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4/23 Wine Writer Karen MacNeil


The Wine Pitch ‏@TheWinePitch Ok, not a producer but today's #SommChat guest @KMacWine talks #wine and Dada (read up on André Gide & André Breton)

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KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear from author of #TheWineBible Karen MacNeil @KMacWine #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll We’d like to introduce you to #wine writer & educator Karen MacNeil @KMacWine #SommChat #WW

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KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll As we ask Karen MacNeil @KMacWine our Qs, you can ask her Ur Qs as well! She'll do her best 2 answer all Qs in order #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll W/so many participants gr8 Q's R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @KMacWine 2 let us know u R here! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Let's start talking #wine with Karen MacNeil @KMacWine #WW #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine Fantastic to be here with everyone on #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - Good morning from Chicago! Great to talk to you again, Ms. MacNeil ! @KMacWine #SommChat

Ask a Winemaker ‏@askawinemaker Author of The Wine Bible, @KMacWine is live on #SommChat right now. Her book has answered a lot of our questions over time!

Ask a Winemaker ‏@askawinemaker @keepercoll @KMacWine #SommChat Please pass along how helpful her bible was to us before we started in earnest. Still have it on the shelf!

Armchair Sommelier ‏@armchairsomm @askawinemaker @keepercoll @KMacWine It's on my reference shelf, as well. I return to it early and often! #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @askawinemaker I wrote the book because I had so many questions myself thanks for the S/O #SommChat

Markus Stolz ‏@elloinos @KMacWine @keepercoll Karen, how many wines did you taste for research on new edition of Wine Bible? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @elloinos about 10000 #wines from all over the world #SommChat

Adam Plotkin ‏@AdamPlotkin .@KMacWine @elloinos Huh. I did the same research! Just forgot to write a book... ;-) #SommChat

Adam Lee ‏@SiduriWines @KMacWine #SommChat Karen, how has making a living as a wine writer changed over the years? In other words, should I give up my day job?

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @SiduriWines Adam it is much harder - being paid the same rate today as I was paid in 1980! #SommChat

Complexity ‏@nzcomplexity @keepercoll @KMacWine Good morning from NYC! It's been a while. Glad to be back for this. #SOMMCHAT #TheWineBible

Ask a Winemaker ‏@askawinemaker @KMacWine I'm an importer / distributor (@candidwines) We have it here for the sales team and research along with Hugh and Jancis. #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @askawinemaker the new #wine bible will have a spc pricing for importer/dist. if they buy multiple copies #SommChat

Armchair Sommelier ‏@armchairsomm Which "under the radar" wine regions are getting more and more "space" as you update? #SommChat @keepercoll @kmacwine

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines RT @armchairsomm: Which "under the radar" regions are getting more "space" as you update? #SommChat @keepercoll @KMacWine nice Q

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @noblewines - Great to see you Christopher! Look for my email! - #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @armchairsomm #slovenia #canada #mexico and #Hungary way under radar #SommChat

Armchair Sommelier ‏@armchairsomm @KMacWine I've been on a #hungary and #croatia wine binge lately. Ancient wines on the verge of Renaissance! #SommChat @keepercoll

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, what inspired you to start writing about #wine? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll I was inspired by the role #wine played in history and culture #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - I know many sommeliers rely on your book, Karen - have you ever been a somm? - #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @demilove NO, have not - started career working in restos by creating the #wine lists and training the staff #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, how would you describe your individual style of #winewriting? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll Ppl tell me that when they read the #wine bible it feels like I am talking to them - 1st bk took 10 yrs #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll the whole time I was writing I imagined i was telling the story of #wine not writing it #SommChat

Complexity ‏@nzcomplexity @KMacWine What were some of the biggest surprises you've encountered in your research for compiling this? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @nzcomplexity facts are really hard to come. many #wine bks have faulty info 4 my bks i do primary research to find correct ans #SommChat

charles ‏@butleriv @kmacwine, heard you speak at La Mancha wines last year. What other Spanish regions go unnoticed that you enjoy? #SommChat

Armchair Sommelier ‏@armchairsomm @butleriv @kmacwine Great Q! You can throw a dart almost anywhere in Spain and hit a wine home run! #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @butleriv Campo de Borja, Toro, Jumilla, and Jerez #SommChat

Ask a Winemaker ‏@askawinemaker Have to leave #SommChat w/ @KMacWine to go film w/ Herni Boillot from Volnay. Shoot me your questions if you'd like. Premox is on my list.

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @askawinemaker Now that sounds very cool... careful w/ that Premox Q & please let us know how it is answered #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @ShibaSommelier #WW starting with a bang over on #SommChat with #wineEdu Karen McNeil @KMacWine

Courtney Quinn ‏@Path2Wine As a former CIA #wine student, what’s new in the Wine Department that you Chair? @KMacWine #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @Path2Wine we R teaching > young #chefs than before - I am still in my 16th year to teach mastering #wine #SommChat

Armchair Sommelier ‏@armchairsomm @KMacWine How much stock do you put in wine reviews - reading AND writing them? #SommChat @keepercoll

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @armchairsomm I don't read other wine reviews b/c I don't want to be influenced by other writers' opinions #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @KMacWine Are you making your new book digital as well? I think that is the best way to keep #wine info current. #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @noblewines will be digital, but hard to mark up and highlight for notes:) #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @adamplotkin new version of #wine bible will be out in Spring 2015 but publisher hasn't set date for electronic version #SommChat

Clos Bagatelle ‏@ClosBagatelle Bonsoir @KMacWine. We're intrigued, what came first: the nun's habit or the wine bible? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @closbagatelle #Wine Bible came first and then Bible study with Sister Karen came second #SommChat

Raelinn Doty ‏@raelinn_wine Wine friends! @KMacWine is on #SommChat right now! Go check it out.

Judia Black ‏@enjoielife @KMacWine What is your favorite food to pair with #Pinotage? @keepercoll #SommChat #wine #winewednesday

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @enjoielife Barbecued Game #SommChat

Judia Black ‏@enjoielife @KMacWine Of course... what grows together, goes together! #SommChat

Bill Eyer ‏@cuvee_corner A good rule of thumb! RT @enjoielife: @KMacWine Of course... what grows together, goes together! #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine .@demilove yes classics are classic for a reason and who would not want to know those great #wines #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - A ? that may be unanswerable in one Tweet: Global Warming - friend or foe to grapes and winemaking? #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @demilove Long Island wineries seem to like the current climate direction from what I've heard. #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @demilove worried, we don't know what impact will be 4 any given region #Napa has gotten cooler while Germany has gotten warmer- #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, tell us about your YouTube video series, “Bible Study with Sister Karen” #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine A. @keepercoll it's like Saturday Night Live meets #wine education we post every Wed and Sunday #SommChat

Rashmi Primlani ‏@PrimlaniKitchen The very first Wine Book I read was Karens Wine Bible! @keepercoll #wine #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, what will be different about your upcoming book, #TheNEWWineBible ? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll It's a brand new book, not just an update new photos, info, side boxes, new countries #SommChat

Alex Bernardo ‏@VineyardGate .@KMacWine hello! Asimov's NYT wine column stressed importance of his subjective preferences in wine reviews. What's your take? #SommChat

@KMacWine: .@VineyardGate I agree with @EricAsimov on that -hard to get around subjectivity #SommChat

Drew Gourdie ‏@drewbie_g Late to the party! RT @keepercoll: Get ready for #SommChat 11AM CST! @drewbie_g @lwa235 @drsalsamx @michaelshearin @LeslieSb @NobleRotNYC

Courtney Quinn ‏@Path2Wine @KMacWine your #wine Food & Friends #book has some classic #perfectpairings great for #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, what are some of the biggest changes you have seen in the #wine world over the last 10 years? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine@keepercoll much higher #wine prices. > women in industry. Fantastic wines fr formerly unknown places. #SommChat

Complexity ‏@nzcomplexity RT @KMacWine: @keepercoll much higher #wine prices. > women in industry. Fantastic wines fr formerly unknown places. #SommChat #bigchanges

Whitney Woodham ‏@Champagnewhit @keepercoll stoked to finally be here!!! #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @Champagnewhit so glad you could join in - keep coming back:) #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine When pairing, do U start with wine or food? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll I start with mood, then #wine, then #food #SommChat

Complexity ‏@nzcomplexity RT @KMacWine: @keepercoll I start with mood, then #wine, then #food #SommChat #pairing

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, tell us about your position as chair of the wine dept. of the Culinary Institute of America @CIACulinary #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine A. @keepercoll I help @CIACulinary advance the culture of #wine in #America #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, you have worked in a variety of areas in the #wine industry. What have some of your favorites been? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll Writing and Teaching R 2 of my favs, but now doing consulting and really enjoy that #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @KMacWine Karen, what do you like to do in your free time? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine A. @keepercoll the same thing I do in my non-free time - eating and drinking #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll A. @keepercoll q fr shy #SommChat peep What are your future plans for any books or other #wine ventures?

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine A. @keepercoll more video #wine reviews, can see these on my FB page - next book may be a novel #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @KMacWine how difficult is it to advance #wine culture & keep big wine co. donors happy? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine .@noblewines @CIACulinary we buy all of the #wines 4 all of the classes - none R donated #SommChat

Complexity ‏@nzcomplexity @KMacWine What inspires you about where the wine industry is headed to today? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @nzcomplexity so many gr8 young #Somms and #winemakers #SommChat

Complexity ‏@nzcomplexity RT @KMacWine: @nzcomplexity so many gr8 young #Somms and #winemakers #SommChat #wine #industry #inspirations

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. fr Shy #SommChat How are #wines selected @CIACulinary for teaching? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine A. @keepercoll Me or one of the other teachers select #wines that illustrate educational points #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @kmacwine What other #wine projects do you work or other services do you offer? #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine A. @keepercoll I take ppl on private tours of any #wine region in the world - check out my website 4 more info #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine A. @keepercoll also have a new interactive internet based wine learning program coming out later this year-stay tuned this summer #SommChat

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll It is called i Learn-wine - will be unveiled on my website but will have its own website #SommChat keep your eyes posted 4 this

Ken Alawine Waggoner ‏@alawine @KMacWine @keepercoll @nzcomplexity < catching up on #SommChat, thanks for sharing

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ Karen MacNeil @KMacWine #SommChat

Courtney Quinn ‏@Path2Wine Thank you @KMacWine for taking time to join #SommChat today. Best wishes on new #Wine Bible. #winewednesday

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Great to have Karen MacNeil @KMacNeil join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Please join us in thanking Karen MacNeil @KMacWine for her time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

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Armchair Sommelier ‏@armchairsomm Fun and educational #SommChat with @KMacWine today! I'll be back . . . for sure. Salud, all! @keepercoll

Karen MacNeil ‏@KMacWine @keepercoll More gr8 things ahead - please follow me on twitter & FB and don't forget Sister Karen - thx to all at #SommChat

Complexity ‏@nzcomplexity Thx @KMacWine @keepercol. Great #SommChat! Looking forward to #TheNewWineBible #wine #insights #resources

Ken Alawine Waggoner ‏@alawine @AdamPlotkin @demilove @marjangr @askawinemaker @Path2Wine < catching up on #SommChat, thanks for sharing

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @KMacWine sounds great, please send out a tweet when it is ready via #SommChat

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