Keeper Collection #SommChat Guest Executive Chef Eric Korsh

7/27 Executive Chef Eric Korsh, North End Grill USHGNYC


KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: 12 N #SommChat w/ #Wine Director @MiaVandeWater & Exec #Chef Eric Korsh @NorthEndGrill French-American resto by @dhmeyer 's @USHGNYC #WW

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: We’ll be talking about wine at North End Grill between Noon and 1PM today. Join us! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Let’s start now on #SommChat with Eric Korsh and @MiaVandeWater of @NorthEndGrill, the French-American restaurant by @dhmeyer’s @USHGNYC

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: .@NorthEndGrill Do you ever create dishes based on new #wines @MiaVandeWater has selected? #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @MiaVandeWater do you see #NYC as an area that have opportunity for #Somms to work ?

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl NYC has a huge #somm scene w/ lots of opportunity - key is to work hard & make connections 2 stand out! #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill:@KeeperColl @MiaVandeWater For sure! Mia’s wines are well curated & pair well 2 the str8forward natural fuel that we use at NEG. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl Gr8 to see @demilove and @blejawine on #SommChat today thanks for your questions - keep them coming

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat peep @NorthEndGrill do Chefs get any exposure in chef school to #wine Education?

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @MiaVandeWater U have experience in #Boston & #NewYork, what R differences in #wine consumers in those places? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl in mid-2000's, Boston was all big names. NYC U C everything-hipster stuff to icons & there's a guest for every wine. #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso @demilove: @KeeperColl - do you both have a lot of face time with Mr. Meyer? Does he come across one on one just like he does in his book ? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @demilove @KeeperColl Danny is frequently at NEG and is in touch personally and available to talk about the menu and operations here at NEG. #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @demilove @KeeperColl Time with DHM is always intense and personal - when he's around, it's meaningful. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat peep: @NorthEndGrill how long have U been a #chef and what R the biggest changes that U have seen in last 5 yrs in resto?

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill #SommChat First cooking job was in 1995. New cooks are more informed and knowledgeable than ever regarding trends

Blake Leja @blejawine: @KeeperColl @MiaVandeWater @NorthEndGrill What do you see as the next "big" thing to hit the NYC wine scene?#SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @blejawine @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill I think we're seeing a shift back to classics/basics & away from natural wines. #SommChat

Blake Leja @blejawine: @MiaVandeWater @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill that's great to hear, what are some of your favorites that are available to the average consumer? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @blejawine @KeeperColl @MiaVandeWater @patrickwine #SommChat Our friend Patrick's 40 OZ. Muscadet!

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: .@MiaVandeWater At @NorthEndGrill what are some great new wines you’ve discovered? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill @Luchets007 aligote, meyerfonne in #alsace, Montus blanc! @HarperVoitWine @Teutonicwines @AyoubWines

Adam Plotkin @AdamPlotkin: Greetings from the Windy City, #SommChat 'ers! It's been a while!

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @AdamPlotkin it has been wayyyy too long #SommChat has missed you

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: .@MiaVandeWater At @NorthEndGrill how do you source older vintages? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill Selective auctions & private cellars, no consignment. Know your key regions inside & out to find deals. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat peep: @NorthEndGrill what is a typical day/week for you ?

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat Balancing paper work and office time with training and cooking. My true passion is to cook - so my focus is there!

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @NorthEndGrill What are some of your favorite #wines to pair w/ current dishes on your menu? #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat peep: @NorthEndGrill what do you see as the next #food trend or do you just stick to more classic dishes?

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat Our food is not necessarily trendy but rooted in technique.That also means fresh and cravable which is always in vogue

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @MiaVandeWater U earned the Rudd Scholarship through @MasterSommUS ADV Exam—congratulations! Can U tell us more abt this? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @MasterSommUS Goes 2 top score at adv exam; terrific opportunity 2 attend #rudd roundtable; 1on1 time w/ great MS's. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat peep: @NorthEndGrill what have you learned on the #food and #wine side working at @USHGNYC

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @USHGNYC My current peers are the most knowledgeable. Every day presents a new lesson learned and new flavor explored. #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @SommChat No sake! @NorthEndGrill is 1 foot in France/1 foot in US, & the bar reflects that! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @NorthEndGrill Tell us more about North End Grill‘s Fire + #Wine Dinners #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:@MiaVandeWater How long have you been studying to be a Master Somm? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl Took intro/cert in 2012; adv in 2014, passed service/theory 2016. All abt focus; it will own ur life but is worth it. #SommChat

Allison Smith @allisonsmith95: @NorthEndGrill Do you ever create dishes with certain #wines in mind? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @allisonsmith95 #SommChat Absolutely! Wood Grilled turbot and Dubois Nuits St. Georges 2012 @MiaVandeWater @NorthEndGrill

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr Shy #SommChat peep : @NorthEndGrill how many staff do you have working 4 you & is there high turnover in #NYC on #chef side?

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat hiring bright eyed folks with an excellence reflex prevents turnover. We have 5 Sous Chefs, 2 butchers & 20 line cooks

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat #Somm @MiaVandeWater do you work w/ #cocktails @NorthEndGrill & if so how did you train/learn 4 that?

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill I oversee the #bar & have a terrific team that creates our #cocktails. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @MiaVandeWater What do you look for in hiring a# Sommelier? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl Curiosity, work ethic, study, commitment. I don't need pins but u need 2 study everything, not just your list. #SommChat

Allison Smith @allisonsmith95: @MiaVandeWater Do you have any #wine suggestions for a young person that won't break the bank? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @allisonsmith95 #loire cab franc/chenin blanc, #cremant 4 bubbles, cahors/madiran 4 heavy reds, top tier cotes-du-rhone (baby CdP) #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat peep: @MiaVandeWater @NorthEndGrill how is the new @USHGNYC policy for no tipping being accepted & is UR place doing it?

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @USHGNYC We are and it is going well! Our goal is create an environment that allows for a life-long career #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill @USHGNYC Guest response is positive; FOH team is doing well. Goal is to grow fulfilling careers. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm does @dhmeyer every make suggestions 2U about a #food creation or a #wine for the resto @MiaVandeWater @NorthEndGrill

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @dhmeyer @MiaVandeWater Yes! Our wood grilled tomahawk pork chop & artichokes were his ideas. It is always a conversation though #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @dhmeyer @NorthEndGrill Suggestions 4 sure, but never mandates. Usually something he's tried & is excited about! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @NorthEndGrill How often do you get to taste the #wines before creating the pairing plates for Fire + #Wine Dinners? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat Always. @MiaVandeWater includes the NEG kitchen team at every step of the way. its integral to successful pairing

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat peep @NorthEndGrill do you change your menu often or just seasonally? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat menu morphs continually w one item going on & one item off.This way dining room and kitchen teams dont get overwhelmed

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @MiaVandeWater You’ve said you’re proud of education at @NorthEndGrill, what R some techniques you use to educate UR #Somm staff? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill #somm staff does their own studies but are key in helping with staff #education! Weekly packets.. #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill discussions at lineup, late night wine club (tasting & deeper discussion) #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: MiaVandeWater What are some of your favorite #food and #wine pairings at NEG? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @EyrieVineyards Pinot Gris & Dover Sole, #beaujolais & #tomahawk pork chop, #rose #champagne & house terrine! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @MiaVandeWater What are some unusual #wine #food pairings you enjoy? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl Petit Sirah & dark chocolate, #bordeaux & beet gnocchi, & not #wine but #cider & #charcuterie is dynamite! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @NorthEndGrill Personally are you a #wine drinker? If so, what regions do you especially like to drink? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat I love wine. France is my favorite. Burgundy, N. Rhone, Bandol, Alsace and Cru Beaujolais!

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @NorthEndGrill Eric, How did you your start in the #chef side of the #restaurant industry? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat Dishwasher and Diner cook on Long Island followed by working in the best restaurants I could find!

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q from #SommChat peep, knowing what you know now, would you take same path or do something else or ?@NorthEndGrill @MiaVandeWater

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill Came up "the hard way" & wouldn't change it; taught me how 2 understand people & care for them. #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill #SommChat I love hospitality & good food.There is no better way to immerse ones self than this business. @USHGNYC

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @MiaVandeWater how do you decide to add new #wines to the list & is it easy to get the wines you want ?

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl My job is 2 find the best wine 4 the best price that fits in our ethos. U don't always get the big names but.. #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl the goal is to find the next great producer no one else knows about yet. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @MiaVandeWater When you’re not drinking #wine, what are some other libations of choice? #SommChat

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl There are other libations than wine? :) Cocktails: #negroni #lastword, corpse reviver no. 2 in summer. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @NorthEndGrill Eric do you ever travel to visit other restos for inspiration or how else do you get into the creative mode? #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill #SommChat Yes, Romans in Fort Greene. Conversations with my sous chefs and peers at @USHGNYC is mandatory.

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: q fr shy #SommChat peep: How much of UR ingredients R bought from local farmers and how much does that influence ur Cooking @NorthEndGrill

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl #SommChat Purveyors are now carrying local as well, combined w #bloominghillfarm and our rooftop garden it is super influential

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr #SommChat #Somm how do you many @MiaVandeWater the #wine rep meeting/tasting situation - can really get out of hand - any tips?

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl I do appts only, 2hrs, 3days/wk; will schedule based on what I need 4 the list or 2 make winemaker connections. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat Peep @NorthEndGrill @MiaVandeWater what is the approach for FOH and BOH effective communication

Mia Van de Water @MiaVandeWater: @KeeperColl @NorthEndGrill Mgmt meets daily; in service, FOH team has protocol 4 keeping convos at the pass 2 the point. #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @MiaVandeWater #SommChat Frequent and honest! transparency is key.

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Q fr shy #SommChat Peep @NorthEndGrill @MiaVandeWater what is the approach for FOH and BOH effective communication

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed talking #Wine & #Food w/ #Wine Director @MiaVandeWater & Exec #Chef Eric Korsh @NorthEndGrill on #SommChat

North End Grill @NorthEndGrill: @KeeperColl @MiaVandeWater #SommChat Thank you for incl us! It was wonderful to be here. Hope to make you all dinner soon! @NorthEndGrill

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Gr8 2 have @MiaVandeWater & Eric Korsh @NorthEndGrill , @dhmeyer's @ushnyc FR/Amer Resto on #SommChat. #WW

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: Please join us in thanking @MiaVandeWater & Eric Korsh @NorthEndGrill of French-American resto by @dhmeyer’s @USHGNYC 4 time on #SommChat