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7/30 Master of Wine Antony Moss


Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone @keepercoll See you at #SommChat today

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Happy Wine Wednesday @Keepercoll, can't wait to join in for another #SommChat, today with @WSETglobal!

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @cecchiwinery gr8 to see you back on #SommChat to ask qs of @WSETglobal

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear frm Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETGlobal #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll We’d like to introduce you Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETGlobal #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Abt ready 2 dive in w/ ?s, so S/O 2 Antony @WSETGlobal 2 say hello & so he knows UR here! #SommChat

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone Antony, Welcome to #SommChat. I hope to see you at #Texsom next week here in Dallas @WSETglobal @Gibich @keepercoll

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KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll As we ask Antony @WSETGlobal our Qs, you can ask him Ur Qs as well! He'll do his best 2 answer all Qs in order #SommChat #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll W/so many participants gr8 Q's R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @WSETGlobal 2 let us know u R here! #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Let's start talking #wine with Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETGlobal #WW #SommChat

Rachel Portell ‏@RachelPortell RT @TEXSOM RT @keepercoll: Let's start talking #wine with Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETGlobal #WW #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @RachelPortell nice to C U on #SommChat!

Rachel Portell ‏@RachelPortell @keepercoll nice to be here, it's been too long! Looking forward to an insightful #SommChat

Rachel Portell ‏@RachelPortell Great to see fellow #WSET Diploma group members here too :) hello @winegrapestone & @path2wine #SommChat

Mary Ewing-Mulligan ‏@memmw @Keepercoll @WSETglobal #SommChat I'm listening in

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro @keepercoll @WSETGlobal Ready for #SommChat!

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @keepercoll I am very excited -tweeting live for the first time. Ask me some tough questions! #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - Hi Antony! Hope to see you at @texsom next week - we never met, but we have shared emails when I was doing #wset - #SommChat

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone You are presenting #Texsom14 next week on Pathways to selling wines. What is new there? @wsetglobal #SommChat @gibich #texsom

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @winegrapestone @Gibich #SommChat I can promise my @TEXSOM seminar with Paul Wagner @BalzacComm will be unique. Unprecedented

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @winegrapestone @Gibich At @texsom, Paul Wagner and I will relate successful sales tactics for #wine to a wider aesthetic context. #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @winegrapestone #wine satisfies diverse appetites, catered 4 2 by other hedonistic objects: diverse routes to the consumer’s mind #SommChat

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone @WSETglobal @Gibich @TEXSOM @BalzacComm Great. I am signed up for your session #texsom #SommChat

Melanie ‏@vinogger Good morning #wine peeps from #SF #CA where I write about life's 3 great things #wine #food & #travel

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Q. @WSETglobal Antony, what got you interested in the #Wine business & when did you first get interested? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @keepercoll first interest piqued by doing a Saturday #wine store assistant job while I was a student –back in 1999. #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @keepercoll my family only drank #wine at Christmas/NewYear (Liebfraumilch!), so I only became interested later on –aged 20. #SommChat

Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier Q - Any advice/suggestions for people (or dogs) studying for the MW/MS track exams? @wsetglobal @keepercoll #wine #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll apply immediately! You’ll gain from the community of students in different places and sectors. #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@ShibaSommelier @keepercoll if you R in the #MW program, PM me @gibich and I’ll send advice how2pass. 10k words (not 140 chars). #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@ShibaSommelier @keepercoll the key to #MW success = share UR insights and perspective with students in other countries/sectors. #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Agree that person to person learning is key! Amazing how SM does wonders for communities @WSETglobal @Gibich @keepercoll #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - ? for Antony - UK or USA: Which country do you think has access to greater variety of wines? - #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@demilove @keepercoll great question!! #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @demilove @keepercoll #SommChat For diverse basic european wines (muscadet, languedoc), I think UK, but for fine wine the USA -my experience

Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier Q - How do you think craft beer impacts the wine industry? @wsetglobal @keepercoll #wine #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll positively. It makes consumers think about quality and origin, and more ready to trade up for these #SommChat

Kay Marley-Dilworth ‏@ATXFoodnews @shibasommelier Great question re: craft beer! #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Hi! Is there a Somm course that changed they way you see/drink wine @WSETglobal? #SommChat @keepercoll @Gibich

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal @cecchiwinery WSET Level 4 Diploma (of course!). But @mastersofwine prog really opened my eyes 4 tasting/analysis.

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Nice! Will you be teaching the Level 3 Course in Florence this November @WSETglobal @Gibich? @keepercoll @mastersofwine #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @cecchiwinery @Gibich @keepercoll @mastersofwine sadly not teaching WSET L3 Florence -love that city so I envy the person who is! #SommChat

Maison L'Envoye ‏@MaisonLEnvoye @keepercoll Antony @WSETGlobal is one of my fav MWs EVER! #SommChat #WW

Lisa Shara Hall ‏@lisasharahall @WSETglobal @keepercoll How much do you travel due to your job? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @lisasharahall @keepercoll #SommChat I spend as much time travelling as I do playing Words with Friends ;)

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @lisasharahall @keepercoll #SommChat long haul (USA, Japan) about 6 times a year, and short haul (europe) about 5-6 times a year.

Stephanie Miskew CSW ‏@StephanieMiskew @WSETglobal @lisasharahall @keepercoll Wow that's a lot of travel! Any advice for dealing with jetlag? #holyjetlag #SommChat #WW

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @StephanieMiskew @lisasharahall @keepercoll #SommChat jetlag: I get used to feeling groggy and blurred. Being in the alcohol business...

Shiba Sommelier ‏@ShibaSommelier Q - Wine and millennials: are we losing them? @wsetglobal @keepercoll #wine #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #SommChat Millennials are the great hope -interested, ready to spend, and explore.

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #SommChat but us Gen-Y just need to make access to great wine easy and avoid making #wine too stuffy.

Josh Hersh ‏@joshhersh RT @WSETglobal . @ShibaSommelier @keepercoll #SommChat Millennials are the great hope -interested, ready to spend, and explore.

Melanie ‏@vinogger @WSETglobal what is one area of wine education that you believe needs more focus? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @vinogger tasting skills need more focus, esp quality assessment N different contexts, 4 different targets. A challenge! #SommChat

Blake Leja ‏@blejawine @keepercoll @WSETglobal What do you see as the big difference as far as theoretical testing between the MS and MW exam? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @blejawine @keepercoll #SommChat #MS = more particular detailed knowledge of regions; #MW = deep understanding and explanation of principles

Rachel Portell ‏@RachelPortell RT @WSETglobal #SommChat #MS = more particular detailed knowledge of regions; #MW = deep understanding and explanation of principles

Stephanie Miskew CSW ‏@StephanieMiskew Woot woot made it for #SommChat! Let the vinous enlightenment begin ~ Cheers! #WineWednesday @keepercoll

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @StephanieMiskew so glad you are here on #SommChat today!

Courtney Quinn ‏@Path2Wine Antony @WSETglobal assuming you were at the MW Symposium can you share 3 things you learned there? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@Path2Wine @KeeperColl #SommChat @mastersofwine doing amazing work raising awareness in new markets. Also: more #WSET Diploma graduates

Drew Gourdie ‏@drewbie_g Late to the party but online now! @keepercoll @lwa235 @drsalsamx @michaelshearin @LeslieSb @NobleRotNYC #SommChat #WineWednesday

Josh Hersh ‏@joshhersh Better late than never. #Wine in hand. Hello all! :D #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @joshhersh great - and #wine in hand for #SommChat is perfect!

Kay Marley-Dilworth ‏@ATXFoodnews RT @joshhersh: Better late than never. #Wine in hand. Hello all! :D #SommChat <-- Me, too! Late, that is. No wine here (yet).

Josh Hersh ‏@joshhersh @ATXFoodnews haha YET is the key word :D #SommChat

Melanie ‏@vinogger @WSETglobal what role do u think somms can & should play in increasing the profile & popularity of lesser known regions/varietals #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@vinogger @KeeperColl #SommChat somms have an important role in making choices available, but I don't think they should 'educate' diners.

Melanie ‏@vinogger @WSETglobal @keepercoll why don't you think somms should educate diners? What do you see as their role? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @vinogger @keepercoll @KeeperColl #SommChat 1st duty of somm: meet guest needs. Educate if guest really wants, but this is the exception.

Whitney Woodham ‏@Champagnewhit @keepercoll Antony @WSETglobal what is the biggest mistake you see students making today #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @Champagnewhit @keepercoll #SommChat biggest student mistake = thinking they know more than the people advising them how to pass exams ;)

Matt McGinnis ‏@MattMcGinnis Q. @WSETglobal have you seen any change in preparation levels of participants in various certification exams? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@MattMcGinnis @KeeperColl #SommChat for @WSETglobal exams at all levels, students are much better advised and prepared than 10 years ago.

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@MattMcGinnis @KeeperColl #SommChat for the @mastersofwine exams, I have seen improvements in the last 5 years. Fewer hopeless answers!

Mark Cochard ‏@cfwineedu MT @WSETglobal: #SommChat students are much better advised and prepared than 10 years ago. Boy that is for sure. I'm new here

David Wong ‏@davidwong1966 @cfwineedu @WSETglobal #SommChat yes that true but exams are getting harder and harder #FairEnough #WSETProvider

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery What do you think the motive is behind the shift in students being more prepared @WSETglobal @MattMcGinnis? @keepercoll #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @cecchiwinery @MattMcGinnis @keepercoll #SommChat students better prepared due to improved transparency of exam, and investment in education

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Perhaps wine has also become more of an every day topic, so there's more access and communication @WSETglobal @MattMcGinnis #SommChat

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. @WSETglobal Good morning who are your mentors in the wine world? #SommChat #ww

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @SandyWasserman @KeeperColl #SommChat For much of my #wine career I felt I was on my own, making things up as I went along.

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @WSETglobal @SandyWasserman @keepercoll - Story of my life. Every week at tasting practice - #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal @SandyWasserman @KeeperColl #SommChat but there are many people who have influenced me. Just a few: @TimWildmanMW, @justin_knock inspire!

Adam Plotkin ‏@AdamPlotkin Alright, forgive me all, but gotta ask! @WSETglobal anyone ever study all night & show up drunk for exam? #SommChat #ItMustHaveHappened!

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal .@AdamPlotkin @KeeperColl #SommChat #itmusthavehappened: drunk at exam: it was traditional in the 60s to drink sherry DURING #MW exams.

Rachel Portell ‏@RachelPortell @WSETglobal @AdamPlotkin @KeeperColl let's bring that tradition back :) #SommChat

Adam Plotkin ‏@AdamPlotkin @RachelPortell <===== Ah, I see you are a "traditionalist!" ;-)@WSETglobal @keepercoll #SommChat

Wine & Food Fndn TX ‏@WineFoodTX Q. @WSETglobal What are the biggest challenges facing wine professionals and how is WSET helping them prepare for them? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @WineFoodTX @KeeperColl #SommChat challenge for #wine pros is gaining relevant work experience. WSET increases employability to gain this

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll - So many of the #Diploma unit classes are done online - never taken class on Internet! Any tips for a newbie? - #SommChat

Rachel Portell ‏@RachelPortell @demilove a few of us in this chat are taking online - definitely recommend forming a group to chat weekly #SommChat

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @RachelPortell - Love to learn more about that! I am starting to think I may be more the MW type as opposed to MS. - #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @demilove not a bad thought!!!! #SommChat

Napa Wine Academy ‏@NapaWineAcademy Q: Antony @WSETglobal what drove the decision to add Sake certification to the offerings? Is beer next? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @NapaWineAcademy @KeeperColl #SommChat #sake is growing in export markets, breaking out of the sushi ghetto. Its time is coming.

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @NapaWineAcademy @KeeperColl #SommChat beer may happen. But much harder to create examinable content. (Cicerone is good, but US-specific)

Charlotte ‏@TheWineKey Coming in late to #SommChat but loving the conversation on #Winestudies

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @TheWineKey glad you are here #SommChat

Rita Jammet ‏@CaravelleChamp Ditto here! RT @TheWineKey: Coming in late to #SommChat but loving the conversation on #Winestudies

Sandy Wasserman CS ‏@SandyWasserman Q. @WSETglobal Have you ever made wine? If so where & what? If not, any desire to do so? If so where & what? #SommChat #ww

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal ,@SandyWasserman @KeeperColl #SommChat. I have vines in my garden. I made wine in 2012 It made winemakers snort with laughter. Funny wine :D

Charlotte ‏@TheWineKey @WSETglobal What do you think the biggest challenge is for someone just getting started with their #WSET studies? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @TheWineKey @KeeperColl #SommChat if you are in a big city with WSET APP, then the path is not too hard: we try our best to make it smooth.

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @TheWineKey @KeeperColl #SommChat but for students studying away from access to wines they can taste, learning without tasting is v hard.

Deborah Parker Wong ‏@parkerwong Q. @WSETglobal joining late, IMW says about 10% of candidates are Diploma. Is that stat accurate? Lower or higher than in past? #SommChat

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @parkerwong @KeeperColl #SommChat to my knowledge, about 70% of MW candidates are Diploma graduates. Similar to the past.

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @parkerwong @KeeperColl #SommChat the rest tend to have masters in oenology, or wine business, or MS to give a secute foundation.

Charles Comm PR ‏@CharlesComm Antony, you've become quite the #sake advocate - what are some of your favorites? #SommChat @WSETglobal @Gibich @keepercoll

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @CharlesComm @Gibich @keepercoll #SommChat 2 many! I admire daiginjo (nabeshima!) but find rich junmai most satisfying: tamegawa, shichida

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery What's your favorite Italian wine & food pairing @WSETglobal? #SommChat @Gibich @keepercoll

WSETGlobal ‏@WSETglobal @cecchiwinery @keepercoll I am a ‘non taster’/insensitive, so I can drink any #wine with any #food and it tastes okay to me. #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Time to wrap up! Hope U enjoyed #wine talk w/ Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETGlobal #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @wsetglobal will finish answering existing questions #SommChat

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Great to have Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETGlobal join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WW

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Please join us in thanking Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETGlobal for his time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

Tricia Conover, CWP ‏@winegrapestone Antony, Thank you. Lively discussion #SommChat. See you #Texsom next week. @WSETglobal

Sassodoro ‏@Sassodoro @keepercoll @WSETGlobal Thanks for a great #SommChat! Happy #WW!

Douglas Trapasso ‏@demilove @keepercoll @WSETglobal - Thanks for the great #SommChat - see you at @texsom , Antony!

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll Mark UR calendar 4 #SommChat Wed 8/06/14 w/ President of the Tea Association of the USA Peter Goggi @TeaCouncil 11 AM CST, 12 N EST!

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery We had another great #SommChat with you @keepercoll @WSETglobal thanks for all the great banter! Salute!

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll @cecchiwinery always glad when you can join in on #SommChat thanks

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Grazie a voi! "@keepercoll: @cecchiwinery always glad when you can join in on #SommChat thanks"

Napa Wine Academy ‏@NapaWineAcademy Thanks Antony @Gibich @WSETglobal for all your insights and time spend answering great questions! #SommChat

Cecchi Winery ‏@cecchiwinery Time for that aperitivo as it's 7pm in Chiantishire, thanks again for a great #SommChat @keepercoll @WSETglobal!

KeeperCollection ‏@keepercoll RT @WSETglobal: TY @keepercoll for inviting me -this has been great fun, & I appreciate all of U joining, & all of your questions! #SommChat

Drew Gourdie ‏@drewbie_g Thx for an interesting chat! RT @keepercoll: Please join us in thanking Master of #Wine Antony Moss @WSETglobal for his time #SommChat #WW

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl had a few questions that did not get into the cue, but thanks to Antony, he answered so we could share with all (see below).

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl Q. @WSETglobal Antony, tell us about your position as #Wine educator & Director of @WSETglobal #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl I joined @WSETGlobal N '04 after 5 yrs working N #wine retail. Fine wines, supermarkets –diverse roles. #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl I became a director in 2011. First managing study materials and syllabuses. What’s in, what’s out J#SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl Now I manage new product development (#sake!!) and long term strategy (eg online) #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl Q. @WSETglobal Antony, we hear you have composed some music for theater. Do you ever compare #Wine to #Music? #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl I often compare #music to #wine. Particularly when it comes to appreciating diversity of preferences and uses. #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl with #music, we quickly learn how individual our tastes are: useful to remember when recommending/rating #wine. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl Q. @WSETglobal Antony, as a #Champagne lover, can you share some of your favorites with us? #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl I have too many favorite #Champagnes. Charles Heidsieck, Clos des Goisses, LP Grand Siecle…#SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl the single greatest #Champagne I have tasted is Bollinger VVF 96, at the Len Evans Tutorial in 2004. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl Q. @WSETglobal Antony, what do you like to do with your personal time? #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl #music is my main hobby. Especially early 20th century (Schoenberg, Debussy, Stravinsky, Mahler) #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl I love to play the piano. I am learning to play the Liszt b minor sonata. Harder than passing the #MW!! #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl Wagner’s late operas, inspired by Schopenhauer’s transcendental metaphysics: I can be endlessly boring about these! #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl Q. @WSETglobal Antony, tell us about your recent travels to #Japan working to develop a new @WSETglobal qualification in Japanese #Sake #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl @natsukipim and I have had great fun in Japan developing the new @wsetglobal #sake qualification. #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl @wsetglobal has launched the Level 3 Award in #Sake: this high level course covers the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’. #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl less than 5% of Japanese #sake is exported. We should drink more sake, and not limit its pairing to Japanese food. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl Q. @WSETglobal Antony, what are some of your favorite #wines to drink right now in the #summer? #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl I love rose wines. Especially Sancerre. Also drinking a lot of ice cold daiginjo and awamori on the rocks. #SommChat

Keeper Collection @KeeperColl Q. @WSETglobal Antony, what #wine regions have you not been to that you would like to visit? #SommChat

WSETGlobal @WSETglobal A. @KeeperColl still too many wine regions I am yet to visit. Central Otago and Condrieu are my top priorities. Maybe Georgia too. #SommChat