Keeper Collection #SommChat Guest #Sommelier Aldo Sohm

9/26 Sommelier Aldo Sohm


@enjoielife (Judia Black): @KeeperColl: Looking forward to #SommChat at 11AM CST! #WW

@WarrenBobrow1 (Warren Bobrow): #SommChat two days ago I was drinking 2002 Nuits St. Georges in Dijon courtesy of Atout France and Air France. Merci!

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Welcome 2 #SommChat every1! Tell UR friends 2 join us 2 hear about #Wine from #Sommelier @aldosohm! @LeBernardinNY #WW #Winelover

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): We’d like to introduce you to @aldosohm, #Sommelier of @LeBernardinNY #SommChat #WineWednesday #Winelover

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): We’re about ready to dive in w/questions, so shout out to @aldosohm to say hello & so he knows you’re here! #WineWednesday #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Don’t forget that EVERY tweet during this chat should include the #SommChat hashtag in order for everyone to see it! #WineWednesday

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): As we ask @aldosohm our Qs, you can ask him Ur Qs as well! He’ll do his best to answer all Qs in the order they come #SommChat #WW

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): W/so many participants lots of gr8 Q’s R asked! Even if u dont ask 1, S/O 2 @KeeperColl & @aldosohm 2 let us know U R here! #SommChat #WW

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Let’s start talking #wine with #Sommelier @aldosohm of @LeBernardinNY #WineWednesday #SommChat

@hungrywino (Jake Lewis): Welcome to #SommChat @aldosohm

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@KeeperColl I’m excited to chat here! #SommChat

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): @KeeperColl @aldosohm Ready for #SommChat!

@WarrenBobrow1 (Warren Bobrow): #Burgundy #Wine #SommChat drinking Burgundy in the fall drinking is like strolling through the forest near Dijon..

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm How did you become interested in #wine? #WineWednesday #SommChat #winelover

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl working in the rest. ind, customers asked what wine they shld have w/ dinner so I started reading up &got infected! #SommChat

@hungrywino (Jake Lewis): The menu at @LeBernardinNY has some exotic flavors, How do you approach pairing with this menu? @aldosohm @KeeperColl #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@hungrywino there are indeed some complex components. I focus on the fish but put more focus on the sauce #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm You won best #Sommelier in NY, US, & the WORLD- how did you get started in #wine competitions? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl I started when I did my somm diploma & watched a friend compete in Vienna. I`m competitive so wanted to do that too! #SommChat

@decaturwinedude (decaturwinedude): @aldosohm Any current seasonal fave pairings, maybe with-off-beaten path wines? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@decaturwinedude my favorite is the dover sole w/rioja. It makes no sense but its gr8-not a textbook pairing but does it for me! #SommChat

@hungrywino (Jake Lewis): @aldosohm @decaturwinedude I always dig an unusual pairing. #SommChat @KeeperColl

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): Good morning all! Nice to visit for another episode of #SommChat !

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Hope you’re all enjoying something special in your glass – #SommChat

@jjcarlen (jason carlen): Q. @aldosohm #SommChat Are you drinking any Virginia wines?

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@jjcarlen i’ve tried some but wouldn’t consider myself as a expert on that. #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @KeeperColl @aldosohn Good morning. Good to be here at #SommChat. Should be a great chat! #WW

@hungrywino (Jake Lewis): @aldosohm Any favorite pairings for the restaurant? #SommChat

@noblewines (Christopher Miller): Q @aldosohm do you find wine sales @lebernardinny more white focused & more French focused w/o u & staffs intervention or opposit #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@noblewines Good question! thats changing from season season. Generally people ask for Burgundy and Austrian wine lately! #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): Bonjour @aldosohm how did you get started on your delicious own Sohm & Kracher Grüner Veltliner? #SommChat @KeeperColl

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@CaravelleChamp Just criticizing wine became boring so i wanted to do it myself. i’m learning so much right now! #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @CaravelleChamp @aldosohml Sohm & Kracher Gruner Veltliner sounds great! #SommChat @KeeperColl

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm Did winning “Best #Sommelier in the World” change your life in any way? If so, how? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl Definitely. I work much harder and longer hrs now, although I love what I do so I can’t really call it work! #WW #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): RT @elloinos: @KeeperColl @aldosohm What % of wines you taste end up being purchased for the restaurant? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): @KeeperColl there is no formula, it varies of what I’m looking for and what’s in the marked available #WW #SommChat

@jjcarlen (jason carlen): @aldosohm heading to the Virginia wine summit next week, I will report back. #SommChat

@culinartech (Cevie): @KeeperColl I don’t have a question for @aldosohm yet, but am ‘listening’ in, and want to thank the über-somm for being here for #SommChat.

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@culinartech Oh, thank you. it’s so much fun here!!! #WW #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm Tell us abt ur glassware w/ @Zalto and ur #Sommelier Corkscrew – what did u like most abt the design process? #WW #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl I am brand ambassador w Zalto-best glasses on the mrkt right now & it was always a dream 2 have my own designed Laguiole #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @KeeperColl – Are there wines you absolutely love, but just would be totally wrong for your restaurant? (Examples?) – #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@demilove That’s a loaded question! i’d say Chateauneuf du Pape (bcs of high Alc)Wines of Piedmont (high tannin)Monster OZ Shiraz #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@demilove regardless of that. i’m not a tasting dictator, if people like that i have to have them and i try to do. #WW #SommChat

@ONEHOPEWINE (ONEHOPE Wine): Great Q! RT @demilove: @KeeperColl Are there wines you absolutely love, but just would be totally wrong for your restaurant? #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm Wow, U overC a #wine collection of 15000 bottles fr 12 countries @lebernadinNY- how do U manage this? #WW #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl I work with a really great somm team here @LeBernardinNY #SommChat #SommChat

@DomaineSelect (DSWE): #WineWednesday #SommChat with @aldosohm, sommelier @LeBernardinNY where you can enjoy Mirafiore #Barolo

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@DomaineSelect Exceptions make a rule! i love to go against the mainstream and push limits. Only a dead fish goes with the river! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm do you & @ericripert work in tandem as the menu changes @lebernadinNY to discuss #wines for pairing? #WW #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl Yes, we have to, in order to make a perfect pairing. It’s a process that I really enjoy and care about #WW #SommChat

@ATXFoodnews (Kay Marley-Dilworth): Great chat today! RT @aldosohm: .@KeeperColl I work with a really great somm team here @LeBernardinNY #SommChat #SommChat

@drooln (Nathan Yap): @aldosohm I haven’t had much success using laguiole at work, they’ve broken within months of use, how long do yours last? #SommChat

@AdamPlotkin (Adam Plotkin): .@aldosohm @drooln Nothing else can match Laguiole for panache! Just my 2 cents. #SommChat #WW

@noblewines (Christopher Miller): .@aldosohm how do NY wines do in your wine program? #SommChat @paumanokwine

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@noblewines I try to make them successful and try to integrate them much as i can. #SommChat

@canterburywine (Christy Canterbury MW): .@KeeperColl sorry to miss #SommChat today!

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@drooln i work with Laguile since 15 years and no problem so far. they can loosen out over time. it’s a collective item #WW #SommChat

@ATXFoodnews (Kay Marley-Dilworth): .@aldosohm Q. What’s your favorite inexpensive bubbly? My college student followers are on strict budgets. #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@ATXFoodnews Cava from Raventos, try to get some Cremant de Bourgogne’s, Gruet Sparkling #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @aldosohm Those are good values in sparkling wines for sure! @ATXFoodnews #SommChat #wine

@harleywine1 (Harley Carbery): @aldosohm @KeeperColl what is the most challenging dish you have to pair wine with? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@harleywine1 They’re all very challenging! Because @ericripert has a very delicate way cooking and is so playfl with the sauces. #SommChat

@harleywine1 (Harley Carbery): @aldosohm @ericripert @KeeperColl Trust me, I can relate….. @robuchonlv #SommChat #WW

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): @aldosohm I love how u’ve embraced @twitter ! How has that changed your professional life? #SommChat @KeeperColl

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@CaravelleChamp It’s a new way of communicating but we don’t tweet in the dining room at @lebernardinny #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): Good question. Lighter style should be good w/fish @noblewines: .@aldosohm how do NY wines do in your wine program? #SommChat @paumanokwine

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): @noblewines Yes, Woelffer had a really great 2005! i was so happy to get a great local wine with finesse! #SommChat

@dbrogues (Devon Broglie, MS): .@aldosohm do you have a guilty pleasure wine? One that our Somm friends may scoff at but you love nonetheless? #SommChat @KeeperColl

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@dbrogues i’ve MANY guilty pleasures but no guilty pleasure wine. #WW #SommChat

@WarrenBobrow1 (Warren Bobrow): #SommChat had some lovely Petit Chablis in Paris on Friday with a picnic lunch.

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm You have said you moved to the US to improve your English- were there any other reasons? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl I wntd 2 explore the culture&the opportunities it could give me. I thought about LDN but my instinct pushed me 2 NYC #SommChat

@AdamPlotkin (Adam Plotkin): @aldosohm What is your so-called desert island wine? I know it is hard to pick one fav, but if had to? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): @AdamPlotkin Currently Chateau La Rame from Saint Croix du Mont 01 or simply the Kracher Beerenauslese #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): RT @donajilira: @aldosohm #SommChat How do u feel about food & wine pairing phone apps? Any accurate that u know of?

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@KeeperColl @donajilira I think they give you a general idea. Let 2Chefs cook the same dish and u see how different they are.#WW #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO Wine Bar): @aldosohm @KeeperColl Q-Is it difficult introducing regions-Long Island/Virginia-in some fine dining? Do people want traditional? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@ENOontheMagMile It depends on the Relationship btw Customer&Somm. i believe you can recomend everything as long it is good. #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @aldosohm Do you consider it it rude for customers take pictures of food & wine @lebernardinny to tweet later? @CaravelleChamp #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@enjoielife Not at all! We feel honored about that @lebernadinny #WW #SommChat

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): Very glad you picked NYC to settle in! RT @aldosohm: .@KeeperColl I thought about London but my instinct pushed me 2 NYC #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm What are the biggest differences between being a #sommelier in Europe and in the US? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl The biggest difference is the ‘tasting technique’. In the US they taste on fruit and in Europe they taste on soil #SommChat

@noblewines (Christopher Miller): @aldosohm Q. can you name 3-4 wines that are your favorites to surprise and delight you customers right now? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@noblewines Currently it’s my own with @GerhardKracher, Dom Abbatucci wines, Grower Champagne’s, @Sandhi wines #WW #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): @noblewines #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm Why did you move to New York above all other states? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl I`m a huge @JayZ fan! (Thanks to @robertbohr !)… but also because it has such a diverse & vast culinary culture #SommChat

@ENOontheMagMile (ENO Wine Bar): @aldosohm @KeeperColl Q-What are some of your favorite US food/wine cities outside of NY? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): @ENOontheMagMile New York, Brooklyn, SF! #SommChat

@VineyardGate (Alex Bernardo): Yo sweet wines! @aldosohm: @AdamPlotkin Currently Chateau La Rame from Saint Croix du Mont 01 or simply the Kracher Beerenauslese #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): @aldosohm @KeeperColl “Fruit” vs “Soil”is a great way to summarize the difference in tasting techniques in Europe and the US! #SommChat

@harleywine1 (Harley Carbery): @AldoSohm @KeeperColl what do you see as the “hottest” trend in NY dining and #wine? #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): @harleywine1 Customers&Somms are very open to new wines – Natural, Indigenous Varietals, wine pairings. #WW #SommChat

@ormiga (ormiga): @WarrenBobrow1 #SommChat 4days ago i was chugging #champagne + 1ofmy fav #wine=#stestephe this time #beausejour’09 very lovely

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @aldosohm Did you anticipated staying in NY as long as you have? #WineWednesday #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): A. @KeeperColl No. I planned 2 stay for 18mths (the length of my visa) but its been 8 yrs & Ive no plans to leave the Empire State! #SommChat

@VineyardGate (Alex Bernardo): .@aldosohm @KeeperColl Some suggestions for eyeopening red wines with fish (if one must) #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@VineyardGate I’m a firm believer that u can pair Red w Fish. As a Somm your playground is getting more narrow. but it’s possible #SommChat

@VineyardGate (Alex Bernardo): @aldosohm Thanks for the thought! #SommChat @KeeperColl

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Time to wrap up! Hope you enjoyed this hour of #wine talk with #Sommelier Aldo Sohm of @LeBernardinNY #WineWednesday #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): It was great to have @aldosohm join us today for #SommChat. We hope everyone learned as much as we did! #WineWednesday

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Please join us in thanking @aldosohm of @LeBernardinNY for his time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): If anyone missed some of the chat today, remember we’ll post an archive soon to for you to review later #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@KeeperColl This is so much fun. i hope i can back soon!!! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Mark your calendar for #SommChat Wed 10/3 11 AM CST to hear from #Sake Expert @JohnGauntner #WineWednesday

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Also watch out for some eye-catching changes soon to be announced @KeeperColl & on #SommChat #wineWednesday

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): @KeeperColl @aldosohm Thanks for a great #SommChat!

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @KeeperColl @aldosohm Thank you for a fabulous #SommChat!

@CaravelleChamp (Rita Jammet): Thank U Aldo 4 a gr8 #SommChat RT @KeeperColl: Please join us in thanking @aldosohm of @LeBernardinNY 4 his time #SommChat #WW #Winelover

@pictolog (Julien Weiller): Thanks @aldosohm for great #SommChat

@mattreiser (Matt Reiser): @aldosohm so sad to miss you at #SommChat. I adore you

@WineWiseGuy (Anthony Giglio): I second that emotion! “@mattreiser: @aldosohm so sad to miss you at #SommChat. I adore you ”

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@WineWiseGuy @mattreiser Thank you! #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew CSW): @KeeperColl @aldosohm My husband and I enjoyed dining with you a few years ago – your pairings were amazing:) #SommChat

@aldosohm (Aldo Sohm): .@StephanieMiskew Thank you – i like doing them. #SommChat

@enjoielife (Judia Black): Thank you @AldoSohm and @KeeperColl for a fun and informative #SommChat! I knew it would be great! #WW #Winelover

@WineInkByTia (Tia Butts): Unfortunate. I had a meeting during #SommChat so missed @aldosohm. I’m sure it was stellar. Must catch up on the stream.

@Japanesesake (japanese sake): .@richardpf Celebrating with SF peeps on Sat 10/6. @JohnGauntner is #SommChat guest on 10/3 – hope you can join the conversation!

@RichardPF (Richard Auffrey): @Japanesesake #SommChat with @JohnGauntner on 10/3 sounds great. I will try to be there for it

@travelwinechick (Elizabeth Smith): #WW #harvest thanks! #SommChat @KeeperColl @scottota @CharlesComm @racheldriver @CaravelleChamp @1queenofspoons @MDSomm

@VinoPeteblog (Peter Trapasso): On my birthday! RT @richardpf: @Japanesesake #SommChat with @JohnGauntner on 10/3 sounds great. #SommChat

@EllaDogSays (Ella Dog): @KeeperColl #WhineWednesday I missed #SommChat!

@raelinn_wine (Raelinn_Wine): @KeeperColl bummed I missed it today. Hopefully next week! #SommChat #WW