Keeper Collection #SommChat Guest #Sommelier Cole Sisson

8/3 Sommelier Cole Sisson

See what you missed at #SommChat on 8/3 as we chatted with Sommelier Cole Sisson of Hestia Cellars to answer Washington Area wine questions – in partnership with Seattle Wine Society.

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Welcome to #SommChat everyone! Tell your friends to join us to learn about #wine for the next hour from a #Seattle #Sommelier!

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): We’d like to introduce every1 to #Sommelier Cole Sisson of @HestiaCellars joining us to answer your #wine Qs! @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Gulping Walter Clore reserve. #wawine at its finest. @HestiaCellars @TasteWashington @WineCommission @Vinum_Wine @SeattleiteMag #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@HesitaCellars We’re very glad to have you join us – We hope everyone has their #wine Qs ready! #WineWednesday #wawine #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Thanks for having me. New to this so play nice. Please. @keepercoll @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #wawine #SommChat

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Also wanna give a shout to @SeattleWineSoc who helped make 2day’s #SommChat happen. Check em out & get involved

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): @keepercoll Thanks for the shoutout! We’re thrilled to be a part of the 1st Seattle Somm on #SommChat. Welcome! #wawine

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Thanks for putting this together, fun, fun, fun..@SeattleWineSoc @keepercoll #SommChat

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): @hestiacellars You’re pretty chipper for 9 am …Tks for putting this together, fun, fun, fun..@SeattleWineSoc @keepercoll #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): 3rd cup of coffee and drove 600 miles yesterday. bring it! @SeattleWineSoc @hestiacellars @keepercoll #SommChat

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@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): As we ask @HestiaCellars our Qs, youre welcome to ask him ur Qs as well! He’ll do his best to answer all Qs in the order they come #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): “His best” key words here @keepercoll @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Wow. Thanks everybody. Apologies in advance for the sp (?) @keepercoll @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Let’s start talking #wine w/ #sommelier Cole Sisson @HestiaCellars!#winewednesday #SommChat

@rebeccaonwine (Rebecca Murphy): @HestiaCellars – Hey Cole I’m here with you to talk about #WAWine for #SommChat on #WineWednesday

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Rebecca! Thanks so much for joining, really appreciated your e-mail! @rebeccaonwine @HestiaCellars #wawine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @HestiaCellars Throughout your path as a #wine professional, how did you end up working at Hestia Cellars? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A. @KeeperColl – I wanted to work both production and sales. A small winery offers unique opportunity for to do both. #wine #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A. @KeeperColl – As a two person operation it also allows me an inflated level of freedom and creativity. I dig that. #wine #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Canned? No….. #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco): ¡Hola! Greetings from SA #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): What’s happening Sean? @wawinereport @rebeccaonwine @HestiaCellars #wawine #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Nice to see you, thanks for being here! @1337wine #SommChat

@demilove (Douglass Trapasso): Sorry I am late to #SommChat ! Busy morning at work (no wine till five!)

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): all good..@demilove #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): @keepercoll @hestiacellars @seattlewinesoc Pinot Noir is moody & temper-mental. Why do you think the best come from Washington? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): I think best still from oregon, crappier climate might be us soon @VinoCaPisco @keepercoll @hestiacellars @seattlewinesoc #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): .@hestiacellars what are some of your favorite North West wines to enjoy in the summer? #SommChat #WW

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): I like @pomum albarino, @trust cab franc rose, @cristom pinot gris @MattMcGinnis @hestiacellars #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): .@hestiacellars Thanks. Great recommendations. Also agree that Oregon produces the best domestic Pinot Noir. #SommChat #WW

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @MattMcGinnis @hestiacellars Summer beckons Rose & when I think WA Rose I think Chinook Cab Franc Rose. #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Also a wonderful rose good example of old vs new guard in#wawine @chrisnishiwaki @MattMcGinnis @hestiacellars #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): @chrisnishiwaki Thanks. I haven’t had the Chinook Cab Franc Rose. Will have to try it. @hestiacellars #SommChat #WW

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Kay and Clay are legends. Their regular cab franc bottling is epics as well. @MattMcGinnis @chrisnishiwaki @hestiacellars #SommChat

@rebeccaonwine (Rebecca Murphy): @HestiaCellars totally agree with you about Simon & Kay. Great wines and great people. @keepercoll #SommChat #wawine

@clivity (clive): @wawinereport @rebeccaonwine @HestiaCellars morning all #SommChat #wawine

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Morning Clive @clivity @wawinereport @rebeccaonwine @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@ShitMySommSays (ShitMySommlierSays): @HestiaCellars ok, is it true that the Cascades also provide a rain shower for Charles Smith’s hair? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Hair net catches most of it..@ShitMySommSays @HestiaCellars#SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): welcome back @ShitMySommSays @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): @HestiaCellars @keepercoll I’m a little late, but I’m here now & catching up. Ready for #SommChat !

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): better late than never! @Sassodoro @HestiaCellars @keepercoll#SommChat

@BlackPearlSEA (Black Pearl Restaurant): Me too! RT @Sassodoro: @HestiaCellars @keepercoll I’m a little late, but I’m here now & catching up. Ready for #SommChat !

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Annie! This is fun! I’m a believer! @BlackPearlSEA @Sassodoro @HestiaCellars @keepercoll #SommChat

@BistroSanMartin (Bistro San Martín): Just waking up to #SommChat with @coleisfree from @HestiaCellars – Now, where’s my list of #WAwine questions?

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Hiding under the fettucini? @BistroSanMartin @coleisfree @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @HestiaCellars Can you describe a typical Hestia Cellars #wine in < 140 chars – appearance, in glass, in mouth, finish etc. #WW #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A bit like Lafite in an off vintage. But it’s a secret. @keepercoll @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Oops, lets try again. a #frenchman was peering over my shoulder and took offense! @keepercoll @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A. @KeeperColl – opaque, b.berry, b. cherry, d. choc, smoke, slt vanilla, spice, bright acid, firm tannin, savory finish #wine #SommChat

@megrnelson (Meg Nelson): @HestiaCellars – What other small wineries (besides Hestia) are doing a good job representing #wawine? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Good morning megan! @megrnelson @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Love what @kerloo is doing. @dustedvalley did a great job building and stellar ambassador. @markryan @megrnelson @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@demilove (Douglass Trapasso): This is Douglas in Chicago! What are some ideas for wine careers if you’re not sure you are cut out to be a sommelier? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Hi Doug. importing is a cool job if you like to travel, cheese shop, broker, zachys? @demilove #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Or you could make Riesling if you plant close enough to that big lake? @HestiaCellars @demilove #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): So many diff paths 4 those who know wine/love it. Too bad today often need to prove this w/xpensive certifications. @demilove #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Don’t need, it helps in some jobs. If you know your sh@t you can always get a job. Check out the east coast @winewatcher @demilove #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): Winery hospitality/tasting rooms/ wine clubs, incl mgr, winemaking asst (volunteer first), wine county tours @demilove #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): Consulting re: weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, special events, working at auction houses, wine importers/distributors @demilove #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): I like the idea of volunteering at a number of place first, opens your eyes to options. @winewatcher @demilove #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): Wine bar owner/mgr/, sales rep/mgr, retail buyer… @demilove #SommChat

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): @winewatcher Great list of possible career paths in wine! #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): Consultant to restaurants and/or private collectors….@demilove#SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Well @demilove, you’ve got quite a list of options from @winewatcher & @hestiacellars! The world is your oyster!! #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): And lastly, teach/hold tastings – teach the next generation about wine…I learned from the best! @demilove #SommChat #passitforward

@demilove (Douglass Trapasso): Thanks for all the suggestions! #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): Just need to keep eyes open and imagination free to see possibilities. Also be open 2 volunteer & intern! @Sassodoro @demilove #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): In my time I’ve interned at winebar, volunteered at urban winery, consulted free 2 both rest-like cafe + wedding @demilove #SommChat

@winewatcher (Alexandra Alznauer): Also volunteered at trade tastings + judges tasting for wine competition – learned so much froml listening in to talk @demilove #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @HestiaCellars What are the most distinguishing characteristics of #WAwine in comparison to other US wines? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A. @KeeperColl – Balance. Purity of fruit. Restraint. WA vines are getting older and the #wine shows the complexity #winewednesday #SommChat

@BlackPearlSEA (Black Pearl Restaurant): Well said. RT @HestiaCellars: @KeeperColl – Balance. Purity of fruit. Restraint. WA vines are getting older and shows complexity #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Thank you. @BlackPearlSEA @HestiaCellars @KeeperColl #SommChat

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): From the Seattle Wine Society board president, Mel: Q: What grape variety grows better in WA than any other? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Hi Mel. I think Merlot in the right conditions is still the best we do. Then Cab then Syrah. @SeattleWineSoc #wawine #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Riesling seems mixed. some really cool (pun intended) being grown near lake chelan but still erratic at times. @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Curious what past guests @drewhendricksms and @winejames think the best varietal in #wawine is? #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc Cab Franc is a mixed bag in WA but when grown properly it is among my favorite varietals in WA #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Agreed. When it’s grown properly. But still think a little stuffing helps. @chrisnishiwaki @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco): @HestiaCellars @drewhendricksms @winejames I’d say the best wines I’ve had from #wawine have been merlot. #SommChat

@wineanthem (NW Wine Anthem): @chrisnishiwaki @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc it’s #wawine Syrah for me #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): @wineanthem Agree! Love #wawine Syrah @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat #WW

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @HestiaCellars @wineanthem @SeattleWineSoc the popularity of WA Syrah has flooded the market with poor imitations. #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Welcome. Syrah will get there, just needs some more time. Patience. @wineanthem @chrisnishiwaki @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@megrnelson (Meg Nelson): @HestiaCellars – What #wawine wineries should people around the country be paying attention to? Hestia already being obvious. #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): I think @stemichelle as they set the tone for the industry. @woodwardcanyon and @lecole41 also great! @megrnelson @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): @HestiaCellars WA wine often strikes me as having both lush fruit (low acid?) & zippy finish (high acid?). How possible? #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @Sassodoro @HestiaCellars the range in styles is part of the beauty of WA wines. #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Indeed it is. the spice of life some (tired) would say @chrisnishiwaki @Sassodoro @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Why, it’s the “perfect climate for wine!” We also have cool nights and exciting microclimates. @Sassodoro @HestiaCellars #wawine #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@HestiaCellars @keepercoll @seattlewinesoc If you could only drink 1 domestic wine for the rest of your life, what would it be? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Older Eyrie Pinot Noir @VinoCaPisco @HestiaCellars @keepercoll @seattlewinesoc #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): One wine for life! RT @HestiaCellars: Older Eyrie Pinot Noir @VinoCaPisco @HestiaCellars @keepercoll @seattlewinesoc #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): I want great pinot from the gorge. cab still undervalued @BlackPearlSEA @HestiaCellars @VinoCaPisco @keepercoll @seattlewinesoc #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @HestiaCellars @BlackPearlSEA @VinoCaPisco @keepercoll @seattlewinesoc Celilo is an excellent site for Pinot. #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @HestiaCellars How have you seen the #Washington #wine community change or grow over the years? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A. @KeeperColl – It just keeps growing. People are willing to share here, though uber competitive everyone willing to help #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): @KeeperColl – You also see the collective wisdom and experience being passed down from the pioneers to the next generation. #SommChat

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): Another Q passed along from our board president, Mel, by Eileen: Q: What do you think will be the next popular grape in WA? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Many say Grenache, maybe, I’m rooting for it’s long blending partners. Chenin Blanc? Tastes like Huet/Joly in wa! @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @SeattleWineSoc I hope WA wine producers focus on what they do best & not concerned themselves with the next big thing. #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc I would love ripen WA Grenache Chenin Semillon Nebbiolo. I also want a toilet made of solid gold. #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Damn Nish. You have opinions! many will sink soon. purge coming @chrisnishiwaki @HestiaCellars @wineanthem @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@WineCommission (WA Wine Commission): We make Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, and Cabernet in about equal quantities, each are about 20% of our production. #SommChat #WAWine

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Keep the facts coming! @WineCommission #SommChat

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): Agreed –super interesting stats! RT @hestiacellars: Keep the facts coming! @WineCommission #SommChat

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): @Scottymatt Hey there –are you on #SommChat?

@Scottymatt (Scott L Matthews): @HestiaCellars @WineCommission #SommChat I agree!

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @HestiaCellars: When I hear @stemichele I think of Riesling? Would you say that’s Washington’s most distinctive white grape? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): At this point n time, yes. @enjoielife @HestiaCellars @stemichele#SommChat

@rebeccaonwine (Rebecca Murphy): @HestiaCellars What about semillon? Some of the best @lecole41 @northstarwinery @keepercoll #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): still loads of potential. @buty does a great job blending. @rebeccaonwine @HestiaCellars @lecole41 @northstarwinery @keepercoll #SommChat

@WineCommission (WA Wine Commission): Hmm @HestiaCellars, nice challenge! Washington has 40,000 acres of wine grapes planted – and it’s growing! #SommChat #WAWine

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): You all should go check out the Road Trip that the @WineCommission puts on. Best wine experience you’ll have @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@WineCommission (WA Wine Commission): Yes @HestiaCellars, our wine trade Road Trip is a blast. We’re full for 2011, but check out for info #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Sounds cool! RT @HestiaCellars: U should check out the Road Trip that the @WineCommission puts on. Best wine experience youll have #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Q. @HestiaCellars You were previously #wine director @SeastarRawBar. What are some challenges faced when pairing wine w/#rawfood? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A. @KeeperColl – Gotta give E. Liedholm credit as #Wine Director, I was Asst. Pairing wine with #rawfood is tricky (BEER) but… #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): go to #wine was dry German #riesling. Challenges? in 140?! texture, temperature, smell, garnishes. #rawfood #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): And PBR. It’s a very versatile and delicate brew that pairs well with a wide variety of #rawfood flavors #wawine #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Oysters from Orcas Island are delicious. Yum. @keepercoll @demilove @winewatcher @hestiacellars #SommChat

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): Another question from the board: Q: What are the Q’s to ask of a somm in a restaurant to receive good wine recommendations? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Ask them what they would drink. If they have anything not on the list in your price range. set parameters @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): A. Also be willing to put your fate in their hands. a good sommelier lives for that and will reward you. @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @SeattleWineSoc don’t be afraid to set the price range & do it tactfully. #SommChat

@SeattleWineSoc (Seattle Wine Society): @hestiacellars @chrisnishiwaki Great tips -Asking what they’d drink, what’s unlisted & setting parameters re: price tactfully. #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@HestiaCellars @chrisnishiwaki @BlackPearlSEA @keepercoll @seattlewinesoc What about your favorite imported? ME: Amarone #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Fav imported – Anything from the Loire! @keepercoll @VinoCaPisco @HestiaCellars @chrisnishiwaki @BlackPearlSEA @seattlewinesoc #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @keepercoll @VinoCaPisco @HestiaCellars @BlackPearlSEA @seattlewinesoc Burgundy Blanc #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): @keepercoll Now I need Amarone for lunch. @VinoCaPisco: .@HestiaCellars @chrisnishiwaki @BlackPearlSEA @seattlewinesoc #SommChat#WW

@ATXFoodnews (Kay Marley-Dilworth): Q. @HestiaCellars What is a tasty, inexpensive red to tempt the non-wine drinker? Hubs won’t drink dry or bold. cc @keepercoll #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Gamay Noir. Just call by that name. barbera. Lagrein? @ATXFoodnews @HestiaCellars @keepercoll #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @ATXFoodnews @HestiaCellars @keepercoll Snoqualmie Syrah Boomtown Merlot #SommChat

@BistroSanMartin (Bistro San Martín): @HestiaCellars What is your most memorable or unusual food & wine pairing? @SeattleWineSoc #WAwine #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Had amazing gravlox in colorado with a flight of scotch from diff regions. @BistroSanMartin @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): smoke/sweet. Albarino and octopus? best for me occur where both are made. @BistroSanMartin @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@ShitMySommSays (ShitMySommlierSays): @HestiaCellars what do you spray to keep Canadians out of the vineyards? #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Inferior weed extract @ShitMySommSays @HestiaCellars#SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): I visited @bottlehouse for the first time last weekend & tried wine on tap–do you think we’ll see more & more places serving it? #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @ethicureanchick @bottlehouse I hope not. #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Curmudgeon…! @chrisnishiwaki @ethicureanchick @bottlehouse #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Yes. @small lot doing a great job with their program. It’s going to be everywhere soon. @ethicureanchick @bottlehouse #SommChat

@ethicureanchick (Eileen Lambert): @hestiacellars Pretty exciting for local wine scene to bring that back frm Spain.I love @bottlehouse! Epic 2007 Buil & Gine 17-XI #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Crazy people. They have fun. @ethicureanchick @bottlehouse#SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): WA Chenin Blanc tasting like Loire Valley’s Huet/Joly? Wow! Who makes some of best WA Chenin Blanc? @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): And dom baumard. I know, crazy right? @lecole41 is the classic producer demi-sec? @enjoielife @HestiaCellars @SeattleWineSoc #SommChat

@chrisnishiwaki (Chris Nishiwaki): @enjoielife @SeattleWineSoc ahem … @HestiaCellars makes a nice Chenin. Depending on vintage Cedergreen makes a nice one, too. #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): hey, thanks Chris! agreed on both accounts, Drier styles. @chrisnishiwaki @enjoielife @SeattleWineSoc @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@alawine (Ken): Rockin’ #SommChat @HestiaCellars @VinoCaPisco @keepercoll @demilove @Sassodoro @BlackPearlSEA @1337wine

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Time to start wrapping up! If you still have #wine Qs for @HestiaCellars, ask them NOW! #wawine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Thanks to everyone for joining us for #SommChat! I hope you learned something about #wine and @HestiaCellars!

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Thanks to everybody who participated today, that was fun. #SommChat

@alawine (Ken): a fav of mine, Columbia Crest Winery 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon #wawine #SommChat

@alawine (Ken): Thank you! @HestiaCellars Thanks to everybody who participated today, that was fun. #SommChat

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): @keepercoll @HestiaCellars Thanks for a great #SommChat !

@rebeccaonwine (Rebecca Murphy): @HestiaCellars Thanks for letting me know about #SommChat! Hope to talk more soon.

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): My pleasure, I’ll be in touch when I get back to #Seattle @rebeccaonwine @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@alawine (Ken): Rockin’ #SommChat @chrisnishiwaki @ethicureanchick @winewatcher @ErinDrinksWine @TasteWashington @SeattleWineSoc

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): .@HestiaCellars So it’s CRAZY hot here in TX – do you have any recs for a dry white #wine for 105+ degree temps?? cc: @wcmenge #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Champagne. Very cold champagne. Or sparkling Vouvray would also work! Pray? @keepercoll @HestiaCellars @wcmenge #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Sorry was on but could not respond! @HestiaCellars I love Syrah from WA. Riesling interesting too! #WAwine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Please join me in thanking Cole Sisson @HestiaCellars for an awesome job sharing his #wine knowledge! #WineWednesday #SommChat

@HestiaCellars (Hestia Cellars): Just in time! I tried to replicate your performance but you are far funnier than I. @drewhendricksms @HestiaCellars #SommChat

@Scottymatt (Scott L Matthews): @Sassodoro @keepercoll @HestiaCellars Yes, thanks for a great #SommChat My first one, and a great idea. Happy wine Wednesday

@lucasalberg (Lucas Alberg): Great chat @HestiaCellars, thanks entertaining ?’s. Also, wanted to say I love the Hestia Syrah! #wine #SommChat

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): You can also find Cole on Twitter at @coleisfree. And don’t forget to check out @SeattleWineSoc! Happy #WineWednesday everyone! #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco): time to bounce. had a good time. catch ya later! #SommChat

@MattMcGinnis (Matt McGinnis): .@keepercoll Thanks for another great #SommChat. @HestiaCellars was excellent. #WW

@keepercoll (Keeper Collection): Join us next Wed 8/10 11 AM CST for another #SommChat w/ Michael Carlson, aspiring #Sake #sommelier of @UchikoAustin!