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5/20 Sofia Perpera, Greek Wine Expert


KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @MarcoDeBartoli Today's #SommChat features #Greek #wine expert Sofia Perpera @Sperpera on @santoriniwines Hope to C U there! 12N-1PM EST

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KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl We'd like to introduce you to Sofia Perpera @Sperpera on @santoriniwines ! #SommChat #WW

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KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Let's start talking #Santorini #wine w/ #Greek #wine expert Sofia Perpera @Sperpera #WW #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl We'd like to introduce you to Sofia Perpera @Sperpera on @santoriniwines ! #SommChat #WW

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl @Santoriniwines Great to be here and ready to answer your questions on Santorini #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Abt ready 2 dive in w/ ?s, so S/O 2 @Sperpera 2 say hello & so she knows UR here! #SommChat

Sassodoro _@Sassodoro @KeeperColl @sperpera Ready for #SommChat!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera What characteristics best describe #Assyrtiko in the glass? What other #grapes could you compare it to? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Assyrtikos from Santorini are dry, full bodied, w/ pronounced minerality & crisp acidity. Compare w/ Chablis grand cru #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: @sperpera What weather conditions are best for the growth of #Assyrtiko Grapes? #Santorini

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Assyrtiko does great in the dry conditions of Santorini. It retains high levels of acidity and sugars at the same time #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Good morning @sperpera What 1 main fact would you like consumers to know about @Santoriniwines to encourage them to purchase? #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @SandyWasserman great question on #SommChat - thanks

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @SandyWasserman @Santoriniwines They are unique, food friendly and affordable! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl q. from shy #SommChat peep @sperpera are these #santorini #wines to be drunk early or do they age?

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Both. You can find some great fresh Santorini wines but the aged ones are excellent too! #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl I think that they actually do better after minimum 2 years of aging #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera What makes the #Santorini vineyard unique in terms of #terroir? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl The oldest in continuous cultivation vineyard in the world. Soil is volcanic, extremely poor in organic matter #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Rich in minerals except potassium. Very dry, main source of water the morning sea mist. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @ridesmith great to see you on #SommChat - look forward to your questions

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. fr #SommChat follower: Have you seen @Santoriniwines grow in popularity in US and what parts do you see the greatest inc and why?

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl there is a big increase of popularity around the US because the somms have embraced them. Main market NY #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera What are the different styles of #Assyrtiko produced in #Santorini? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Dry, stainless steel whites, barrel aged whites and sweet vinsantos #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @demilove hope to hear you on #SommChat today on @Santoriniwines

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @MattMcGinnis look forward to hearing your questions on @Santoriniwines today on #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS _@SandyWasserman Q @sperpera How much wine is produced on Santorini? Is there room for growth? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @SandyWasserman not sure how much wine but the vineyard is only 1400 he. There is certainly room for growth! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr #SommChat peep: @sperpera how many different grape varieties are in #Santorini and are where is a good place to learn on this?

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl There are about 30 indigenous grapes in the Santorini vineyard. Most important assyrtiko, aidani, mavrotragano &athiri #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @Fiery01Red look forward to your questions on #SommChat about @Santoriniwines with @sperpera now:)

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @KatieEigel learning with @sperpera on @Santoriniwines on #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera Santorini is a top tourist destination. Are #Santorini #vineyards shrinking as a result of any new development? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl In 1960's Santorini had 2500 he of vineyards and now 1400 #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl With the recent popularity of the wines this negative trend has stopped, with new plantings evident. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @yrmom_safoodie @sperpera on @Santoriniwines on #SommChat now if you have any theory questions:)

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr #SommChat peep: for #Somms, what are the blind taste markets in Aidani, Moavrotragano & Aithiri? @sperpera

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Aidani is white, light, aromatic & elegant #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Mavrotragano is red, with firm tannins & aroma of black fruits, flowers & earthy notes #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @Path2Wine great to see you on #SommChat today!

Courtney Quinn _@Path2Wine Q. @sperpera what has led to decline in plantings? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @Path2Wine Mainly tourism. It is much more profitable. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @scottota @sperpera is on @Santoriniwines on #SommChat now if you have any theory questions:)

Scott Ota _@scottota @KeeperColl @sperpera Not theory based, but curious: How do the Vinsanto wines of Santorini differ from those in Tuscany? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @scottota Vinsanto in Greece is a sweet wine only produced in Santorini. Vino Santo a dessert wine produced in many parts of Italy #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @scottota @KeeperColl Vinsanto shows origin: Santorini, Vino Santo is a style of wine. #SommChat

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Beth _@travelwinechick@KeeperColl I'm at work....shhhh...but #santorini is on my bucket list for both #wine & #travel! #SommChat

Katie Eigel _@KatieEigel Q. What are your favorite @Santoriniwines & #Greek #food pairings? (Even though they're all delish!) #SommChat @KeeperColl #WineWednesday

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KatieEigel @Santoriniwines @KeeperColl Grilled fish for the dry whites and chocolate with vinsanto. #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KatieEigel @Santoriniwines @KeeperColl not so Greek but another great pairing is oysters with assyrtiko. #SommChat

Katie Eigel _@KatieEigel @sperpera @Santoriniwines @KeeperColl Thank you, Sofia! Good thing it's nearing lunch time. Cheers!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @KatieEigel want the oysters and #Assyrtiko right now! #SommChat

Ella Dog _@EllaDogSays @KeeperColl @KatieEigel yes please! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr #SommChat peep: are the grape varieties in #Santorini blended or done separately or both @sperpera

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl In the vineyard the grapes are blended but most wineries make 100% assyrtiko wines #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl The latest trend is single vineyard bottling. #SommChat

Stephanie Miskew CSW _@@StephanieMiske @sperpera @KeeperColl For both red and white wines? #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @StephanieMiskew great question and great to see you on #SommChat today

Stephanie Miskew CSW _@StephanieMiskew @KeeperColl Thanks so much - it's great to be here! #SommChat #WW

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @StephanieMiskew @KeeperColl The wines from Santorini are mainly white and 70% of the vineyard is Assyrtiko #SommChat

Jaime smith @ridesmith “Q. @sperpera what is the most exciting thing, looking towards the future for Santorini wines?

Sofia Perpera ‏@sperpera @keepercoll wines will compete with the top white wines of the world & become the definition of vins de terroir #sommchat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q sent in fr #SommChat peep: where are markets in US that you want to see the @santoriniwines grow? @sperpera

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl @Santoriniwines EVERYWHERE!! #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera What is the kouloura method? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera The vines are cultivated in form of a basket, directly on soil w/ grapes inside the baskets for protection from sun & strong winds #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Sofia Perpera Thanks for teaching us about the Koulara method #SommChat

Courtney Quinn _@Path2Wine Q. @sperpera how many wineries are in Santorini?

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @Path2Wine Less than 15 #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr Shy #SommChat peep: what are some of the longest producers of #Assyrtiko? @sperpera

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Canava Roussos, Argyros, Gavalas & Koutsoyiannopoulos I think.

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Also in Australia and the US. #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera Is #Assyrtiko grown in other parts of Greece/the world? If so what R differences b/w Santorini's #Assyrtiko & others? #SommChat

Courtney Quinn _@Path2Wine Q. @sperpera what similarities do you see in Santorini's wines to those from other volcanic soils in world? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @Path2Wine I'll have to defer to my friend John Szabo MS, but from my understanding they are all somehow different #SommChat

John Szabo _@johnszabo @sperpera @Path2Wine @KeeperColl Short answer: high intensity, acidity & savouriness, low fruit. Long Answer: wait for the book!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @johnszabo thanks John!

Shouting out to @johnszabo on #SommChat on @Santoriniwines by @sperpera

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera Are there significant differences b/w dry white PDO #Santorini #wines produced in different areas of the #island? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera Not major difference. Most wines have same characteristic minerality, structure & acidity. Main difference is in winemakers styles #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q fr shy #SommChat peep: how does #Greek #Assyrtiko differ from #Australia and #US Assyrtiko? @sperpera

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl The vines were taken from Santorini but of course the terroir is different & I look forward to seeing the results #SommChat

Vino Travels _@VinoTravels21 I was at Santorini a couple yrs ago & saw this unique vine growing method. They looked like wreaths #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl @VinoTravels21 thanks for this info and joining in on #SommChat today

Irene L _@i_on_food_drink Cheers for a delish #WineWednesday #SommChat tweeps! @KeeperColl @sperpera @Santoriniwines @MattMcGinnis @alawine @Sassodoro @WineauxDLynnP

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera How have #Santorini vineyards managed to remain on their original rootstock? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Soil is sandy, with no clay so the island is phyloxera immune. Some root stock is 400-500 years old #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera What are some of your favorite #food pairings with #Santorini Vinsanto? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl I mentioned chocolate but also creme brûlée, and even blue cheese #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Q. @sperpera Is Assyrtiko suited for sparkling #wine production? Are any #Santorini producers trying this? #SommChat

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl Yes it surely is. Santo Wines has a great sparkling assyrtiko on the market, with more to come #SommChat

Courtney Quinn _@Path2Wine Thank you @sperpera on sharing more info on Santorini #wine via #SommChat @KeeperColl

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ #Greek #wine expert Sofia Perpera @Sperpera #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Great to have Greek #wine expert @Sperpera on @santoriniwines join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Please join us in thanking Sofia Perpera @Sperpera for her time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

Sassodoro _@Sassodoro @KeeperColl @Sperpera Thanks for a great #SommChat!

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ #Greek #wine expert Sofia Perpera @Sperpera #SommChat

KeeperCollection _@KeeperColl Great to have Greek #wine expert @Sperpera on

Sofia Perpera _@sperpera @KeeperColl @Santoriniwines Thanks for joining the conversation! We hope to see you in Santorini soon! #santoriniwines #SommChat