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5/28 Burgundy Winemaker Pascal Marchand


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Pascal Marchand @pasmarchand: @keepercoll Hi, Great to be here. 1st time I do this but I'm ready #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - Good morning from Chicago! Lovely day after some wicked storms last night! - #sommchat

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Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Bon Jour @pasmarchand Q. Who are your mentors & how did you get into wine in Quebec? Thanks #Sommchat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @SandyWasserman #sommchat I got wine thrown in- my father who had a big cellar and talked a lot about the wines that were at the family table

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @SandyWasserman #sommchat My Mentors are François Germain, Henri Jayer, Michel Lafarge

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone Welcome, Pascal, #sommchat @pasmarchand @keepercoll. Hello from Dallas. How long does it take for you to convert a vineyard to Biodynamic?

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @winegrapestone @keepercoll #sommchat I would say 3 years but you can see some results from the 1st year and improvements every year after

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll welcome to #sommchat RT @EldenSelections: @keepercoll @pasmarchand hey pascal dennis here in the port of san sebastian

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @EldenSelections #sommchat Great to see you Dennis

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll – Buying Burgundy and choosing great bottles to store seems like such a crapshoot – any tips you can offer? - #sommchat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @demilove @keepercoll #sommchat You have to find the terroirs and producers you like

Tia Butts ‏@WineInkByTia @pasmarchand You started in Burgundy, but U make wine all over the world. How has your Burgundian experience affected what U do? #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @WineInkByTia #sommchat It brought me to rely more on the terroir and less on technique

Courtney Richards ‏@SirenaDiVino @keepercoll three reasons I'm missing #SommChat & drinking beer at noon: a dad, a dog, and a sailboat :)

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll enjoy RT @SirenaDiVino: three reasons I'm missing #SommChat & drinking beer at noon: a dad, a dog, and a sailboat :)

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines #burgundy prices are going crazy: @pasmarchand do you see this continuing for a long time? #sommchat @keepercoll

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @noblewines @keepercoll #sommchat We need a normal crop to calm the prices down. We've had 3 small crops in a row

Vintage Mattituck ‏@VintMatt @pasmarchand: @noblewines @keepercoll #sommchat We need a normal crop. We've had 3 small crops in a row ~ it's been painful 4 us buyers

Brandon Carneiro ‏@sommbc @keepercoll @pasmarchand Pascal: When you aren't drinking burgundy, what do you typically enjoy? #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @sommbc @keepercoll #sommchat I like things from Northen Italy, Sonoma. But I am always curious to taste a well made wine from anywhere

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @sommbc gr8 to see you on #SommChat again

Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier A bit late for #sommchat. Sorry all! cc: @keepercoll

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @ShibaSommelier - Great to see you! - #sommchat

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Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. @pasmarchand Any desire to grow grapes or make wine in other regions of France or elsewhere? Where & what? #Sommchat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @SandyWasserman Heads up @pasmarchand has worked in other areas can find more on web:) #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman @keepercoll @pasmarchand Thanks #sommchat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @pasmarchand what are your favorite Burgundy Terroirs to work with? #sommchat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @noblewines #sommchat Pommard, Morey-St-Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin, Chassagne-Montrachet

Tia Butts ‏@WineInkByTia @pasmarchand You've worked on some CA projects (Freestone, etc). Plz explain how terroir drove those projects & decision making? #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @WineInkByTia #sommchat It was my job to help viticultural/winemaking teams closer to the expression of terroir and have confidence in it

Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier Q - How is marketing to millennials different than other groups? @pasmarchand @keepercoll #wine #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #sommchat We don't target a particular age group in any of our marketing

@pasmarchand @keepercoll #wine #sommchat Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier Q - What is the hardest decision you have to make in the vineyard?

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #sommchat To conduct some green harvest to reduce the crops

Todd Trzaskos ‏@vtwinemedia #Sommchat Q: @pasmarchand where are the the primary markets for the wines you produce? @keepercoll

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @vtwinemedia @keepercoll #sommchat USA, Canada, all of Western Europe, Japan and Australia

Vintage Mattituck ‏@VintMatt @pasmarchand #sommchat as a Quebecois have you

done any consulting or work for Ontario or Quebec Wineries? @noblewines

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @VintMatt @noblewines #sommchat For sure, at Tawse Winery and Mr Tawse is now my partner in my Burgundy venture

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @pasmarchand I visited some S. Ontario wineries including @BurningKilnWine interesting N. Italian/Tobacco theories #sommchat

Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier Q - What is the hardest decision you have to make in the vinification process? @pasmarchand @keepercoll #wine #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #sommchat To decide the moment to press for a red wine

Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier Q - Can you share a favorite unexpected/unique food & wine pairing? @pasmarchand @keepercoll #wine #sommchat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #sommchat A great Pommard and lobster

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines RT @pasmarchand: @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #sommchat A great Pommard and lobster that is unique!

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @pasmarchand ever had a Pinot Noir from vineyard overlook town of Barolo? #sommchat #pinot

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @noblewines #sommchat Yes, I had the Signa de Langhi, Great

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines @pasmarchand 2012 or 2013? Had the 2013 from barrel couple months ago, even better than the 2012 very impressive #sommchat

Mark V. Fusco CS/CSW ‏@1337wine Sorry I'm late to the party. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @1337wine glad you join in on the #SommChat fun!

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll – How do you determine that a particular plot of land has potential for growing great Burgundy? - #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @demilove @keepercoll #sommchat In Burgundy, all these plots of land have been discovered centuries ago. That job was done by the monks.

Hamptons Wine Shoppe ‏@hws @pasmarchand How do you watch the #habs #nhlplayoffs from #burgundy ? @mtl_canadians #sommchat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @hws @mtl_canadians #sommchat With internet, really easy

Vintage Mattituck ‏@VintMatt RT @pasmarchand: @mtl_canadians #sommchat With internet, really easy -- 2am alarm clock must be tough tho

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @pasmarchand Pascal, tell us about your philosophy on organic #winemaking. #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat Low intervention, use the lunar calendar any winery operations like punch downs pressing barreling wracking bottling

Vintage Mattituck ‏@VintMatt RT @keepercoll: Q. @pasmarchand Pascal, tell us about your approach to the ageing process. #SommChat new oak % larger barrels?

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @VintMatt @keepercoll #sommchat It depends on the wines. Regionals, no new oak, Villages 30%, 1er Cru 50%, Grands Crus 100%.

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Gotta run, see you next week #sommchat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll thx 4 joining in - have a gr8 week RT @SandyWasserman: Gotta run, see you next week #sommchat

Todd Trzaskos ‏@vtwinemedia Merci @pasmarchand you are covering much ground #sommchat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @vtwinemedia keep your questions coming:) on #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @pasmarchand Pascal, tell us about your approach to the ageing process. #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat I age the wines long prior to bottling, more stability and polishing. 20 to 24 months is usual. Unfined, unfiltered

Elden Selections @EldenSelections: thanks to @pasmarchand for being here. And to you guys for organizing

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll R here every wed same time #SommChat RT @EldenSelections: thanks to @pasmarchand for being here. And to you guys for organizing

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @pasmarchand Pascal, was it difficult making the move from your original home in #Quebec to #Burgundy? #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat It was a tough decision but no regrets at all

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @pasmarchand Pascal, what are some of your favorite #wine regions to visit and why? #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat Piedmont for the food, Sonoma for the easy way of life, Styria for the landscape, all for the wines

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll only a few more mins to ask your questions to @pasmarchand get them in now on #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @pasmarchand Pascal, what are some changes U have seen in #winemaking since U arrived in #Burgundy in '80s? #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat The main change is that we are looking for much less extraction with less punch downs and pump overs.

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat The vinification is perceived much more as an infusion like you make a tea. to be expressed, the terroir doesn't need...

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat be forced out of the skins

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines RT @pasmarchand: @keepercoll #sommchat to be forced out of the skins (the terroir doesn't need) love this thought

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @pasmarchand Pascal, what do U like 2 do with UR personal time? #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat to watch hockey games at night. I like to cook, receive friends, read and spend time with the kids

Hamptons Wine Shoppe ‏@hws RT @pasmarchand: @keepercoll #sommchat to watch hockey games at night... Go @nyrangers oops :) Enjoy the rest of series

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ Pascal Marchand @pasmarchand #SommChat

Christopher Miller ‏@noblewines Thanks to @keepercoll & @pasmarchand for #sommchat ~ I look forward to trying @Tawse_Winery next time up north

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Great to have Pascal @pasmarchand join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Please join us in thanking Pascal @pasmarchand for his time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - Thank you for hosting again - loved tweeting about #burgundy #SommChat

Pascal Marchand ‏@pasmarchand @keepercoll #sommchat Great to be here with u guys . Thanks a lot. À bientôt

Courtney Richards ‏@SirenaDiVino @keepercoll Brewster and I are sorry we missed #sommchat! We'll re read later