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5/14 Piedmont Winemaker Silvia Altare, Elio Altare Wines

Marshall Jones ‏@tmarshalljones Okay - I AM going to make #SommChat today to hear from #Piedmont #Winemaker Silvia Altare of Elio Altare Wines. And now I'm 'thirsty'.

Hamptons Wine Shoppe ‏@hws RT @keepercoll: @plepeltier Today’s #SommChat features #Piedmont #Italy #Winemaker Siliva Altare of Elio Altare 12 N-1 PM EST hope to listen

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KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Welcome to #SommChat everyone! Tell your friends to join us to learn about #wine for the next hour from a #winemaker

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Today we are LIVE from #Piedmont with #winemaker Silvia Altare, of Elio Altare Wines and she's ready to answer our Qs! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll You're welcome to ask Silvia Altare your Qs too! But first, read the instructions in our next few tweets so you'll know what to do #SommChat

Keeper Collection @keepercoll Silvia hasn’t personally embarked on Twitter world so we’re assisting. We’re w/ her in #Piedmont, typing her A’s as she speaks. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Fr Silvia I’m here- no secrets- questions are welcome on #SommChat and Happy to join on new adventure of technology with @keepercoll

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - Good morning from a very chilly Chicago! - Nice to join you again for #SommChat !

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Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine .@keepercoll and Silvia good afternoon from Norway ! ;) Happy to join #SommChat and one of the #Barolo king estate :)

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll So, if u have Qs, direct them to @KeeperColl & we'll ask Silvia. We'll also tweet her answers-those will start w/ "A. fr Silvia #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Also, please note that all of her answers will be in English – no need to brush off your Italian dictionary. #SommChat

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Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone Welcome, Siliva to #SommChat. THX for being with us from #piedmont. @keepercoll Q: Tell us what distinguishes each of your Rosso’s.

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @winegrapestone A. fr Silvia Larigi is #Barbera Arborina is #nebbiolo & La Villa is a blend of blend of the two #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine Where are you #winelover ? the #SommChat is on and #Barolo and #Nebbiolo fans should join #SommChat

Harley Carbery ‏@harleywine1Good morning from #vegas Silvia @keepercoll #SommChat #ww #wine How's the weather in #Piemonte today?

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @harleywine1 A.Fr. Silvia - beautiful Sunny clear skies and 24 Celcius - wish you were all here

Harley Carbery ‏@harleywine1 @keepercoll me too! #SommChat

Thomas Perez ‏@TperezWine @keepercoll Silvia Good Morning, can you talk a little about 2013 vintage? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @TperezWine A. fr Silvia - gr8 fr #Dolcetto & #Barbera > difficult for #nebbiolo b/c of the rain #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. Good morning Silvia, whom do you make wine for? Love Piedmont & Barolo. Gratzie! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @SandyWasserman A. Fr. Silvia knock knock my last name is Altare - we make #wine for all to enjoy Prego #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman @keepercoll Molto Bene Molto bene I used to sell Altare, Elio started winery if I remember correctly? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @SandyWasserman A. fr Silvia my grandfather, Giovanni started the #winery in 1948 #SommChat

Blinded By The Bite! ‏@BlindedBite Silvia do you currently have a favorite Italian white you're particularly fond of? @keepercoll #SommChat #ItalianWhiteWines #WineWed #Wine

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @BlindedBite A. Fr Silvia - really into #Sicily #wines fr #etna like Benanti or Passopisciaro or Terre Nere #SommChat

Peter Wasserman ‏@peterwasserman @keepercoll Silvia do you personally prefer cooler or warmer vintages and why? #SommChat #ww

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @peterwasserman A. fr Silvia cooler for fresher aromatics but warmer vintages allow for earlier drinking which is good as well #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @keepercoll Which Grand Cru reminds of Brunate? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @noblewines A. fr Silvia Brunate is #Chambolle Musigny and Musigny if has to be Grand Cru but should be Amoureuses #SommChat

Thomas Perez ‏@TperezWine Silvia when you are drinking the world -class #elioaltare what do you enjoy? @keepercoll #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @TperezWine A. Fr Silvia I Drink #burgundy #champagne #riesling from #austria and #germany to name a few and #beer fr #bavaria #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - Do you remember the first Nebbiolo you tasted? Did it taste like no other wine you had tried? - #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @demilove A. fr Silvia I remember drinking since childhood but can’t remember specifically the first #nebbiolo #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine .@keepercoll When did you really start working in the #winery and vineyard ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine Fr. Silvia: I officially started working at the #winery in 2003… #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine Fr. Silvia: Even if growing up in a small family run #winery means having always helped …

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine Fr. Silvia: and seen every part of the process from the day you are born #SommChat

Thomas Perez ‏@TperezWine Silvia, I know your dad is very traditional in wine making, are you keeping the philosophy? @keepercoll #SommChat

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro I thought he was nontraditional RT @TperezWine: ...your dad is v traditional in wine making, are you keeping the phil? @keepercoll #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @TperezWine A. Fr Silvia - I believe in the #wines we make and will keep doing what my Dad started #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @Sassodoro A. fr Silvia Thank you for clarification -better from you than from me #SommChat

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone Silvia, Are you making any non-traditional blends? #SommChat @keepercoll

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @winegrapestone A. Fr Silvia - blend w/6 grapes - #dolcetto #barbera #nebbiolo #cabernet #syrah #petit verdot called L’insieme #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll You have about 10 ha of vines do you plan to get more in the future ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine Silvia - no way, I have enough work now! Quality vs. Quantity #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine .@keepercoll to Silvia If it was not in Piedmont where would you love to make wine ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia #burgundy may be too boring of an answer so maybe California near ocean so I could go swimming everyday #SommChat

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone @keepercoll @fabienlaine #SommChat Then you'd love the Santa Barbara region in CA. Great wine and swimming

Marc Dröfke ‏@m_arcon @keepercoll I've heard of a new Barolo youre doing since 2010. Could you tell me more? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @m_arcon A. Fr Silvia project of hand destemmed #wines to achieve the purity of the tannins in the #Barolo #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll to Silvia how do you see the future of Barolo and Piedmont wine for the next 10 years? Whats the best market for you #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia dreams of bright future for #barolo & #piedmont w/ combined work of old and new generations #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia equally distributed all over the world to bring joy to many countries #SommChat

Tasting Panel Mag ‏@tastingpanel @keepercoll to Silvia. When did you first fall in love & develop your passion for wine? Do you remember the moment? #SommChat #nostalgia

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @tastingpanel A. fr Silvia was born into the passion of #wine - no specific moment but had good good parents that trained me well #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. Silvia are you wines approachable younger or more age worthy? seems a lot of Barolos are drinkable in their youth nowadays. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @SandyWasserman A. fr Silvia good news is approachable younger but for those ppl that want to age them they do that well also #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll to Silvia … If you would have the fun to create a new wine with a non-Piedmont grape variety, what would you try ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia Pinot Noir #SommChat

Peter Wasserman ‏@peterwasserman Is the perception that there are only two types of producers in Barolo modern and traditional passé? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @peterwasserman A. fr Silvia Absolutely passé have 2 get away fr that stereotype and just enjoy the beautiful wines of #Piedmont #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Silvia how would you define the Altare “signature" ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. Silvia we try to achieve elegance, balance, & finesse in wines that can be enjoyed young and old:) #SommChat

Thomas Perez ‏@TperezWine Silvia, I love your #wines but it's difficult to find in the US, any plans on expanding in the future? @keepercoll #SommChat #justsaying

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @TperezWine Silvia we are almost in every state in the US, just small quantities PLS ask for our #wines #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll How fluctuate the quantity from vintage to vintage while keeping quality level ? Any really low year #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia - ’03 we produced 1/2 of usual quantity for example #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - What are some of your favorite food pairings with your Barolos? - #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @demilove A. fr Silvia Risotto con fromagi, wild Boar and polenta, lamb with roasted potatoes #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Silvia what is for you the most “under-estimate” wine region in the world and that is a bargain quality/price ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia In Italy Lombardy - region #Valtellena - great #nebbiolo -wish to drink lots of that #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @keepercoll Silvia where are you growing the Cabernet, Syrah and Petit Verdot? Are they on north facing slopes in La Morra #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @noblewines at bottom of Arborina vineyard -south facing slope #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @keepercoll love #nebbiolo aka Chiavanesca from the Crus on those steep slopes, Skiing the Alps & drinking Sfurzato #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Silvia … Ever wanted to do another job ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia when not a #winemaker I would love to be a #chef #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines RT @keepercoll: @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia when not a #winemaker I would love to be a #chef #SommChat what's your favorite local restaurant?

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Piedmont circa 2003 visit to La Morra & Barolo. #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Silvia where did you perfect your skills and learn the most ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine Silvia with my dad - had a good teacher in Elio #SommChat

Marc Dröfke ‏@m_arcon @keepercoll what do you think about the 2010 vintage compared to the 2004 vintage? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @m_arcon A. fr Silvia quite similar both have power but balance at same time #SommChat

Rashmi Primlani ‏@PrimlaniKitchen Sneaking in late, Sante! #SommChat

Ask a Winemaker ‏@askawinemaker Join #SommChat with @keepercoll and ask questions of Silvia Altare of Piedmont. Lots of chatter happening now.

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Silvia … What would be the top 3 in your wines with vintages you ever tasted ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia Larigi 1986, Barolo 1974 - my dad's 1st vintage, & Brunate #Barolo 2001 #SommChat

Marc Dröfke ‏@m_arcon @keepercoll @fabienlaine do you think that its a problem for Barolo that some bottles need so much time to get around? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @m_arcon @fabienlaine Not a problem unless you are 95 years old :) #SommChat

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro "Altare was a leader of the revolution in cellar and vineyard technique in the Barolo zone" … #SommChat

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone Silvia, I did not notice any white #wine on your website. Any plans? #SommChat @keepercoll

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @winegrapestone A. fr Silvia make white #wine fr Cinque Terre Ligurian Coast 1st vint ’08 of this white wine small production #SommChat

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro There is a movie coming out about the revolution of which Altare was a leader. #SommChat @baroloboysmovie

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @Sassodoro @keepercoll Silvia is @baroloboysmovie movie about wine or football? :) #SommChat

Ask a Winemaker ‏@askawinemakerIf you follow us, you are a curious #winelover. It follows, then, that you should tune into #SommChat. A great resource every Wednesday.

Andrea Eby ‏@AndreaEby #SommChat I know they are like children but do you have a favourite single vineyard Barolo? Arborina? Brunate?Cerretta?

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @AndreaEby A. fr Silvia Brunate but I would need to sell my house to buy a vineyard there - so not likely to happen #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Silvia. Did you train and learn only in Italy ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia - worked with SQN in California and in #australia and in #burgundy in the business #SommChat

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro @keepercoll Sorry I have to leave early. Thanks for a great #SommChat! Happy #WW!

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Silvia .. Any special farming you practice ? Organic? Biodynamic ? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @fabienlaine A. fr Silvia Organic not certified but fully practiced #SommChat

Peter Wasserman ‏@peterwasserman @keepercoll why are Burgundy and Barolo considered brother? Is it just that Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir show terroir so well or more? #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @peterwasserman A. fr Silvia lots of similarities in farming and winemaking styles and ageability of #Wines #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Thanks to everyone for joining us for an international edition of #SommChat! I hope you learned something about #wine and Silvia Altare

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercollI hope everyone will join me in thanking Silvia Altare for an awesome job sharing her #wine knowledge! #WineWednesday #SommChat

Peter Wasserman ‏@peterwasserman @keepercoll Ciao Bella & thk u c u this WE!!! #SommChat

KeeperCollection@keepercoll @peterwasserman C u this WE too!!! So excited! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @peterwasserman great to have you join in on #SommChat - great questions! see you soon:)

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone Silvia, THX for being with us. Really lively #SommChat !! @keepercoll

KeeperCollection @keepercoll Join us next Wed 5/ 21 at 11 AM CST for another #SommChat & more #wine secrets from Master #Sommelier @IanCauble of !

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Huge thanks to you and Silvia Altare ! Very good to learn more #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines Thanks for the twitter transcribing for Silvia: @keepercoll next trip! #SommChat

Fabien Lainé ‏@fabienlaine @keepercoll Thanks a lot ! Great job and hour again in your company #winelover #SommChat

Drew Gourdie ‏@drewbie_g RT @keepercoll: I hope everyone will join me to thanks

Silvia Altare for an awesome job sharing her #wine knowledge! #WineWednesday #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Ciao til next week, thanks Silvia #SommChat