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8/29 Master of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan


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@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Coming up 11 am to 12 noon is my favorite wine show – #SommChat with today’s awesome guest @JediWineMaster – come join us!

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Welcome 2 #SommChat everyone! Tell Ur friends to join us 2 hear fr#master of #wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan @jediwinemaster! #WineWednesday

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): We’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan @jediwinemaster #SommChat #WineWednesday #Winelover

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@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): As we ask @Jediwinemaster our Qs, you can ask her Ur Qs as well! She’ll do her best to answer all Qs in the order they come in #SommChat #WW

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): W/so many participants lots of gr8 Q’s R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @Jediwinemaster let us know u R here! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Let’s start talking #wine with @jediwinemaster #WineWednesday #SommChat #Winelover

@WineLibrary (Wine Library): .@JediWineMaster is on #SommChat. It’s a great Wine Wednesday! (:

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl Thanks so much 4 having me on #SommChat! Looking forward to all the questions. #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Hope I look OK (tie straight, etc.), want to look very neat for Jennifer! – #SommChat

@1educatedpalate (Scott): @KeeperColl @jediwinemaster Welcome… it is good to be back here.. #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @jediwinemaster How did you get interested in #wine–enough to make it your career? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl A Salmon & Sancerre at a business lunch wrkg @Citibank in ’99 sparked it. I took classes & then followed my passion! #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl In leaving my 6 figure salary in banking 4 the wine industry in 2000, my family must have thought I lost my mind. #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (Scott Harney): @JediWineMaster @KeeperColl I am pretty sure the families of anyone who works in wine thinks we are all crazy! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): RT @wine_philosophy: @JediWineMaster @KeeperColl you can’t put a price on happiness & job satisfaction! #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Jennifer, I loved your first wine DVD – helped me study for #WSET, now taking first Court MS next month! – nervous! #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@demilove So glad you liked the @thegreatcourses video course! Don’t panic 4 the MS test. You’ll do great! #SommChat

@amberdemure (amberdemure): @jediwinemaster What’s a good wine to give a die-hard beer drinker? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@amberdemure Depends what you like. First try Moscato d’Asti to test 4 sweetness & soft acid. It’s a great jacuzzi wine #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl Did you do a lot of public speaking before making that first DVD? You are very professional and polished on camera! – #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @demilove Yes. I’ve trained thousands in the industry by doing trainings for distributor sales people and somms around the US. #SommChat

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): @JediWineMaster what are your top 3 best experiences since you decided to follow your passion in wine? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@EllaDogSays Top 3 Experiences in Wine: Trip to South Africa, Drinking @CHChampagne at crayeres & testing 600 pairings 4 my book #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): Love! RT @jediwinemaster Top 3 Wine Experiences: Trip 2 S. Africa, Drinking @CHChampagne at crayeres & testing 600 pairings 4 book #SommChat

@noblewines (Christopher Miller): RT @KeeperColl: Let’s start talking #wine with @JediWineMaster #WineWednesday #SommChat #Winelover

@wineymolly (Molly Peterson): @jediwinemaster hey everyone. When does a bottle of champagne pass it’s peak point? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl @wineymolly Most NV champagne is intended to be consumed w/in 3 yrs, but many w/ longer lees aging last longer. #SommChat

@decaturwinedude (decaturwinedude): @JediWineMaster What are you favorite grapes/regions that most people maybe don’t drink/ know enough about #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@decaturwinedude Fav secret gem region most people don’t know about: The Jura. Their wines are 4 the truly geeky though! #SommChat

@decaturwinedude (decaturwinedude): @JediWineMaster Ha. a new discovery to me and easily now one of my faves. Can’t get enough J. Puffeney #SommChat #Jura

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @JediWineMaster Why don’t we have more women MW’s? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@WineInkByTia Not sure why there aren’t more women MWs. Generally women are better tasters. We’re catching up though! #SommChat

@1educatedpalate (Scott): Do you think more AVA’s in California should be permitted? Do you think there ought to b better guidelines on wine-making in Cali? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @1educatedpalate If there are truly unique terroirs that warrant an AVA, then yes, but not if it’s for just political reasons. #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @jediwinemaster @KeeperColl What were some of your first jobs in the wine industry? #SommChat #WW

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @StephanieMiskew Some of my first jobs in the wine industry: Corporate Sales 4 @Burgundy_Wine & Brand Manager @CakebreadWines #SommChat

@wineguy06 (Lawrence Lee): @JediWineMaster where did you begin your wine studies? Any preferences? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@wineguy06 I recommend you start your wine studies with @WSETglobal at @IntlWineCtr for professional learning. #SommChat

@vtwinemedia (Todd Trzaskos): @KeeperColl sorry to miss #SommChat home rewiring the donkey barn @CalliopeCo @RedVinMan @VTWineMedia @bibracamontes @chalkhillestate #WW

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @KeeperColl I won’t be able to make #SommChat today. Will look at the archives and check in with you later. Have a good chat!

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): RT @Burgundy_WineCo: @JediWineMaster @KeeperColl @wineymolly which NV champagnes do you prefer? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @KeeperColl @Burgundy_WineCo: I prefer the richer (autolytic) styles champagnes such as Krug, Bollinger, Vilmart, Ch.Heidsieck #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): RT @Burgundy_WineCo: @JediWineMaster @KeeperColl @wineymolly What’s your take on the Armand de Brignac? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @KeeperColl It’s a very popular luxury champagne. Did you see that LVMH is suing them? #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): Indeed “@JediWineMaster: @KeeperColl a vry popular luxury champagne. Did U see that LVMH is suing them? #SommChat”

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): @JediWineMaster Seemingly every state in the U.S. produces wine now… is there a definitive guide by state that you can rec’mend? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @EllaDogSays There is not a definitive guide by state for the wines of the US that I know of. Good idea! #SommChat

@mattreiser (Matt Reiser): @JediWineMaster where would you plant a vineyard and what would you grow? #SommChat

@ONEHOPEWINE (ONEHOPE Wine): fun question for everyone to think about! RT @mattreiser: @JediWineMaster where would you plant a vineyard & what would you grow? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @mattreiser I would not plant a vineyard…I know too much…it’s too much work! Can I just own one & drink the wine? #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @JediWineMaster @mattreiser LOL – love it:) #SommChat #WW

@mattreiser (Matt Reiser): @JediWineMaster okay yes, then where would you own one? And what grape(s) #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @mattreiser If I could own a vineyard…champagne! It’s some of the highest paid for real estate and for grapes & I luv champers! #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): @JediWineMaster @mattreiser sounds like the best plan for sure, please keep sharing your knowledge as well! Cheers to #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @JediWineMaster You have a long list of accomplishments to your credit, including a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do! What’s next? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @WineInkByTia I have something really exciting, but can’t say yet. Also a wine book 4 @LCBSchools & more videos w/ @thegreatcourses #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): Sorry I’m late. Got caught up discussing Google Hangouts w/the ‘rents. Catching up on the convo now! #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @jediwinemaster @KeeperColl How important do you think having the WSET Diploma is prior to embarking on the MW? #SommChat #WW

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @StephanieMiskew It’s not required to have the WSET Dip b4 the MW, but it’s a really good idea and sets a good study foundation. #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – which was more challenging for you, writing/shooting the DvD or writing your new book? – #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @demilove Doing both at the same time- writing/shooting the next 3 DVDs and writing 2 books! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @jediwinemaster 1 of only 31 ppl in US to attain #MasterofWine, what was hardest part about the process 4 you? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl Hardest part of MW was figuring out how to study smarter (not harder) & making those intense study hours count! #SommChat

@QuitWINEing (Courtney Rich): @JediWineMaster What is your favorite food and wine pairing of all time? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@QuitWINEing My fav food & wine pairing was in Piedmont a White Truffle Risotto & Vietti La Crena! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @jediwinemaster You have just released one book and 1 more on the way- tell us more about both books? #SommChat #WineWednesday

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl Pairing w/ the Masters 1st book by an MW & Master Chef. It took 2 years & 600 tested pairings! #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl The 1 Min Wine Master comes out in Oct After a 1 Min quiz U get 10 wines to fit your palate! #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @JediWineMaster @mattreiser If you had to recommend one Champagne House to visit during a trip there what would it be? #SommChat #WW

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @StephanieMiskew Champagne house to visit? I loved the Crayeres at Piper & Charles Heidsieck #SommChat

@CharlesComm (Charles Comm PR): @jediwinemaster thanks! We’ll have to try those #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @JediWineMaster Fabulous they are already on our itinerary – will be visiting in two weeks! Thank you:) #Champagne #SommChat @WW

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): @JediWineMaster perhaps a new book in your future? I for one would purchase it! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): @elladogsays The 1 Min Wine Master comes out in Oct After a 1 Min quiz U get 10 wines to fit your palate! #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @JediWineMaster Who has had the biggest impact on your #wine career and why? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@WineInkByTia The person w/the biggest impact on my wine career must be @KevinZraly. He gave me my start & has been a mentor! #SommChat

@CharlesComm (Charles Comm PR): @jediwinemaster which varietal and/or region are you most excited about right now? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @CharlesComm I think I’m most excited by Gruner Veltliner and am tasting great examples in Austria and around the world (like NZ!) #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @demilove Good to see you too, Douglas! Fabulous #SommChat with @jediwinemaster:) #WW

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Jennifer, I joined a tasting group, it’s fun but very humbling – any tips on how to get most out of experience? – #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@demilove A tasting group is like playing poker. U have to know when it is benefitting U to stay & when it’s time to walk away. #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @JediWineMaster speaking of sparklers. what’s up with england. hearing a lot of chatter. anything good and/or available in U.S.? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @1337wine I’ve tasted some really good English Bubbly. Unfortunately not a lot here in the US. #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @JediWineMaster awesome. thanks for the link! #SommChat

@1educatedpalate (Scott): @JediWineMaster We don’t see much news about Tasmanian wines-I have enjoyed Pipers Brook Pinot Noirs, do obscure wines appeal to U #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @1educatedpalate I love Tasmanian Pinot Noirs & they may be obscure here in the US, but not in Australia who know them well! #SommChat

@WineLibrary (Wine Library): @JediWineMaster What grape do you think is a sleeper, poised for greatness in the near future? #SommChat #WW

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @WineLibrary Grape poised for greatness? I wish it were Chenin Blanc. It produces so many styles…and well! #SommChat

@wendycrispell (wendy crispell): @JediWineMaster @WineLibrary Agreed! Love the many different styles, especially in the Loire! #SommChat

@CharlesComm (Charles Comm PR): @jediwinemaster we’ve had some delicious Gruners lately. Nice pick! Are there particular producers you’d recommend? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @CharlesComm Depends what price point, but I had a Hopler GV at $13 it was a great value! & I should say I love Wachau Smaragds. #SommChat

@1educatedpalate (Scott): @JediWineMaster @CharlesComm agreed -I have tasted some fine French Sancerres which are very much like NZ Sauv. Blancs-Coincidence?#SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): It’s understandable why Sancerre might spark an interest in #wine, but what made you fall in love with it? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @WineInkByTia It was more the pairing, than the wine. Sancerre’s high acid cleansed the palate, prepping U 4 that next yummy bite! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @jediwinemaster What’s the best ‘value’ #wine you’ve had recently? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl Best #wine value recently was El Coto Rioja Rosado. Lots of flavor for $9 and perfect for the last days of summer #SommChat

@ShitMySommSays (Shit My Sommelier Says): @JediWineMaster What is your most #AwkwardWineDescriptors? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @ShitMySommSays My favorite #AwkwardWineDescriptors? Sweaty Saddle! #SommChat

@hvwinegoddess (Debbie Gioquindo,CSW): Better late than never #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @jediwinemaster @KeeperColl How often do you travel to wine regions during the year? What region haven’t seen that you’d like to? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @StephanieMiskew I’ve been to over 40 wine regions, few wine trips per year. I’d love to go to NZ and Argentina next. #SommChat

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn_wine): Oh me too! RT @JediWineMaster: @StephanieMiskew I’d love to go to NZ and Argentina next. #SommChat

@robbin_g (Vineyard Adventures): @raelinn_wine @jediwinemaster @stephaniemiskew #SommChat sign me up! I’ve not been to either.

@WineFolly (Wine Folly): @raelinn_wine @JediWineMaster @StephanieMiskew #Argentina #Mendoza perhaps in the form of a road trip from Casablanca in Chile #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @jediwinemaster In your opinion, how impt is decanting #wine? Do you ever decant white wine and when and why? #WW #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl Decanting is important for wines w/sediment though this is a small %. Most benefit tho from some oxygen (even whites) #SommChat

@MauricesCru (maurice dimarino): @JediWineMaster Q. my wife just got back from the dentist and said that wine can cause cancer in the mouth. T or F? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @MauricesCru It’s widely known the link btwn alcohol & cancer. The health benefits & risks of wine are debated every day. #SommChat

@RetaKay13 (Reta Coker Crowe): @JediWineMaster @WineLibrary #SommChat I am a Chenin Blanc LOVER. My current fav is from TX MessinaHof. Excellent!

@WineLibrary (Wine Library): @JediWineMaster What do you think about the effect of social media in the wine world? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@WineLibrary @GaryVee has had incredible impact on ppl talking about wine & making ppl more aware about wine, & making it easy. #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @jediwinemaster In your opinion, what sets the New York #wine industry apart from anywhere else in the world? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): .@KeeperColl NYC has amazing #wine diversity and incredibly knowledgeable wine talent. Tho U can’t buy wine in supermkts…grrr! #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Thank you @JediWineMaster ! Jennifer, if you ever visit Chicago, I’ll be honored to share a bottle with you! #SommChat

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @jediwinemaster What’s the biggest challenge facing the #wine industry today? Worldwide overproduction? Other? #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @WineInkByTia Supply/Demand fluctuates, but one of the biggest challenges 4 the wine industry by far is climate change. #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with @Jediwinemaster #WineWednesday #SommChat #winelover

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): It was great to have @jediwinemaster join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Please join us in thanking @jediwinemaster for her time on #SommChat #WW #Winelover

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): If any1 missed some of the chat today, remember we’ll post an archive soon to for you to review later #SommChat

@kar_vadillo (Karla Vadillo): A los que les gusta leer y aprender sobre #vino, chequen #SommChat todos los miércoles 11 am CST y Cancún organizado por @KeeperColl

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Mark ur calendar 4 #SommChat Wed 9/5 11 AM CST 2 hear @gentaz_rulz Wells Gruthrie, winemaker @copainwines #WW @balancedpinot

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): A big thank you to @jediwinemaster for a fabulous and very educational #SommChat! #WW @KeeperColl

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @KeeperColl @gentaz_rulz @copainwines @balancedpinot Looking forward to that! Had the pleasure of visiting Copain last month:) #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): @StephanieMiskew @copainwines and @gentaz_rulz is wonderful – can’t wait for next #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): LOL! RT @jediwinemaster: @ShitMySommSays My favorite #AwkwardWineDescriptors? Sweaty Saddle! #SommChat #WW

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): RT @JediWineMaster: @ShitMySommSays My favorite #AwkwardWineDescriptors? Sweaty Saddle! #SommChat

@JediWineMaster (J Simonetti-Bryan MW): @KeeperColl Thank you so much for interviewing me on #SommChat! I had a blast! #SommChat

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): What she said —> @StephanieMiskew big thank you to @jediwinemaster for a fabulous and very educational #SommChat! #WW @KeeperColl

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): @JediWineMaster Yes, of course! Thank you for your time today on #SommChat!

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn_wine): Sad to miss #SommChat today with @JediWineMaster ! Will catch up on the feed. Cheers! @KeeperColl hopefully next time.

@SeccoAndRed (Real Lambrusco is…): “.@WineLibrary: .@JediWineMaster What grape do u think is a sleeper, poised 4 greatness in the near future? #SommChat #WW” White: Vermentino

@WarrenBobrow1 (Warren Bobrow): @WineLibrary @JediWineMaster wines that belong to others #SommChat

@wendycrispell (wendy crispell): @WineLibrary Savennieres is my favorite expression of Chenin Blanc 4 sure. #SommChat

@WarrenBobrow1 (Warren Bobrow): #SommChat red wine in an earthenware carafe in Aix #bestwine

@vtwinemedia (Todd Trzaskos): @raelinn_wine: Sad to miss #SommChat today with @JediWineMaster ! Will catch up on the feed. Cheers! @KeeperColl hopefully next time. /me 2!

@alawine(Ken #wine): catching up on #SommChat with @jediwinemaster via @KeeperColl @stephaniemiskew @demilove @1educatedpalate

@LeRivageHotel (Le Rivage Hotel): Sad we missed #SommChat today…will have to celebrate #winewednesday with a glass of wine later tonight! Suggestions for a good CA vino?

@noblewines (Christopher Miller): @JediWineMaster Thanks for the follow, I was hoping to be involved in todays #SommChat, but life interfered!