Master Sommelier Jack Mason, Pappas Bros Steakhouse

6/20 Master Sommelier Jack Mason, Pappas Bros Steakhouse


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Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Thanks for having me on! Excited to be here on #SommChat again!!

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KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: As we ask @jamasoniii our Questions, you can ask #HTX Master #Sommelier Jack Mason from @PappasBros your Questions as well! He'll do his best to answer all Questions in the order they come #SommChat

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KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Let's start talking #wine with @jamasoniii #WineWednesday #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @jamasoniii You are known for accomplishing the title #MasterSommelier at a very young age of 27, Did you know you always wanted to be in the #wine business? Why or why not? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: When I first got start in the restaurant industry, I was in the BOH. It wasn't until I took the wines class @CIACulinary that I fell in love with wine! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm Why did you decide to pursue #MS and not #MW @jamasoniii and will you consider pursuing #MW?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: I went down the path for Master Sommelier because I love serving people. It was also the reason I switched from BOH to FOH. To be able to help create a link throughout a dining experience is what makes my heart glad! Pursing Master of Wine is not out of the question but not a focus for now! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @jamasoniii @PappasBros has over 3,000 #wine selections in their restaurants, How often do you add selections and how do you decide to add new #wines? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Each restaurant has an amazing wine director @stevenpmcdonald #Barb @BillElsey that help to navigate the unique voice of each program. We are constantly adding new items to stay relevant and up with the great wines of the world! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Thanks @MSPWineGuy for the #SommChat love to @jamasoniii put him in the hot seat with some good Questions

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm what are some of the biggest differences you see between the #NYC #wine Market and the #HTX market on consumer side, retail side, and sommelier side @jamasoniii ?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Biggest difference would be access. In #NYC one is able to pretty much get whatever they want, when they want. It is getting better in #TX but still a journey. People in #NYC tend to have a more 'Old World' palate than in #TX but there are a ton of people who love and collect...

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: ...the great wines of the world. On the #sommelier side we are very blessed with an incredible crew. There is quite the buzz happening in #HTX. A lot of great talent!! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: .@jamasoniii you participate in @TEXSOM can you share what makes this conference so great and what role you will play this year in August @FSDallas? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: There is no conference in the world like @TEXSOM Just like everything else in #TX its on a whole other scale. The mentorship, the edu and the networking are unlike any other conference. I will be there doing whtever @drewhendricksms and @winejames tell me to haha #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Welcome back @SandyWasserman - have you been to @PappasBros in #Tx? #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm@jamasoniii Is there a most ordered #wine and/or wine region at @PappasBros? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: It would definitely be #California wine! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: .@jamasoniii When you were 23, you had 90 days to show off your #Sommelier skills to get the job at @PappasBros as a floor #sommelier, Can you tell us more about that experience and what it took to get the job? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Well... @drewhendricksms and the amazing team @PappasBros Galleria gave me a foot in the door. It was on me to work on learning the list, the food, the service standards, our guests and how to talk to them about wine... #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: ...Thankfully was able to put in the time and got to keep the job! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm pls share #wines that you got while working N #NYC that you cannot get in #HTX right now @PappasBros ? Does co order f4 all 3 locations & they divvy up or each location orders what they want - how does this affect allocations if ordered by location @jamasoniii

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: A lot of #geeky Champagnes & Italian wine that are just too small to make it around the country. #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: As far as allocations, generally we are given them as a unit and we have to decide internally who will get what! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @jamasoniii How do you identify a quality bottle of #wine? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: After spending years & years of building a palate for the #classics, I am able to the framework to judge wines and whether they make sense for their price point. #blindtasting is more than just useful for an #exam it is how I built ability to judge a wines quality #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @jamasoniii What is something from #NYC that you will never forget? Why did you leave #NYC to go to #TX? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: I will never forget the energy and the #sommelier community. Love going back to see everyone! We left #NYC because we started a family! We have wonderful daughter Penelope and #NYC was a little more difficult (and expensive) to navigate with a child

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: .@jamasoniii Are you interested in #wine and #food parings? If so, what are some of your favorite right now @PappasBros ? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Of course! Food + Wine is what it is all about! Having a culinary background, I love to see both components enhance each other. Obviously @PappasBros steak is king, but one of my favorite pairings is the Gooey Pecan dessert with a glass of well aged #Madeira #yum #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @jamasoniii Are the #wine trends different in #NYC and #HTX? If so, how?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Absolutely! Trends usually start on the coasts and make their way inward. With social media this is becoming quicker & quicker but still there is a lag due to access of wines #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm can you share what a typical shift is like for a floor #Sommelier @PappasBros and are there differences in what you did IN #NYC with @USHGNYC versus in #Houston now @jamasoniii ?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: A typical shift @PappasBros is one of energy & excitement (and getting to pop a lot of fun bottles) There was a difference in our service style of opening wines and checking them for flaws before pouring at the table, but we have recently switched... #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: ...our service style to open, check every bottle for flaws on a service station and then taste the host on the wine. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @jamasoniii Have you done any #traveling to learn about #wine? If so, where are some favorite places and any bucket list #wine regions to visit ? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Absolutely. It is so important to be able to take theoretical book knowledge and apply real experience with it. Some of my favorite visits have been to #Bordeaux #Australia #Portugal and of course my favorites #champagne and #burgundy #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @jamasoniii what is your primary role @PappasBros and how much time do you spend on floor versus on computer doing numbers? What do you prefer doing?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: My primary role is to support the #wine directors and #sommeliers in any way that I can whether it be education, doing admin or working on sourcing new wines for the lists. I enjoy getting to use my brain with numbers, but when I get a chance to take care of guests... #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: is the reason I got into this whole thing! Love taking care of people!! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: .@jamasoniii What advice do you have for those pursuing the @MasterSommUS certification? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Know that it is a journey that takes time. You have to put the work in. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are willing to put in the time. Some of the greatest friends I have today are those I worked up to the #MS with!

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Question from #SommChat #Somm •@jamasoniii How do you decide on the #wine events @PappasBros have? Are there any #wine events coming up? How many do you have a year?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: We usually have a planning meeting once a year in the fall for the following year where we all brainstorm ideas. We have several different wine dinners and #sommelier led tastings throughout the year. Our next one @PappasBros is a White #Burgundy tasting #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Question from #SommChat #Somm @jamasoniii What are your other favorite #drinks other than #wine?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Well it takes a lot of #beer to study wine :) I am also a huge fan of @DrinkRamona and #cider #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @jamasoniii Do you use certain rules when advising a table that are looking for #wine? Is this something you teach when training?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Generally my approach with a guest is to ask style of wines (or specific wines) they drink, if they want something more fruity or earthy and if they feel like something fuller or lighter. Generally helps to get them to a great place #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @jamasoniii What does your free time look like and what would be your dream job if not in the #wine biz? #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Free time is spent hanging with the family and friends cooking, drinking some wine and catching up. If I were not in the wine biz I think I would have gone down a path in engineering or real estate #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @keepercoll #sommchat question for @jamasoniii are you a better dancer or blind taster?

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Dancer. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with @jamasoniii #WineWednesday #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: It was great to have #HTX Master #Sommelier Jack Mason @jamasoniii fr @PappasBros join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Please join us in thanking #HTX Master #Sommelier Jack Mason @jamasoniii fr @PappasBros for his time #SommChat

Jack Mason @jamasoniii: Thank you so much for having me on #SommChat! What a blast. Look forward to hopefully seeing some of you @PappasBros!

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Hey @jtkellogg49 maybe @jamasoniii should get #dancing adde