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6/15 Uchi Restaurant’s Sake Expert Dhal Smith


See what you missed on 6/15 as we chatted Sake with Uchi Restaurant’s Sake Expert Dhal Smith.

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): I’d like to introduce every1 to certified #sake professional Dhal Smith @UchiAustin who is joining us to answer your #sake Qs! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@UchiAustin It’s a real treat to have him join us- hope every1 has Qs ready! #SommChat

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@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): kanpai all!!! glad to be here to talk about the wonderful world and history of sake. thanks for having me #Sommchat

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@ATXGastronomist (Kathryn Hutchison): .@UchiAustin thanks for talking sake with us, Dhal! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): As we ask @UchiAustin our Qs, you’re welcome to ask him ur Qs as well! He’ll do his best to answer all Qs in the order they come #SommChat

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@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): It’s time for #Sommchat ! Did anyone attend any cool tastings this week?

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): I went to an all day S. Africa event last saturday; took a new twitter pic there! #SommChat !

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@demilove @keepercoll. i haven’t been to any cool tasting this week other than the comfort of my home #Sommchat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): Much prefer chilled sake to white wine in summer, but am clueless about typical flavor profiles to help choose. Help? #sommchat @uchiaustin

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@1queenofspoons @keepercoll i would suggest a sake or sakes that are of ginjo or daiginjo grade as they are going to be lighter #Sommchat

@corkhoarder (Bryan Garcia): Hi @UchiAustin! What sake do you recommend to absolute beginners? #SommChat cc: @keepercoll

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@corkhoarder @keepercoll i would recommend a nigori to ABSOLUTE beginners. they’re a bit more approachable #Sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@corkhoarder @keepercoll they don’t have the astringency that some other sakes may have and are quite enjoyable #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome @1queenofspoons @demilove @corkhoarder @ATXGastronomist! #sommchat

@BonVivantImport (Bryan Hinschberger): @UchiAustin Do have a ‘go to’ sake style for food pairing? So many types, all delicious, but pairing wise? #SommChat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@bonvivantimport @keepercoll my go to sake type for food pairing would be a junmai ginjo. they’re pretty versatile #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@bonvivantimport @keepercoll and also are very expressive in terms of flavor and aroma which are a great compliment to food #sommchat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): Welcome, Dhal! To #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@demilove @keepercoll thanks for the welcome. very glad to be here #sommchat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): @keepercoll @vinocapisco @minhseaburg @tampawinewoman @spoonmeforkme @esmergonzalez @denisefraser #WW #sommchat **I’ll be there!**

@RichardPF (Richard Auffrey): @UchiAustin I think sparkling sake is good choice for absolute beginners too. @corkhoarder @keepercoll #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@RichardPF @corkhoarder @keepercoll i would agree. the nuances may not be as readily distinguishable but would be a great intro #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Glad you could make it @RichardPF @VinoCaPisco @WineauxDLynnP! #sommchat

@Winochic (Andrea Beckham): Hi @UchiAustin! Are there any rules to pairing sake with food? #Sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@Winochic @keepercoll the only rules i try to stick to are pairing weight with weight #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@Winochic @keepercoll sake is so mellow that it really allows the food to showcase itself #sommchat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): Sake 101 question…what is ginjo vs. daiginjo, or nigori or junmai…methods, regions, ??? #sommchat @uchiaustin

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@1queenofspoons @keepercoll ginjo vs daiginjo refers to polishing or refinement of the rice used in brewing. #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): @1queenofspoons @keepercoll daiginjo is more refined and more aromatic and expressive #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): @1queenofspoons @keepercoll nigori is just unfiltered and can actually be a junmai. junmai is sake that is made with only rice #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): @1queenofspoons @keepercoll , koji mold and water #sommchat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): @uchiaustin Thank you thank you! #sommchat

@proseccogal (Darla A): @UchiAustin what sakes pair with dessert? @keepercoll #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@proseccogal @keepercoll i would suggest a nigori(unfiltered) as they are creamy and generally sweet and/or a daiginjo #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome back @winochic @proseccogal- let’s talk #sake! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q1. @UchiAustin What is #sake? A #beer? A #wine? A #spirit? And what is it made from? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): A1. @KeeperColl #Sake is made like beer but nuanced like #whitewine. Unlike #wine, sake has no fermentable sugars #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): A1. @KeeperColl Yeast starter starts starch-sugar-alcohol conversions-sequential for brewing #beer, at same time for brewing #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): A1. @KeeperColl The primary ingredients of #sake are water, rice, koji, and yeast. #sommchat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): Ohh. RT @UchiAustin: #Sake is made like beer but nuanced like #whitewine. Unlike #wine, sake has no fermentable sugars #sommchat

@ATXGastronomist (Kathryn Hutchison): @uchikoaustin could you share a sake cocktail recipe? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@ATXGastronomist @keepercoll one that i like is shiso leaf, thai chili, lime, sake, a touch of agave nectar and splash of soda #sommchat

@ATXGastronomist (Kathryn Hutchison): @uchiAustin thank you so much! Can’t wait to try that recipe. #sommchat

@ATXGastronomist (Kathryn Hutchison): A sake cocktail recipe from RT @uchiaustin shiso leaf, thai chili, lime, sake, a touch of agave nectar and splash of soda #sommchat

@proseccogal (Darla A): Thanks for that. @UchiAustin being more of a wine drinker, what is best sake on a hot summer day? @keepercoll #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@proseccogal @keepercoll i like a daiginjo. they’re generally super light and aromatic and have a lot of lift on the palate… #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@proseccogal @keepercoll and goes great with a cold beer #sommchat

@CultivatePR (Cultivate PR): @uchiaustin #sommchat- Dhal, how do you feel about drinking sake out of a masu?

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@CultivatePR @keepercoll i think drinking out of a masu is fun and traditional however i also think that you need a hearty sake #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome back @CultivatePR! #sommchat

@TexasWineGuy (William): @UchiAustin favorite wine pairing for uni, roe, and eel? #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Great question @TexasWineGuy! #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@TexasWineGuy @keepercoll i would suggest a white burgundy for those since they have an earthiness to them #sommchat

@RichardPF (Richard Auffrey): @uchiaustin Do you consider the umami of sake in food pairings? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@RichardPF @keepercoll definitely. i think sake, depending on the style, have umami which adds another layer of flavor #sommchat

@Winochic (Andrea Beckham): @UchiAustin..are sakes ever aged? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@Winochic @keepercoll less than one percent of one percent are aged. the brewers or toji want their sake to be drank NOW #sommchat

@proseccogal (Darla A): @UchiAustin Thanks. Are there certain aromas we look for in a good sake? @keepercoll #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@proseccogal @keepercoll some of the more common aromas are peach, banana, honeydew and of course, a pronounced yeastiness #sommchat

@proseccogal (Darla A): @UchiAustin Great to know. This is a great topic, wish I could stay on until over. Thanks for the education! Cheers! @keepercoll #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Bye @Proseccogal! Hope to see you next Wednesday! #sommchat

@amberdemure (amberdemure): @uchiaustin boquerones nigiri and the George roll are my favorite menu items. What pairs best? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@amberdemure @keepercoll i would put a junmai with those. the dishes are a bit more rich just like a junmai #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome @amberdemure! #sommchat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @keepercoll – is there a particular sparkling wine with similar flavor/texture as Sake? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@demilove @keepercoll I would say that a cava would be somewhat similar in terms of dryness but the texture may be diff’t #sommchat

@BonVivantImport (Bryan Hinschberger): @UchiAustin @keepercoll Can anyone just become a Toji? Like one brews beer in USA? Or is it way different to become a brewmaster? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@bonvivantimport @keepercoll not really. the role of a toji is generally passed down from generation to generation along #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@bonvivantimport @keepercoll with some brewing techniques/secrets. the sato no homare brewery for example is 55 generations #sommchat

@BonVivantImport (Bryan Hinschberger): @UchiAustin @keepercoll That makes sense.. different culture for sure! thank you! #sommchat

@CultivatePR (Cultivate PR): Thanks Dhal! @uchiaustin #sommchat We heard there are some sakes that should always be kept cold, is that true?

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@CultivatePR @keepercoll the unpasteurized sakes need to be kept cold from the time the sake leaves the brewery till #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@CultivatePR @keepercoll till they reach the consumer. opened sake also needs to be refrigerated #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Great questions everyone! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @UchiAustin How important is #terroir in the #sake world? Are sake fans as religious abt it as #wine enthusiasts? via @demilove #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll @demilove not as important as in the wine world. rice has no rootstock and a good toji can still produce great sake #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll @demilove from a bad harvest. temperature also doen’t really affect the rice as unlike grapes, there is no sugar #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @UchiAustin Does an opened/unopened bottle of #sake have a shelf life? Via @lisaiscooking #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll @lisaiscooking an opened bottle of sake should be consumed generally within a week. an unopened btl about a year #sommchat

@lisaiscooking (Lisa Lawless): @UchiAustin does refrigerating an opened cold sake make it last longer than a week? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@lisaiscooking @keepercoll it will retard the aging process and is more forgiving than wine but i wouldn’t go too much further #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@UchiAustin Is #sake meant to be aged like #wine? Is there such thing as a “vintage” sake? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll Less than .01% of #sake is meant to be aged- Really no such thing as “vintage” sake or “vintage” years #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll There are good & bad years 4 growing rice but rice is only about 50% of the final product, the rest= brewer’s skill #sommchat

@BonVivantImport (Bryan Hinschberger): @UchiAustin Along with shelf life, is there a proper way/temp to store sake at? does it benefit from aging? #SommChat @keepercoll

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@bonvivantimport @keepercoll you’d want to have it in a cool, dry place and somewhat dark. #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@bonvivantimport @keepercoll sake will loose it’s vibrancy if aged longer than a year #sommchat

@sanfab44 (Sandra Fab): @keepercoll #sommchat always makes me thirsty lol

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome to our chat @lisaiscooking @sanfab44! #sommchat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): More good info RT @UchiAustin: an opened bottle of sake should be consumed generally within a week. an unopened btl about a year #sommchat

@1queenofspoons (Susan Gayle): And more! RT @UchiAustin: @keepercoll sake will loose it’s vibrancy if aged longer than a year #sommchat

@TexasWineGuy (William): @UchiAustin have you experimented with cocktail pairings with the cuisine at Uchi? Successes, failures, thoughts? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@TexasWineGuy @keepercoll i have. we don’t carry liquor so created sake based cocktails which worked out well. it’s ongoing #sommchat

@Winochic (Andrea Beckham): @UchiAustin If I were to host a dinner featuring sakes, how many should I serve?#sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@Winochic @keepercoll that would depend upon the courses served. i would do at least 4 to get a good representation of styles #sommchat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): Thanks for all the great info at #sommchat ! Are any of you attending the wine bloggers conference next month? #WBC11 ? I’ll be there!

@RichardPF (Richard Auffrey): @demilove I will be at #WBC11 #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@UchiAustin What brands of #sake do you recommend? What is your favorite brand of sake #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll I really like masumi brewery- wide spectrum of diff styles. Hanahato does kijoushu #sake similar 2 dessert #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll Sato no homare for lively & expressive #sake, Dassai for elegance, Nanbu bijin for structure… just 2 name a few #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): @UchiAustin What are the key factors to making excellent #sake? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll Many things! 1: really good well-H2O, rich in natural minerals-Most premium #sake breweries sit on undergrnd rivers #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll Really good rice is key in the flavors of #sake. The yeast used is influential in the aroma #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll Koji= most important. Speed @ which the koji works to convert starch to sugar heavily leverages flavor & aroma #sommchat

@Whiskyplz (Justin Vann): @UchiAustin what’s your opinion of sparkling sakes? #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@Whiskyplz @keepercoll i like the more traditional styles(non-sparkling) but appreciate the innovativeness #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome @Whiskyplz! #sommchat

@amberdemure (amberdemure): @UchiAustin is the sweetness of nigori purely from the way it is filtered or is something added in? @keepercoll #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@amberdemure @keepercoll it comes from the lees or mashed rice left in the sake where the sweetness lies #sommchat

@brookegreer (Brooke Greer): Hi Dhal, do you recommend anywhere locally to purchase sake-retail? @UchiAustin @keepercoll #sommchat

@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin):.@brookegreer @keepercoll here in texas, the selection is a bit limited. i’d say whole foods or spec’s for the best selection #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Thanks for your question @brookegreer! #sommchat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): And the winner of the #SommChat #giveaway of a $50 @UchiAustin #giftcard is @texaswineguy Congrats!

@TexasWineGuy (William): YESSS, love Uchi RT @keepercoll And the winner of the #SommChat #giveaway of a $50 @UchiAustin #giftcard is @texaswineguy Congrats!

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Thanks to everyone for joining us for #SommChat! I hope you learned something about #sake and @UchiAustin’s Dhal Smith!

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@UchiAustin (Uchi Austin): .@keepercoll thanks everyone for the questions/feedback. i had fun and please let keepercoll if you’d like more in the sake world #sommchat

@CultivatePR (Cultivate PR): Thanks for all the great info Dhal, @uchiaustin! Thanks for hosting @keepercoll – we love #sommchat! and we LOVE sake…

@SylvieGervais (Sylvie Gervais): @keepercoll Very good questions and great answer @UchiAustin #SommChat

@SylvieGervais (Sylvie Gervais): keepercoll @rickbakas looking forward for next week #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Us too, @sylviegervais! #sommchat