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7/4 VP of Wine Education at Banfi Wines, Sharron McCarthy


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KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy Some say UR favorite #grape/ #wine in the world is #Lambrusco, can you tell us more about #Banfi Lambrusco? #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Its actually Riunite Lambrusco which Banfi began importing to the US in 1967. Its fresh, fruity and lively on the palate, a PERFECT July 4th wine. Lambrusco is an ancient grape….. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: 2000 years ago, Pliny the elder and younger wrote…”#Lambrusco produces a sweet, fizzy, red #wine” the same wine that billions of people around the planet still enjoy today….. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Though our Riunite is the “amabile” style, less sweet than the “dolce” but softer than the dry versions that we also import, Albinea Canali Ottocento Nero or FB Metodo Ancestrale. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl: @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy With ppl across the #US celebrating 4th of July, #Banfi Lambrusco is a great #wine choice today, can you tell us about the #winery’s donation to T*A*P*S* (Tragegy Assistance Program for Suvivors) Military program? #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: We have been involved with this program through Riunite #Lambrusco for a number of years. TAPS is a great organization that offers, help, hope and healing for the survivors of our great #military heroes….. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: We salute T*A*P*S* and the great work that they do. We’re honored to have been able to offer more than $1.8 Million in money and products to this organization. we look forward to more opportunities to support in the future. #SommChat (add this red part)

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy Did you ever receive advice that has stuck with you throughout your #wine career? If so, what was it?

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: One of my mentors, John Mariani, Jr. said “Education is key…we don’t want to sell on price, we want to bring more people to the #wine tasting table and create a bigger pie so that we can all share in larger slices, we can do that through education”... #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: I Have never forgotten that advice from John Mariani, Jr.. Nor have I forgotten, my best friend Lucio Sorre’s advice…”white #wine is like kissing your brother or sister, red wine is like kissing your lover”…and yes I still prefer those red wines!!!! #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BanfiWine Sharron McCarthy Can you tell us more about what you did as the President of @wine_educators? #SommChat.

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Worked w #DC office of @wine_educators on everything fr overseeing the board 2 creating strategy, content, expanding global organization to the mundane like answering calls to signing checks. We have always been a very lean organization and this office works incredibly hard.

James Tidwell @winejames: Sharron is being modest, as I was on the @wine_educators BOD at the time. She drove the organization on a huge upward curve and deserves credit for that. #Sommchat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Thanks James you humble me. it was really The Board, I just led. Thank you James for serving - you were a valuable resource. #SommChat (add this to the above question)

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy have read you enjoy #wine fr pacific #northwest? Can you tell us more about #Banfi Silver Totem and Eufloria cans?

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: In 2010 the Marianis made a commitment in the Pacific northwest, they purchased and then expanded what is known today as Pacific Rim and Company. Exciting #wines coming predominately from #Washington and #Oregon where we have two #wineries…. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: The really exciting part is that while these wines can be purchased in the bottle we are now selling them in 375ml cans… Both the cans and bottles offer an intriguing packaging, a beautiful label designed by artist Flora Bradly. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy have read you enjoy #wine fr pacific #northwest? Can you tell us more about #Banfi Silver Totem and Eufloria cans?

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Silver Totem is a seductive Cab born N Horse Heaven Hills AVA of WA. Half of the #wine ages in oak (French & Amer.) while other half ages N stainless 4 abt 20-24 months. The result is a wine that is deep ruby w/ rich currant and blackberry and luscious plum flavors…. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Eufloria is pair of intriguing aromatic white & rose #wines based on blends of Pinot Gris, Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Riesling in the white with Rieslaner, Riesling, Muscat, Gewurz and Malbec (for color)….. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: The really exciting part is that while these wines can be purchased in the bottle we are now selling them in 375ml cans… Both the cans and bottles offer an intriguing packaging, a beautiful label designed by artist Flora Bradly. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: The label was designed to reflect our #winemaking philosophy layering and denisity! The artwork was created by developing multiple images and colors as in the multiple grapes and flavors in our #Banfi #wines. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy U have been a judge for @texsomiwa, can you tell us why this #wine competition is held in such high esteem? #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: ProfessionaliSharron McCarthy @BanfiWines is first word that comes 2 mind…from start to finish. @TEXSOM is an extraordinary organization and @texsomiwa competition is no different. Love judges who include everyone from educators to producers to #winemakers to MS to MW and everyone in between. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: The @texsomiwa competition itself is so well presented. #Wines are pre-tasted, presented efficiently and technology certainly moves our tasting along. So well organized! .. Not to mention the superb #wines they are able to garner for the competition. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy What made you decide to become a #CSW with @wine_educators rather than pursue other professional credentials like MS or MW?

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Pursued #CSW as I was instrumental in its creation. It is not that I didn’t want to pursue MS or MW…completed my first level towards MS with highest honors but frankly, with all on my plate, I never had the time to pursue the others. That is my regret. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: at #Banfi we work with all of the certification programs, @MasterSommUS at #MW and with @wine_educators Banfi believes in all of the merits of these organizations #SommChat (add to questions above)

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: Q fr #SommChat #Somm @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy You are a world traveler, where have you traveled that you thought was unique? What has been some of your favorite wineries you have visited?

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: It’s hard to answer this question but certainly Castello Banfi with our hybrid fermenters is unique (though many producers are purchasing those fermenters from our other patent holders DiZio (stainless) and Gamba (wood). #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: I was also astonished to see EGG fermenters at Emilana in #Chile, They are the leading organic/biodynamic winery in the world today. It was also incredible to see the double jacketed stainless that Riunite began using early on to develop the stars in wine… #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: It was also amazing to visit BRL HARDY in #Australia in 2000 and find that they were using open concrete fermenters for the production of some of their best #wines. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy Congrats to the Marianis on celebrating their 40th anniversary in the #wine World in #Tuscany this year! Can you share some thoughts about #Brunello? #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: In 1978, John, Jr. and Harry Mariani who had followed in their dad’s footsteps as #importers of fine #wines decided that they wanted to produce #wine as well. They looked to #Montalcino where they saw a greatness in the grapes (#Sangiovese and #Moscadello)… #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: When they started planting they were astonished to find that no one had really studied this grape #Sangiovese or had identified any special clones. We found that there were actually 650 clones of Sangiovese in #Tuscany alone. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: We decided to experiment and research. We took 180 of what were perceived as the “best clones” and planted them two rows at a time in our vineyards. Year in, year out, they were vinified separately and it was incredible what we found… #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Some clones held more color, some more perfume, some more tannins. We eventually isolated 15 of best…there is no “superclone”. We registered these clones @ surprise of other producers. Once U “register” a clone it becomes public property. That was our intention... #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: We say that all ships rise with the incoming tide and if we can share our results at no cost to other producers, we can all benefit from the research that we have and keep the level of Brunello as one of #Italy’s greatest reds. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: #Brunello is our standard bearer, it can be bold and powerful or sensous and seductive, depending on what mother nature brings to the table in a particular vintage. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy There is an exciting new project called the Horizon Project in #Tuscany. Can you tell us more about this project? #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Horizon is amazing. Horizon is not only a new #vinification area but a pioneering production system, from the #vineyard to the bottle, which required the full dedication for years of our technical team for its definition, first, and implementation, after. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: A system deeply based on the link between #wine and territory, focused on the constant research to understand, capture, close in the bottle the unique aromatic and tasting profiles of our constellation of single vineyards, dedicated to the ultimate quality improvement. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: HORIZON PROJECT 2007 was the first vintage from what we call the ‘Horizon Project’. Simply defined as ‘a #winery within a winery’…. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: Extreme attention to detail in conjunction with #sustainability and microvinification in our patented hybrid fermentation tanks, creating the most natural and truest expression of each single #vineyard….. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: The Casks are large wood casks w/ stainless on top & bottom so the temperature can be controlled. We have learned that controlling temps allows U 2 bring out freshness and fruitiness of the grape but wood fermentation helps set color & bring out sweet tannins in the #wine. #SommChat

Jason Hisaw @JRHisaw: @keepercoll @BanfiWines What region of Italy do you see doing new and innovative things during your travels? #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: There are so many but definitely in the South of #Italy in #Abruzzo #Puglia and #Sicily but also still in #Tuscany innovating with #Cabernet and #vermintino on the #Tuscan seacoast for example #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy Let’s talk about the continuing love for #Prosecco and #Rose sparklers fr Northeastern corner of #Italy. What about this area makes such enticing #wines? #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: ”The hills are alive with…” oh, that’s another country.. but the #Veneto where many of these delightful sparklers are born is an extraordinary area with the Dolomite mountains as a backdrop and those hills are alive with grapes! #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: This region with its warm days but very cool nights creates a perfectly well-balanced grapes for these lovely sparklers brining out the perfume of the grape while the acidity brings a zing to the palate. #SommChat

KeeperCollection @KeeperColl:: @BanfiWines Sharron McCarthy Can you tell us about the efforts that #Banfi has made with #Vermentino from the #Tuscan seacoast and #Montalcino fr #Aska #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: A few years ago, we decided to expand out horizons from #Montalcino to the #Tuscan seacoast where we began planting grapes in the #Maremma (#Vermentino) and #Bolgheri (#Cabernet Sauvignon and #Cabernet Franc for an exciting red named #AKSA)… #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: The name La Pettegola is also intriguing. It has a double meaning. It refers to the seacoast birds (Sandpipers) who make a chattering sound when flocking together… #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: We like to say that once you taste our La Pettegola Vermentino, you too, will “Gossip” about its luscious flavors. #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: The salty sea air plays a role in the taste of this wine as does the fact that some of the grapes are born further inland which brings even more “warmth of the Tuscan sun.” … #SommChat

Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWines: A few years ago the result of our #Vermentino efforts was born as La Pettegola Vermentino, which I have nicknamed “Summer at the Beach,” You cant help but Sharron McCarthy @BanfiWinesile when you taste this #wine that offers a hint of apricot and grapefruit balanced by a touch of salinity. #SommChat

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