drewhendricksms Great #SommChat. Thanks for the interesting and informative Q&A

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): Great recommendations on wines from @drewhendricksms in today’s @Keepcoll SommChat! Adding wines to my must try list! #SommChat #Wine #WW

@BlindedBite (Blinded By The Bite): @denisefraser tried these? RT @drewhendricksms: @BlindedBite Haut Brion! or Carbonnieux or Couhin Lurton or Domaine de Chevalier. #SommChat

@winesellersltd (Winesellers, Ltd): #WW to #SommChat friends! @drewhendricksms @blindedbite @peterwasserman @keepercoll @1queenofspoons @winescom @davidpsawyer @jennaweiberg

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Thanks RT @winesellersltd: #WW to #SommChat friends! @drewhendricksms @blindedbite @peterwasserman @keepercoll (cont)